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Friday, December 30, 2011

The Little Beauty in the Splendour of a World

While still being in the obscureness of a world to have begun its forming,i thought it would be an exceptional experience,whatever it to be,for i am a brave girl, to come down into underground world and look closely at the setting of a complete unknown variety.
My own visions were so poor,but that is why i had my Wizard to take me where no one to walk on the earth,ever set foot on.I was very privileged and proud.

- I know that you have special interest and extraordinary curiosity to go there,so i give you a chance,just once in your life to learn more about your destiny.-cautious words from my friend.
That is when i thought about greatest challenges in life given to us on special occasions.Time is an inscrutable and independent runner,and magic of such a moment knocks on the door of  your life as it pleases,you are there to catch it or not,and then,all the epilogue relies on you;it is like receiving an expensive present,a crystal vase you can keep whole life or smash just after few days....At least a lesson i learned,that such a surprise comes without warning,like a foggy shroud to embrace you...that is how an obsession begins.

Allegory of Painting

Descending into the earthly hallways was not easy task even for my wizard,so he needed to ask for help.I know you are impatient to hear which of all creatures gave a hand and took us bellow the surface.It was a rat!Of course,it is nothing weird since rat lives in dark gates and has been accommodated to a subterranean ambient.Being caught in the blackness forever,there must have been something more of mystery,and i couldn't help myself but ask my friend about its transformation.

-A mouse is by nature a very curious animal,and such a feature defined its fate.He took a journey one day and run into the gates where dead soul dwell,and eagerly jerked his nose into hidden knowledge,while trying to unlock a sealed shrine to steal their secrets.He was caught,but some of that occult treasury he thrived to save till present days.

-Was it a reason to stay uncolored?-once again i got a chance to show off.

And an answer from my friend thereby came more like a confirmation-He was punished to stay gray forever.

I didn't forget our 'colored' friends', but they already belonged to other existence and it might put their lives at greater risk.

-If you get into unknown surrounding,just let yourself be led is where having the sense of sight is no necessary

  -The truth is never given to someone in the way he is always another one and different approach.That is where most people mistake.They are so spoiled and expect everything to be the way they want,but it is mainly opposite to the expectations.

 -I was wrong too-i imagined a devil-like creature to meet
...nothing similar..and greatest surprise was yet to come..stay patient....

I listened to my friend, and closed my eyes ..

Wizard opened a ruby door and we entered the great crystal cave with silver-like candelabrums,balls of noble rhodium and citrine to hang from the ceiling,and i knew immediately that all the unsightly creatures were forbidden to get in.
The squares on the walls and their glowing,were pure indication of the material used for the was diamond.Crystal hall and all the flashing were most beautiful setting for an earthly eye to see.There was a big table of platinum,set with tin plates and spoons;a huge armchair in transparent dancing cinnabar,and a quite number of marvelous decorations on the wall,made of alexandrite and translucent natrolite.
The Grotto Grande

-You just entered a world to have been beyond human sight,but i don't fear for you since you already broke some limits between the worlds..
In the wink of an eye i remembered my 'white' meditation...heritage of a previous world

 -Isn't it we have one world?-in fact what i said was meaningless,i already knew more than two ..

 -No one lives just in one world;there are different realms.

 Is there anyone to live here?-i  said loud,although i had already portended an answer.

 -Of course,there are the beings to reside here,but they are not visible for you..since they have wings and astonishing beauty,they might represent a risky venture for a human eye.Humans are still accommodated to old fashioned habits,and their souls are loaded with all the vices to prevent them from meeting such a purity of innocence.The only period in life when we are allowed to peer into all the splendour of happiness,is childhood.And just like our little friend,humans hold some of that fortune for their lifetime....however not many..
 A man also can't stand greater truths but ones he is able to apprehend now.

-Does it mean they are perfect? I knew there was another secret

 -These beings were adored with wonderful talent and power,but their reward destroyed them.One of them felt envy,and since then they lost visible worlds,remaining caught between underground and earthly world...even Heaven is unapproachable for them..

 -Oh, how sad is it!

 And my wizard felt where my thoughts go..

Once there lived a beautiful little girl,all enchanting with 'sparkling body' and smaragdine eyes,so curious and naughty,that even most powerful being was not able to keep an eye on her....she found a way to escape..
So,little girl came onto the surface,saw the light of day and soon forgot previous life..Light erases all the is stronger than darkness...that is why we celebrate lights nowadays..
Light symbolizes healing and prosperity,it fights with the ominous creatures,it is perfection,happiness and beauty... And having come from crystal world it saved its transparency..only golden particles made it look like light gold yellow.

At least i was content knowing that i came from a beautiful wold and beings...i was puffed up..
All the time i lived in fear that it was an ugly horn-creature to influence my life and hold me back from achieving all my dreams.And my friend's thought crossed my mind again....truth is usually quite opposite and surprising,it is only us humans who are so shallow..

 -Our little "Beauty" was not able to live an ordinary life,and that is why she believed being punished some way it is true.
One cannot live both worlds,having two lives must choose where to live,with whom,and where to go,,
It is the same with our loves,you can presently have only one love,to love only one being..all the other options are not a true love..
On our return home,i noticed a little noctilucine creature to fly.
My omniscient friend knew another answer to satisfy my passion of mystery
-Our tiny and flying friend was so enamored of his female,that he went down to search for her,and soon it came out on the daily light again,it never got rid of such a delusion of a murky world......he kept glimmering forever to find its way.In present days we know it by the name firefly and this breed still uses such a glowing body to attract mates.

So it is last mystery we unveil today....

Allegory of Painting
by Francois Boucher 1765
National Gallery of Art,Washington

The Grotto Grande
by Bernando Buontalenti
Boboli Gardens, Florence

                                                    HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful Holiday and a Happy New Year. May peace, love and prosperity follow you always!
Another thought to follow you through New Year:Believe in yourself,believe in miracles,and keep in your mind all the time that it is great work,persistence and love to endure and reward you.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Christmas Story-Coloring the World

While you may think of happiness as something known,i shall give you another approach,if you only let me lead you into the whirl of intuition and imagination.
My happiness as being unseen before,found me in an obscurity of ignorance to light my face and send some of opulent knowledge,kept in the cradle of the first world

Just to remind you of the journey with my wizard into deadness of an unknown world which i was able to see thanks to magic of my friend...
How nice is it having friends!-i whispered,more to myself..

What's done,is done!I and wizard made few of sad creatures happier by coloring and giving them a breath of new life...did i do good thing?As soon as i put a beautiful robe on cat,dog and dragon,i made a difference between them and the rest of misty world.

-Wasn't it we conceived a bud of envy by our deeds?-i asked my friend
 So many times we wondered ourselves about the source of evil among us..

-I believe it is wrong thinking-he said-these creatures have already lived in hate and envy,it was not sourced  from anybody or anything around.. ...and it was worse than we feel about each other,it came about by their unsightly appearance.Facing beauty is blessing for the soul,not a doom.

Feeding the Rabbits

-When you say that,everything seems so simple and easy to me...but i still have a sense of guilt

-There was nothing you could do to make them feel better anyway....only with such a kindness,you took some of them out of useless suffering...there are useful and redundant pains and miseries...

-I couldn't help myself but smile...
So,a difference was made,and we walked on with our new friends;it is supposed that when you do something for someone,he becomes your friend,isn't?And i found a comfortable seat on the back of Dragon.

I was so eager to ask Wizard about Sun,but i waited for right moment...there was no line between day and night,the all around us was dimly and i wished for warm Sun's rays...

My friend who sees through my thoughts and perceive more than a mere man can ,waved his hand and called on God to let shining...A beautiful Sun's ball appeared from the east,and greeted us in wonder....
Suddenly some places in our vicinity became scorched,they simply couldn't stand such warmth to touch them at once.

-Now you know the price of Sun's blessing.....for that,there had to expire many,known and unknown,or never seen ever....
Every great attainment takes some sacrifices from reach something big and unique,there must be some things to disappear and some people's beliefs to go.....
Sun is grandest happiness of our earthly world.and gift to give a birth to everything ...While letting a remote star to come into our vicinity,and bringing her with own hands,she became warm and changed her color into GOLD....that is how you see Sun now.

-Of course that i was delighted after hearing such an amazing explanation of my Wizard.
-It appears that we can change the world...and our destinies...i think it just happens...

-Once again you approved how clever and intuitive you are-said Wizard.The all is in God's power and our inspiration;move a little stone and you will discover another one;if you are brave and ingenious ,you will make some good for you and add more beauty in your life.

As soon as Sun scattered its glorious sparkles around,we noticed that many of creatures,uncolored ones,run away to hide somewhere.I was so sorry and impetuously rushed out to catch up a rabbit,that was so scared.. ...i recognized him disguised in a squared and bony creature,without fur ..i lent some of magic from my friend and made him into magnificent white rabbit ...and now you know why he is so flustered and run away from you.While holding him in my arms,i felt a hit into my head made me rise my eye above and see another creature in fear,to jump on the branches of a tree;being a bit nervous and angry for the hurtle i received,waved my hand and wished to see him on the ground...i learned later that it lived only on the tree..
Oh my dear friends, it was my guilt to make him into animal to walk the land too..then i tried to figure out how to paint it,and seemed i was in dilemma,so it happened that many kept their gray colors,but if you look more studiously you will find ones of them in beautiful carbuncle hue.I felt great joy after i realized what i came across...It was squirrel!
That is why red color is,among other reasons,a color of joys and surprises.......if you have courage and instinct to find things,then there is a great chance to make yourself many joyful moments in life...

It is no necessary to mention that trees were naked yet;being deprived of such a wisdom of an animal to look for happiness on their own,they had to get their clothes in order to become so precious for the mankind.God appraised his creation and took a break for himself by laying at the nadir of a tree..he needed a shelter of Sun's warmth and wanted to have a he imagined leaves,that having received first warm rays,turned themselves into GREEN!

I confess that my knowledge about colors was so weak,or perhaps i neglected their importance,and promised myself to look closer what colors i pick into the least to be more careful about things around me,and about the color of my love.........

Feeding the Rabbits
"Alice in Wonderland"
Frederick Morgan

Thank you for visiting my blog and reading my stories.
Have a magical holiday season.Keep the memory of child's visions,that little world when we were truly happy...every little detail is one more sparkle in your life and one more is precious!

                                                          MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Christmas Story-The Frame of Beauty

-Is it an illusion?-a natural question to appear after seeing such a beauty
-Beauty is never an comes from our inner beings where strongest truths dwell.

What my Wizard taught me,was to never be modest in my quest for finding astonishing truths and not being afraid of breaking the line seemingly put before a human eye.
To get me into a wonderful setting,he even turned me into little girl i used to be.

A Girl with a Kitten

As we painted our world,by giving it most beautiful colors,i inevitably felt some sorrow for every creature being left out of enchanting paints.
But this time,it was people who were the subject of my interest;i know it is a complex theme and hardly we know a piece of the truth,so i found nice opportunity in the presence of my Wizard.
We run across a group of people who were uncolored and looked for their path with hope to get into the brightness one day.

-Does it mean that only 'colored ones' are allowed to come into the world as we know presently?

-Oh,once again you surprised me by your ingenuity!There are many creatures to still seek their way through darkness in order to emerge onto the surface.

-I am a bit sorry for them.

-You should not regret ones who left behind!There will be time for them to find their unique path ;even if they failed in endeavors,still there would be a way for them to steal some of happiness and love from us.

-How so?-in fact i portend what explanation might be..

-It happens sometimes that some of them get into our souls,and we become obsessed;as long as they dwell inside of us,it is possible to feel all our feelings,along with sorrow and pains..
....even it is possible to appear in real world.

-You say,to walk and live with us,as a real Human being?

-Yes, that is what i thought.Think of gratitude,it is like BEAUTY...
A beautiful girl held her hand mirror by looking at herself,but being heady,she let an underground female being come into possession of her beauty....

-I am confused and it is not clear to me yet..

-She was unfaithful and too arrogant for everyone and everything around..and the beings who were responsible for the painting,didn't like it and punished her;on the place she occupied,came another being and took her shape...

-Oh, it is astonishing!

-It may be cruel,but think about squirrel and rabbit you painted by picking them out of the rest of creatures to beautify them.Beauty is knowledge...she is recognizable,..

-Isn't She an Illusion?-i interrupted him

-Beauty is never an comes from our inner beings where strongest truths dwell.

-Is there any hope for the girl to recover her life?

-Everything was put into a frame,like pictures you sort out and choose best ones for the frame;and God did the same while creating his world.There are many Goddesses to still reside in the heaven,being so magnificent, that earthly beings could not stand such a beauty..

-It is so nice to know how there are many beauties waiting for happier times to live their own truths.
Did our girl lose her frame?

-It is not lost,but only engrossed by someone else's spirit.
One should always be cautious in which setting put their habits, thoughts and desires..

-What if one day our forests,rivers, flowers,....all the beauty of nature were to die..?

-A man is responsible for the whole ambient we live in.It is the frame which we are put in now,beautiful colors of nature,vivid sounds and richness of fruits..Could you imagine subtler colors for a river or ocean?There are sparkling hues of,ocean-blue..
Or just think of the river to paint her depth with dark green and turquoise.
-I ponder over the heaven and clouds,and all the mystery to happen there..Only few things are able to rival the beauty of Sunrise or Sunset..

It was inevitable for me to ask-What is the most beautiful in your eyes?Or which BEAUTY?

-It is the SOUL!Soul is most beautiful and precious,but once lost,she makes you lose everything!

I thought seriously about his words....seem so true,i had to confess to myself,and there was fear to prevent me from asking for further explanation.
But my Wizard didn't let anything pass unnoticed
-I know your 'secret' believe for yourself that you lost your 'soul';and there are reasonable reasons for your doubts and fear.I am sorry that i can't give you all answers you expect from me...
I only know that for some reason you are very special girl and live a different life.Uniqueness you are granted with and your young look make you one of most beautiful girls ever... like a Goddess.
 ....being a Beauty is great privilege

-Oh, i am honored to be treated like a Goddess!
And for all my girlfriends now,who may feel jealous now,i ask them to have understanding and let me live up to my beliefs,being risen on such a hight throne.
Wizard was obviously curious about me and continued-There might be some creatures dwelling in darkness who know the answers you long for.Being mindless and letting your soul get caught,made you dependent on someone else's will ;i am afraid you can do nothing on your own,but be peaceful and patient.
Unless you live a destiny to be unclear for us,because it belongs to another frame of reality......

A Girl with a Kitten
by Jean Baptiste Perronneau

A Girl with a Kitten  


A special thanks to my girlfriend Michelle Heath who inspired me to write this story dedicated to my friends:Michelle,Sharron,Lisa,Janette,Shanita,Lynn,Mary,Candy,Regina,Maryann,Sandra,Harinder,Sharon,Devinder,Werner........and many others


Monday, December 12, 2011

A Christmas Story-Coloring of Mythological Creatures

Being a grown up doesn't make me less eager for listening or reading a beautiful Christmas Story.As soon as Christmas comes closer i think about a story of mine...
perhaps just a remnant of my childish days to make me feel a bit lost and strange in my real age....

I asked my Wizard for help

By holding my hands,he took me to the edge of an abyss.It was a misty Morning when birds send their whispers to senseless souls..

Take a look down-he said,but be prepared for astonishing world
No need to say how curious i was...i gathered my breath and stuck out my head to have a glimpse of mystic hole...

Don't be afraid ...!-dreams come true while flying into unknown...,just step into emptiness..


Laying on the bottom or crawling around each other ,there were endless ridiculous creatures...what other name
to picture such unseen and weird animals?
I know you wonder how i could see good from such a great distance...well,it is unnatural world which sucks your senses by polluted air....a zone of dead souls...

There was a creature with the body of a lion and wings of an eagle,supposed it was a Griffin,and a Balaur -like creature with multi heads;i noticed a tiny bird with soft eyes that i learned to be a primary appearance of Bunny-bird,the soul of the Sun God-Amon Ra; there was an appealing creature with one horn,and Wizard,who knew more than real world,named it Karkadann ;then i saw an early mix of animal and human with the tail of a scorpion,which my companion called Manticore.Three head dogs and horses with wings,great lizard and dinosaur like creatures..snakes with wings,cats covered with spines,were just some of miracles i saw,and many of them were depicted and recognized in our existence.Since it was the very beginning of Creation,not each of them was colored.

By looking at such a creation,God wished one day to change the view and asked for help to make a new dweller...
-How?Wasn't it that God himself created a man..-i knew in advance who my wizard thought about

-It is one of greatest delusion ever..God is great but not everything is in his power....-he answered and my sight into ancient world continued to grow by each word he told me

Oh,it becomes more exciting,i love when old taboos get broken...-i felt a thrilling in my voice and clapped my hands.
-But it put you in a new position next to God who is Almighty...

-Don't make confusion or give undeserved attributes to me..God is a catholic eye,he is LIGHT and WISDOM..
we come after him with our little wonders to light up some missing lines..

I hardly stayed peaceful,burning from impatience to remind him of evil to be present among us.So You say light and wisdom,but what about evil ?There must be another side of reality..

-There have gone many a year since first creatures came into the world as we know it now...and there is another world which we still regard unreal,but it exists as well..  they are unsatisfied,greedy to get a shape which is lost for them ..they crave for some missing beauty,everyone loves to be beautiful,have a nice hair and eyes...

-Oh,i never thought about them in that way!Now i feel sorry for all of them...

-So envy is not so mystical as it seems..Would you like to have an enchanting dog or cat?With green or  caramel eyes...i can make such a little wonder..just look at..

It lasted just a blink of eye,while he rushed out,seized a hideous dog and brought to me...
-See,it is unsightly,has pale eyes,and is without hair...and a long tiny neck...wait for a moment-

It took not more than few seconds for magic he performed...he made it into a beautiful dog,with sweet caramel eyes and gold fur...
again i clapped my hands and jumped ..-It is wonderful you did!Thank you so much!

Now i hope you see things better,and understand such a 'poor' and neglected world more than earlier..if you knew anything at all....more for himself,he whispered.

I pursued with my curiosity...-What happened with the sky and rivers,all the nature around we enjoy ?

Great accomplishments are in God's hands...He gave colors to the sky...By watching these miserable creatures
to yearn for a bit of lightness,his eye was tearing and a teardrop fell down...from that, a RIVER was born..

How wonderful !I was makes me get a feel for river to be sensitive,a new way of looking at things and thinking....amazing!

And God's eyes are blue,that is why river became blue....

But my passion to know more didn't stop....Is it the same story with the sky?

You are very clever and intuitive.....such attributes lead you toward the greatest achievements....he smiled,and continued-There was an account of sorrow about gray expanse spreading before his eyes and wished to paint it, seemed like a matching hue for such a transparent space......
but i know that blue is symbol of WISDOM....and there was one to suggest it to him..
Of course,not everything got colors by his WILL...there were always little plays around to satisfied one's thirst for making wonders...

I opened my eyes as wide as i could,full of happiness and delight...-what spectacular choice for me to make..!
Please, let me color one of them....
-I told you never to beg for anything...You are so serene,for you are given more than many have in earthly life...
For a moment our main point of conversation and my desire were interrupted,while i asked
-What is it about me to be so special?Although in myself i hold a secret already..but as every naughty girl,i pretended i didn't know what he was thinking about..

-You know very well little foxy girl,that you have a sparkling body,it is velvety particles inside of you to give you a strange and unique look..
that is truth..i knew...the only i didn't know was ..why ?

Which creature do you want?
-I want to make one of them be GOOD!Since i love dragons and there are many talks of them being evil,i wished to change their beliefs.....
-Dragons are not evil... .and only what you can do is to beautify them..choose one of them..

-By holding my breath,i reached my hands around his shoulders and we flew.....

A dragon caught my eye by standing all alone in the obscurity ...i felt it longed for something different ..i simply knew..i wished for him be colored in antique red with green eyes and gold flame to go out of his mouth...of course red is color of fire,but i imagined something more...
Still there are many to doubt in his existence,and i needed to make him glowing in red to be so impressive being inside already!

And i made more miracles...i colored a few birds,and learned them to speak..i found a dove like creature to be wild,and keeping in my memory one to have recently landed on my terrace and go into my room,i wanted to make him tame..and painted him in noble purple being deserved by his friendly and close relation with a man.Dove communicates with underground world and is a messenger between dead and live worlds..

An imposing cat seemed perfect to make her into amethyst with dreamy bluish eyes..i didn't like her big ears and made them small...anyway,a cat more feel than see and understand..she is intuitive and very resistant to earthly strokes,she can survive and renew own life many times..

Most i could do for a snake was to free her of a shell,so that she can creep now....and being warned from my wizard to not look into her eyes,i left out coloring them....nobody looks a snake into eyes!
Unfortunately,a dreamy ball resembling our Sun to sneak up from the east,forced us to come back,by leaving this antediluvian world,while i was thinking about whether it really vanished or exists parallel with us.I didn't ask my wizard anything more,as i kept some questions and surprises for the next time we go to new journey.It is the answer on your dilemma:i shall continue my story....

A Little Notice
Just to let everyone know who is in dilemma about the way i colored a few of creatures,i didn't do that with classic paints,it was MAGIC...
And a short request:
If some of you might suggest me names for my mystical creatures,for as you noticed,not the all of them are known at present./you can ask children for help/
Thank you so much!

by Ian Hornak 1991
The National Hellenic Museum
National Hellenic Museum



Monday, December 5, 2011

Velvet Night

Open your eyes and let your fantasy lead you to magical places being impatient and eager to rediscover some mystery for you,while dreaming in belief they are the only ones to still love and long for you.;your life isn't about false promises or lost hopes and illusions to come with a song of sad vibrations;neither is faded painting of missing lives,and a kettle of crying souls to suffer their pains on Earth that you got caught in;it is about your vision,inner beauty,world you hold while dreams never ending and dreamers never lose their faith...let them walk into your life and make you happy and desired.,for every single wish has own gate and takes your permission to live on....let your life be absorbing for all the beauties that your mind conceives and soul longs for...

After the Misdeed

First key of the gate

As i and my companion were approaching the gate i tried to remember what my spiritual shepherd told me:
"There are three keys to decide about you and your destiny;First we unlock at the moment of our birth;and it is the time when we are still unaware of all the beauty of love,although she has her most magnificent moments we shall ever feel.....The time when she is purest and warmest in own appearance."

I was a little puzzled,rose my eye brow and looked at him astonished:
-What i am eager to know is love i wish to live right now,as all grown up girl....please, paint my dream....

"Never beg for anything,it will only move you away from achieving what is destined for you..
Only restive souls lose patient while listening and waiting for dreams..."

-I was waiting so long for something one receives so easy and early while being so young..-.i said eagerly again

-That is fine what you say,but you forgot of yourself and secret you unrolled ...never thought it might make someone angry?"

Of course that i knew and quelled from his answer,so i didn't mention anything about it..

"There are certain rules to be respected and never broken;i believe you crossed the border between dreams and reality,and let your dreams walk into real life ...only greatest LOVE is allowed to leap over the fence."

Oh,i am so happy i possessed it......and.jumped of happiness while saying it.

-It is truth,but you played foul again...and punishment was cruel..You got divine gift,eternal Youth which is only the adornment of a Goddess..and you know what happens soon one of them makes a God angry....she is scourged ...and that is how you lost your great love you found once...

Is there any hope for me?- i asked,by staying seemingly in peace and not finishing my question..

-I am afraid that you will never recover such a bounty of dreaminess beyond the time.....and there is no trade between dreams..they are too noble and sublime to be changed so easy..
my advice is to keep dreaming...even you feel how there is no hope anymore for you and your love,once you met a great DREAM it is expected of you to dream on...that way you redeem your past sins and renew all respect that a highest dream deserves...

Thank you-i shouted joyful and happy to have received new incentive...

-So i really helped you..i knew that you thought of letting go of all your expectations...and don't forget to listen to me carefully;there are many who miss happiness for they are not awake enough to listen roaring whispers from wishful souls to have lost their love....every one has own Knight of Heart.."

Oh,how beautiful is the sound of your words!-again i could not hide my delight...Knight of Love!Do you know how happy you made every girl now,each one in the world!
And more for myself i continued with my musing...even i don't bring back my great love,there is still hope for me to have a beautiful dream and my own Knight to think of me.....

"In my book of life there is no difference between a child and an adult;they are simple souls and being spiritual without age...
and everyone has the same smile one is jealous and envy, an earthly world you can open the gate and be presented with only one desire.. ..if it were fulfilled,the second one you must forget...since you reigned two great secrets,it became a bit complicated.."

I didn't know love might be a SECRET..-i was very surprised...all about.i knew was a wish ..

"Every great achievement consumes a secret ..and never shines without unlocking a gateway to lead to a treasure of secrets..and You, only You unlocked the two by now..more than is possible for a human being.".

Now i got insulted-If it is truth,why do exist all angels to keep and watch on people?I suppose,in order to help us when we make a mistake...

"Even the angels are not able to do all miracles that Almighty deliberately left behind...."

Sadly,i slightly bowed my head and let my eye wander around,secretly looking for my Knight....and i still have no answer and not sure about my future..though,there is a thing to annoy me and i needed to ask one question more..


Dear spiritual father,somehow i feel that regardless of a tiny hope i have about a love on my way,i believe that whole truth is not in visible world..even obscured, it might appear at once and surprise me as it did first time i got to know my great love..i still remember velvet night when we met each other;,i didn't expect anything but a simple party i was called on....just nothing!But it was most beautiful meeting of love in my life!.......Yes!There must be the moments when it is stillest around and i am free from any burden of expectations,there will be greatest surprise ..i shall live on with such a belief,i am convinced in that....
It is real truth for everyone who reads my is a MAGIC you wait for..every magic is about surprise....just refresh your memory of a moment when your heart beat strongest and whole atmosphere before will see that i speak right..
Let it be SILENCE and don't expect anything..for being GREATEST and in power to take part in one's destiny,God loves to play with you;only in anger he can deprive you of happiness..just be quiet and servile to earn mercy again.
Have you ever seen a rainbow while expecting one in the sky?

There was no answer but a brightest smile i have ever seen while he walked away from me and gave it on leaving....

My Little Notice
I wish for you a Velvet Night

"After the Misdeed"
by Jean Beraud

Blue Night
by Atelier Hofhuizen & Van Dongen