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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Moon Saga~In Search Of The First Shine Again

'When they brought the mirrors to Princess Ateh,
she was still in bed and the letters had not yet been washed off her eyelids.
She saw herself in the mirrors with closed lids, and died instantly.
She vanished between two blinks of the eye, or better said,
for the first time she read the lethal letters on her eyelids,
because she had blinked the moment before and the moment after,
and the mirrors had reflected it. She died,
killed simultaneously by letters from both the past and the future.'
“Dictionary of the Khazars”

Then,they took me to their temple,an imposing granite palace,situated on the bilberry blue hilltop,and while climbing up the spiral stairs,they discovered me a secret....they never sleep,by staying vigilant for a new magic to cure them and allow their dreams to grow again...I felt sorry,but their elation and comfort,convinced me that they live a merry life,though.

Having reached the attic of the mansion they pointed toward the spot,a circled,white-cream anorthosite basin,where the script with secret formula for their healing was stored ;whether it was a reflective insight,or something else,yet i knew it was the residence of the Lady of the Moon,commonly known as Hekate Serbona,to hold it deeply buried under the stairway to the earthshine.
...while it's in female nature to dominate the dark side of the moon,the male one is lighted and unchanged,,.

-What is the reason for keeping you as hostages?

-a silky voice accompanied me:Once you gain a certain level of reputation,just hold on to it,..... she simply pursues her own dreams and that makes her so different,... .

Finally i found a creature to be like me...

I noticed they did not speak ardently about her,that i steered the conversation in another direction,by praising the shining palace to reflect all the beauty and warmth of a home.There was an occasion outfit commissioned for me,and it quickly came to my mind,they would host a special dinner in my honor.To repay the kindness,i stayed awake all through the night,yet feeling comfortable and being overwhelmed by mystic,ultramarine blue midnight;however,it didn't make any difference to them,for they never bother themselves with obscure side of a human.They never complain,never cheat and never different from us! I was ashamed,and decided to let the silence prevail,..because between two successive winks of an eye there is a large magnitude of understanding and misunderstanding,in which a dream falls apart.

I am eager to never leave anything that matters to me unaccomplished and undefined.There is a rumor about the script to lie buried amid the stellar remnants and artifacts.Now one might think that i exaggerate everything,and that my words are nothing but relatives of my imagination.Everyone has a choice:to pursue subtle and unresolved dreams,or to accept the gloominess of an earthly life without merging their visions into remarkable and beautiful streams of energy to visualize our divine nature.This tale is courteously modeled after the virtue of people who never forget that life is a heavenly gift,inherent in human souls to participate in all the risings and transmutations of a mystic and unsettled vast space.The enlightenment is like a falling star,it appears suddenly to bestow one's patience in a grim solitude,and break the observance of an ordinary day alike.

The place that i was so keen to peer into gave me ,not surprisingly,a quite different perspective;there was a magnificent and splendid surrounding,and in a flash i understood, it belonged to higher level of consciousness to never let unlovely and futile memories settle down.And in the very milky and glassy atmosphere,i saw the rise of a new world:
The first level of the castle harmonized itself with the flattering and shivering dreams of the youth,to remain in their memory like a spotless reminder of the vibrant smells of an habitual day and virgin sentiments,somewhere in the middle of their lifetime,defying the first disappointments and serpentine dreams.They failed to accomplish what they wanted in life,for being too young and inexperienced,or overreached themselves in their aspirations;and yet,in spite of everything,they remained vigilant,with constant prayers and smiles on their lips to nourish their faith and confidence.
The second -floor terrace spontaneously built itself into the outer layer of the body,to vigorously nurture brighter hopes and visions,and thus maintains a speckless view for the restive travelers.
The third story belongs to those who were confident of their dreams,but nevertheless they knew that most of their endeavors would remain in the realm of fantasy,...enough for a good life,however,it's like being in the hallway of its loveliness and excitement,because the virtue of human spirit could break into demonic sphere,to retrieve its brilliance from starless nights,rising above mystical and sombre emptiness,only to slither into an indefinable and reversed white liveliness,capture new spiritual spheres and rejuvenate one's body and mind.
The fourth floor represents a waiting room,filled with resonant vibrations and sighs,coming from spiritually devoted individuals who had recognized the omens along the paved alleys,however,stayed in the doorway,dazed by blinding light of the most beautiful expectations to still bewitch their most wondrous dreams.
The fifth one overlooked overall past experiences and achievements,waiting patiently for another stage of human advancement,because there will always be those whose doubts and fears stop them from gaining more beautiful perspectives.
The sixth-floor stairs brought us to the door,wide-open toward the space,making an impression you can touch the stars...;,everything looks perfect and wonderful,but it is tricky and illusive anyway,being dedicated to the ones who seemingly knew that amazingly perfect moment in their life,and yet,let it slither into the gleam of an indigenously conceived love,such that one can eternally seek among the siblings of a night's sky;;the rustic and the demonic dwell together,only sublime feelings escape convenience of a mortal world to reach some amazingly envisioned worlds.

The levels are distinct from one another and uniquely defined to intrigue and arise one's spirit looking for answers and interpretation.,,.in spite of such a configuration and order,it still happens that everyone wanders around,frantic and confused with eternal circle of birth and death..,and it very much resembled us and our lives.

Some of us stay focused on the morning's brightness and freshness of a new day,to make up for the lack of belief and willingness.The others look into burning sunset while whispering prayers in a snatch of the torn feelings and disturbing thoughts,or plunge into the silence of a bountiful night to behold a shooting star and make a wish once more.Ah,in vain!..i courted midnight's mistresses and cavaliers,but morning made me surprisingly charming and lovable.On another occasion,i looked flawlessly beautiful in the middle of the night. In such astonishing moments i am in search of the first shine again,following fragile previsions,, and i become more and more persuaded that it is unpredictable coincidence to define our most exciting moments in life,but then,there is a long trail of our sighs we leave behind,while curious,unsaturated and specious spirits shadow our dreams,and leave just one to live it for the rest of our lives.

I had an enduring mission in my mind,and asked one of osirians to take me to the place where we would have never arrived unless we had been recognized by the Moon's haunting glow in the earliest years of our lives.It was the second day of my stay there,however,eagerness already dimmed my reason.Like everyone else who made a mistake about anything that matters most in our lives,i had no choice.
We entered a lavishly decorated cluttered-room,feeling dazzled by crystalline-like twined radiance to come from the circulating pulsating center,then,as we walked deeper inside,it looked crammed with the silvery glass door bookcases and balsamic engraved shelves,filled with endless rows of primeval manuscripts,the treasure of alphabets and letters,collected from all over the worlds;and as we came closer i noticed that each of them could be read the same backward and forward,and having been turned into foaming bubbles,they could fly towards the cryptic expanses,unaware of the final day,however,bearing new life.
Unmistakably,i knew who had gathered manuscripts and books,and completed such a library ~a distinguish osirian who took the lead,had tiny engravings on his eyelids to glamorously sparkle their memory and prevent confusion about origin of the species .Then,the tribes followed the ancient scripts and inscribed their own letters ,symbols and drawings on the grave monuments,hoping that the serving to Gods,would make them immortal,and the bodies of their loved would be preserved.There was a pot, i just noticed it as i was passing by a cascade-like splashing,brilliant bubble shield,in which they put their unspoken,symbolic wishes, making a choice:will it be a matter of heart or of their eternal youth ,..
Yet i have always known that some of us don't need anything real to teach us how to live and love~it's innate!Moreover,the passing years showed me that a personal story i had longed for,is rarely satisfying,.. then,i began to write,trying to define my own life and myself in the most beautiful and scenic setting.

How did i know which book of time belongs to me?It's easy,because a brave mind opens uninhabitable perspectives,and favored with inner spiritual strength to speed up our heartbeats,it lets us foresee things that are of great value to our life,while an indifferent and flabby mind remains woeful inhabitant of the earth,restrained in its creative approach to life and deprived from subtle perception of the world;usually you don't look beyond the horizon,accustomed to conformity of prearranged reality,while your mind's inertness slows down cell's renewal circle,and you grow older sooner than your thoughts become mature;for a beautiful mind is like a seductive fragrance to spread the essence of mental power and keeps its vigilance unchanged;i approached the sparkling letters,a helical twist of biotic crystals,a substance that was not seen by a human eye,keeping the secret of the living world,both humans and the entire universe.Like a brilliant star,its trail reaches out toward the unconquered realms,haunting new species and lurking into separated segments of cosmos being not exposed to any possible quotient to have penetrated into the rest of universe.

I was looking at the shining codes,floating crystalline tears to shape a life and turn it into death,year of birth,screening the place where i was born,and then,i went through the pages wishfully and with excitement,to learn where i was wrong...once in my life,the opportunity came too soon for me,...there was the page,filled with unmeasurable passion,opening senselessly,and changing the course of time as twilight shaded into dawn too fast,leaving us mindless and dazed,,..and i knew,that what came to me like the greatest gift,at the same time,had smitten us with madness and changed my life,bringing my dreams and happiness away from a charming route that my life could evolve...
Then again,the night might have reveled,enamored and disorientated,leaving me awake till the dawn,while dreams jealously poured themselves across the unlivable destinations.Alas,happiness is short-lived but dreams are eternal,,,,, as a child of romantic sentiments i have always kept my focus on the vastness of the universe,absorbing its limitless power,and believing in its miraculous nature;however,the time,that invisible and diabolic ingredient,runs carelessly,to interlace our splendid expectations,leaving no space for another meeting again;because our souls belong to each other so ardently that this mere reality,homely and artless,is unable to hold it strongly attached and alive. And our hopes resist our deaths and live on,..nothing in this world is more powerful than an enduring aspiration!
....maybe, i was thinking,if i could defeat my fear,it would sanctify my wearing dreams and wicked passion!

-My dear,-i heard the voice,mellow and luscious,,-the mirror that you look in,has your passion captured at a mystic and demonic moment,when midnight becomes jealous of anything to hold the grace and myrrh,destined for an eternally obsessed and insensate duskiness;besides it is in disharmony with the softness of a young age which makes everything thrills with the same accord,...and so,a confusion had blasted through the mist hovering upon the lovers,blessed and touched by the madness,,

.,but why ME?-i thought to myself.

 -I know about You-i shouted,to let her know i am not afraid of her,or anything unknown-and i know, you don't like gratitude and prayers..for they come later,when your story is repeated and retold many times;,i was thinking about the way to show my appreciation,as i believed she was there to value everyone's intentions and ability to align themselves with the authenticity and singularity of a sound to have exhaled all material bodies in the universe.
Even though there is a proper balance and symmetry in a single cell and the entire universe,still , spiritual energy is infinite,and you can find new stream of energy to refine and renew yourself,;there will always be ones who were born into a life with everything they need for success,unlike the others who have nothing but themselves,and a rosy opportunity to recreate themselves and reinvent their lives!Then,the magical becomes everyday life,and one day conquers the limitless happiness.

-Wisdom usually goes with age,and you look so young,that you can deceive anyone but me...for i know more than a human perceives over his lifetime;i know demon's secretly cast spells and betrayals of the souls when death nears.While many fear silhouettes, i am accompanied by them;i know how old you are,and your youthful appearance doesn't surprise me or make anyone here feel indisposed and fact,you are privileged in my kingdom;, you can take the stage Princess!
The lucidity of mind and curiosity of the heart are valuable and exceptional features.,such as the ability to simultaneously walk the ground and radiate your own unique luminosity conquered through the brightness and openness of the sky.The finest minds master the ephemerality of a moment,attracting the most essential and beautiful from both realms- the real and the imaginary.As life enfolds itself,it brings some pitiable changes,but your inner strength and power of the will,emerge like your spiritual guidance,rising you above misconceptions about your personal life and invisible boundaries trying to prevent you from living a life you deserve.
There are moments when you are tempted beyond your power to resist:whether to walk the streets or make it a dream!Only once in your life you are overwhelmed with the subtlest emotions,most demanding for a weak human being, and unspeakable in terms of your earthly life,..however, passion is rebellious and vicious,never obeying the ordinary and rational;hence you can have it ignited at any time and from any perspective!The stage is unmeasurable and the secrets revealed to you,if you only immerse your thoughts into vast lucidity on the verge of universe!

I felt flattered by her attention,and so proud,as the miraculous scenes had wiped unrealistic fears and doubts, opening a new chapter in my life,that a genuine and daring approach to life can be reviving and rejuvenating.I was persuaded,that dreams and love never die,they only grow into new shapes and intensity,being caught between life and deaths,and dwelling in the mistiness of a spherical world like our holograph for eternity;yet in this new,transcending world i kept my native sense of wisdom and politeness,aware,that everything achieved might be lost in the blink of an eye.

Before you learn to hate,you must learn to love,, itself,it has gained me an inspiring new day;as soon as i thought it was all over,there i saw floating,blanched patches of sky,ready to transform themselves into amazing blackness,in which,nothing is ever ended,.,,and pages are made from scratches,written in a hurry,while regrets and rewards are timeless,,in spite of an untouchable,rigid future to lie ahead;we are never realistic about that,we all think the same,that our lives are eternal,like our dreams,,,. nevertheless even your loveliest recollections are like fading images of a book,,,yet if we made them into a personalized story, they would keep that mystical,seducing lure of the life we had once,to fill our hearts like distant resonance from another world and premature death of some fragments of our lives.

Having been surrounded by tranquility and calmness to hold the flavour of a different and unique ambient, i felt it might intensify my self awareness and sense of loveliness,making me believe that tomorrow would be the best day of my life,..and i know that illusion is harmless,for the time we borrow from the future is a mere substitute for a common and indisposed earthly framework.
Today i won the victory over myself;no sooner had the magic spell broken than i stepped into new day,while all the haunting,enigmatic and ethereal forces trying to enslave my body and mind disappeared;it left me in belief that there are gracious and sparkling streams of energetic shield around to heal us,if we only remain true to ourselves and our inborn dreams,...

to be continued

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

"When you're touched by magic, nothing's ever quite the same again. What really makes me sad is all those people who never have the chance to know that touch. They're too busy, or they just don't hold with make-believe, so they shut the door without really knowing it was there to be opened in the first place." — Charles de Lint

The Dictionary Of The Khazars


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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Under The Auspices Of The Grace And Loveliness Of A Starry Night

                                                                           A Message From Another World
I have observed electrical actions, which have appeared inexplicable. Faint and uncertain though they were, they have given me a deep conviction and foreknowledge, that ere long all human beings on this globe, as one, will turn their eyes to the firmament above, with feelings of love and reverence, thrilled by the glad news: "Brethren! We have a message from another world, unknown and remote. It reads: one… two… three…"
Christmas 1900
Nikola Tesla


Moon is fascinatingly captured in the vortex of silver and gold dreams,astonished by our untamed expectations and unsaturated imaginations,mesmerizing us in the crimson,haunting hours,mighty enough to make even the most hesitant man a romantic idealist.Once there was a magnetic rendezvous between the earth and the moon,but it was urgent to let dreams settle the night,and light bipolarize new lives.However, restless shadows of unfilled love,like departing stars,bestrew the rusty sky to separate twilight from dusk,and slither into ebony stillness of a night.Amidst the growing controversy,yearning of the moon imposed a different view of the earth,while the glow of orange,jealous surrounding coated its midnight shape.Naturally,suffering is latent fear to erupt into malice and create intriguing belief in a night wolf -like creature,to frantically howl during the full Moon,generously overwhelmed with golden rays of moonlight, while waiting for the first silvery sunlight to appear above the horizon and remove the curse;and an ingenious life,born out of passion and energized with the lasting longing,surpasses the physical bonds of a real life and transforms itself into uttermost truth,both monstrous and beautiful!Between the two extremities there is an alley of humble,imitating and deceptive perceptions and illusive feelings; ultimately,everyone is aware that beauty is reflection of a moment,and can't be beguiled and exchanged,that once found,a great love remains most beautiful mystery and haunting dream forever. Alas,the truth never reveals itself in a sensible way,thence,you need to choose the most astonishing and unbelievable scenery,for in the end,truth is the simplest yet strangest one.However,appreciating the gloominess and stillness of a night from the perspective of its dwellers,you will find that without dreams to beautify it,your life would be unimaginable.Dreams whirl through celestial spheres, reproducing our lives in the setting of our projected desires,intercede between disputable paths of life and unbeaten ones of death,yet leaving some fragments of our lives deathless.That's the only way we can peer into visionary worlds, bridgeable and favorable to our hopes and endeavors.,to heal ourselves,for we usually dream about what we desire,an antidote for lacking hopes,,..hence,our fears.Such a beauty is symbolical and personal,leading into mystical,dark fantasy,but nevertheless displays itself in the mirror of light,...additionally,it depends on the right reflection,for a mirror is not verity.Because her asset is spirituality, beauty demands your devotion throughout lifetime,don't regard her as a final product you can show to the outer world and expect the same increasing admiration.Besides an irrepressible stream of motivation,it is often favored by devilish temptation to make you relish all the needless and rude,spiritual possession of a young age,when you are most vulnerable and subject to exotic,unexplained changes.And once you know what genuine love is,nothing sensible can stop you from raising your hopes beyond cruelty of sidewalks.
There has been many a morning,when my disobedient thoughts filled with concerns about my undisputed and unending loves slide into heavens,begging for a new romance,like begging for a new life again.And with every rising of the full moon,i look for solace and forgiveness in a lavishly scattered spectrum of moonlight,hoping for the mercy in the loveliness of midnight,for our souls find homes everywhere.

One-time separation had brought relief and made a balance in the outer sphere,nevertheless human spirit is unsettled and unadaptive,gifted with senses but restricted with power to master one's life; therefore,we project our dreams and cravings to the remote,astonishing space,and seldom admit ourselves that the sheen of a first glance has gone forever.

ANYWAY i was enthusiastic to go beyond breezy impressions,and greatly inspired to collect together all the reviving characters and life patterns to escape memory and reason.For when we search for the unknown, love and passion feed our senses,reveal the hidden and depict the unseen;it often happens that we relieve and convey our frustrations,unaware that most of our inner spiritual inheritance is potent and movable to meet its generic forms somewhere out of our sight.And that's when some of those fantastic creatures such as spiritual and divine presences,haunting demons and specters,appear in a shivering and misty atmosphere,and you unwillingly confess that there are astonishing things that we are too weak to follow during lifetime; fear is immense,and we are terrified to accept certain truths,storing them into darkness,like distant, starry destinations we could reach one day;yet,our thoughts travel so fast that it seems impossible to make initial sensation of love renewed,unless we step into a hazy,infertile and timeless zone,exposing our mind and body to devilish temptations.Inevitably,a stunning experience in my life had diminished my hopes of having a spellbound night again.Sadly,there are beautiful and prodigious loves,unhappily abandoned and spurned even in our most inspiring dreams.For me,it was a blackberry night that through mellow darkness, i saw silhouette of a young lady,draped in a long black robe,to ensure me that we are not alone; however,my birthplace is just one of many places to be source of such mystical appearances,for reasons that remain inscrutable.There are weird and grotesque ethereal residents ,but also dignified and sublime,to have found a sanctuary on the edge of sensible and reasonable worlds,,

Out of the silver -sheen obsidian entrance,crafted into the arranged,chromite stones,appeared a tiny,ashy creature,a humanoid species,arousing curiosity by its uncommon hospitality.Some of us wipe away all tears as soon as they fall from our eyes,but these weird creatures hold onto their sparkling,greenish drops, the same ones we see during warm,spring rains,conveying nostalgia of native land they settled once ago.There was a time before the first rumors roared the air and bridged distances,when a massive stone flew from the space and hit one of most attractive places in the universe,to disturb earth's rotation equilibrium by changing her magnetic poles.After the great floods had swept across the lands, only the bravest creatures stayed true to their beliefs,yet,another humanoid species prevailed,forcing them to leave earth,,..they were the first to migrate and settle the moon,.They spent the last days on the earth,by gathering treasure,and hiding themselves underground,which caused them to lose pigment in the skin,and become grayish and olive green. Nevertheless,they kept human characteristics,and at first sight you would think of them being humans.There was an established worship of the gold,accompanied by the appropriate rule to bow before the sacred, picturesque inscriptions,however,meaningless to undiscerning souls.The omnipresent belief was that each letter symbolizes both the beginning and end,depending on the way you handle them,,for words are not from our world,and as everything else to come from another sphere,they are indisputable;we are only obliged to show respect and humbleness,,,and that's when we commonly make mistakes.Then,there are some unpredictable moments of the utter happiness,when explosive passion and unmeasurable attraction to each other,put to the test our ability to go after happiness,but our weakness is dehumanizing ,and we are furiously drawn into misunderstanding,then,morn brings new light, however,just few wrong uttered words make all the affection sink into an indolent expectation of another day.
When the blue moon occupies the horizon i often look at his face trying to decode mystery,unaware that a shadow had already reigned over my senses,that i am a temporary traveler while love is for eternity;i know that my love is too holy,too indescribable,too honest and sublime to stay bound to the earth;that she stubbornly escapes my dreams,pursuing the nocturnal and sacred,spiritual altars forever.However hopeless you may feel,find the truest words within yourself and speak them softly, like whispers of holy scripts and prayers,for only then,it raises mental dominance over your body,and ultimately, rejuvenates you.These spiritual,renewing streams of energies merge with the spherical lines and the cubic patterns,a mystical, refined combination of ions and atoms,however,an omnipresent spiritual energy pretending to change the space and worlds,,and humans as well,,
It is only birds to have adapted themselves to the winds,to recognize exactly where misfortune comes from and in which direction to fly;they keep the wisdom of the centuries,being persistent hunters of nocturnal demons and spells,marking it with shrieks and hoots to raise fear and collect one's dreams, for an unreasonable and fascinating beauty seems demonic anywhere,and only the perfect mirror captures the veritable reflection,,,,if you possess such a diabolic,fantastic shine inside yourself,your beauty becomes variable and inapproachable to everyone but the blaze of moonlight.
Words are alluring and often disguised by malice and hate,which makes me precocious about all the gifts i receive;i am not afraid of natural forces to erupt with madness,but of inhumanity and corrupted spirits to disturb the serenity of a night.There,where you find so much beauty and feel so much love,there you meet a weak,irresponsible soul to bear itself with such ampleness,for one man's idea of immortality is demanding and sinister to the splendor of a moment,.. and such an idea ignites the light we seek for;the thought of eternity is as beautiful as it is painful.

As the talk lasted for a while,i decided to continue speaking our earthly language,and the Ozirian didn't confront me.
One of them distinguished himself from the very beginning of our meeting,and i thought he would be the most suitable for leading me through the helix of harmonic and sparkling transmitters,interrupted with the echoes of cosmic dissonant and cordial sounds every now and then.I was waiting while the whispers of his name were passing from one to another;and finally reached me.They are not allowed to speak it loudly,and i am privileged to call him Ameh.,

-You must have been gravely hurt and lost in dreams,..,nobody looks over the horizon unless his nature is sibling with starry remnants,originating from omniscient sphere,to master life and death,yet nonetheless, everyone was given to see into the omens,,,even so,many live a life filled with material pleasures,not looking more deeply inside themselves,where soul rejuvenates itself during tempting hours of meditation ,,you possess a sparkling inspiration and eternal restless curiosity about life,along with a passion to never end it,, however, no one goes back unless being haunted by his own past-i heard sweetest voice ever.

IT IS TRUE THAT I DREAM a lot,and often,i live another dream before i have the first one, reconciled and revived in the silence of my room,under the auspices of grace and loveliness of a starry night;,.and  i am still alone,...but,i don't complain,i am here to learn and know you better.I am very curious to see what a wonderland looked like,when there were no human beings to take it all more seriously.

You think we live just for pleasure,,.we left the earth,however,you have a chance to evolve on your own,,

-I didn't mean to insult you-my thrilling voice shouted-no, not at all!You are so dear and sweet,everyone can love you,which you must agree with me,is a rare accomplishment....i wish to know what caused your exile..

-I am sorry to say-the voice of a brown eyed ozirian came to me-humans have fragile knowledge,and mainly,they are superficial and uncaring about their own lives,engrossed in triviality,and represent a threat for our jubilant days..we take care of each other,no one is ever left alone without support or you do,your kind....

-Will there come a time when we learn to live differently?`~full of enthusiasm and ardently,i asked.

-Seemingly,life unrolls itself ,however,looking back at the past and time to have flown by,you feel,all is about your expectations that you hold and grow withing yourself,that reality is deceiving phantom,mighty enough to take away your dreams,because,a man is deeply embraced by the dullness of a routine life to accept any truth that others created for him;if he only changed his perspective,presuming that every being is a 'stem' with endless possibilities to spiritualize itself ,,you only change yourself from within,for truth is not perceptible! There is more than one life you live now,that's all i can unveil for now,,have you ever felt you could be something more ?

-Hm,,i think i have an answer,..following my own experiences,it's all in ourselves,as we animate our intellect and power of the will,pure ambrosial feast for transformation of the soul,as she is the only one capable of releasing and inverting itself in any form before a life has gone;to attract and absorb cryptic elixir,dispersed across the cosmic spheres,..

Then,they took me to their temple,an imposing granite palace,situated on the bilberry blue hilltop,and while climbing up the spiral stairs,they discovered me a secret....they never sleep,by staying vigilant for a new magic to cure them and allow their dreams grow again...I felt sorry,but their elation and comfort,convinced me that they live a merry life,though.

to be continued,,,,

Ruth Sanderson
Ruth Sanderson is an illustrator of many books for children and young adults

We Have Message From Another World
Nikola Tesla

May you be blessed
With the spirit of the season,
which is peace,
The gladness of the season,
which is hope,
And the heart of the season,
which is love.


He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree.
Roy L. Smith

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Friday, August 29, 2014

MoonSaga-Death Comes Sooner Than A Dream Ends

Meet me by moonlight alone,
And then I will tell you a tale
Must be told by the moonlight alone,
In the grove at the end of the vale!
You must promise to come, for I said
I would show the night-flowers their queen.
Nay, turn not away that sweet head,
’T is the loveliest ever was seen.
Meet me by Moonlight.
by Joseph A. Wade

Once i had landed on the clouds and felt rosemary scent of my homeland, it seemed natural to extend my journey,and have my impressions about everything beyond my sight changed;because we have all these unearthly destinations perfectly situated in the comfort of our minds,and fondly held in our hearts,it becomes strikingly challenging to take a voyage and satisfy our vanity that our personal expectation are quite different from stubborn repetitions of something worth admiration.
Ever since i was a child i watched moon's deceptive appearance from my earthly stage,
to admire its distant ,brilliant dominance over our dormant illusions of an azurite-like smirched, glittering glamor, wonderfully plastered beyond a sensible and sensitive glance;but intriguing beauty fades with the passing years, and now it's an uniquely premature dream to keep one's attention,finding it perfectly suited for unfilled hopes of an old age,to look for comfort and reliance in remote and vague tranquility.Fortunately,there is an immanent,infant fascination with the mystery of an unexplored and unexplained order,to keep this world renewed and rejuvenated by young,flourishing ideas and incentives.

After leaving my heavenly friend,i pursued my newborn expectations about spectacular meetings and unseen worlds,partly because of my fairy-tale childhood and partly because my new friend introduced me to marvelous girl who dared to escape from her planet and take all dreams with her,which then put her life at great risk in new environment.There is a cosmic agreement that as soon as a man departs his native lands,he is forbidden to bring anything with him, , and dream is tricky invention,making your hopes unreasonably bold to defy mischief and misery,but then again,they often lure you into believing that death comes sooner than a dream has ended.
I was curious about moon's proper distance from the earth,which illustrates magnificence of an untouched sphere to keep concord and order above equally ponderous and ebullient,robust life;exactly as it should be,neither too close,nor too far,like our relations with friends,absorbing,yet sagely preserved by a sober passion to escape misunderstanding and disputes.It's amazing how moon never exceeds its affection to earth,making her dependent on his whimsical nature.Intriguing and fabulous to surpass even the wildest dreams,moon makes you a believer,and you are not alone.To live up to flattering expectations,and confirm early premonitions,you are compelled to raise your eyes to the skies;though they are unreachable,there are varieties of stories,and one of them is yours,untold,yet alluring and tempting,like explosive,vulnerable stars while trying to save their lives and transforming themselves into aspiring new bodies.On the dim side of the moon,concealed and shrouded in its own shadow,there rests another facet,unveiled and unattractive, but only for your eyes,,,beauty displays our longings and desires,the greater your suffering,the more beautiful reflection of your avidity.Still,life might be someone else's unbroken dream,to realize itself in chaos and rapture;they are often the only asset we have ever had,and turned into senseless dimension, continuously haunt and conquer us in the unquiet nights,while our affection and passion unmercifully grow.

The Mischief Spell

As much as your life and dreams seem harmonized,you always go after SHADOWS,
stubbornly refusing to admire the iconic impressions,unless it enhances your imagination and curiosity,..luckily, they feed your fairy nature!Trapped in the inevitable,the resilient voice of my friend gave me comfort and confidence in the strangeness of the new world;he said to me:Though your oddness is unpredictable and profound,wherever you go,unconquered lands strive for the likeness.
Dreams are solicitous,and journey is a short lasting illusion,nevertheless,the experience is fantastic and beyond judgment,a bouncing hope of the same quivering shine like obscene and blind stars.Stunned by the obscure space,you only have few sparkling moments to get a glimpse of all and make a right decision,,for it indulges any sense of temporary pleasures,and erases any sins;there,you are incorporated in princely realms, anticipated by your unbend and omniscient soul.Hence,a sinner is fully sanctified before leaving this earthly world.
I have always dressed myself with the most splendid and fantastic spherical reminiscences,not to baffle my reality but to find a more beautiful expression of my innate self,to let that inner glow disperse inside me and shine outside,;it springs from a clustered,unrefined energy,both inviting and infernal,to unleash an obsessive, destructive and undesirable power.I knew,in my unrestrained soul that wonderful things and opportunities were beyond our sights,,, conquering them is like conquering our dreams, and dreams must be stronger than our fears!,, for we shine infinitely through our blessings,,,.
When you long for love and understanding,your unspoken desires find patches of the sky to convey themselves, and grant your wishes.Coming down from nebulous clusters,
there,in the splashing clouds and the opaque blueness of the sky,there rests unexplored and virgin springs,amidst luxury of the unspeakable and undreamed yet.Everyone can find comfort,however,the primal impulse of a man was to raise himself above earthly bonds,and lead by the promises of mighty givers,enhance his original and inherent predispositions.And the heart is the mightiest token that your will is uncorrupted,because it doesn't obey to any reasonable valuation.Imaginatively,being a MERCILESS MURDERER or randomly disgraced and humiliated, your lover evades a sane judgment,the same way as it does a torrent of rain and eruption of the mount;any kinds of queer forces to beat inside you,make you capable of transforming gravity of an inheritance into more beautiful image you hold about yourself.;there is additional dream,to revive your dying hopes about love to leave forever,,,. ,,,however,it finds another spot in the vast universe to grow on,like a sprout of new life among hazy and mounting clouds.
Following unpredictable cosmic storms,there had to be found a way to prolong confusion and save the mystery of the world.In all the conspiracy,you have been tempted to turn your beliefs into relics, abandoned hopes,and now and then,everyone makes a mistake;usually,we don't value them,but choose the worst one that we wish to put behind forever!Flattered by our own abilities and gifts,we have striven over the years to improve ourselves and our lives,relying on poetic and grandiose infusion to keep us vigilant and strong;yet, creamy and soft blue tenderness bewilders your mind,and its easiness draws you into miraculous expectations;your free will and open mind are exposed,fighting for abiding privileges and rewards,,dreamers choose their destinies,,nevertheless,you stay isolated because:
The wisest solution was to have a human being inhaled with Great Secret!Seemingly,a man was given a talent to do marvelous things,however,his fiercest desires remain unfilled,,,and secret slithers through our blurred visions.
Ed org Copyright©

After all,i have no doubt about love to inspire a new life,,it is only questionable that we crave for the limitlessness,no one feels comfortable being restrained by any material bonds,and consequently,immortality is the most desirable thought;the lure of eternal life is the most fascinating in our earthly lives,bridging two conflicting entities,life and death,much beyond our understanding,and because of that,we feel drawn into the story which might be achievable.. deceived,we constantly produce hate and envy.And the first track of malice and slight appeared after we had faced the perplexity of a manuscript,to make us bewildered and puzzled by words to surpass our knowledge ,,coming from another entity,words have the power to change us,while remaining endangered and strange,.,show me anyone who loves his manuscript!

to be continued

Ed Org
"Ed was born in Shropshire in 1955 and had an idyllic childhood among woods, fields, secret pools and ruined barns - all now lost under the sprawl of Telford New Town"

"Meet Me By Moonlight"
Joseph Augustine Wade (1796 – 15 July 1845) was an Irish composer and conductor.

Edgar Allan Poe
"The Murders in the Rue Morgue" is a short story by Edgar Allan Poe published in Graham's Magazine in 1841. It has been recognized as the first modern detective story;

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I republish the fourth sequel to Moon Saga and i will do the same to the others,while a few of them will look quite different.Thank you for constant interest in my writing and sharing your impressions with everyone who feels a bit happier after reading and leaving this blog.It is all about preparing my manuscript for publishing, both e-book and print book.
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Moon Saga-Flowers In The Sky

"She said that she would dance with me if I brought her red roses,” cried the young Student; “but in all my garden there is no red rose.”
“Be happy,” cried the Nightingale, “be happy; you shall have your red rose. I will build it out of music by moonlight, and stain it with my own heart’s-blood. All that I ask of you in return is that you will be a true lover, for Love is wiser than Philosophy, though he is wise, and mightier than Power, though he is mighty."
The Nightingale and the Rose,
by Oscar Wilde

I give you an ecstatic gift of my soul,for she dwells among angels,and never looks behind.;it's only vicious minds to make fake promises and wrong decisions,already accustomed to obscurity of a distant and horrifying world,captured in the obscurity of lies and revenge,and accompanied by hate,envy and pathetic misery.A genuine gift is never given without a promise of fulfillment,and life is majestic experience if you live in harmony with the beauty of everlasting dreams;they are never lost,and for each one of them, premonitory,yet unfortunately missed or failed,there is another dream catcher.

I feel that i constantly change my perspectives,lasting and persistent like a hope,to open the crystal gates of adventurous but promising dreams to owe everyone who still walks in a child's shoes a wonderful tale.I can't afford to disappoint them,so it appears natural to follow my instinct and tell a different story,using an ancient language i am familiar with,known only to the birds,being faithful and loyal to their homeland.The enthusiasm of my cloud's friend proved that a smile is not an accident,but something to tackle one's expectations.....

-My solitary friend,i know that your mind hosts many spectacular stories,waiting to give comfort and joy to everyone who live in accordance with adamant belief that a fairy tale is someone else's dream..
Your imagination is an inexhaustible source to motivate everyone with sleeping illusions..-after a sigh,he added-It might surprise you,but i must say that all the imagery you borrowed from picturesque tales,is not sufficient to atone for your own ignorance and intolerance,...even to speak truths you will always face suspicions and false interpretations,subjected to fragility of belief and lack of courage;as you hope for more beautiful life,you graciously turn your head to the west when you go to sleep,and vivaciously open your eyes to the east in the morning,Anyway,time doesn't discern past collection of your symbolic and perfective memory from a spontaneous impression you have now,for it flows backward,making you grow older sooner than your dreams,,,,therefore,bring back your youngest dreams to rejuvenate your body and refresh your insatiable spirit every day.
I once knew a fair,comely girl to sprightly tell her tales and spread joy around,,.ah, it's a sad story!

-Nevertheless,i want to know,,,i was persistent,and he revealed a fragment of her life.


-Well,stay attentive ,..:she was growing up in the lilac valleys,surrounded by green wooded slopes and pastures,seemingly quiet and sleepy,yet haunted by restless creatures and engrossed in intriguing sorcery. Apart from an unpleasant,gruesome intuition to grasp her while looking at the nearby forest,she was quite unaware of sylvans to inhabit the woods verging on her family orchard;with little hazardous steps she tripped gaily across her fairy land,adopting it like a princess whose imagination predominates over her dreams. Everything under the sky was a GIFT,,she was only expected to blink her avid,jade green eyes in the sunlight stunned by outer natural arrangement and yield to its sensuality,or to graciously pick up hardy wildflowers in the modest meadows and taste delightful fragrance of mountain air,, enough for her to be happy.That is the way she understood her native land.As the years passed,her splendid impressions faded,attuned to discolored and dispelled maiden zeal and curiosity.Slowly,like a wild animal slinking toward its prey,a shade of doubt crept into the familiarity of things she felt intensely about.She eagerly recollected blissful days,spent sinlessly and freely,..and then she realized!She was grown up now,and understandingly,the world diminished in her eyes and lost pretty much its early charm and beauty.Oh,what sadness!Not only the impression about faces she randomly met,but even the lusty hues of the yearning nature changed unwillingly,adding more grayish days to her joyful life,,and consequently,she made a decision to escape;thankfully she got two pair of bluish wings and left the earth, flying into lighter realms,,you guess,she is the only friend i have here to visit me occasionally and make me think about her destiny every now and then...

-I sympathize with her,oh,i believe that she must have been happier now,,,and not saying anything more,i thought to myself that the same fate rushed to us,however, i knew as well ,that our happiest days were the same ones to have gone and we once felt about them being murky and tedious;as soon as we let silence prevail and glumness settle down,the reviving memory unleashes the savour of the lucid past which urgently harvests most of our lives,making illusion more beautiful than a pale life,,,

Accordingly,no reasonable creature would leave anything to chance!However,many of us pursue another fairy tale,,
At the same time,these new emotions carried us away,hence i returned to the beginning,, .
-It is so delicate subject that i am afraid of being mistaken for an unreasonable being,...all the tales and interpretations of our civilization are splendid reflection of most beautiful,guided dreams,they are our reward and pride, have eternity,we have dreams, ..yes, i know what you can say,but we live our dreams as we live our reality;whether it feels like a rustic and compromising milieu or an inspiring and romantic poetry, dreams are our companions,our greatest solace in loneliness and despair,..and when we are happy,then we give them away;.find me another creature in the universe to share his happiness with someone,still understanding that dreams are only the way to say goodbye forever!

Our uniqueness has a peculiar price,we are mortal and know natural sorrow and pain..

As he waited patiently to end my monologue,his eyes opened wide in pure amazement,and having acknowledged my words,they gave away blue sparkles,..

-When the first kingdom was born,there was nothing but a dazzling,astral snap,to illuminate an insatiable  dream,separate dawn from dusk and make them bewildered by the priority over one's wild and fantastic aspirations;the air resembled a dense and hazy,sterling silver bubble,wrapped in a laced-like,placid veil,and then one day,a random sparklet entered the crystalline space and disarranged the square;in all this confusion and roaring sounds,amidst the amaranth-red flare,there began to thrive a biotic organism,while changing its structural arrangement possessed by the primal gladness and loveliness,.unconsciously and unintentionally,a new world originated-after a short sigh, he looked at me fondly and continued-can you imagine what expectations define your planet and your world ?
-And can you imagine how wonderfully changeable is this world surrounded by mysterious and sensible matter,being the first reaction to thrilling and tender movements,and so tightly attached to spiritual source,ennobled and subtle,,,having been just a preview of the first sentiment to resonate in your heart.
,,,because the most beautiful feelings are timeless and speechless,they roam around and don't ask for permission,furious like a storm and fatal like the falling star,,,

-I can't give you an answer to resolve the entire mystery,.of course,no one expects that from me,and i can only talk about my feelings; i can't change turbulent stream of earthly generosity and misfortune for heavenly easiness and tranquility,hence i live with my belief and hopes,...nothing ends,so are my humble ambitions and perspectives,that miracle happens when i am greatly devoted to refining myself,engrossing all the spiritual splendour to cross themselves with the beauty of material nature.,, happiness landed a long time ago,but it differs,depending on one's outlook and sensibility-my voice sounded immaculate,..lofty and elated.

-You can reach even higher level of spiritual awareness than your original nature gives you,as body and mind are very transparent and sensitive,they tell you secrets if you are willing to listen and follow your predominant attributes,...and everyone is gifted more than he believes.
The secret is in your heart,..Love is like magic....invisible,hard to understand,yet enchanting to grab you with the strength of its transformation.SHE is more powerful than imagination for it absorbs immeasurable passion,amazing intuition,hunting dreams,and reminiscence of suffering and sorrow,.. ..,,.all from both sides of Universe!

-Wait,wait..-i shouted-you said :both sides of Universe"...hmm,i am suspicious...

Love flourished soon after first tears fell on the earth long ago,and since then,she dwells in every single entity,live and illusive,material and spiritual,as personification of one's eternal dream to find home and love again.-he uttered it with a melodic tone.
Amazed at his words,i could hardly focus on his response-There is nothing strange,there is one mirror,but two different interpretations,illusion and reality,reason and sensibility,love and hate,male and still doubt?Why would our universe keep any secret and a testimony unrevealed?Every moment a new explosion shines the sky,and if you are careful watcher and sly you can make all the universe conspire with you.,,
to change your destiny!
It is your fortune and challenge to let shadowy obsession master you,after you have gone through a fantastic accident, a double helix of senseless but flattering coincidences,a dramatic play of fateful decisions,dawn of light and zeal,twilight of fears and horrors,night of venture and spells,,..just dare to find that predominant dream in yourself,and turn your vision into magnificent and rhapsodic scenery!There are plenty of mysteries our there,and everyone has a chance to explore them and improve his mental faculties,as well as the way an organism responds to vital and circulating fluid;body and mind are diligent receptors,accumulating and refining the energetic flame to come from all over the space,...neither your life is confined to earthly perspectives nor your sense of isolation prevents you from growing beyond primerose sins to corrupt your happiness;conquer your fears of the unknown,disregard passing untruths,yet respect ashen letters to depict weird experiences,helping you improve your inner self ,..your swollen body and furious nature are tempted by cursed,demonic and ghostly remains.

-Oh,whatever to happen,i am prepared;having conquered unpredictable fears to spring from my weird nature,i made it clear stage for yet unfinished dreams and promises resting under silver branches of the tree to accompany a holy night,.,i feel my life spins finest colors,captured in a rapturous singularity of random and intelligent changes.

I know everyone awaits a prophetic rendezvous,wondering how to get there..

-It is a process of learning and purification...polishing your hearty and ardent spirit to shine like the brightest stars...we are your waymarks,we teach how life can be a wonderful fairy tale,just remind yourself of forgotten verse and lost slipper...-he said in a feeble,soft voice.

-Hah..i know that one!-i interrupted him-it is about Cinderella!,,.however,i have few additional,spectacular stories to raise my spirit,enough,to keep me vigilant,.

-So,it is truth,like you it or not,i am that generous friend to send all those beautiful,mindful gifts to your little friends on earth!
Think again,why are you still convinced that your love can be saved and a dream rewritten?

,..there are things and situations you stubbornly refuse to believe,but life surprises you many a time,,,; freeing yourself from antique superstitions and restrains advances your personal freedom and the intensity of your expectations,. i repeat this again and again:
-Let your spirit carry you wherever your contemplations land,and hold you firmly to your premonitions whenever you doubt.Spirit originates from beautiful and astonishing spheres,it is nothing but the finest,natural and purest cosmic energy,whose source is still a mystery,,.and i bravely harmonized my raw intuition with inner grow stronger,being my servants and cleaning all outrageous,infernal influence.There is no prejudice in the magnificence of creation,as the whole universe is a perfect,harmonic impression,in which the past and the future become ridiculous,as well as a man's memory.

whereas,the body is superficially attached to rudeness and graceless of the soil,but again there is a cluster of inspiring thoughts,unfolding their wings freely in the infinity,along with your curiosity and passion to achieve more than it is predictable-a subtle voice you see,out there is everything possible!-he shouted cheerfully, with an eyebrow raised.

--I expect a nocturnal shower of sparkling gifts for my friends,who have unreasonably abandoned their hopes in a wrong hour;their noblest sensuality courts heavenly dreamers,therefore they can be tricked so easily,,,

-I am not a Selfish Giant,i always fulfill everyone's desire,unless i have flown far away...,,there are few gardens invented only for dreamers whose inner life and sublime sensibility are not commonly apprehended, and whose dreams surpass everything known to a plain skyline's watcher,..,,,

-I know that one about Selfish Giant,'you are very kind to mention it!

-Please tell your fantastic little friends,to expect me as soon as Sun says farewell to all intimate,green and colorful landscapes,and trees become naked and gray...for now,they can freely live their curiosity and believe in every legendary creature, is so easy for them while turning over their pillows as the way they practice first magic,I pledged to convey their whispering messages and make them feel endlessly inspired for lifetime; unlike adults,they have greater susceptibility to the invisible and believe without restrain,then their curiosity finds mystical wideness and miracles that reasonable man remembers during plush-like,romantic nights.Your sincere and pure self devotion is able to unveil amazing talents,roaring and hilarious reflections clustered in the hidden skies,as soon as you let your thoughts and hopes soar. Hence you believe when everyone else has their visions already lost,and youthful spells forgotten.

-I am sure that this prologue will be persuasive enough for them to raise self awareness of giantlike spirituality within themselves,staying restlessly motivated by coherently bond sights and reflective,cursed dreams to hold them to primal child's impressions and sentiments;they are source of portentous achievements,-my exalting tone spread a purple flowery scent.- in my flawless,early age,i felt a dominant portent that i nurtured in myself like a most devoted icon,mystical and fascinating,to keep us vigilant and eager for the most unexpected.;and now i have my youth prolonged.Then there was an episode in my life when i learned to live with unspoken and obscure incentives to my spirit, bringing a fuzzy atmosphere and imposing a strange sentiment upon me.

-Yes,human persistence is astonishing,. .however,there is an inborn faculty to negate generosity of ethereal property,a divine,spiritual virtue,which makes them susceptible to disbelief in the power of dreams;anyway one can always pick up a scrap of the sky,and make a wish...that is how a child collects his own dreams, a little by little to beat any doubt and live his own fantastic reality to the fullest.Children's love is spontaneous, understanding intuitive,thus it portrays a wish being of spiritual origin and fearless;they act wisely,for love and happiness are alike,they come in an instant,,,

Gustaf Tenggren
Gustaf Adolf Tenggren (November 3, 1896 – April 9, 1970) was a Swedish-American illustrator.

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”
 ― Paulo Coelho The Alchemist


"Death is a great price to pay for a red rose“, cried the Nightingale, "and Life is very dear to all. “ It is pleasant to sit in the green wood, and watch the Sun in his chariot of gold, and the Moon in her chariot of pearl. Sweet is the scent oft he hawthorn, and sweet are the bluebells that hide in the valley, and the heather that blows on the hill. Yet Love is better than Life, and what is the heart of a bird compared to the heart of a man? "
— Oscar Wilde

To be continued
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I republish the third sequel to Moon Saga and i will do the same to the others,while a few of them will look quite different.Thank you for constant interest in my writing and sharing your impressions with everyone who feels a bit happier after reading and leaving this blog.It is all about preparing my manuscript for publishing, both e-book and print book.
Thank you for understanding!

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Moon Saga-Fantastic Travel 2

''When he shall die,
Take him and cut him out in little stars,

And he will make the face of Heaven so fine
That all the world will be in love with night,
And pay no worship to the garish sun.''
 — William Shakespeare (Romeo and Juliet) 


We have always lived our competitions,because we have them written in our genetic codes,being marvelously harmonized with serenity of nature to stir,and fed on our difference and originality.To fully understand ourselves,we need to adjust our views of the outer world to inner flow of spiritual energy longing to merge itself with the finest,ambrosial substance from which the whole universe has sprung and grown its dreams.To think different and be original is deeply seeded in us,and seemingly, the way we compensate for our weakness as we live secluded from the outer space;it appears that everything worth admiration is only a dream left by those who raised their eyes to the sky,..and yet, some of the past unforgettable stories and poems,or a masterpiece of art are remarkable reminiscences.....

--It is very nice observation,my dear lonely girl,,..i look at all your MIRACLES with respect and adoration...there are wonderful achievements to surpass all natural beauties i see around,and i see more than you...-said my heavenly friend.

My naughty nature responded again-but you are not jealous,and you don't feel must be because you are the only one here,and you never learned what having rivalry looks like.

-Your pride is not surprising...having been far away from you for a long time,i expect now to know more about your weird nature.Your loneliness and loveliness are subtle afterglow of your distinct nature;as you gradually begin to know yourself,you grow your mind's capabilities,absorbing spherical,pure and lifting energy,to crown your life with overall areal fluctuation,feeling the flush of seductiveness to spread across the vastness during magnificent,starry nights;the quietness makes your way as you use all your talents and gifts bestowed on you,..

-I know that words preceded everything,both good and bad,however,everyone should be cautious,..if the words were spoken too early or too late,they could be fatal,for it requires the right time to be recognized by someone; sometimes,we wait the whole life to get such a recognition...and again,i forget that earthly life is not valued properly, seen from above,all we have is an eternal craving for the stars,...-then a bliss in my voice followed-
Now i know,as i know myself,that every girl longs for a magical treat..and knowing them,i can't resist taking advantage of a chance to get something unique..for a GIFT is everlasting expectation from the heavens.

-Unless you want to stay with me,what can i offer you?Wouldn't you like to show your greatness while descending into earthly sobriety and hardness?-then,he added:
I have learned this long time ago:besides humans to occupy the earth,this world is haunted by another humanoid species,named Myrtles,..these hooded shadows remain concealed unless a fantastic love disturbs the realms of our universe and lovers feel stunned by mighty emotions,whereas every man knows a difference between light and darkness;he is in a hurry when the first crowing permeates heaven at the break of dawn, but as soon as alarming and diluted dusk falls,he thinks slower and changes the rhythm of his steps.
Then,as the visible world disappears,everyone becomes mystic and believes in unnatural things.Hence,a whir at midnight calls on the caution,for it becomes easy to mistake a shy step for a horrific and ghostly appearance, a knock on the door for a savage visitor,,...only,it is love to grow stronger,for her felicity and virgin appeal,correspond to such a nocturne atmosphere,coated with sublime,cobalt blue expectations,along with natural lanterns to change our attitudes,as we feel that we are not alone.And people still don't know the secret of eternal life,they are mortal and live in hope to reach their dreams.-he said with a quaint sigh of regret.
But death alone is not salvation,it is a solitary dreamer,seeking for familiarity,just like you;out of our sights and being energized steadily inside of you,there is an everlasting youth,complying with your inner nature.As you brought refreshing melancholy into my life,i shall do something very unusual and magnificent,.. that is why i decided to turn drops of sadness into wonderful gems for you...isn't it something an earthly girl expects along with natural gifts to make her a beauty?
And it is not undeserved,for your body is graced with strange and finest refinement,while your mind is able to feel overall sensation,making you self contained,, belong to cosmic realms more than earthly world and people.

Thankfully,i cited-From a story to repeat itself since the primeval times i learned that a gift is heavenly invention sent on the earth to teach people about act of gracefulness and gratefulness;if all that they desire were fulfilled at once,they would forget how to rejoice,to live with loving heart and hope forever,,
i shall pass the knowledge on my friends.Misunderstanding is a common issue between us and our angelic and ethereal ancestors,as they sway to the light when darkness falls upon us,and in-between we have so little to say each other,we forget fast and hardly forgive one another.
I knew it was just a consolation to us while neglecting our beautiful spherical side of nature-to shine from inside and long for the likeness in everyone and everything around;however i embraced the offer,for i didn't want to show how pompous i became all of a sudden.
-I can't leave my relatives on earth so humiliated and in ignorance,, pain after another and they will find themselves;i accept that not everyone is born with the same talents,that suffering is different as well as our ability to feel happy;while you dream of love,someone else's hate plots against you,and so,everything begins anew,and you look for new love,while old pictures rest in mystique of the years to rush past. 

Human intelligence and intellectual giftedness will secure our existence,in any form and regardless of cosmic turbulent and mighty nature;we are both hallowed and hellish composite after all!

A long time ago a spear changed one man's primal visions,and during the three hours of agony,his soreness broke the silence of the air,nevertheless,he stayed faithful to us and accepted his fate,..such a gentleness and affection i felt while being covered with a wondrous dress,puffy and sheer,made of foamy and radiant fabric,tailored in silky,soft,and capricious surrounding;then,i politely added a pinch of starry brilliance, for i trained myself to steadily consume all the luxury of a splendid space.

And an inborn vanity and arrogance followed me on my way,along with bleary dreams,confirming that expectations and visions are not in dissonance with everlasting nature to inspire and call on miracles.

The Poems
Emily Dickinson
—“A word is dead.”
'A word is dead when it is said, some say, I say it just begins to live that day. '
Emily Dickinson

the quotation
Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet

To be continued
A Notice

I republish the second sequel to Moon Saga and i will do the same to the others,while a few of them will look quite different.Thank you for constant interest in my writing and sharing your impressions with everyone who feels a bit happier after reading and leaving this blog.It is all about preparing my manuscript for publishing, both e-book and print book.
Thank you for understanding!

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Moon Saga-Fantastic Travel/part1

"Heaven did not seem to be my home; and I broke my heart
with weeping to come back to earth;
and the angels were so angry that they flung me out
into the middle of the heath on the top of Wuthering Heights;
where I woke sobbing for joy."
— Emily Brontë (Wuthering Heights)

It has been a long day since bleak and silver mist engulfed brightness of the morning,to confirm me in my belief how living in reality is a wrong choice.
In fact,i have never consumed outer decoration alone, following an accustomed view of life.I have been steadily trying to shroud myself in mystery and make my own magic.Having a beautiful life is more about the way you live with your imagination and premonitions,and less about where you set your foot on.I have become a fantastic and wishful spirit,pure 'devotion' to grow with endless perspectives;they soar,nevertheless you can always rise your spirit and with fascination grasp an opportunity soon you recognize that there is a choice.
It was such a day when i wished for wings,as everything around me seemed so pale and insensate, arising desire to revive memory of beautiful feelings and sights,envisioned and performed at the very beginning of my life.I decided not to let myself stay in the emptiness or live a parody of deceitful lives,and reached for things to have a clew in unwritten poems and tales.I enlivened the core of my memory,to burn all doubts away and say farewell to cowardice.

The striking view brought me exciting experience,merged into boastful sights.Following my instinct and white mystique,not surprisingly,i landed on the clouds;they are so puffy and soft,alluring for a gentle and peaceful slumber in the cradle of dreams.
With their fanciful shapes to deceive all the time,they were first to teach me an important lesson,that things are quite different than we see them in reality.And being an adult from such a perspective,seems so foolish.
As i think over it,one of first strange things i experienced,was clouds to swing my curiosity and admiration while changing their marvelous dresses of the sky.It made some of my first impressions,a breath of spontaneity we are born with,which begins to weaken over time.It teaches you how to stay young,using a spring of green energy to flow endlessly.Such an instinct is never lost, you live with it as you grow up,only the way you look at things and beauty of earliest feelings are being changed.In yourself you can cultivate primeval emotions and stay attentive to simple and joyful things,to renew your dreamy,enduring hopes and release the ballast of misery and indignation,piled over the years.

An aged but gracious face,rounded with sparkling white,long hair, peered through a floating,reddish cloud and smiled at me....

-It seems to me that you got lost my dear!- a caring voice caught my attention.

I don't like being underestimated .-No,i am always prepared for surprises!- my seducing voice reverberated, to make an impression on him .

-What a clever girl!Welcome!I am particularly pleased to meet you,as you come from a different world and don't know anything about life in the heights.I am accustomed to bewildered birds,and a human appears to be a true rarity for me!

Relying on my charm,i continued bravely- you may lack the understanding of our nature..we are not deprived of lusty and flattering views of the sky.In fact,every one of us strives for the heights,even to live by his own extraordinary beliefs,and hopes for the impossible...yes,a man is a comic figure,pompous and flaunting!Of course,he didn't know our visionary nature so well...i said to myself..

--I see now that the Wuthering Heights,made me neglect your spiritual blessings, have always dreamed about freedom,a life without limitation. ....

-If we had wings we would fly away to see all the other worlds out there....we miss spectacular views,and so we easy find consolation in sanguine expectations and flitting promises;however,there are beautiful skyblue motivations,hence,we can presently make marvelous and sublime changes in ourselves.And unlike many others i let my sensitivity interlace with susceptible,airy,occasionally diabolic obscurity right now,and leave nothing to you can see,i even speak to you,which most people cannot .. i know you and the features of your are a kindly and friendly person,and being familiar with you, i make it easier for everyone to understand a puzzle to hunt them for centuries,an enigmatic,picturesque book,whose pages tell a different story every day;now,i can bet everyone expects three wishes to be granted . .. because,memories are alive and go back to the early childhood when a true fairy tale begins.

That is a typical human delusion,as soon as they consider anything beyond rationality,.. you confused me with a see..first one: to fly....but you made it on your own;the second one is to meet someone from my realm and speak to him,for a human doesn't believe until he has lost something precious... the third doesn't exist...for it is fairly treasured in ones who see themselves in the mirror of both the worlds, and never mistake reflection for illusion....for them,all the realms are recognizable.

Your wishes are like the matches to ignite a hazardous play,delicious for mind and seducing for boast about your reflection and strength of your spirit;where you long to be,there is no need for praying,you can reach everything through your own merit;however,even to get to the highest sphere,or to land in most miraculous place,you would still think about how beautiful and smart you are!So,in fact you don't need me.....

To be continued
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I republish the first sequel to Moon Saga and i will do the same to the others,while a few of them will look quite different.Thank you for constant interest in my writing and sharing your impressions with everyone who feels a bit happier after reading and leaving this blog.
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“I wish I were a girl again, half savage and hardy, and free; and laughing at injuries, not maddening under them! Why am I so changed? why does my blood rush into a hell of tumult at a few words?”
― Emily Brontë, Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights

Ruth Sanderson
'a professional illustrator since 1975, with over 80 published children’s books, in addition to having illustrated book covers, fantasy art, collector’s plates, animation concept art, and product design'

Chapter XVIII. Higher Devachanic or Heavenly Spheres


Spiritual Powers

"A cloud does not know why it moves in just such a direction
and at such a speed,it feels an impulsion...this is the place to go now.
But the sky knows the reason and the patterns behind all clouds,
and you will know, too, when you lift yourself high enough
to see beyond horizons."
Richard Bach

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