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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Secret of Youth

I assume that LOVE was born with coloring the living world.A simple explanation comes from our strongest emotions we feel while being in love,which become lost as the time flies.Then a place where we have been together,or a thing we shared,has not that seducing and magical meaning anymore.....resembling some colors to have fainted,and turned themselves into pale compositions..
It was love to beget a beautiful color and give the sense to everything.

The way i have prepared myself,was excellent point to start out a new voyage with my friend.
-Never look behind in order to bring back the same emotions about some past times and places,they forgot about themselves and lost previous smell and taste-he said wisely as he did when we talk about serious things.
-What if i can't let some memories go of me?

-Just hope for another color,previous one has certainly lost its glow.The whole Earth breathes through the great agony to renew itself,by giving births to new lives and saying farewell to old ones.
Love and thirst of knowledge will never die,and people endlessly strive for new truths and loves.

It feels great -i thought about my writing to never bore my readers....and was good for my confidence in writing;as soon as i start something new it would become a beautiful story for i brought it into the life together with you.

The Time of The Lilacs

-There is a constant mistake about us,by always longing for everything to be as we please...but things come and happen in the same way as energy of the Universe moves around.-my wise friend said "us" i am very thankful for that.

-Is it an accident to determinate what the colors to put on yourself and how to paint your everyday life?
Can you choose one to be dominant?

-I know you still dream about the love you had once ..what happened?-a voice of tenderness came from Wizard.

-The greatest and happiest event in my life i was not able to keep alive ..There was too much happiness,too much perfection,..i couldn't stand such an abundance..a human weakness...and a lesson we never learned from the nature,to simply show off our talents and beauty without fears and envy;that is why we take pains and sorrow better than happiness.
we spoiled ourselves alone...we did that,we don't need to search for another being to blame.

-When love is lost,it opens vibrating gates for underground creatures to hunt for our souls and walk into our lives.It is easier for them to come to us,for an abundance of feelings,becomes food for such invisible visitors coming from the darkness.

-It appears with the loss of energy-my conclusion followed,and presumed his answer-Does it mean that all our faults influence the Earth?

-Think of that like negative energy,once collected and erupted from dissatisfaction.

-You mean about volcano,of course..

-Volcano is the suffering of the Earth,like an endless circle of births and deaths,and renewing the whole Universe.But the condition of our body and mind is an easy target for every creature to lurk from the gloom.Being healthy and with bright mind,you are strong and radiate the LIGHT,which frightens them.And light is LOVE .....just to remind you...
Enemy searches for your weakness,and whenever you hate yourself it is an open appeal for troubles ...

-How to get my love back?-i returned to my feelings,being aware that such a visitor played its role in my love,a long time ago/and i really hated myself in that time,but i didn't say anything more/ -Can anyone help me,or maybe i should ask silent demons to make it for me?

-You can wait for a hundred years some things to happen,and they will never be....unless you go to meet them.
So clever,so wise...i thought,and as every wisdom to speak its truth,remains in silence.

Suddenly i felt the scent of the flowers.....
and looked into the eyes of my sweet friend.;there was a confirmation of our magical whisperings,for if you didn't know we whispered,in order not to wake up all the little malicious souls..
-Your tenderness and craving brought to life another sort of flowers..being fed with your love it opened itself to the world.

It is amazing!Imagine,i can make new kind of flower by simply wishing for it;love is by itself a strong desire to breathe new life into everything,or dress something into new robes.
It matters for all the process of renewing the world and us together with animals ...all the living world.
I was all about Youth and most desired and magnificent secret of staying young forever!
-bring your best state of mind into life and you have just renewed own organism,cells of your body and mind are refreshed ...and now look at yourself in the mirror ,you will see how you look much younger!
What a precious secret i give away for free!

My wisest friend had an answer ready for me:-What you give,is included in the whole progress you make in self improvement.There must not be any fake thought,any attempt to cheat!Do everything with genuine heart and without restraint!

Of course,love assumes pure heart and honest approach.Jump of happiness now!By means of love you are able to rejuvenate yourself every day...the more love,the youngest you!

-Even more,-said my friend-you can change the world by making new lives and turning existing ones into new form.It is your chance to make some things happen as you please.A lazy and decrepit mind is an issue,not only for an individual, than for all the Universe....yes, laziness is great obstacle for a human being to make more dreams come true.

Martin Johnson Heade-Cattleya Orchid and Three Brazilian Hummingbirds
Orchid and Three Hummingbirds

-As you mention dreams,should i be careful about bringing my real habits and thinking into them?I know that some intensive thoughts i have during the day come into my dreams the same night.

Dreams are very powerful...a dream can make you fall in love with someone-i knew,your first thought was about love..with a smile whispered Wizard.
You should be careful whom to neglect in reality,and let them come into someone else's dream..
Being able to catch everything to happen on the both side of our reality and in each time's dimension,dreams don't recognize whether a soul is from life or death...It is only we to make a difference,and confusion happens in dream..that is how you can speak to and love someone while sleeping.

It seems so gracious,and next time when i have my dreams colored with love,i shall know that a darling missed her lover and forgot how to love
-Dreams are our ally as well;someone you loved might be protective in your dream.

Once again i got a chance to show off myself-But there is a difference between dreams of night and day.
I can't remember i ever had a nice dream during my daily rest.

-If you listened to me carefully,you should be aware of past souls to walk in dreams.. ...they don't like daylight and never give themselves up before the darkness.It is lesson from last time,about beauty.....

The Time of The Lilacs
by Sophie Gengembre Anderson

"Orchid and Three Hummingbirds"
by Martin Johnson Heade /1819-1904/

Monday, January 16, 2012

Mystery of the Moonlight

I and my Wizard were coming back from our journey..
The latest change we saw as the darkness fell,gave me an opportunity to earn some respect from my friend,and gain in importance.
Coloring the world is like giving a soul to everything and everyone!-i said to my wonderful wizard-
I used to have a strong belief how it is the breath to give life.

-The breath is something which happened once for all times to come,but it is color of particles to give us special characteristics and make the essence of every being.

I found a way to express my satisfaction immediately-I was very lucky for getting such 'strange' particles to make me unique.

-It is not on Humans to know their true origin,they are still lost and have no memory of first creation but the stories told by someone else.

My wit again came onto the stage-That is how religion was born!Choose an idea you like,and continue believing in it,by persuading the others to accept it as the truth.
-There are tales to be attractive and get attention,and once loved,they continue to live forever.And no one likes to ruin myths if they tell some nice stories.

-But there is always a way to make your own ones-isn't there?

-A man can't find peace as long as there are undiscovered mysteries.It is such a program to make a living being curious and wishful for some unapproachable secrets.
The theme i loved the most,which deserved to give my friend the tenderest look.

Lunar Night near Yalta

Oh-Secrets,secrets....i may be not find a formula,but have my own one of staying young.I showed off before my friend,even he already knew that.
It is a reason,among the others,to come on this journey with you!

-No one can be sure of themselves.At least at the present time-he added.But everyone who makes great achievement,like you,should be very happy!
You are not aware,but what you did,is known to someone else and kept for the future.There will come a time for all the secrets to become unlocked,so no one should be selfish about rediscovering own secrets and be afraid,for there is no way your 'secret' being stolen and taken away from you.It is not given to a human being for now,to know everything!
One should always think of the future,it is our mirror...What your deeds look like today,that is how your reflection will be seeing in the future.

I liked this very much.
-How did people know they should be careful about their behaviors and works?Was it punishment or an accident to warn them?

-The truest reminder of doing right or wrong is one's reflection....whenever you look into the mirror you see yourself as vision of your mind,and the better you are,the more beautiful image of yours.Whenever one's soul get lost in obscurity and ignorance,he loses his charm and beauty.
There are plenty natural mirrors to serve us.....the nature itself took care of us.
-I can see myself on the surface of a lake or river,even on a little pond...on the furniture in my room,on the glass..everywhere!

-Only the room where the dead rest ,stays shrouded in mystic darkness......a past soul might reflect its unpleasant feelings on the living beings.And it is all because of the beauty again.....i hope you understand me..
I did understand,i believed...of course it is because of the beauty,for beauty catches and radiates our inner being,outside and is whole life!Deadness gets insulted for being unable to influence their lives anymore..

By speaking about reflection,it was inevitable to call on the Moon....i confess,its radiation and influence is great mystery for me.....have my personal reason too
-Since the beginning of the world,striving to be different has always been the common feature.Even for the Earth it was great challenge,so there was a the moon.

-Is it about jealousy again?

-In some way it might think that the Moon is greatly poorer than the Earth,but it has own advantages as well.

I could not keep my experience to myself anymore
-During the full Moon i feel enormous account of creative energy,that is when i have inspiration more than any other time.I can't wait for the full Moon to come..and i don't know reason.

-The earth got all the beautiful colors to boast and feel great,it was knowledge as a reward many things to be ahead of the Moon,earth is so privileged.But it is not the rightest order of the Universe.There will be a moment in life,when someone's shortcomings reach careful with pride and never be arrogant...
There came a time when Moon seized the greatest inspiration and creative strength for itself...what once was exclusive privilege of the Earth,it received like a returning ball.A huge golden ball to emit such a grandeur and fiery light on the Earth and all the living world there.

-But it is Sun's light to be redirected on the Earth-i showed off my knowledge.

Nothing could be surprising to my friend-You should regard the Moon being your ally!If there were too much light,then a slight soul of man couldn't stand such a is still that people need to walk a step by step...
There is another mystery to find its way and cover the Moon,a common attribute with Humankind.It always shows only one side of itself,having learned from man to hide a dark side of his personality.

-Was it how Earth became dependent on the Moon?

-It seems see,the laws of physics are not complete known to anyone here,but an eye toward the space is always open!And a constant look is reserved for the moon..

-I am happy to learn even so little without the whole truth.
I though to myself:how quickly i learned to be modest!

-And imagine now how arrogant people can be!To neglect the whole Universe and pursue their personal paltry and selfish stories!It had to be followed by punishment,of course!
It is about the balance as well;each goodness takes someone's healthy thoughts,while too much negativity causes big turbulence,by bringing disasters,wars, bloodshed,murders,hate and envy..Men still didn't make such a balance..
What would happen if Earth and Moon lost their reciprocate relationship one day?Somehow it still works...but people are not relieved from calamities.

As a true human being ,i don't like being criticized and returned to the Moon's light...

Moonlit Night

-All the most beautiful souls and minds meet each other in the Moonlight!The treasure of all the poets and writers dwells on the Moon,and that is how i receive my best writing happens while being covered by golden Moon.
And there were many other stories about some creatures and their transformation during the Moonshine...a werewolf to turn into a man..just an example i found..
All the evil mostly emanates from a man's mind!Clear it and you get paradise....not possible yet!

-Of course that people became evil so early,and their envy went all to the other living world,such as animals.
Their fears served as a base to accuse a creature for own evil and bad habits!However many love such mysterious stories,it is a man's hunger of unusual things.People would never settle for an ordinary life!
....perhaps a bothering life would kill them sooner.

-Oh,it is a bit annoying!- i heard myself.

-It is,but there is some truth in that.

The whole nature was subjected to Moon's transformation.Every child knows about the tide.

To express my joy about the subject i like,i quickly recalled in my memory a witch to approve and support the Moon's legend.

-A witch was such a favorite theme in the works of many writers,that even one of the greatest,Bulgakov himself,gave Margarita everlasting youth.

-Being different and making a great difference is reason enough to be regard as a witch or sorcerer..take care,with a slightly smile said my friend.

I couldn't hide my pleasure for being so different.

"Lunar Night near Yalta"
by Ivan Aivazovsky

"Moonlit Night"
by Ivan Kramskoy

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Coloring the World /Part 5/

By going down into the residence of subterranean worlds,and opening the door of a crystal palace,i became open-eyed to the whole Universe and image of our world,being more thoughtful and joyful about my future.What a blessing for me,having curious and inspiring coming days ahead...!Isn't it always about an idea!Have a great idea and you can make a masterpiece!And have courage to believe in yourself and keep your eye wide open!

What i and my friend Wizard reached during our common exploration,was just a touch of a variable and inscrutable truth.There might have been primary intention for the whole to work this way...starting from an inspiration with no end.
One should be brave!Always be open-minded and have courage!

There was twilight when i and my friend were coming back from old and marvelous background..

Hunting Birds at Night

-There must have been great reason for creating twilight-i thought aloud.

-It would be astonishing for people to enter the darkness from the light,it was necessary to grade colors and it was easier for dead souls to walk between blackness and light.
Twilight is a asylum for all who still don't know which realm they belong to.

I thought about many creatures to have left without light.
-What about bats or night's birds to live hidden from the light?

-They have got caught in old habits,and being accommodated to the surrounding,become lost forever for an ordinary life.
Bat is completely captured by its uniqueness,that even blindness is not an obstacle for him to stay with own habits.It is a common future,everyone's desire being unique,even by losing some of beauty and accommodation.Everyone wishes to be so special and show off himself,while lightly forgets how being special comes from merits.

-By staying out of visible worlds,bats probably kept their brown color-i tried to be ingenious.
-This time you are a bit wrong....having beautiful colored body is everyone's desire and they are not exception.It is the cause of their suffering,even though they found a way to revenge people for being treated so cruelly....there was a plot about them being vampire to suck blood from a man.

-It sounded somehow funny,although i confessed being scared of them too...and i told my friend an event from few years ago,when a great bat landed on the roof of my apartment...i was frightened,because it had very big wings,and from a distance i heard gruesome screams in the still of the night.
-Those yells reveal all the sorrow and pain for being so different..

-Be more careful about 'recycled souls',it is ones to come from the deadness..

The Bat

Another creature to have experienced the consequence of a man's fear is wolf.A long time ago people started spreading stories about a wolf- transformed creature by the name werewolf.
Whenever a man can't handle own fears he creates a tale,or start spreading gossip about everyone that he feels hate and envy.

-A man had great influence on the coloring..and every time he didn't like any of creatures or felt fear,he left them uncolored..
-and learned very early how to be evil..

And then came the surprising follow up ...

-Night and day are not separated by was a profound decision,for the light was jealous on the mystery and nobility of the night,so it started to fancy some grisly stories and put in horrible creatures,to make night less attractive.

-Oh,- i was delighted with such an unpredictable idea of my wizard-it is really amazing!What was about the night?It was enviable too?

-Night hated how everything was approachable on daily also didn't like daily warmth,pleasurable moments on the Sun,and all the marvelous nature with magnificent colors of flowers....who could ever resist their beauty?
Not to forget about Morning,its fleshiness and vivacity to rise a man's spirit.

-I confess,i never thought about them that it needless to mention splendid stars in a velvet night?Of course that day was so angry!

-There is nothing that a day is deprived has all the beauty of sunset and a rainbow.

-We started with the story about the twilight-i reminded my companion-It seems it left without attraction.

-Once again you are wrong...It holds essential characteristics of their beauty....some light from the day,and first signs of a night's mystery.There is another tale how it collects all passing souls,and being the kingdom of all the lost reigns.

-I was already angry and upset that my friend turns everything into a nice and surprising story,and promised myself to pay more attention to creating my own ones in the future.

-You make the all being possible,and again each time different!-i said with a provocative voice.

-Now you made me come to the childhood...You are so childish! Yes,there is something about children and their joy to be true gift for humans..
A child was such an unpredictable joy and happiness,without any grain of jealousy and see with open eyes and singing heart, to love without mask or cheating,..i am not sure what was the main reason.Maybe God wanted to conciliate all the nature and the universe with a soft and innocent child's eye.That is why a child is free to imagine and create in the absence of any retrains...Child really makes WONDERS!


Hunting Birds at Night
by Jean-Francois Millet

The Bat
by Vincent Van Gogh
Van Gogh Museum