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Friday, August 29, 2014

MoonSaga-Death Comes Sooner Than A Dream Ends

Meet me by moonlight alone,
And then I will tell you a tale
Must be told by the moonlight alone,
In the grove at the end of the vale!
You must promise to come, for I said
I would show the night-flowers their queen.
Nay, turn not away that sweet head,
’T is the loveliest ever was seen.
Meet me by Moonlight.
by Joseph A. Wade

Once i had landed on the clouds and felt rosemary scent of my homeland, it seemed natural to extend my journey,and have my impressions about everything beyond my sight changed;because we have all these unearthly destinations perfectly situated in the comfort of our minds,and fondly held in our hearts,it becomes strikingly challenging to take a voyage and satisfy our vanity that our personal expectation are quite different from stubborn repetitions of something worth admiration.
Ever since i was a child i watched moon's deceptive appearance from my earthly stage,
to admire its distant ,brilliant dominance over our dormant illusions of an azurite-like smirched, glittering glamor, wonderfully plastered beyond a sensible and sensitive glance;but intriguing beauty fades with the passing years, and now it's an uniquely premature dream to keep one's attention,finding it perfectly suited for unfilled hopes of an old age,to look for comfort and reliance in remote and vague tranquility.Fortunately,there is an immanent,infant fascination with the mystery of an unexplored and unexplained order,to keep this world renewed and rejuvenated by young,flourishing ideas and incentives.

After leaving my heavenly friend,i pursued my newborn expectations about spectacular meetings and unseen worlds,partly because of my fairy-tale childhood and partly because my new friend introduced me to marvelous girl who dared to escape from her planet and take all dreams with her,which then put her life at great risk in new environment.There is a cosmic agreement that as soon as a man departs his native lands,he is forbidden to bring anything with him, , and dream is tricky invention,making your hopes unreasonably bold to defy mischief and misery,but then again,they often lure you into believing that death comes sooner than a dream has ended.
I was curious about moon's proper distance from the earth,which illustrates magnificence of an untouched sphere to keep concord and order above equally ponderous and ebullient,robust life;exactly as it should be,neither too close,nor too far,like our relations with friends,absorbing,yet sagely preserved by a sober passion to escape misunderstanding and disputes.It's amazing how moon never exceeds its affection to earth,making her dependent on his whimsical nature.Intriguing and fabulous to surpass even the wildest dreams,moon makes you a believer,and you are not alone.To live up to flattering expectations,and confirm early premonitions,you are compelled to raise your eyes to the skies;though they are unreachable,there are varieties of stories,and one of them is yours,untold,yet alluring and tempting,like explosive,vulnerable stars while trying to save their lives and transforming themselves into aspiring new bodies.On the dim side of the moon,concealed and shrouded in its own shadow,there rests another facet,unveiled and unattractive, but only for your eyes,,,beauty displays our longings and desires,the greater your suffering,the more beautiful reflection of your avidity.Still,life might be someone else's unbroken dream,to realize itself in chaos and rapture;they are often the only asset we have ever had,and turned into senseless dimension, continuously haunt and conquer us in the unquiet nights,while our affection and passion unmercifully grow.

The Mischief Spell

As much as your life and dreams seem harmonized,you always go after SHADOWS,
stubbornly refusing to admire the iconic impressions,unless it enhances your imagination and curiosity,..luckily, they feed your fairy nature!Trapped in the inevitable,the resilient voice of my friend gave me comfort and confidence in the strangeness of the new world;he said to me:Though your oddness is unpredictable and profound,wherever you go,unconquered lands strive for the likeness.
Dreams are solicitous,and journey is a short lasting illusion,nevertheless,the experience is fantastic and beyond judgment,a bouncing hope of the same quivering shine like obscene and blind stars.Stunned by the obscure space,you only have few sparkling moments to get a glimpse of all and make a right decision,,for it indulges any sense of temporary pleasures,and erases any sins;there,you are incorporated in princely realms, anticipated by your unbend and omniscient soul.Hence,a sinner is fully sanctified before leaving this earthly world.
I have always dressed myself with the most splendid and fantastic spherical reminiscences,not to baffle my reality but to find a more beautiful expression of my innate self,to let that inner glow disperse inside me and shine outside,;it springs from a clustered,unrefined energy,both inviting and infernal,to unleash an obsessive, destructive and undesirable power.I knew,in my unrestrained soul that wonderful things and opportunities were beyond our sights,,, conquering them is like conquering our dreams, and dreams must be stronger than our fears!,, for we shine infinitely through our blessings,,,.
When you long for love and understanding,your unspoken desires find patches of the sky to convey themselves, and grant your wishes.Coming down from nebulous clusters,
there,in the splashing clouds and the opaque blueness of the sky,there rests unexplored and virgin springs,amidst luxury of the unspeakable and undreamed yet.Everyone can find comfort,however,the primal impulse of a man was to raise himself above earthly bonds,and lead by the promises of mighty givers,enhance his original and inherent predispositions.And the heart is the mightiest token that your will is uncorrupted,because it doesn't obey to any reasonable valuation.Imaginatively,being a MERCILESS MURDERER or randomly disgraced and humiliated, your lover evades a sane judgment,the same way as it does a torrent of rain and eruption of the mount;any kinds of queer forces to beat inside you,make you capable of transforming gravity of an inheritance into more beautiful image you hold about yourself.;there is additional dream,to revive your dying hopes about love to leave forever,,,. ,,,however,it finds another spot in the vast universe to grow on,like a sprout of new life among hazy and mounting clouds.
Following unpredictable cosmic storms,there had to be found a way to prolong confusion and save the mystery of the world.In all the conspiracy,you have been tempted to turn your beliefs into relics, abandoned hopes,and now and then,everyone makes a mistake;usually,we don't value them,but choose the worst one that we wish to put behind forever!Flattered by our own abilities and gifts,we have striven over the years to improve ourselves and our lives,relying on poetic and grandiose infusion to keep us vigilant and strong;yet, creamy and soft blue tenderness bewilders your mind,and its easiness draws you into miraculous expectations;your free will and open mind are exposed,fighting for abiding privileges and rewards,,dreamers choose their destinies,,nevertheless,you stay isolated because:
The wisest solution was to have a human being inhaled with Great Secret!Seemingly,a man was given a talent to do marvelous things,however,his fiercest desires remain unfilled,,,and secret slithers through our blurred visions.
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After all,i have no doubt about love to inspire a new life,,it is only questionable that we crave for the limitlessness,no one feels comfortable being restrained by any material bonds,and consequently,immortality is the most desirable thought;the lure of eternal life is the most fascinating in our earthly lives,bridging two conflicting entities,life and death,much beyond our understanding,and because of that,we feel drawn into the story which might be achievable.. deceived,we constantly produce hate and envy.And the first track of malice and slight appeared after we had faced the perplexity of a manuscript,to make us bewildered and puzzled by words to surpass our knowledge ,,coming from another entity,words have the power to change us,while remaining endangered and strange,.,show me anyone who loves his manuscript!

to be continued

Ed Org
"Ed was born in Shropshire in 1955 and had an idyllic childhood among woods, fields, secret pools and ruined barns - all now lost under the sprawl of Telford New Town"

"Meet Me By Moonlight"
Joseph Augustine Wade (1796 – 15 July 1845) was an Irish composer and conductor.

Edgar Allan Poe
"The Murders in the Rue Morgue" is a short story by Edgar Allan Poe published in Graham's Magazine in 1841. It has been recognized as the first modern detective story;

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I republish the fourth sequel to Moon Saga and i will do the same to the others,while a few of them will look quite different.Thank you for constant interest in my writing and sharing your impressions with everyone who feels a bit happier after reading and leaving this blog.It is all about preparing my manuscript for publishing, both e-book and print book.
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