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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fantastic Land/part II

There exists one divine treasure that makes 
every human being richer than any
 emperor or king-richer even than any nation.
  That is the Earth.
 The earth belongs equally to every person alive.

The sky,the mountains,the ocean and the trees,
the greatest art that will ever be."
Eyvind Earle


Following conspiracy,i prevented everybody from living forever....never to possess such a beauty and unalterable condition of his own body..
Then i heard the voice of my wizard.
It is good having a friend at any time and anywhere......
And a lesson i learned:never sell your dreams for the sake of truth....for life unrolls all by itself

-My dear,you could be punished for your arrogance and selfishness!You have not known,that there are eyes to watch over you,for gifts are obligatory.. listen to nature.. ...all is in harmony around you,to simply grow and bloom,to flow and sing is quite pleasing,while your restless mind and spirits make mess and disasters.

-What is the way of living the life you want and being happier?

-Don't strive so passionately to get to the place modeled in your imagination....look around and try to find peace and happiness just where you are and with what you have now,for what you deprived of,there is heart to make up for everything.Dreams never abandon the one who stays close to his faith and heart.There is not perfection but happiness in the road you walk on ;many of us are deluded by thinking of a perfect time is a river runs...can you catch a moment of its life?No one see its streaming with no end,and that is how your life can't draw it and say: i caught a perfect moment,for it is uncatchable...

Purple Sunrise

-As i listen to you,it seems to me i have already reached that mysterious and fantastic destination.,but i can't leave a dream about immortality anyway...

-I'll give you hope...since everything,including all the universe,is in a perpetual circle,to rotate and reshape itself while building new worlds,i allow for the possibility that a man would be able one day to recognize a new dimension of life...perhaps,not the same as we prejudice now,but something completely different and unknown to our visions....You see, hope is not is heaven's division of angels and good spirits to seek for the asylum in our souls.For one who has wings,you might say to have everything, but from his point of view,goodness and kindness need fructifying.Dreams last forever.....only,you must learn how to live with your own predictions,to feel the right time for each one of them.and turn the order of how things happen;if not,you can run and run to the rest of your life and never reach that one again..

I have understood more than my premonitions were at the beginning;he let my go into paradise,i saw all the beauties,i was dazed by all wonders,i felt jealousy,i hated monotony,i wished to change it and i made mistake; and to redeem myself,i need to suffer,experience all atrocity,hate,and the rest of human madness. However, i am lucky to have kept my dreams,and some written stories to tell me about another coming of a shining star,of the paradise and the day when all human sins will be ransomed; i learned that this life is so beautiful and unique,that i need to teach my friends to enjoy everyday life more and more,to have sympathy for others,to love stronger,to respect everyone's freedom in making choices... i know it will take a long time before an experience changes the world;and i know now,that every new morning is such a blessing and imaginary BEAUTY to never repeat itself in the same way anymore...
I learned so much in just a glimpse of time,that i am afraid that it could be taken from me at once!...i beg you,let me begin once again...!I shall be everything you wished for me!

Purple Sunset

Kindness and grace,peace and love
Mercy for everyone's suffering
Love and understanding for emptiness
Forgiveness for past mistakes and harms
Beauty and enchantment
I shall write a book and put your glorious words in to shine forever..
I shall witness what i saw,and reassure everyone who doubts..
I shall say to them to look for salvation in my words,to celebrate my coming and immortality...there will be a promising day to leave behind all mistakes,and so,makes this bewitched circle closed!

I have almost forgotten to say,i learned to cry.. tears in my eyes are the healing proof that a wonderful creation is never lost in one's eye....with a single tear,one becomes better,and makes a happier world.

Purple Sunrise
Purple Sunset
by Eyvind Earle

Eyvind Earle Illustrations

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fantastic Land

“So come with me, where dreams are born,
and time is never planned. Just think of happy things,
and your heart will fly on wings, forever, in Never Never Land!” 
 ― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

I am not someone who can say truth about our origin,and such a power stays hidden in the caves of our imagination,to only sometimes dazzle into remote sensing to get a glimpse of eternity.The most desirable thing in all human existence is to live forever.One day i decided to sell my dreams for the sake of truth..and you guess,i did it with a little help of my miraculous friend.
With magic wings he brought me into wondrous land out there,where even our dreams jump over the stars to find souls dwelling beyond our fantastic assumptions and perspectives.Everything was perfect there:beautiful landscape to border on mystical clouds to puzzle with their shapes,singing birds to look for a bit of attention, gorgeous flowers to endanger the beauty of a thirsty rainbow,....and lots more.I had everything in my reach,and whatever i wished for i could get,even i moved here and there without any effort, and i enjoyed. Then there came some days when i started feeling like i miss something,in spite of all the abundance and everything which an earthly being longs for.
At first i felt i missed a book to read,but again,what kind of book would it be if there were not anything exciting,things to arise my curiosity and bring inspiration for writing?It is so bothering watching the same things every day without any change.And i asked my friend to let me spoil something and make it into new form,just to see what my feelings will be about it.

Blue Bird

He threw me some paints,but they were useless,for everything was perfect colored.....what to do?Then a thought crossed my mind:dear girl,i said to myself,pull a plant out of the ground,by force,of course,for what other way a poor human brain could imagine,and leave it without any drop of water.In my enthrallment i was so proud of my ingenuity,and eagerly waited for the first change in my Kingdom!What happened was not surprising,because we are so accustomed to all vandalisms of a man;.it was so simple to destroy something, so soon as plant lost her vivacity and colorfulness,i contentedly began my first creation!Greatest accomplishment i could afford myself since i landed on this 'strange' place.With great joy and pleasure i casted first hues of colors to paint it...and i made her look very beautiful!And i was content and happier....
My curiosity and thirst of changes were not fed,i needed more and more;even i was so naughty,that her sweet smell was not enough anymore,i wished new and different i mixed some ingredients from her previous image,recycling them and producing a new fragrance.I believed it was much better and subtler than ever,and i was so satisfied and more happier...

My dear friend,who was always there when i needed him,felt that i missed a talk,so he kindly flied over all obstacles to separate our worlds,and said:
-I believe,some of mysteries that you were wrapped with during past years,had now disclosed themselves.. wished for perfection,i gave it to you,but you were unsatisfied!

-All is wonderful,like in my fantasy,but i saw there was nothing for me to do...i can't simply just exist without doing anything!

-I knew what impressions and consequences it would bring to you...because you are such a creation to never find peace,and will always strive for changing and recreating all which exists as much as possible ...and.a restless spirit

-I did some harms,and i am so sorry..... i am afraid that more people will go after me...i am not a good example,and wonder why we all torture ourselves so much with final answers and is so simple puzzle,i saw it now..

-I am sure that you portend such an idea is not possible;everyone to follow you,would wish for himself another plant to recreate and satisfy his own ego and curiosity.If one were so powerful,he would destroy the entire land!Yes,that is truth!Keep beating your own ego dear girl....

I couldn't wish for seemed to me that the tree was badly overgrown,i didn't like its 'BOAST" and thought of changing its destiny.My craziness went too far,i was almost jealous of plants....let alone a man..
I believed i could do everything better and more attractive...and i needed a book with rules to punish everyone who breaks them.I became even more selfish than a 'normal' human being,and wished they never had power to reach my 'place' and know what i learned.
Following conspiracy,i prevented everybody from living forever....never to possess such a beauty and inalterable condition of his own body..
Then i heard the voice of my wizard.
It is good having a friend at any time and anywhere......
And a lesson i learned:never sell your dreams for the sake of truth....for life unrolls all by itself

To be continued

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly,
you cease for ever to be able to do it.”
― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

Blue Bird
Konstantin Somov

From the Archive

Friday, June 15, 2012

Staying Young Forever

"To act in harmony with the fundamental law of
self is to be oneself, and to be oneself is to be young
because nature is perpetually making the self young."
The fact that the body is being constantly renewed
makes it possible for the subconscious, not only to
perpetuate the elements of youth in the body, but also
to constantly improve everything in the human per-
sonality." Christian D.Larson

Since i was a child,i have always lived in my imagination,and looking back on the time,i see how privileged i am;besides wonderful childhood i had,such a gift influenced my personal growth;in fact i recognized how this pure reality happens to be a trap for our amazing nature,by preventing us from realizing most beautiful dreams.It is like opening the shroud to discover fascinating views,which immediately arises your spirit,and make inner beauty recover your shining and sublime look.My body is a perfect joint of material appearance and divine nature,and such an inhaled spiritual energy approves how life is not pure reflection in the mirror.Our inner beauty and visualization prevail over outer appearance.
These feelings haunted me very early,and i loved such a freedom.Now i am not sure whether it is an unique gift or an open book for everyone,which only takes will and meditation,enriched with a bit of fantasy,to be recognized in every human being.There is many a truth inside us,so simple,so wonderful and majestic,alluring and fascinating,but hard to get a possession of.
Want to find the source of your inner growth,and fulfillment of vital desires?...just look into yourself to recognize all the mystic of remote destinations and unexplained worlds,it is your senses to keep the tracks of all miracles out there....that is your power.
One day your wish will be command;train yourself to perform magic every day. And whenever you face misunderstanding,be aware that God's intentions are not in tune with everyone's attitude;there are ones to have missed out on spiritual connection,and remained blindly attached to earthly life.Not everyone is talented to live with his mental projection constantly directed to heavenly realms;to me,seeing only rough reality without building a perspective to the universe,is living in the darkness of a cave.Every moment of my life i am engaged in plenty of ideas to scatter their seeds across the space.Such a spiritual side of my being is the main source of my personal growth;it is seed planted in our genome and it makes us special species and so powerful...the only ones who are able to change themselves from inside!...characteristic to belong entirely to us! Without such an inner flame,our existence would be a poor image of inspiring expectations to come to life.I don't know of another way,but breathing and thinking together with the whole universe,which enables me to get rid of shallow perceptions and let my mind dwell in the purity and beauty,far from earthly harms.Raise your spirit,learn to be yourself among the stars.I see myself like a time traveler,to borrow something from a hospitable planet,something from a friendly star,places to have never forgotten my goodness and kindness.

La Ghirlandata

There was a time when i planted a tree to keep all fruits of life alive,and bring happiness and joy.And someone i lived with,inspired me to share joy and happiness.The tree is timeless,having power to outlive all cold and stony innovations around,for it cherishes love and lives in beauty.The fruits are supposed to keep their exclusivity and freshness,and not to be spoiled by a man's cruelty,hate or jealousy.A man should never trade love for hate,and never lose juvenile spirit....for as soon as he leaves playful and lively features to feed his memory behind,he accepts the change to come with his age...he is getting old,which is only a prelude... there is a world of obsolete creatures to cry for lost youth,spending days in dark and misty hell.It was the reason that someone began composing the music for the dead souls reminding that without beauty,the only way you stay in touch with the rest of the world is MUSIC.There are a lot of ways to be blind.First thought of creation was about BEAUTY,God himself  has always lived in a beautiful surrounding,and never traded his original idea about a world conceived in beauty.Since beauty is so absorbent,it makes things never grow old.......that is how ETERNITY was born!And all,from a THOUGHT!

As a symbol of longevity,tree makes a deal with everybody,to take as much as necessary;excess makes your body poisoned,the same way as the nature suffers itself .... ardent Sun to scorch leaves and flowers,a torrent to saturate the ground and wash out her looks so sad in comparison with beautiful Sun's rays, blueness of the sky,sounds of dreamy river,pure and splendid perfection,we are all a part of.The way you feed yourself,is the way you show off yourself!And food is organic and spiritual, precisely shaped,and every wrong thought affects your organism. .
Man is unstoppable,just needs to learn how to run with the stars...a perpetual recycling!From the clouds of dust a star is born,dust is seen as place of eternal rest,but from the very dust a man raises himself.Every day is a new chance for him to evoke paradise...if he only understood how it depends on him!Usually he expects all handed to him on a plate...or to delay it till tomorrow,which never comes the way we imagine......
Let me fancy about future i hope for!
What is the first thing you wish for!Isn't it to live forever?
I have no answer unless i ponder over all moments i was blessed to be myself,and reach my dreams.Whether death is final destination,or we might have an everlasting life,occupies our minds to wish for such an alluring nectar.In my imagination,it is like a whirl of fantastic and sparkling possibilities to mix with each other,collide,like an endless chain,in which we dwell as well.What i am sure is that we are given this very moment now,to absorb all the infinity and find a way to improve ourselves by digging deeply inside our being,to listen to whispers of wandering souls,who once ago,being locked out of living worlds,opened all gates for performing the magic.Learn to live with your own desires and make them come true,use your free will and strength of mind to make what you wish.
Another thing i am sure about is that we are not alone.
My friend confirmed my reflection.

-The most certain way to help yourself in your personal growth,is to learn to think and feel together with remote places,and live your future now.Triviality of earthly world will never bring you progress-it is mind's capacity and spiritual practice to raise you.In every moment of your life your spiritual being might bring you to desired accomplishments,while performing magic.

-Staying young is my life achievement...if i were you i would never miss out on chance of being different.It is strong will to tune your desires with condition of your body and give instructions to all cells to keep your body young.I have found a way to feed and make them obey my will.Organism corresponds to your instruction,and being 'disciple 'of mind,easy follows its command........ like waking up spontaneously at the same time ....It is practice,but first of all,it is will,mental projection, opening to cosmic expenses to bring you  joy of looking for less reasonable things.We have always felt the space like a cradle of miracles.It brings disturbances,strange experiences,but it is worth it.We are ready to do anything in order to keep our youthful looks;fortunately i recognized 'my true being' and used power of my mind to join passion and desire into beautiful flow of energy to keep my face fresh and without wrinkles.I could not stand a thought of getting old;the strength of my will and mind live in harmony with cosmic immaterial forces,for spirit is too much discerning and polite for limitations.All your dreams have a source to rejuvenate them,and continual and active feeding will bring you to the fulfillment.Spiritual and mental power keep my cells fluent and customized on my projected desire to save my young look.By doing so,for a long time,it continues to perform such a magic for me...and.i have no need now to think more about it,all works perfectly for me.

Don't let your mind be a prisoner of your organism,it takes freedom of puffy heaven to lightly spread its energy waves,absorbing all beauty of the nature.It renews itself by every picture conceived somewhere in the space.Lend a smile from the heavens,rather than from damaging and harmful people's interactions and your will and instinct will do the rest!

-Organism is programmed to react the way we make it and gets accustomed on our habits.Most of our reactions are spontaneous,and we need to learn more about how our body receives commands from mental projections..

-I could make a wrong choice,for my passion is too strong-i was puzzling myself.

-It just approves how powerful your spiritual side is!Of course,it might be seducing,risk is always present.....-said my wizard,and we left our play for a while....

Therefore, when the subconscious is being directed
to produce the elements of youth, it should also be
directed to produce the elements of beauty and phys-
ical perfection. Impress upon the subconscious the
most perfect idea of physical beauty that the mind
can possibly conceive, and desire with deep feeling,
that the elements of that beauty be produced and ex-
pressed through every atom of the physical form"
Christian D.Larson


"The king is enthralled by your beauty; honor him, for he is your lord."


I put a solid effort to pas on you my truest feelings about staying young,hopefully in an understandable manner.Thank you!...what is sure,i am honest and genuine in illustrating my experience.
May you all reach your dreams!


La Ghirlandata
Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

We Are All One


The gift of mental power comes from God, Divine Being,
and if we concentrate our minds on that truth,
we become in tune with this great power.
Nikola Tesla

-All we need is an idea;having spent enough time with humans,i can't be wrong to say that darkness belongs to them,carrying a changeable force,therefore diabolic.

-The greatest reason in the space is helpless regarding how some things happen,and again it appears like a seducing move and magic,to make us curious and eager of knowledge,and giving more incentive for mind's employment to change the worlds one day ..It is a simple human inborn wish to change the world...not only his one,but all the space!

-It opens door to human origin,why he appeared ,whether it was an accident or on purpose...

-Man's appearance is a gift from nature;feeling endangered she gave birth to a new species!You can search out the origin in all natural bewitchment around:a curious little pond,river's burble, volcano's furiousness,
coral's strangeness,ocean's caprice,fresh smell of first born buds in the morning,the mystic of a is one way..

-May i see myself like a favored river,or a plant to carry recognizable scent of sweet memories.. sharing destiny,learning about our body and all vitamins and minerals we take together,or way we save our lives....oxygen we breath,atmosphere over our heads,and warmth coming from the Sun.
-A man and his natural ambient are linked more than an immodest mind fact,most people don't think of that too much.

-You mentioned another way.I know that many love a story about God,in the likeness of a man,to rule over all.

Appearance of Jesus Christ to Maria Magdalena

-It is the bible story that humans love and worship so much.There is a great intelligence,above all,and it took control of all cosmic forms and appearances,known and unknown,and being threatened,it formed a new species,with intellect capable to absorb and fructify the knowledge..some of that was lost at the start,so man should spread his wings and look for mysteries all the time.Knowledge and wisdom are a perishable stuff.
At some point,there was a defect causing a missing link between Gods and Humans..therefore a lasting desire for youth and immortality.

-We appear like an unfinished story..-for i love telling stories

-Yes,people look like an imperfect creation,and you can blame human curiosity and believe in Eve's story;...Or You can believe in God's mistake,i dare say mistake,not intentional,but an error in calculation and measuring.He wished for a man so much goodness and beauty,but didn't predict his hurtful attributes.

-Simply,he didn't respond to the gifts properly!And now we are left on our own...-my curiosity spoke by itself..

-Being familiar with the Gospel stories,i assume you know the message....we are not left alone,at least you have burning hope in a man's final salvation;and the ones who are more daring feel it like staying young forever,like a dream and passion to have themselves imprinted through many adventures and narrated tales,to enkindle fantasy and belief into miracles.To me,it is more inborn heritage,such a passion for power and doing impossible things.
Man was spun into virtual worlds to make miracles.. is an experiment,to approve itself one day;until that time,he is on his way to dream with open eyes,to forget about reality;relief yourself of earthly bonds,and you will fly..!Beauty is above the reason.Man is able,using his own strength and virtue to recreate the future by means of his uniqueness and unstoppable curiosity and passion.Glorify yourself holding God's image before your eyes all the time,and believing in a story to repeat itself again and again.

-I love God 's image like a mind's Universal intelligence..What about our fears over sins?

-Nothing weird.about cosmic order.. show respect! is more than telling a ghost is about energies to circle and reach us in some point of life!A wave of negativity from past times is similar to accumulated energy in clouds to discharge themselves and cause a.lightning!After all,you have storm and horrors!Creating a visualization about the whole,universe and us as a living organism and exchanging energy,is possible with our common ingredients,such as oxygen,carbon,hydrogen,.....we are one;and among all that,a lot of wandering spirits to carry energy.....

-Time for my interruption-spirits-it is hardest to approve .There must have been spiritual force to impose the rules and trace a path for us.

-Be sure, your energy is not lost.....there is no death,no finished stories,for all the stored energy rises into the space,there is no mortality in that sense of existence.There are ones who raised above earthly world,being exceptional spiritual beings..they are celebrated like Saints;When a saint is born,then it God sends his disciples to tell new stories and improve humanity;being gifted more than most of people,they usually stay misunderstood and doomed for their earthly life.All appearances,like clairvoyance,telepathy,prophecy,are emissaries of esoteric knowledge...!They act like foreseers,an open window into the future ...secret grail.. .(here is my notice that i use term 'secret grail' to refer to all beyond a human understanding to be possible )

-When one day a man allows himself to accept some truths,then we shall be close to fullest transformation.

I liked this very much!I always wished a brightening star.....something so desired but beyond our reach yet;.-How poor we are!With our perception and thinking!...
-Once there was a man who knew much more than the crowd,but being misunderstood and wrong interpreted,he rose into the heaven again,to approve what a man is capable of.Many a man still doesn't believe. There must be many things to be funny to him smile over human ignorance and fears.But he was a great man,to know why the nature and man still don't understand each other.Mind is supposed to be free,but in reality it is narrowed by a man's fake perspective....he sees the way a river flows or cloud floats,but forgets about personal creativity;why a bird tweets,or a leaf changes its color.....bird flies because it is free,deprived of conscious burden,unlike our perspectives;when you become completely free you spread your wings..beyond this world and reality.
Man has forgotten to look into the right mirror.The greatest expanse you find in yourself,an unique and unrepeated existence and way toward eternity.As soon as you understand it,you will know how to recognize a king or queen in yourself,having your own Kingdom.Sound familiar,isn't?

-I love him,i love Jesus!-for it was clear he spoke about him.I can live like a queen ,it is purpose of creation ...feeling free and above all limits;the earliest fairy tales have come to light before the time as we know it.

-Knowledge beats bothering and loneliness..always strive to know more, learn every day,and for goodness sake,try to make and tell a new story every day!
I knew it was gift from my friend,this last sentence....

"The gift of mental power comes from God, Divine Being, and if we concentrate our minds on that truth,
we become in tune with this great power. My Mother had taught me to seek all truth in the Bible;
therefore I devoted the next few months to the study of this work."
Nikola Tesla

 "Though free to think and act, we are held together, like the stars in the firmament, with ties inseparable. These ties cannot be seen, but we can feel them. I cut myself in the finger, and it pains me: this finger is a part of me. I see a friend hurt, and it hurts me, too: my friend and I are one. And now I see stricken down an enemy, a lump of matter which, of all the lumps of matter in the universe, I care least for, and it still grieves me. Does this not prove that each of us is only part of a whole?
For ages this idea has been proclaimed in the consummately wise teachings of religion, probably not alone as a means of insuring peace and harmony among men, but as a deeply founded truth. The Buddhist expresses it in one way, the Christian in another, but both say the same: We are all one."
Nikola Tesla


The word gospel derives from the Old English god-spell [4] (rarely godspel),meaning "good news" or "glad tidings". It is a calque (word-for-word translation)of the Greek word εὐαγγέλιον,, euangelion (eu- "good", -angelion "message").The Greek word euangelion is also the source (via Latinised evangelium) of
the terms "evangelist"and "evangelism" in English.The authors of the four canonical Christian gospels are known as the four evangelists./wikipedia/

Folio from Papyrus 46

<< Luke 17:21 >>
nor will people say, 'Here it is,' or 'There it is,' because the kingdom of
God is within you."



One of his brother Masons had revealed to Pierre the following prophecy concerning Napoleon, drawn from the Revelation of St.
War and Peace by Tolstoy, Leo View


She felt it, and visioned it as by an unthinkable clairvoyance, and gasped, for the flurry of war was over.
The Valley of the Moon by London, Jack


Appearance of Jesus Christ to Maria Magdalena
by  Alexander Andreyevich Ivanov

Folio from Papyrus 46, containing 2 Corinthians 11:33-12:9

Papyrus 46 (in the Gregory-Aland numbering), designated by siglum 46, is one of the oldest extant New Testament manuscripts in Greek, written on papyrus, with its 'most probable date' between 175-225.
Some leaves are part of the Chester Beatty Biblical Papyri, and others are in the University of Michigan Papyrus Collection./wikipedia/

Friday, May 18, 2012

We Are Here To Tell Stories

"At his command, almost without effort on his part,
old worlds would vanish and new ones would spring into being.
He could alter the size of this planet, control its seasons,
adjust its distance from the sun, guide it on its eternal journey
along any path he might choose, through the depths of the universe.
He could make planets collide and produce his suns and stars, his heat and light;
he could originate life in all its infinite forms."
Nikola Tesla

The Universe and all the nature are fascinating,they hold our dreams and make us tell stories.A man keeps telling new stories.That is why we are here.As it always happens during the full Moon,i spread my wings and flew toward new destinations.When you have something to say you look for right words.

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."
The Gospel of John

Need i borrow some magic from the star's mysterious roads and secret habitants to shed light upon my visions?What are most beautiful words?Let's begin with creation..
Coloring...starting with.first letter of the word ,i thought of coloring,to highlight the moment when a strange and inconceivable spot burst and scattered its paints all around.Who was the first catcher?Or what?It is still most imposing thought for every one of the scientist,first attractive cogitation upon how it all began;the second is mystery over man's appearance.We must reconcile to the possibility of never knowing the truth, being aware that so many beautiful and inspiring things will lose themselves in the ephemerality.Oh,if i could live more than a century,only to know more about us and fate of the universe!By letting this thought rocket herself into space,i seem to have removed some barriers and made a single ray floating there meet my mind's vibrations beyond the time.Fantastic idea!In fact,we emit our energy into the space every moment,which brings us to marvelous conclusion:We are partaking in all the cosmic circles and happenings out there,we are never alone,and constantly leave our tracks like heritage ....what a beautiful thought!And i believe,i am right, completely right about it!In the very moment as i write my words and you read them,we send out our energy into outer worlds,a life signature,most desired in human history-a non written and non recorded heritage!Everyone dreams of,my dear friend,relax and be happy,never worry anymore,because with every wink of the time you share in infinity.Feel it like breathing together with Universe,for there are receptors to answer to your presence.Miss them in real life, they will meet you in the future anyway.....i am not sure about Einstein's Theory of Relativity and Time Travel,the way we could go into another dimension of time,but this might be my contribution to everyone's lost hopes or forgotten dreams to come true one day.There will be a new place to give a birth ,again and again,a never finished story!

Fireflies Erte

It is such a beautiful and alluring desire for eternity!Greatest dream of a man to last forever!It is now easy for you to accept such thought like a relief and comfort for the future,and bring it back in your mind whenever you become distressed about imperfection and vanity of life.I myself feel a good deal of solace,having pictured my own thoughts to float in deeper space;and it made me think of best way to make such exchange of energy meet my expectations in spite of all the negativity a man produces to prevent me from living better and happier life.In general,regardless of moral weakness and vices,a man is still a fascinating creation!
In my imagination,i captured first color,along with all hidden wonderful hues to open slowly and build the universe.There is red planet,green planet,white one...and they are all in dreams,and need just a hint of love to conceive new life...I wish i could bring a new life to each one of them,but it is another story,about humans,while this one requests more power to make a planet's dream come true..yes, we have Sun.And again it is mathematics to make an order,it seems being an accident,but the laws of physics and mathematics are in the play.How to make something new if there is an order?There must be an event ,a sparkling particle to disturb a point and conceive something different.So,we get a mix of the laws and accident,to bring forth a new creation.
On my fantastic adventure,being helped by my wizard, i performed new magic.It happened that an asteroid hit a planet to move her from the track;then there was a big burst,to cause her parting into more smaller pieces....naturally,the biggest one drew the others with smaller sizes to form a new one to keep rambling  through interstellar space,by looking for a home in universe.

-Can you make me find a particular space for this sweet planet?

-I shall allow you ,but only once-said my friend.

Being accustomed to his weird conclusions and decisions,i dared not ask him any more.

By spinning his magic wand,i brought the land to a magnificent place took care about all the proportions and proper environment,exact numbers of all little bodies to fly around,and inevitably orbiting a nearby star.

-Obviously,there must be more than an intelligence to keep the entire order,mustn't there?

-There is MIND to count,create, ruin, recreate...-i hope you are not surprised?

-No,not at all-i answered my friend.Only i am unable to see what it is like.

-Human mind is not the only unique creation in the universe.There are other forms;human brain is a natural tissue,made of gray and white matter;but Universe's rationality is particular nature...being without flesh,nerves and a need of continual live feeding,it is calculated and precious technique to have sourced from a marvelous particle....all the wisdom is in a tiny particle, made of protons,neutrons and electrons,as we know by now, which transmits energy and connects all imaginable forms of existences out there.

-I like to think of them like crystal made of granules......but it is again about my imagination and feeling.

-And what is most surprising,they really have some kind of human awareness-he continued-it really has reason soon as first sparkle came to life,it began thinking..not everything could be held in control,but mostly it formed a perfect order and laws.

-I thought about SPIRIT...a flying amount of energy to move things and arouse the changes in us;there were many moments i felt like being guarded by invisible powers,something beyond the control,when a thought being captured out there,make some things happen.I dare say,there might be two sides:Reason and Spirit,to endlessly confront each other.Can you tell me which one you regard to be of dark side?For i suppose they come like light and dark.

-Having an idea is all we need;by spending enough time with humans,i can't be wrong to say that darkness belongs to them,carrying a demonic force,changeable force,therefore diabolical...

-The greatest intelligence in the space is helpless regarding how some things happen,and again it appears like a seducing move and magic,to make us curious and eager for knowledge,and giving more incentive for mind's engagement to change the worlds one day..
It is a simple human inborn wish to change the world...not only his one,but all the space.!

Extreme Planets/Artist Concept

This artist's concept depicts the pulsar planet system discovered by Aleksander Wolszczan in 1992. Wolszczan used the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico to find three planets - the first of any kind ever found outside our solar system - circling a pulsar called PSR B1257+12. Pulsars are rapidly rotating neutron stars, which are the collapsed cores of exploded massive stars. They spin and pulse with radiation, much like a lighthouse beacon. Here, the pulsar's twisted magnetic fields are highlighted by the blue glow.


The word universe derives from the Old French word Univers,                
which in turn derives from the Latin word universum.
The Latin word was used by Cicero and later Latin authors in many
of the same senses as the modern English word is used.
The Latin word derives from the poetic contraction Unvorsum — first used by Lucretius in Book IV
of his De rerum natura (On the Nature of Things) — which connects un,
uni (the combining form of unus', or "one") with vorsum, versum
(a noun made from the perfect passive participle of vertere, meaning "something rotated, rolled, changed")


Artistic rendition (highly exaggerated) of a Foucault pendulum showing that the Earth is not stationary, but rotates/wikipedia/.

What is human brain
five foods to increase your-iq


Tess asked herself; and, thinking of her wasted life, said, "All is vanity.
Tess of the d'Urbervilles

"Can man control this grandest, most awe-inspiring of all processes in nature?"

"It appears,then, possible for man through harnessed energy of the medium and suitable agencies for starting and stopping ether whirls to cause matter to form and disappear. At his command, almost without effort on his part,old worlds would vanish and new ones would spring into being.He could alter the size of this planet, control its seasons,adjust its distance from the sun, guide it on its eternal journey along any path he might choose, through the depths of the universe.He could make planets collide and produce his suns and stars, his heat and light;he could originate life in all its infinite forms.To cause at will the birth and death of matter would be man's grandest deed,which would give him the mastery of physical creation, make him fulfill his ultimate destiny."
Nikola Tesla

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cradol of Dreams

   You are a child of the universe
 no less than the trees and the stars;
 you have a right to be here.
 And whether or not it is clear to you,
 no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.
 ~ Max Ehrmann

Have you ever wished for the impossible while raising your eyes to fantastic and incredible night sky,like setting out on a wonderful voyage around the world,maybe somewhere deeper into the space,landing on Mars or Jupiter,or going beyond our solar,i have!Since my childish days i have dreamed about wide expanse to jealously hide its secrets and mystery from any earthly resident.
I remember gazing at a shining star,wondering how it happens that all these twinkling points make their appearance above my head,and my pondering went further into more serious question about the beginning of all worlds in the space,such as what was first incentive to provoke a revolution in the sky,waking sleeping demons and spirits.Musing on some unexplained and untouched things and appearances,seems to be very attractive, laying the foundation for endless narrated and unsaid stories.Over the centuries,there was great deal of curiosity and personal engagement to look beyond reality.I myself walk on the edge between fantasy and presence as we know about it,employing my own visions and intuition to explore the inscrutability.
The beginning is like groping in dark,you fumble around,hoping to see the light or someone else to do it for you.It is all the history of human beings...roaming through the obscurity and lighting a bigger flame from time to time.
It has been long time since a man set a fire...
What our ancestors looked like,is mostly known by enthusiastic researches,archaeological findings,and theoretical approach practiced by some people who put efforts and engaged their minds to establish the scientific laws.Since that whole creation follows a line of free will,i allow myself to presume there was not any intention to make a human being,it just happened;perhaps there was someone who imagined something most beautiful for himself,but it didn't follow original idea,and got out of control.It might be that greatest creation came up by accident,giving welcome to all the rest of miracles to follow... travelers caught in a glimpse of time..

Dream Voyage

I know that everyone's mind is occupied by the mystery of i made up my mind to take another voyage.

"In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth."

"And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters."

It was the very beginning of the creation,and there was a pure and beautiful wish to materialize itself into something majestic and astonishing!The mind is greatest gift and mystery above all the rest to entice in the obscurity of the past with power to determine the future.Wish is the most powerful energy accumulated through the symbiosis with all the vibrations wandering in the space.I am a WISH!I cam make my inspiration into magical fulfillment!I am wondrous creation,put into space together with an array of endless miracles.A WISH is the beginning of a journey!

-Nice pondering-said my wizard-what is next?

-The second is OBSERVATION.....God has noticed that there is a miss there..LIGHT!
By observing ,you are on an eternal task....

"And God said, Let there be light: and there was light."

What a simple act of creation!Just wish for,swing a magical wand,and turn passion into reality!Is it so simple, just wanting something and getting it?Or it is simply a key for the door of personal miracles,expected or produced in life.I have no power of God to make a beautiful tree of oranges before my eyes right now,but thinking deeper over the meaning of the Bible,and the expression of one's free will, i come to the conclusion, that there must be some simplicity hiding behind the greatest story ever told over the mystery of life.
..whenever i feel the lack of light i shall look for another source to feed my mind and bring inspiration to higher level..

I borrowed some magic from my friend to bring myself into the beginning of the creation,when we feel more than understand...

"And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters."

There was wilderness,nothing but flat and gray....and my soul dropped a tear of hope to grow and fill the emptiness.The beauty of spirit revived the sorrow,and made the helpless land come to life.....for a land is supposed to conceive new species over and over again,and in each one of them, to light up a new hope,again and again.It resembled a tale retailed many times,but enchanting and inspired anew.At the moment i understood that i couldn't follow someone else's story ..there is an unwritten chapter for my personal one.I am an unique creation,a little world in the world, a new and different way of seeing and feeling things.That is all mystery!I can put myself on the king's throne and perform my own magic.
What a relief!I felt myself so restful and careless,that i was able to hug a star near me..
Then,it was easily for me to create a new world!

I have seen too much sadness to crave for vivid colors and smells,and i WISHED for a pleasant weather to warm the ground and make plants grow...i didn't know anything of them,but my wish set the fantasy in motion,to make beautiful plants with seducing scents;by kindness of a passing wind to whisper me,they are named::Goddess's Crown!They needed food ,of course,i knew it,which loaded new task on my shoulders,to create a source for them...WATER!
There might have been some things i wasn't able to see clearly,but my feelings and intuition made up for some lack of knowledge.,,as we do in life very often.Then i noticed that some plants enjoy in sweet waters of a little place,we call it lake,but i gave it a particular name:Stillness of Soul.The other ones grab the happiness by showing off themselves on the wide expanses,by always holding their heads risen toward the space above...we call it meadow,i named it Greeting of Green;for i wished the green to tune with the calmness to spread around.By following the wish of newest friends abiding in green valley,i allowed them some little guests to stop by and take some nectar...insects,small flying visitors,are titled:Meadow's Dancers!
As i walked along a narrow path,i WISHED for some water to refresh myself,and so,it led me create a fast and cheerful flow with a luring ripple,and river as we know it,is commanded to be:Sleepless Whisperer!

Being constantly shadowed by a great piece of glowing cloud,i wished for more light;common name of it is Solar Nebula but i said:May it be Shining Dawn,and wished,one of them,with more sparkling gratitude,be Golden Dawn!Of course it started its fusion process making hydrogen nuclei into helium,and benevolently throwing its warm and shining rays around.As my body took a rest,i was bothered by ardent rays,and as soon as i woke up,i gave a command to another floating nebula marvel to become a shining ball during a dark part of the day when we sleep..and with sweet thrilling i,i wished for unusual and unique..Hunter of Dreams ....immediately,it crossed my mind,that there are male and female units,which sprouted another great idea....making a new species,the likeness to my own on the Earth...for who ever was able to win over the loneliness in the space!

Don't You think there is a miss in the story?What about gratitude?My new-formed world,which got a beautiful shape,raised like Cradol of Dreams,got a book written about me,to glorify and remember my achievement and gifts.In the book there are many stories told by someone else's view,many signs to follow and decrypt,and however it seems impossible,you should never give up on life...

When You open the book one day,first to read will be:
"In the beginning there was WORD and the word was WILL!"

And i saw it was good and continued....

-My dear,all is in God's will,there was command to take a rest on the seventh day..-said my friend.

-It suited him...-my childish spirit spoke by itself.

-You have power to make me joyful ...when you hear something ,think twice or more times,what is second a second desire,or see, man was first imagination,although failed one,and he went into darkness.

-Who&what are we then?

-Some of them,humans,fell down and managed to rise themselves...they are blessed and gifted souls

-It is very interesting, just show me one of my friends to believe in it
-If any of your friends leave you,let them know how it is on brave and inspired people to make progress..
...never be shamed of visions and dreams..

-So,there might be we all have our copies in underground world,or somewhere else....-i demonstrated my ingenuity again.

-I am not surprised by your fantasy and observation......excellent,my dear friend.Many a great discovery came after few accidental throwing and mixes...penicillin discovered by Alexander Fleming or Henry Becquerel's radioactivity,for example.

-I am afraid of being possessed...-i returned to the subject that i am personally attached to.

-Try to keep your inner strength and power of mind's vibrations vital and vivid,don't be weak;as soon as you let a crawling sin embrace you,it is easy for them to come and hunt you.It is like strolling on a path,while you feel something disturbing to follow your steps,...a foggy and wet,cold and dirty,ugly and misty ambient,where
invisible and suffering spirits eagerly watch on you in search of a bit warmth and light...they are not like dangers you face in real life.

-Are they able to hurt me?

-They are different,not like human negativity;show pity for them,never be arrogant,think of them like travelers caught among different realms,to look for some answers ...wandering creatures to seek a bit of human pleasure and happiness.

-So i need to be gracious and show mercy.

-Goodness has never hurt anyone....dark forces win out over our weakness and cowardice..

Perfect Alignment

"And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."
Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

He was black in the face, and they scarcely could trace The least likeness
to what he had been: While so great was his fright that his waistcoat turned
white- A wonderful thing to be seen!
The Hunting of the Snark by  Lewis Carroll

Her complexion is delicate, but neither so fair nor so blooming as Lady
Susan's, and she has quite the Vernon cast of countenance, the oval face and
mild dark eyes, and there is peculiar sweetness in her look when she speaks
either to her uncle or me, for as we behave kindly to her we have of course
engaged her gratitude.
Lady Susan by Jane Austen

Henri Becquerel
Becquerel's discovery of radioactivity is a famous example of serendipity,
of how chance favors the prepared mind

Dream Voyage

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Not All Nights Are a Prize

"You were already more beautiful than anything I dared to dream. 
In our years apart, my imaginings did their best to improve on you perfection.
At night, your face was forever behind my eyes.
And now I see that that vision who kept me company in my loneliness
was a hag compared to the beauty now before me.” –Westley


I boarded the Moon's golden trail,accompanied by my mysterious friend,and we flew .It was a misty night, when stars look for a hostel to take refreshment and save luminosity.Should i say how flight was amazing and beautiful!I boasted about my courage and willingness to take a chance and plunge into deepness of dark harmony and sweet hints of danger to lure with ravenous and eager eyes.I took some sparkling dust to awake restless spirits and make an unforgettable venture.Through the velvet of dreams i could feel vigilant souls,to have occupied the unworldliness.

Are you ready to break limit between visible and invisible realms and put your belief and faith to test,or face the horrific scenes and characters coming right from the hell.All the distinct species and insane creatures have found their asylum in the underworld,or somewhere halfway.At the beginning of our voyage,i grabbed the chance to steal a downy robe from the cloud,and make my appearance more pleasant for luring eyes behind the cover.By riding among the stars,we have seen valleys to appear and vanish in front of us,like a dancing curtain to rise and lower over and over again;the point when you realize that we are all captured in dreams.. .sometimes we escape with a secret,previously stolen by someone,to fulfill our desires.I have stolen her dream ..she was left alone,caught in oblivion of time,getting along in years, by having eyes constantly wide opened,in amazement and expectation.
I and my wizard knew each other very well,so he was not surprised by fantastic plot of my story.

-I could stand anything,but being an ordinary being.Wrapped with darkness among wandering stars,i picked up their mystery and brilliance.The glowing of stars shaped child of night.It was the Harvest  Moon,when i gathered plenty of mysterious and colored particles to keep me strange and sparkling.In the moment of birth,i believe,you might dwell in higher sphere,refined and spiritual,predicted for nobility... then you descend,because something stronger draws you toward earthly world.

Virgin Mary

It was blackness and my soul looked for a shine.

-You can't find beauty among the souls to have lost earlier visions and inspirations,for only with greatest endurance and devotions,the curtain between reality and dreams is moved.When you open your brain's waves to the space and tune your spiritual energy with the cosmic vibrations,then you reach a point in your meditation which absorbs all influential waves to stroll restlessly in the space.
All of a sudden, i knew i was looking for a wrong place....the secret i crave for,lies inside free and cheerful expanses,where universe's inhabitants tell their stories.One of most beautiful secrets,most dreamed and longed for,being adopted by myself,is secret of staying young and beautiful forever. Having been true to myself,with great deal of love and passion,i was able to command and master such a power.It is strong will to win earthly heritage,reach heavenly nectar,and occupy noble corpuscles of a velvet night.....for not all nights are a prize.....

One should never be afraid of darkness...most precious things stay buried deep and unrevealed for centuries ... every embodied beauty,being special and different,suffers in ordinary life.
-I feel it in my bones that here lies one of the keys for resolving my mystery...i simply didn't make it and escaped,having received something greatest dwelling among Goddesses.

-You brought too much light with you..- a warning voice came from my is not daily light we see,but one,woven by golden Moonbeams,to turn magic into a brilliant appearance.

-Am i child of night...-i stopped here for a moment..-..for you said there was a night's child.

-I am glad you listened to is sign of appreciation.

-When black cover wraps all around,your inner glow,received like a gift,starts moonlight after Sun has gone down.

-It is fantastic!.....i can show off myself during night's hours with a bewitching unearthly shining ..!

Only,by now, i didn't know the reason for such an unearthly glow and beauty in the night.

I hope i shall meet someone who is my kind...

-You are not the only one to have passed through the time's gates..but not every one of them is able to perform such a magic..on your way through the darkness,you have been chosen one..and that is mystery..ask yourself :Why?

-I have only visions and my instinct..nothing reasonable .and i believe,final truth is purposely treasured somewhere must be least,till the time predicted by someone.

-There was someone to long for another life.. to correct something and bring back previous life,or the earthly beauty was so intense that he needed to move veil and look around..

-It is that our souls come from the height..

-If you went to underworld you would stay entangled forever..after death you still have chance to return to heaven....the choice is yours.

-Is that mysterious woman i see in my vision just a warning to me?i feel that way...

 Vision of St Maria Magdalena di Pazzi

-She warns you about a real human in your surrounding to represent a potential harm to you...all appearances carry a message......they have something which most people dream about...ability to fly!Wrapped with black cover,they are hidden from earthly world...only when you are close to their habitation ,then they make an appearance....and only for you.
...true danger comes from living beings,so a person filled with negativity and hate might arise diabolic stream in you...take care of demons to walk among us..

There are plenty of beings to suffer there..not everyone is happy!

-Should i believe that i am released from a demonic possession,or i am on right way to recover my organism?

-The answer comes from your intuition and other human is able to make a communication and interpretation for you but yourself.

-I have experienced a daily appearance...-i returned to mysterious female imagery...

-They come when you are close to them,as i said...even during daylight.

-Somehow it brings back my faith and religious belief...the only way to be free of any evil is being and staying true to yourself!No idolatry...only the purity of your being and creative strength;just go and turn your life into magic!Pursue your style and talent.Creation,by itself,is an original,and you can perceive it like an offer to take advantage of its wonders, and to enrich and improve yourself.

-Isn't it a steal?

-Stealing is taking something that doesn't belong to you.Creation is gifts and freedom..and finding and using cosmic energy to make something extraordinary and progressive...even a NEW FORM of LIFE!


The Ghent Altarpiece: Virgin Mary
Jan Van Eyck

 Vision of St Maria Magdalena di Pazzi
Pedro de Moya

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Mystery of Sin-Voracity

"It is true, that which I have revealed to you; there is no God, no
universe, no human race, no earthly life, no heaven, no hell. It is all a
dream - a grotesque and foolish dream. Nothing exists but you. And you are
but a thought - a vagrant thought, a useless thought, a homeless thought,
wandering forlorn among the empty eternities!"

He vanished, and left me appalled; for I knew, and realized, that all he had
said was true
"Mysterious Stranger"
Mark Twain

The journey with my dear wizard makes me great pleasure,and besides being upset sometimes about his strong valuations of my behavior and attitude,i can't imagine
what the world would look like without magic.In the absence of belief we would be inanimate ..what makes us passionate and keeps alive,is the expectation of a little magic in life.

We live in a prolific land with abundant sources..Sun and Moon,water,minerals, plants,animals,rivers,oceans..and as it is not enough,we have our dreams.We have received corporal body to feed ourselves and feel material pleasures.What we eat is delicious,we enjoy in taking food,but apparently we fool ourselves at the same time..we miss the importance of what kind of meal we have;think of mineral ingredients,a proper combination of vitamins and proteins,like grass in the field possessing a right amount of water and minerals to survive and show beautiful green color.A flower with its petals and buds is preciously fed,so it never has more than necessary..A man is it happens with all things,he misuses power of his will to ask for more than he needs,and brags about himself ..

Time to ask my friend:
-How much damage can a man do to his organism with such inappropriate treatment?

-Evil comes from not thinking about spiritual's brain is tuned into cosmic waves,but it easy allows an animal instinct to prevail with a primitive attitude!While having a meal think of it like a ritual practicing in sanctuary,where we worship God and express gratitude to everything to hold and make us.Every element in nature is our source for living....oxygen,hydrogen,calcium,magnesium,carbon,..we are made of all possible protons,electrons,neutrons,to run trough our body..they are hidden,but not deprived of care and love;be aware of their presence like a connection to the blueness and all the spectrum of beautiful colors to send impressions and project visions in us..
Everyone deprived of spiritual guidance,is full of negative energy.

'Satan Watching the Caresses of Adam and Eve' 

-Why does voracity appear to be a sin?

-Remind yourself of Jesus Christ,to have gone into a desert to stay there for forty days,without food,and purify himself through a spiritual meditation.It is a new path of personal development;never forget that you are a SPIRITUAL being first,and your path is Spiritual one!
Compassion,charity,love,goodness,beauty,tree,flower,sky,heaven,sun,river,ocean,stars...and plenty of others....these are things you share with everyone and everything!It is how you feel the world to bring happiness to you while admiring its beauty and the way it constantly thinks up new stories.Breathe together with nature;as you walk,there is an invisible companion to follow your steps and find inspiration in your memories;if they are intense emotions,then there would be a sparkle sufficient to renew them again.It might be a relict from past times,a wandering traveler,curious spirit,eager soul in search for loved ones,a lover who dreamed about you.Even for a single moment you are not alone,by sharing your feelings and thoughts with a restless world.

Give a hug to the immensity and greatness of Universe,showing you are aware of life's timelessness is where you draw energy!Beauty and nobility dwell in the sublime heights.A man has always stared into the space,by trying to decipher the arrangement of stars in the night's sky,by expecting the most;salvation,help, hope,love....greatest gifts coming from the heaven.. .. .there,you look for rain and Sun's rays,there you look to catch a shining star and wish something,there,in the transparent blueness you search for inspiration and peace.Your greatest FOOD!Your best NUTRITION!
As soon as a man finds the stillness in mind,he is able to enrich everything around him!Give me peace and i shall fly!That is miracle we all long for...inside ourselves!

-Jesus Christ and his resurrection are the wings of belief and faith;everything is possible with a rightness attitude in life!-i challenged my wizard.

-Are you trying dear girl to change the interpretation of his destiny?

-It happened that he rose from the dead and ascended to heaven!
By his own WILL!
Will is strongest weapon to enrich your life!If you still look for a tool for making extraordinary things then you need strong WILL!I know you wonder how i know all about that...I have my own visions and intuition,and there are dreams to make me believe in them.

Without dreams we are lost;while taking first tiny steps we dream.........nothing to be learned or taught by someone.Dream is fascinating experience,to float freely between reality and fiction,life and death; beyond cognition and knowledge;every one of them brings magic,we can do unimaginable things, travel to impossible destination,and experience fantastic ventures and meetings.It is not weird that i strive for the mystery of a dream.

-When Adam and Eve first met each other,they wished for everlasting love ......and then,there was a true deception in the very beginning,to turn the fate of a man and woman forever!She wanted the secret,to have something unique,and stole an apple from the forbidden tree.(it was when a witch was born)The balance was disrupted,and there was always one to make peace and another to disrupt it.There is something which might be missed here....Adam was warned about the tree of knowledge before Eve's creation;so,they share  responsibility,but again,it stays that she was first to eat the apple.
Since bygone times,it has always been about cheating and stealing.We steal precious secrets from each other.Greatest secret i was curious about,was eternal Youth.

-I boarded the Moon's golden trail,accompanied by my mysterious friend,and we flew..It was a misty night,when stars look for a hostel to take refreshment and save luminosity.Should i say how flight was amazing and beautiful!I boasted about my courage and willingness to take a chance and plunge into deepness of dark harmony and sweet hints of danger to lure with ravenous and eager eyes.I took some sparkling dust to awake restless spirits and make an unforgettable venture.Through the velvet of dreams i could feel vigilant souls,to have occupied the unworldliness.


'Satan Watching the Caresses of Adam and Eve'
(Illustration to 'Paradise Lost'), 1808
by William Blake

William Blake

Spiritual Meditation

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Vanity-The Mystery of Sin

"We have comraded long together, and it has been pleasant - pleasant for both; but I must go now, and we shall not see each other any more."
"In this life, Satan, but in another? We shall meet in another, surely?"
Then, all tranquilly and soberly, he made the strange answer, "There is no other."
The Mysterious Stranger
Mark Twain

Have you ever wondered why we always imagine things to happen the way we want and expect,by constantly overlooking,that it is a whole circle we were put in with all risings and falls,whirls and flows,thunders and silence,with tweets and cries,yearning and suffering,love and hate,beauty and horrors,heaven and hell...we must adjust ourselves to different way of seeing things.
I know,at least once in your life you hoped for a prince or princess to come,a perfect beauty and personality, and then there walks in your life someone to pale in comparison to a fairy-tale character.The simplicity of life is knowing that the perfection is an overall view you have about yourself along with whole creation.The way i fight to overcome my own suspicions,fears,vices and lures,is strength i found in myself,faith that my endeavors will surpass all the sins and negativity,and let light unclear the mist and obscurity i was wrapped with.

I can't be sure if the presence of my friend will resolve mystery of the sin,but i know i feel myself safer and privileged while being accompanied by him.

-Where do we need to look for the source of our own vanity?
Is it heaven,mountain,cloud,or some particular thing we inherited...? or something else..?

Allegory of the Vanity of Earthly Things

-You just started running away from yourself,and within it lies first answer need to take responsibility, not to blame someone or something is always another being and thing..Look into yourself dear girl!

-Oh,it comes like first terrace..i myself in it,caught by own haughty proud..

-An answer to all doubts ...whatever you do or receive,it is your deeds and decide whether to travel by a boat or luxurious ship,loaded with your own perspectives and hopes...sometimes it is a float you can set seal on and be happier.
Outer beauty is just a decoration,and true happiness comes from inside ..

-I still blame demon for my past misses.....

-Satan is only a reflection...all the negativity you hold in yourself,having amassed in your organism, brought him to you,and he occupied your body.He comes from another space and time,and whoever breaks the border between different realms,influences another's life.You can wonder now if you were the one to go behind our reality,or it was an invisible visitor in search for another's love and happiness.In the end Satan finds the weakness anyway...

-It is white angels i see..beautiful and illuminating,to fly toward us...(this time it is my vision),and i am free to share it with said to me that no one should be ashamed of own visions and dreams.It happened that one of them was abducted,and is a yearning angel now,to have lost the light and went into the underworld;from there he strives for easiness of human life,because there is not memory of previous luminosity
There are many to steal our happiness,love and beautiful memories;buried deeply underground,hidden from the light and real beauty,they try to live another's life....your weakness draws their attention ...Possession is the only way they have....

-From my experience,for i was possessed during a period of my life,i can confirm that it is so powerful to destroy someone's happiness.Bewitched and lost for the reality,i was wandering around aimlessly in a misty atmosphere,and the only track i had was a screamer to unveil some of mystery....
In my imagination i followed Codex Gigas ...a creature with little horns..

-Expectation is delusive....just live without any prejudices,let things happen,and go to meet them...don't bother yourself with suspicions or difficulty of your venture,feel it like a new journey,a nice holiday.
One should never be caught in a dominant shape of life....but it is easier for most people not to think too much.

-So i should be quiet and not afraid of demon..

-Don't show fear ...courage dispels all the negativity and changes one's life

-It is hard to confess,but it seems to me that i was the only one to call on him...i was striving for something greater beyond my reach,wanted to change the world,and the strength of my will invoked an invisible creature,or perhaps just energy.....power of mind is unmeasurable ..maybe i was inpatient,needed to wait some things to happen,and so i was punished.It brought me back to my youngest years when i was full of arrogance,but then again i can't blame myself too is Youth...plenty of zest but low wisdom

The fall of the Rebel Angels

-It is certainly that everyone is prone to glorify himself more than he deserves ..there is much greater lesson to learn,about having respect for every being regardless of their differences,being good or bad,successful or poor..regardless of which part of the world he comes from.Strange though it may seem,don't judge yourself too strong;there are inevitable forces to follow you.If you presume that,then your life could be truest one and the only you have....going after greatest challenges is changing own destiny and interpretation of divine projection!
you was brave as everyone who follow their dreams and aspirations..

-Even Jesus Christ,was doomed..!The son of God was not able to avoid cruel fate.!

-He escaped Devil,but there were people all the same.... it was a man to stop transcending humanity ..Blame people!After all,we have legacy,his teaching and promise,that there will be a day when all people's dreams come is great hope and inspiration and we all need them most!

I liked these words of my friend.
.-Hopes and inspirations!They gave the birth to everything!
Once there was a small hope to burst and turn itself into majestic universe!
Give me hope,and i shall love myself all day and all through the night
Give me hope,and i shall dive in the restlessness of the morning
Give me hope,and i shall find you in my dreams again!
Give me hope,and i shall bring our love to life!

We are all relics...we recycle ourselves together with space..there is nothing in the cosmos that is not being renewed!Our souls dwell together with dust of gold,and lose themselves in chasing of scrolling dreams beyond the sight;they feel your beats and meet your desires.So let yourself live in fantasy and alive hope ..and you know, looking for happiness begins among dreams and reality!Choose to be the one amid the stars,surrounded with glorious and sparkling spectrum of uncovered realms.There is no beauty in ordinary things....unless you change the way you look at them.

As i began my story,i intended to tell another one.. ...
-You can't release yourself from thinking  that everything happens the way you imagine....pure Vanity!Bow before the grace of universe is not only about choice but also about being have chosen for something..and be happy!

Allegory of the Vanity
of Earthly Things
Unknown French Master

The Fall of the Rebel Angels
by Luca Giordano

Luca Giordano
Luca Giordano (18 October 1634 – 3 January 1705) was an Italian late Baroque painter and printmaker in etching. Fluent and decorative, he worked successfully in Naples and Rome, Florence and Venice, before spending a decade in Spain.


Satan (Hebrew: הַשָּׂטָן ha-Satan), "the opposer",[1] is the title of various entities, both human and divine, who challenge the faith of humans in the Hebrew Bible.[2] In Christianity the title became a personal name, and "Satan" changed from an accuser appointed by God to test men's faith to the chief of the rebellious fallen angels ("the devil" in Christianity, "Shaitan" in Arabic, the term used by Arab Christians and Muslims).[3] In Islam, a shayṭān is any evil creature, whether human, animal or spirit. With the definite article, the Shayṭān is Iblis, the Devil./wikipedia


Traditionally, Lucifer ( /ˈluːsɪfər/ or /ljuːsɪfər/) is a name that in English generally refers to the Devil or Satan, especially in reference to his status as a fallen angel.
In Latin, from which the English word is derived, Lucifer (as a noun) means "light-bearer" (from the words lucem ferre). It was the name given to the Morning Star, i.e. the planet Venus when seen at dawn.

Vatican Archive

The Catechism of the Catholic Church states that the Church regards the Devil as being created as a good angel by God, and by his and his fellow fallen angels choice fell out of God's grace.

Sin is present in human history; any attempt to ignore it or to give this dark reality other names would be futile. To try to understand what sin is, one must first recognize the profound relation of man to God, for only in this relationship is the evil of sin unmasked in its true identity as humanity's rejection of God and opposition to him, even as it continues to weigh heavy on human life and history.

 excessive pride in or admiration of one’s own appearance or achievements:
 it flattered his vanity to think I was in love with him
Origin:Middle English: from Old French vanite, from Latin vanitas, from vanus 'empty' (see vain)