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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fantastic Land/part II

There exists one divine treasure that makes 
every human being richer than any
 emperor or king-richer even than any nation.
  That is the Earth.
 The earth belongs equally to every person alive.

The sky,the mountains,the ocean and the trees,
the greatest art that will ever be."
Eyvind Earle


Following conspiracy,i prevented everybody from living forever....never to possess such a beauty and unalterable condition of his own body..
Then i heard the voice of my wizard.
It is good having a friend at any time and anywhere......
And a lesson i learned:never sell your dreams for the sake of truth....for life unrolls all by itself

-My dear,you could be punished for your arrogance and selfishness!You have not known,that there are eyes to watch over you,for gifts are obligatory.. listen to nature.. ...all is in harmony around you,to simply grow and bloom,to flow and sing is quite pleasing,while your restless mind and spirits make mess and disasters.

-What is the way of living the life you want and being happier?

-Don't strive so passionately to get to the place modeled in your imagination....look around and try to find peace and happiness just where you are and with what you have now,for what you deprived of,there is heart to make up for everything.Dreams never abandon the one who stays close to his faith and heart.There is not perfection but happiness in the road you walk on ;many of us are deluded by thinking of a perfect time is a river runs...can you catch a moment of its life?No one see its streaming with no end,and that is how your life can't draw it and say: i caught a perfect moment,for it is uncatchable...

Purple Sunrise

-As i listen to you,it seems to me i have already reached that mysterious and fantastic destination.,but i can't leave a dream about immortality anyway...

-I'll give you hope...since everything,including all the universe,is in a perpetual circle,to rotate and reshape itself while building new worlds,i allow for the possibility that a man would be able one day to recognize a new dimension of life...perhaps,not the same as we prejudice now,but something completely different and unknown to our visions....You see, hope is not is heaven's division of angels and good spirits to seek for the asylum in our souls.For one who has wings,you might say to have everything, but from his point of view,goodness and kindness need fructifying.Dreams last forever.....only,you must learn how to live with your own predictions,to feel the right time for each one of them.and turn the order of how things happen;if not,you can run and run to the rest of your life and never reach that one again..

I have understood more than my premonitions were at the beginning;he let my go into paradise,i saw all the beauties,i was dazed by all wonders,i felt jealousy,i hated monotony,i wished to change it and i made mistake; and to redeem myself,i need to suffer,experience all atrocity,hate,and the rest of human madness. However, i am lucky to have kept my dreams,and some written stories to tell me about another coming of a shining star,of the paradise and the day when all human sins will be ransomed; i learned that this life is so beautiful and unique,that i need to teach my friends to enjoy everyday life more and more,to have sympathy for others,to love stronger,to respect everyone's freedom in making choices... i know it will take a long time before an experience changes the world;and i know now,that every new morning is such a blessing and imaginary BEAUTY to never repeat itself in the same way anymore...
I learned so much in just a glimpse of time,that i am afraid that it could be taken from me at once!...i beg you,let me begin once again...!I shall be everything you wished for me!

Purple Sunset

Kindness and grace,peace and love
Mercy for everyone's suffering
Love and understanding for emptiness
Forgiveness for past mistakes and harms
Beauty and enchantment
I shall write a book and put your glorious words in to shine forever..
I shall witness what i saw,and reassure everyone who doubts..
I shall say to them to look for salvation in my words,to celebrate my coming and immortality...there will be a promising day to leave behind all mistakes,and so,makes this bewitched circle closed!

I have almost forgotten to say,i learned to cry.. tears in my eyes are the healing proof that a wonderful creation is never lost in one's eye....with a single tear,one becomes better,and makes a happier world.

Purple Sunrise
Purple Sunset
by Eyvind Earle

Eyvind Earle Illustrations