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Monday, December 23, 2013

A Winter Love Story

“Ayla, I looked for you all my life and didn't know I was looking.
You are everything I ever wanted, everything I ever dreamed of in a woman,
and more. You are a fascinating enigma, a paradox.
You are totally honest, open; you hide nothing:
yet you are the most mysterious woman I've ever met.”
― Jean M. Auel, The Valley of Horses

There are days you dream about,and there are ones destined for you,even you never thought they would happen.

At times when heaven erupts with love and affection,to please every human being and let magic flatters its wings,everyone believes in a change after many dreams have gone unrealized.And i knew i would have such a night for me,following my truthful and weird nature .
On the night when crystal ice makes every tree feels hurt and coldness streams around the globe,a young girl made a decision to set off on a long journey toward her dreamy home,situated about the halfway down the fairy trail.She bravely pursued her dreams and let her intuition be a guidance.Walking in deep snow to have covered the rudeness of ground here and there,she vividly rushed in the course of her passion and fears, leaving little tracks behind,being aware they would disappear,as soon as a new creamy layer had fallen ;and there was no regret about anything she knew,only the joy and her desire to merge her world into the white beauty and purity,....ah,how easy it would be to erase some stages of life made by mistake and frivolity!

Still,there was the morning's prelude,and besides her to eagerly look at the horizon,few crows were circling chaotically,or rather,it was just her impression,to have nothing to do with reality,as she often felt about herself.Hence,distant cawing voices were in a living harmony with the soul waiting for a new tune.The expectation is the essence of everything.
She craved for some things beyond earthly realms,because she believed to deserve much more after prolonged expectation and self accusation.Presently,the stillness and simplicity of cold and proud winter's landscapes,arranged with trees here and there,made her feel so comfortable in spite of frost to mercilessly haunt every single thing around.The bewitching and idyllic ambient,was favorable to take one's sorrow and melancholy away.As she walked,thoughts came one after another,strung,like the cobwebs of ages caught in a dusty ornament.However,there are whirls of emotions to rise upon the valleys and lightly strive for solace, somewhere beyond the sights.And having lost her previous discomfort,it seemed to her that she looked at the same tree,a frozen,evergreen youth,whose lines were drawn by the same hand once ago.Suddenly,it became easier for her to feel the warmth and love of an abandoned world.

Enchanted and alone amongst the snowdrifts,she walked confidentially in the direction,chosen lovingly and hardily.A long time ago, Aurornis' delightful eye spotted this White Magic,honoring first cries and stirs after a frozen world had raised under the layers of passionate and ebullient scenery.She was blessed and favored by whiteness,as the most dominant color,knowing that even in the darkness you can reach through the walls of quietness and speak a different language.There was a time when she meditated on the white to shine clarity and pureness,like maiden beauty to feed herself on love and grace,and an elegance to reveal itself through the spirit and mental attitude,pursuing for happiness.

It was late in the afternoon,when she arrived at the solely mountain cottage,pleasurably situated in its solitude and far from the world known to us,as a man at times suffers and finds condolence in the loneliness.When she passed through the gate to open a glittering and sparkling backyard,she discovered a charming villa with pastel blue towers,so alluring,immersed into beautiful outer decoration.Then,she willingly stepped into the house,and looked around the foyer.Her tremor and sadness had immediately absorbed a warm and spiritual atmosphere,to soar joyfully in the every angle of her new home.

At the center of living room,a round table covered with lace crochet cloth,and light burgundy brocade chairs, gave a noble impression,reaching its harmony to the windows,decorated with blush ballgown draperies,while the bed placed against the wall,distantly reflected late Sun's rays to penetrate through the windows. Everything corresponded to the late champagne shine,yet,very soon,she hurried to light a fire in the fireplace. The wooden logs were prepared and arranged in vertical columns,and she knew,these were first token of the striking set of events to come.At the moment,all she wanted was to plunge into serenity,having a mundane experience left behind.
Settling herself comfortably down in a gilt brocade armchair,she let gracefulness carry her away,while closing the eyes...

Soon the silver breath of frost filled the room,a tall young man came in,shaking snow off the shoulders and carefully approaching to her.She was not surprised to see him,and it was weird..,...

-Where have you been so long?-she summoned up the power to ask-I waited for you,patiently and eagerly,as day follows night and night a day,along with dissipating fragrance and premonitions of my dreams..

-I looked for you,but i had never taken the right road....or i didn't listen to properly,..- tender voice softened the silence while he sat by her.

-Were the voices real or delusive?Maybe they misled you,spreading lies..

-I have wrongly believed that dreams would come to life by themselves,and waited too long,..i was cowardice-he said.

-No,no my darling,-she stopped him-my only true love,everything is shimmering,everything is just fine,don't let anything destroy our feelings about the night we have,...i knew it from the beginning,.

-You knew we had just a few hours for us,alike the butterflies fluttering around our souls?

-Yes,for our love is heavenly surprise,a lone night ranger to leave his gift,while the angelus bells ring once for lifetime,..coming of her own free will,feeling uncomfortable with cruelty and ruddiness of lasts as long as a day and night a life conceived and died in a mo..

-Even so,i shall always love you-he said,holding her hand and touching her face so gently,that passion left frozen behind,and proceeded-life is senseless without your love..oh,i meant to say,without love,anyway i shall love you even you leave me,..

-Never think of that again,and never doubt, life belongs to you,my youth and years yet to come,all my hidden world and inspiration,all imaginable things to share together;when i fell in love with you,i was enchanted and dazzled by the beauty and strength of emotions,to surpass everything i felt before, an untouched reality and most beautiful sentiment in my life,continence of first love,,..i learned about nocturne romantic and why the lovers eternally seek each other after departure..,loving you is like saying farewell to the life i knew before.

-Love at first sight made me lunatic..since then,i have become a ghostly appearance of this world,

nevertheless i persistently sought fragments of my happiness and never found;i feel,there is something in the space,a refined and spiritual gift,to rise one's sensibility and turn it into injustice for the vicinity,while the universe gets hurt,losing its balance ...consequently,a human must suffer and stand pain and soreness alone,for a man is allowed so little,just enough to begin and end a dream.-his soft and subtle voice followed a glance into the invisible skies,as he expected plaudits from the emptiness..

-I spoke to myself in my solitude,looking for answers,but thoughts disappeared in the mirror of a day..yet,there were gems of nights when i saw you in my dreams -her words,a mix of sweetness and sorrow,filled his hazel eyes to bear some mystique and warmth,being so sincere,you could always trust them is one of the finest characteristics of a male,,...the eyes you feel wherever you go,..sweet tenderness

-The same nights fell upon me,..i wished for you,but dreams went hollow,without passion,..why? Who adopted them?Oh,heavenly injustice,to take our enthusiastic vigor,and let wintry air possess us,turning rouge into mortality.Anyway,eyes are already closed for the beauty of this world,.. and the layers of whiteness to have stored craving and suffering of the past times,are already laid out-shortly,after saying that, he walked away,as midnight approached,to bring two glasses of her favorite red wine ,.-.a toast to our nightmares,to our solace and delusions,missing smiles and ardent nights,blooding trace of the moon unwillingly taken from the earth,to be the only ally they had.

Have i wanted to kiss me..?-shying thought,but again,something strange,his presence was all i desired,and our talks,,,yes, we missed a talk so much...

-If i had another life and only one wish for myself,my wish would be knowing you...i could forget everything and everyone i knew but you...I loved you so much,and now,being together,i have puzzling feelings about a long time we were apart.. .how to justify love and time of loneliness when you mean more than a whole life to me.

-Oh my love,we must have been waiting for each other,while years passed by,leaving us alone with dreams and hopes,...and then,we felt more restrained,at first it was fear,then,there was just a thought of you like a safe harbor; ..i was afraid of very strong feelings i had,so perfectly paired our hearts,and so much grace in one night,that heaven stole our happiness....,for madness runs after the heights,anyway.. -now her voice became a high resonant shimmer.
They both were thrilled,for time was passing so quickly,and the bright horizon would gladly melt the obscurity of night,not recognizing lovers anymore,...
Powerless and unable to make a night prolonged,she closed her eye obeying the fate,...
As the frosty shadows drew Christmas silver,ornamental leaves and branches on the outer glass panes,he felt how this view vanishes along with his dreams,and he knew,it was time to look at her eyes last time,with sadness and yearning like he wanted to engulf  all the magic and hold it forever..


Quote by Jean M. Auel


'At the end of a year we always try to raise our spirits beyond environmental contentments,sending our best wishes to everyone we know;luckily,we have friends from all around the world,we have a new way of communication,and it is a great achievement and gift for us.People i met in this virtual world made me happier and became my true inspiration,as well as you,coming here and reading my blog.

'Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.'
- Marcel Proust

A book is a gift you can open again and again.
- Garrison Keillor

                                                      Merry Christmas and Best Wishes
                                                      for a Happy New Year!

“At Christmas
A man is at his finest towards the finish of the year;
He is almost what he should be when the Christmas season's here;
Then he's thinking more of others than he's thought the months before,
And the laughter of his children is a joy worth toiling for.
He is less a selfish creature than at any other time;
When the Christmas spirit rules him he comes close to the sublime.”
― Edgar A. Guest

“At one time, most of my friends could hear the bell, but as years passed, it fell silent for all of them. Even Sarah found one Christmas that she could no longer hear its sweet sound. Though I've grown old, the bell still rings for me, as it does for all who truly believe.”
― Chris Van Allsburg, The Polar Express

“Christmas is a necessity. There has to be at least one day of the year to remind us that we're here for something else besides ourselves.”
― Eric Sevareid

“Then she saw a star fall, leaving behind it a bright streak of fire. “Someone is dying,” thought the little girl, for her old grandmother, the only one who had ever loved her, and who was now dead, had told her that when a star falls, a soul was going up to God.”
― Hans Christian Andersen, The Little Match Girl
Jean M. Auel, The Valley of Horses

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Moon Saga-Four Silhouettes & A Farewell

"Once upon a time there was a lady.
She had no children, and no happiness either.
  And at first she cried for a long time,
but then she became wicked..." 
— Mikhail Bulgakov (The Master and Margarita)

The shadows don't shine,but when starlight fall across their bodies,they sparkle.

As i walked away,leaving the desert and mystic landscapes behind,i could not resist taking in a last view of the land to have hosted most unimaginable dreams.
There are plenty of abstruse and fantastic wonders i left behind,subtle and crafty like in my most vivid and arduous visions,raising doubts and lifting truths under the filigree layers.

Comparison between worlds is impossible...while your eye blinks trying to understand and love,on the other side someone already closed his eyes and kept dreaming .
There are different stages and views.A closer look reveals more,but loses its charm and beauty.A distant and spectacular shine is preferable,keeping me wrapped in mystic and eagerness;hence,i am trying to keep a distance with things i love,only being in a great love,i can afford myself luxury of the closeness.
Indulging in the beauty requires patience,under the surface it can be quite different..

Capturing and living the beauty of sights and words,spoken and unspoken,with eyes open or in sleeping vales while passion vibrates inside,waiting for a magical mo to explode and boast herself,taking up everything and everyone in serene expectancy.It is inevitable,whether you are on our earth or somewhere in the space,to begin and finish with love.
A lot of deals were plotted in this wonderful and gracious land,where birds tweet only when you call for them,recognizing one's right to decide about his own destiny.Regrettably,i was born on earth whose rules are quite different,when one's eye sees things the way they are not,for light and stories have traveled a long distance,,,,and so,along the way they changed their shapes and feelings.Somewhere, deep in these magical dunes,lies a prodigiousness of love,the birthplaces of our great and ardent love, exiled and despoiled of the mercy of Gods and doom to roam in circles and never fulfill itself again.
A true love is unconventional and breaks rigid rules;fructified in a baffling and rapturous idea to have seen many centuries,she portly resides in undefined and spotlessly splendid place.

Turned into turquoise lace,a late Summer's evening,escaped from jealous eyes,letting zeal prevails and inviting its lover to join him in a burning scarlet night.

We go back to the beginning of the story:

 "Artwork: © Kinuko. Y. Craft, All Rights Reserved

While rumen from the sky danced in the windows,and every house quietly prepared itself for a placid night,four dimly silhouettes walked over the roofs to perform an assigned task,following a secret mission.

The first one spoke:
-Misery and misery...what a shame being tasked to step on these sheer and rustic roofing shingles,.. such a doom..

A gurgling chuckle came from the opposite side-May all the Gods be glorified forever!I am endlessly enjoying this adventure,my dear Lord!

-What a waste of calling me Lord,while i can easy slip and fall on the ground,,,,eh,eh..I would give these long legs for a flat desert land hosting a scorpion to creep out of a sandy hole.

-You are the highest in your sphere of hierarchy..- first voice uttered again..-sweet and harsh at the same time,just like its owner and speaker,ambidextrous-it is my playful duty to be polite....

-Such an amazing amount of stupidities i can't stand-there came a shrill and poignant tone-two artless characters...who would even dare think of holding one's destiny in his own hands.You are just flattering each other..,nothing more;right now i can blow both of you away and send into nothingness...-death said.

The angelical face with sweet voice,directed her glittering eyes toward impolite and sardonic guest from another world,.-I bring love and happiness,and watch over people quietly and secretly,while your ghostly appearance and the way you take everyone into death is a constant threat....and some of them even believe in being privileged and having their fate postponed,....such a cruelty!

-Yes,but have another look at reality..the truth is that a man has evolved very little.-said devilish voice -.there are the same selfish,baffled,haughty,rough patterns of human behaviors;you can present them with a blissful moment of happiness,and again,they will not be able to make it last longer..and when something goes astray they usually mention my name..!!

-isn't it right?You grew from the same stem,with inner glow but turned into a sly and fretful appearance.., now you prescribe them delusive remedies.....-you will never find peace,that is your problem,damned and caught in madness and darkness for eternity,you hunt for a human soul,taking away the last hope of salvation from a man-melodic voice flickered.

-It is not my fault,it is simply a misunderstanding and ignorance of nature..spirit is stronger,and restless souls perform all the goodness and evil..i am not the only one..

-It is true -bloodless creature gesticulated-,but you are the one who can transform himself...,you can bring your memory back and learn to send shine,,,for a change..then,he returned his curiosity to the other figure..
First,tell me whom you call lord?He wasn't able to save his own life..his closest friends betrayed you believe in love and friendship after that?

-I know that many of you have doubts about me and the whole story....;despite the prevailing opinion,i am not obligate to persuade them.....make them believers..i am more like a most beautiful dream they lived once,and now they have a grasping hope to feel it again.Flowers of night,seducing and odorous, imagined only to lure and beautify sleepless nights,blooming in midnight,defying the quietness yet humble and obedient ,finding it most suitable for changing perspectives and hunting for perishing dreams.That is the time when the doors of hell opens and you can easily spot a light figure playing around your trembling shape and wrapping you with sparkling hope.I met a maid to frenetically knit her dreams around,unable to judge and choose right is doom,world of light is misleading you, leaving nothing but heavenly illusions and picturesque imaginary,while from time to time a flash of love hits you...uncanny and malicious creatures are constantly on your way,and the truest things you possess are your emotions and imaginations to save you from evil..,,,and grant you some happiness.-the speech left the lord breathless,however,he continued..
-A real life's experience packed with fortunes and misfortunes is what makes people is treasure of life!!Love is nectar,who doesn't understand it,can't change natural order...and everyone wishes for a wonder!

Love makes confusion and compel you to believe in this real life...the only time when the universe stops,and the lovers' sentiment is beyond dreams and imaginable light to shine everyone's face while light a candle in the church and kiss a holy icon.

-I am here to uphold and help a single soul handle every situation,bringing love into their lives...look at her to sleep without any idea who watches over you can clearly understand why everyone hides their emotions and the light they become naked and subject to envy..-added creaky devilish voice.

-So,will your pitiful soul find a way to help poor girl to still dream about her love and cherish hope?- a  spiteful voice from the lord came.
In reviving your dreams you can choose between light and darkness,...exposing to the light is easier,you can always turn your face to the sun and let it does everything for you;the same does a plant in the field....but,if you are on the track of shadows,then you must fight with demonic vigor to jealously hold the magic;there is something unknown even to satanic dwellers,...your inner strength and will power.

To live your dreams again,that is when your eyes escape spontaneously toward the sky,as you regain your faith and bad voices are calmed down.If you are favored by God then you are inevitably gripped in mystique,and dust enshrouds your shady memories;then,one day,moonlight grants your patience,for dreamers never hurry,shining the path and forcing evil to shamefully retire .

-First,i shall wait for the full moon,and its glow to shine her while sleeping....for generosity is lustrous and deprived from any pollution ..a spherical,golden shrine !And i need your assistance,if you agree..-the visitor of dusk pronounced.

They both gave their permissions and took a break until moon covered the wideness to erupt with its goriness.
We leave her now to sleep,while moon's torch lavishly spreads over the murky settings and covers her head with orange aura.

Our little and thin princess spend her final days of sorrow and unhappiness,fully unaware of what amazing things were going to happen....

A Writer's Notice

This is a farewell for now,i shall return to my first stories to improve them;still,i am not sure of adding a new chapter.
However,i began writing a new book.Thank you for visiting my blog ,for your love and appreciation.
There will be surprises,i believe so.

Mikhail Bulgakov
The Master And Margarita"But what can be done, the one who loves must share the fate of the one he loves."
— Mikhail Bulgakov (The Master and Margarita)

Is that vodka?" Margarita asked weakly.
The cat jumped up in his seat with indignation.
"I beg pardon, my queen," he rasped, "Would I ever allow myself to offer vodka to a lady? This is pure spirit!"
— Mikhail Bulgakov (The Master and Margarita)


Thank you:
Kinuko Y. Craft is one of the most widely respected and well known fantasy artists in the United States today.She considers herself a story teller.Her past commissions have included paintings for the book covers of many well known fantasy authors,opera posters,fairy tale books and covers for many national magazines.

Copyright©Moon Saga/Part12 All Rights Reserved StayYoung

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

MoonSaga-Mesmerizing Beauty

“Do you think I'm pretty?
I think you're beautiful
You are so beautiful, it hurts sometimes.”
 Richelle Mead, Vampire Academy


She was a bit surprised,and modeling a smile of the glee on her face,put a brilliant in my hand,letting me know how happiness mimicries need to cast a handful of spell to bring it to yourself.

-It will lead you on your way and protect in your dreams..-melodic voice followed her gesture-keep it with yourself all the time and walk in beauty,to remind you how beautiful and cared you are!

-I am so grateful that you touched me with your grace and generosity,making an exception and opening the doors of abundance.Devotion and strong will have no limits,and being fairly attached to them,you will turn your prospects into a beautiful legacy.

-May princely dreams save you,your youth and your strong belief in the beauty of life.For staying young,your greatest gift,is well earned....sometimes the exaltation of revealing is reward by itself.

...stay beautiful and loved!-she spoke the blessings over me...or they were echoes of my vigorous desires..

-Am i a beauty?

-There are two kinds of beauty-she batted her shimmering eyelashes and continued-that one you hold under eyelids to enhance your underground and stale memories,decrepit and aged,a flock of remnants to confront your mighty desires.
The other one is beauty you find in your visions and premonitions,staying constantly vigilant for changes,and accessible for the despised and wasted,while oblivious and mystical bounties pour into your being,replacing habitual perceptions and overpowering your body.Seemingly,there is an untouchable sensitivity,along with sensuality and attraction,while you walk in your dreams.. amply impressive to remember but illusive and remote.There are dreams to spark your passion and you regret their disappearance,while in the others you find ghostly and ambiguous visitors who make them unrestricted and hazardous for an earthly temptation.
Beauty is unforgettable,just like dreams,for they don't discern dawn from dust,and plunge themselves deeply and fearlessly into fantasy of the final revelation.

Artwork: © Mia Araujo All Rights Reserved

The finest beauty emanates from our feelings..she is mesmerizing in making you find the subtlest features within yourself,.kind and pleasurable;i know you have an impression of me as being marmoreal and secluded....another illusion,earthly girl!You are not of my sort...
-Are you happier now?

-Yes, i am ..after hilarious words and blessings,who wouldn't be happier-i thought to myself.

-If you don't believe in miracles,then life itself will force you to change your mind-an intriguing thought came to my mind.Symbolism revels inside me,and i know when a special day favors me.;participating in everything,it influences the way i live and feel,and i confidently follow positive and inspiring tokens,to lead me to the fulfillment of my inner vows.

-You grow beyond your dreams-she said

Illusions are arising hopes,unbiased and unconscious,many of which emerging over and over again... however weird and unreal they are,i trust them.And i learned i should not be afraid of the novelty and undreamed,except my weakness..

-Humans are great accomplishment,yet still unfinished and rough ...they believe in happiness,but calculate and compromise,they strive for eternity but have the sky hidden from the view..or,not everyone's life is predicted for sublimity....-a faint smile flickered on her slender lips.

-I miss my love and want to learn..

-You have come such a long way,just to know something that you so familiar with?-how strange-she added-let's see..what made you confused.. i suppose your dreams surpassed prosaicness of an accustomed look at life,turning it into a winged and personal experience.
Most people are prisoners under the sky...,,,how wrong!You were born with DREAMS and LOVE, bewitching and appealing to pursue them,nevertheless you chose the pain and horror of the hell,yielding to misery and uniformity,along with misunderstanding of everyone's effort to distinguish himself.Once upon a time there was a man who missed his own salvation,because he trusted you so much and paid it with his earthly life....and now,you can only behold the sky,sending your uniform prayers,and begging for new hope and new love... ah, already knew that all along?
I can't give you anything more beyond your perception and aspirations,as you dared to host a load of most beautiful dreams and live through them,presuming that distinction is a sort of curse.If only every single entity knew,how wonderful possibilities could be achieved while looking in the right direction, without prejudices and hesitation,animating nothing but some sleepy affections,letting them find their fairy destination and speak a fantasy language.It is pity how a little time you have to raise your eyes to the sky,staring in amazement at simple and downy shapes on the bluish display,to puzzle and draw into magic.The way you learn that most adorable things touch your heart first,then your reason.

Absorbed by her powerful words,i felt how calmness resonated,being deeply impressed and grateful... for a little she gave me,yet making me stronger,as the knowledge and love erupted from the same source which gave blessings to the beautiful worlds.An omen came to me that all had been packed in a single thought,giving away miraculous and fascinating aspirations to everyone who wanted a different reality and longed for more personal approach to the sights.The same order reigns over the universe, pulsing with eagerness and sorrow and blowing up the finest streams of knowledgeable and particular sparks we meet along the way.Just stay awake to diligent memories,never trade dreams,and when you listen to,then let inner voice and intuition prevail;admit your susceptibility and bravely embrace any chance coming your way.When you recognize astonishing premonitions don't leave them behind.... beyond reality there is an amazing scope of coincidences.

And this manful experience reinforced my prior decision,to disregard real world;to me there are only fantastic dreams to give births to the all.  

Thank you
Mia Araujo

Richelle Mead

Copyright©Moon Saga/Part11 All Rights Reserved StayYoung

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Moon Saga-Such A Day You Wait For

'She walks in beauty,like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies;
And all that's best of dark and bright
Meet in her aspect and her eyes:'
Lord Byron

Once they showed me the crater filled with purple -glazing lake,to give away love secrets to anyone who reflected himself in the silken and mystic shadows.For the moon was born out of the greatest love,conceived in God's vision of two beautiful habitable planets to orbit each other and feel enamored forever.But the story took different course,and Earth received majestic light to nest life,while Moon rested in stillness and darkness,immersing herself in dreams.If you ever want something so desperately you must look up to the glowing rim,an absorbing power of the undefined and infinite.The moon performed its duty proudly,throwing golden shine across the earthly paths,constantly keeping the attention of curious walkers,who are pretty much aware that nobility and sublimity are equal to craving.

When the midnight marked the top of the Rosebud Hill,the sublime fairy entered the cordierite anteroom where i and one of fairies,impatiently waited for her.

-Why did you come to me-she asked me- I am not accustomed to humans,so,please,let me get a closer look at you.
I myself was amazed at her beauty,which embodied the shape of spherical dreams from a distant star, subtle and sheer,wrapped in the bewildered and violent mystique.

-You came to me,looking for truth,but most stories have already told..there are many rewriters and fake thinkers,the ones to boast with untrue memories and display stolen pictures.Many of dreamers were forced to find comfort in some kind of isolation,when loneliness,after all,comes like natural and predictable choice.
One can attach himself to truth or lies,and then,after opening the eyes,both the liar and the trusted one see the light,which is correct unless we remember that the shine comes from inside.

                      "Artwork: © Kinuko. Y. Craft, All Rights Reserved

-I know i was foolish,and ensnared by vanity,i was frivolous,....

-You thought that things you believed in can't be spoiled or exposed to decay,as they could resist anything.Even though there is an acknowledged thing,something to survive without your attention and care,give it your love anyway.I know that many people desperately try to recover what they used to,love,beliefs,wealth,praying to God you believe in..even so,they don't do that properly....

-Don't judge them too strong,life is hard-i tried to melt her words..

-The way they live is wrong...a moment is like eternity,harmonize your unselfishness with the limitless sky and think how most beautiful things will yet to come.. feed your spirit on the presumptions of self worthiness and attraction to miraculous achievements.
You go to the churches,to light a candle and whisper prayers,doing it like a routine,without hearty and deep contemplation. ...however if you don't suffer from the bottom of your heart and love sincerely,all is in vain.I felt ashamed,remembering the faces seen randomly along the way,but honored with the glints of light and smell of incense to save another memory.
And you hope that a single act of goodness,or a silent prayer will bring about changes you long well as your coming to me and asking for forgiveness?...i am not your God!

-I know,but i experienced some visions,predominant appearances to resist my sense,and believed there must be something more and hidden from me.

-You think,praying solely,you can separate yourself from the other people's lives..?Don't you feel
 that your appeal concerns everyone's must not be selfish!-her voice flitted by..

Are you happy?
-No,i am NOT!
-Because i hate people...
-Do people love you?
-I don't know ,i don't care..
-Who do you think to change your life then?
-What? should i love somebody first?
no voice

-To bring your love back,you must call for one's devotion and favor some other time.
and then,she told me a tale:
There are endless spaces and as many stars in the universe as your unrecorded dreams...each one of them considers itself to be most respectful and beautiful.Just a try to steal the shine from one another,is an unconscious likeness to your dream,as the lover turns into hater,and you get hurt.Jealousy is furious and evil,yet sometimes it brings about some goodness.Elem,the conspiracy reigns,that when the two who stand face to face,while shining smiles and sympathy,the truth is they each fantasize about their greatness and glory,neglecting achievements and looking secretly down upon the other.Then one day,which in the realm of the spherical dreams,comports with the bliss of your greatest memory,all the circulating energies,blowing sparkles to transcend light,are merged into brilliance,possessing beauty and power,and being capable of passing miraculous power on the earth..if you,by chance,found yourself at the certain place in such blissful moment of creation,you would certainly experience the most beautiful day in your life.
Such an ephemeral bliss my dear,is able to fulfill your expectations!And such a day you wait for,,!

And she continued-now,you can only ask for keeping your visions alive,i shall do my magic to revive your belief and remove a curse from you.
Slowly,in the accordance with distant stars to spread shine but stay quiet,she walked to the nicest and shadiest corner of the chambre,and after taking off a cryptic key from her collar,unlocked the translucent wicket in the nook;a few seconds later,i noticed a spherical shrine radiating glittering light to travel faster as she approached me;then,the case blew up with varied,shapely and colorful stones..

-Chose one you like most-she said.

Now,bewitching caprice of my nature directed my reflection.,..choice is tricky,delusive and persistent like a dream,infusing hopes and aspirations into infinite possibilities;then again it is so fascinating,for dreams are in conspiracy with death,and come from the very source of the knowledge,scrabbling obscurity from the core and revealing the secrets buried deep in the blurring and mysterious space.

Nevertheless,i have always put my faith in the grace of spiritual spheres,leaving my fears and doubts under the skyline as i walk the rough earthly paths.Then I flashed a smile at her and fearlessly said---But,somebody else already did it for me.!I believe such a precious gift springs from the most unimaginable glimpse inside the space,along with omnipresent spells and underground secrets,giving birth to dreams and magic.I thought in this imperceptible moment of time,that when one gives you something so precious,you must be thankful whatever you receive...dreams and magic descend an unbeaten path,not revealing their pains and sights to everyone.A poor human being is still lacking in profound understanding.

She was a bit surprised,and modeling a smile of the glee on her face,put a brilliant in my hand,letting me know how happiness mimicries need to cast a handful of spell to bring it upon yourself.

-It will lead you on your way and protect in your dreams..-melodic voice followed her gesture-keep it with yourself all the time and walk in beauty,to remind you how beautiful and cared you are!

She Walks in Beauty
Lord Byron

Thank you:
Kinuko Y. Craft is one of the most widely respected and well known fantasy artists in the United States today.She considers herself a story teller.Her past commissions have included paintings for the book covers of many well known fantasy authors,opera posters,fairy tale books and covers for many national magazines.

the word meaning:so

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Moon Saga-The Sublime Lady

..'on the darkest night, the maidens take their spindles down to the sea,
to wash their wool. And the wool slips from the spindles into the water,
and unravels in long ripples of light from the shore to the horizon,
and there is the moon again, rising above the sea...
Only when all the wool is washed, and wound again
Into a white ball in the sky, 
can the moon-spinners start their work once more....' 
The Moonspinners by Mary Stewart

Are you happy?
No,i am NOT!
Because i hate people...
Do people love you?
I don't know ,i don't care..
Who do you think to change your life then?
What?Should i love somebody first?
no voice

It was visionary to drop me on an isolated place,far away and hidden from one's eye,mostly overlooking the sleepy valleys,to turn their rayless view into crimson waking,while craving for the smell of sweating landscapes and easy treads on mellow grass;when the first sounds in the air are bird's shrieks instead of human voices,and you find it so comfortable to watch white and dimly clouds,and hunt for a rarity.

I used to plunge my forehead into fresh and clear spring water,then resembling my grandma,i scooped up some water with my hands and splashed it on my cheeks against spells;then,i usually joined flapping butterflies,amused by stunning smells of the fields,fully decorated with garland of flowers,bountiful and irresistible in the blistering sun.The memories came to heal and fill me with vigor,acknowledging that the first impressions are the truest,afterwards everything is subjected to the judgment and estimation,along with a spare time you can easily send into forgetfulness;....everything worth admiration is only the shine of first look and touch!
And the silent voices ripped the heavens,ardent and lunatic,roaring above the reasonable life,drawing me into madness,as it does a rising star,inscrutable and relentless,whispering that beyond the sight,you become understandable;a quiet reminder of unfulfilled dreams and how far they reach,for you must be able to respond to the omens.And like a free bird,i sent my smile into the ether,joining sleepless souls to strive for another appearance and meet the Gods.

-What is your dream?

-I have no dreams,they abandoned me and left me desolate,with faint expectations...,,.but

-Yet,something is wrong..?

-I can't live without my dreams,it is hard to bear up against this pale life,it can easy be mistaken for death.. without sights and colors,without fear and hopes,without lightsome smiles and spontaneous look, without cries and premonitions,each one of us becomes a ghostly appearance,like a walking zombie... .and we omit memories,our live monuments,to follow one's dreams and accomplishments.

The second one said:
-I forgot how to pray and believe..all my life i trusted people and they betrayed me,now i want to revive prayers and faith..

-The next:
-I wish i fell in love!My loves failed,and i miss the thrill and beauty of emotions and passion..i didn't believe one would love me back

-I want a place with different view,to vary its colors and rise beyond habitual and pale sights,bringing some magic and the virtue of a new beginning..

The day has passed so quickly that i easy could mistake the crimson stripes of the departing sun with blushing of the dawn.

"Artwork: © Kinuko. Y. Craft, All Rights Reserved

As the twilight approached,the late sun splashed its bloody rays,embracing the vividness of ambiance, and so,impressing everything in the reach to look for quietness and portly sights.I walked on the orange sand,following little,softy,and lofty footprints,along with rising bliss around,and thought of how all rushed to take the shape of dreamy valleys.It was restful exposition for me,to witness how scarlet and flagging body made a contract with gloominess,yielding to the passion of a dream,caught in the blurriness of birth and death for a short time.
And i forgot my earthly landscapes,greenness and blueness,and the madness of nature bargaining for our attention and understanding,for being intensely merged into the silence,when the quietness releases my mind from unpleasant things,making me truly feel the advantages of solitude,and myself an enchanting princess,privileged in its vast and mystical reign.

Gloomy shadows walked by my side,and i bestowed my willingness to stay calm .My curious and captive eye observed plum hoods and cloaks,and i felt luscious and airy odor of death.The mix of such a surprise and uniqueness,paralyzed me,and i kept walking.Then,a deep revolt rose inside me,a recognizable fear of evil,rooted deeply in my nature,but i found very soon that upcoming illusions and fanciful occurrences were more pleasant than the common inheritance,and i adapted myself to strangeness of unseen scenery.

The fairies crowned a lake with indigo-like reflection drawing its serenity from the deepness,elusive and impenetrable to disruptive and permeative shadows of a lavishly and cascading surrounding.Sitting around the marbling surface,occupied with sprucing up their glittering skin and pompous outfits,they seemed inaccessible and distant,released from any infamous and mean thoughts,and restrained from any aspiration,holding themselves in devotion to inner self,serene and calm.The starlight lavishly glinted over thin bodies,pouring out its polish in admiration.
I asked permission to be welcomed by the Sublime Lady,who possessed the magic of healing

On the east side of the moon,the legend says,a Heavenly Mag,who was the first to establish an order for its residents,felt angry for not obeying his will and command,and made that side of the moon never see the light,staying in darkness and isolation forever.The exception was an aged castle, to hold its position to these days,as a room for special performances and rituals.The walls are filled with kunzite crystalline stones,transparent and light,giving you an illusion of the ablaze daybreak,when all the prayers and spells begin,and you feel protecting and fluctuating energy to circle inside you.Soon after i touched my skin,now refined and smooth,sheen and splendid,i knew i would be permitted to appear to the sublime fairy,being absolved from impiety of my common human nature.The moon's denizens nearly forgot the pain and injustice humans made them,by taking away life from the moon,and leaving its terrain isolated and thirst.
Once they showed me the crater hosting a byzantium glazing lake,to give away love secrets to anyone who reflects himself in the silken and mystic shadows.For moon was born out of the greatest love,conceived in God's vision of two beautiful habitable planets to orbit each other and feel enamored forever.But the story took different course,and Earth received majestic light to nest life,while moon stayed in stillness and darkness,immersing herself in dreams;if you ever want something so desperately you must look up to the glowing rim,an absorbing power of the undefined and infinite.The moon performed its duty proudly,throwing golden shine across the earthly paths,constantly keeping the attention of curious walkers,who are pretty much aware that nobility and sublimity are equal to craving.

When the midnight marked the top of the Rosebud Hill,the Sublime Lady entered the cordierite anteroom where i and one of fairies,impatiently waited for her.



The Moon-Spinners
Mary Stewart novelist

Thank you
Kinuko Y. Craft is one of the most widely respected and well known fantasy artists in the United States today. She considers herself a story teller. Her past commissions have included paintings for the book covers of many well known fantasy authors, opera posters, fairy tale books and covers for many national magazines

to be continued

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Moon Saga-Whisper Me,My Dear

“Slowly, gently night unfurls its splendor. Grasp it, sense it, tremulous and tender. Turn your face away from the garish light of day, turn your thoughts away from cold, unfeeling light, and listen to the music of the night... Close your eyes and surrender to your darkest dreams, purge your thoughts of the life you knew before. Close your eyes, let your spirit start to soar, and live, as you never lived before!”

Charles Hart, The Phantom of the Opera


We can't separate our lives from the cosmic influence and envisioning.The ultimate happiness floats amidst pearly and gracious clouds,but truth lies beyond the skyline;nevertheless we are messengers, ephemeral host of fluctuating energy with a gift to evolve.
Lonely and sparkling stars baffle us,making we believe without questioning;dying stars confuse our senses to mistake death for life,and our bodies for gold dust bathing in moonshine,while we keep on living our illusions in a blear perception,and dreaming a splendour of reality.

I don't know myself unless i draw inspiration from the moonlight and the sprinkling of sunlight to shine me with bliss and eagerness.Looking up at the beautiful sky and walking figures to find comfort in soft and cottony shapes,i constantly fill myself with miraculous freshet of happiness.Even on a misty morning, light reaches me from the obscurity,strangely,but in harmony with my aspirations and sensibility.I am aware that reason imposes a line between real hope and fantasy,but again,an experience from childhood,taught me that it was not followed by the diary of sheer and clear perspectives but rather accompanied by shady and dark silhouettes.Therefore i never neglect some rusty and isolated stations,something i have always been attracted to,seemingly hopeless,yet wisely assuming that one's strong will and devotion can be miraculous.

Sparkling and velvet particles give away their noblest and purest features,in a playful jet around the axis. Then,one day, if you are patient and love yourself,you can transform your body into beautiful and refined primordial dust.

The fountain looks at itself in the icy crystal reflection,there are two faces,one is vivid and serene, radiating with joy,and the other,frosty and smooth watcher of diabolic and bemused spirits among us who are possessed by frantic passion and bewildered.The past and present are crucified on the cross, and the only certainty is hopeful and prosperous future.Stay vigilant at midnight when dreams exhilarate to meet you,it is short-lived,but the reach is stupendous.Emptiness doesn't exist,only coldness and warmth,and your misleading attitudes and beliefs.

Artwork: © Kinuko. Y. Craft, All Rights Reserved

-In fact,there is no great mystery,not as such that you might expect in your's all in a variety of different views...!-said my tricky companion.

-I let the will dominates my nature,the way i act and think,moreover,there is a primeval energy within me,making my will grow stronger,to surmount all psychological limitations and restraints as determinant patterns of consciousness,rising beyond routine and recognizable environment,when it becomes misty and filled with its mystical habitants.And i realized,along the way,that being accustomed to unrefined manners and rigid thinking,a great accomplishment,offends people.

-Next time,make them impressionable,..for a sudden success hurts.On many occasions,you can find yourself performing everyday activities in a storm of passion,when there is no time for appreciation,and you feel betrayed.Oh,my dear,give me as much turbulent energy as you can!Many a year of predominant memories in my life leaving me forgettable for the others..and you still believe that i lost the power to distinguish good from bad...?

-I dare say,in the mixture of all psychical and spiritual forces to show off their strength across the space,you are often caught in the frame of mistaken thoughts and inexperienced dreams,where unsated and restless hunters find the gates to reach you.Perhaps,it is the only way the worlds in universe can survive,stealing from us even the last hope that we can change direction of the wheel while drawing the lines of life and death;and between them are our quivering dreams and spanking illusions.We are prisoners of our existence and eternal dreamers of the universe,representing all that the wide expanse gives us in a form of eternal life.Regardless of which side of the globe we live and fall asleep on,good and evil will always follow us.....and the final darkness is not salvation.

-Are you thinking of salvation,stupid girl!..something like that doesn't exist!And you hope to win death?

For a moment i believed it,but twinkling light behind him,made a different perspective...and of course, i stood silent.There is something absorbing within me,an inborn heritage with pictorial inner knowledge and intuition to prevail.
Every so often you think how there is nothing more for your curious mind and aspiring spirit to explore,you find yourself forging a brilliant idea in the morning.

-I bet all the wisdom has a form of delusion that universe delivered,following its own confusion and painful jolts;move an ethereal wave,and you will challenge a row of disrupting thoughts to haunt you,hitting right in your mind..-the center of all forthcoming,more like diabolic infusions;then,you usually think:it is a devil's work!Blame me,hapless,little creature!Blame me whenever you feel an intensity of distress and disillusion!-it was the furious moment to pour out all his angriness.

The likenesses of him never give you a chance to respond,they just leave their impressive messages,and us to search for the essence,that the sender alone is privy to.

Existence,as you know it,is seldom a way into the future;between sleeping past and roaring future,it feeds itself by borrowing from the past,and holding universe's habitants in blackness while a wandering star passes by, to enlighten you for a moment.We can't see inside the Sun,but the hidden energy warms us and ignites our eagerness,a lesson to teach us,that secretly stored desires and dreams are the most powerful and influential in our lives.

-Are your memories inviting and enticing?However,they fade,don't they?Because you are the time consumers,focused on broad expectations following  your days,months and years;..but,in terms of space,it is nothing.So, you will forever cheat yourself,trying to catch the right time to do something.... so foolish!Some of the brightest moments still stay resistant to oblivion...what do they look like now? a farewell to happiness and stunning dreams,don't they?The most beautiful thing about creation is illusion..that is all you have!True happiness is beyond reality....

-I shall never give up on my premonitions and beliefs;besides,there is natural beauty i see around, rooted in the earth or flattering in the air,along with two glowing balls in the sky to constantly play a tricking role,causing us to descend into fascinating illusionary,merging with the shadows of another life,and then,in the dawn,slowly begin to accommodate to rustic scenery around,when only the light seems promising....even to be so,and memories fade,there will be a new day and the sun to rise again.. , ...Thank you for the light!

-I have no choice..i am used to darkness,only now and then i find a lovely soul,it is your grace and beauty to make me feel respected and i asking too much of you?-i heard a heartfelt voice.

His hilarious words touched me and shamefully filled inside with tenderness and sympathy-No,no,my 'poor' friend,you see how strangely things change soon you employ feelings.Suffering is too expensive,and i always have a smile saved for someone in need,because after a little while,i have run out of my vast collection of smiles.

Then something happened that i never thought about,...a few tears dropped from his eyes,which,as i understood later,was the greatest achievement...!Crying is not a habit,it comes like a gift,and tears make him feel like a man.Even a wrinkled handkerchief in my hand was unnecessary,for he collected his tears like souvenirs.
Now,ask yourself ,when was the last time you cried....
Pure expectation without efforts and passion are like contours on the canvas waiting for someone else's hand to colorize them with his own dreamy crimson tint,or blacken,with shadows of a gloomy, patchy sky.

-Lost in selfishness,you might easily neglect another's life,assuming that everything goes by a proven path and order,and at the time of personal pain you learn that suffering and sorrow are not lonely case.All is about energy...
I can be bright or dark,joy or sadness,pretty or ugly.,...but i never come without invitation;take care of the ones you let walk in your life and from whom the goodness comes.

-Did i make a mistake?-i followed him.

-Would you ever think of yourself as being a mistake?-asked my wise companion.What you collect in yourself,holds you free and cheerful,or prisoned and miserable..a little universe;i am only an expression of your repressed desires and thoughts.!You have not been reasonable..

-I never go along with my reason!-my tone went splenetic.

-You called upon me,.....insanity or is your problem,not mine!

-I don't want to argue with you-i said in anger.

Next time,think twice before putting on airs!Leave arrogance behind, humility,kindness, modesty,compassion..,,,,goodness..

Stop,stop..!-i interrupted him to finish his thought.You dare to teach me about goodness?You,the one who only makes evil..

-I am your reflection,faint and shady..nothing but ENERGY to come back your way.If you are in trouble, WHISPER me,my dear....if faced with abstruse and esoteric phenomena,whisper ! Silence is the beginning and end.
For silence descends from inner self and tunes itself with the serenity of universe...for the most important things happen in the air,where colors proudly shed love and understanding,harmony and tranquility.They are subjected to the cosmic laws&principles and are older than creation.
All this defines your body and inner beauty..

-Everyone's aspiration is being beautiful...but,many forget a simple truth,that the finest attributes define how you look on the outside food to be absorbed,keeping your skin fresh and young- i sounded exciting.

-I admire you....first i think how brave you were to accept the challenge,recognized like inner whispering, then followed by faith,till the time you exposed yourself to the mystic and turbulent reality..

-I have always held to my strong feelings about the wholeness of space and an amazing view beyond the horizon,i loved them...
I also know,if you let your dreams spread hearty and unrestrained,they will reach their desirable destinations;whatever beauty you inherited at birth,it can't get you satisfied and admired unless you find yourself in deep contemplation,then nothing cheep and dirty from outside can endanger your accomplishment ..'cherish your beauty inside..

 -How lucky you are!The fact you met me made you stronger and capable of making your dream come true;you remained vigilant for everything,both good and know now,that 'miserable' and 'negligible' conceive magnificence.However your world seems beautiful,you are aware that you belong to the darkness,whence the most exciting changes come.Keep a distance wisely,and expect miracle secretly..

-If you call on the outer miracle,you must first find it in yourself'-my thrilling voice sounded like a  warble.

-You picked up amethystine particles,and applied an unearthly,princely coat to your face,to make you distinguished and polite among others.Happiness or craft,it is an eternal puzzle!

Then,with a beatific smile,he bode me farewell while moving away from me.
On the pathless and raspberry way i walked back to home,the moon abundantly poured its zircon load,and a while later,i began thinking of the uncertainty and easiness of the beauty around.

Far, far away, there is a beautiful Country which no human eye has ever seen in waking hours. Under the Sunset it lies, where the distant horizon bounds the day, and where the clouds, splendid with light and colour, give a promise of the glory and beauty which encompass it. Sometimes it is given to us to see it in dreams.
BRAM STOKER, "Under the Sunset"

Thank You!
"Artwork: © Kinuko. Y. Craft, All Rights Reserved

Kinuko Y. Craft is one of the most widely respected and well known fantasy artists in the United States today. She considers herself a story teller. Her past commissions have included paintings for the book covers of many well known fantasy authors, opera posters, fairy tale books and covers for many national magazines

Charles Hart, The Phantom of the Opera

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