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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Moon Saga-Four Silhouettes & A Farewell

"Once upon a time there was a lady.
She had no children, and no happiness either.
  And at first she cried for a long time,
but then she became wicked..." 
— Mikhail Bulgakov (The Master and Margarita)

The shadows don't shine,but when starlight fall across their bodies,they sparkle.

As i walked away,leaving the desert and mystic landscapes behind,i could not resist taking in a last view of the land to have hosted most unimaginable dreams.
There are plenty of abstruse and fantastic wonders i left behind,subtle and crafty like in my most vivid and arduous visions,raising doubts and lifting truths under the filigree layers.

Comparison between worlds is impossible...while your eye blinks trying to understand and love,on the other side someone already closed his eyes and kept dreaming .
There are different stages and views.A closer look reveals more,but loses its charm and beauty.A distant and spectacular shine is preferable,keeping me wrapped in mystic and eagerness;hence,i am trying to keep a distance with things i love,only being in a great love,i can afford myself luxury of the closeness.
Indulging in the beauty requires patience,under the surface it can be quite different..

Capturing and living the beauty of sights and words,spoken and unspoken,with eyes open or in sleeping vales while passion vibrates inside,waiting for a magical mo to explode and boast herself,taking up everything and everyone in serene expectancy.It is inevitable,whether you are on our earth or somewhere in the space,to begin and finish with love.
A lot of deals were plotted in this wonderful and gracious land,where birds tweet only when you call for them,recognizing one's right to decide about his own destiny.Regrettably,i was born on earth whose rules are quite different,when one's eye sees things the way they are not,for light and stories have traveled a long distance,,,,and so,along the way they changed their shapes and feelings.Somewhere, deep in these magical dunes,lies a prodigiousness of love,the birthplaces of our great and ardent love, exiled and despoiled of the mercy of Gods and doom to roam in circles and never fulfill itself again.
A true love is unconventional and breaks rigid rules;fructified in a baffling and rapturous idea to have seen many centuries,she portly resides in undefined and spotlessly splendid place.

Turned into turquoise lace,a late Summer's evening,escaped from jealous eyes,letting zeal prevails and inviting its lover to join him in a burning scarlet night.

We go back to the beginning of the story:

 "Artwork: © Kinuko. Y. Craft, All Rights Reserved

While rumen from the sky danced in the windows,and every house quietly prepared itself for a placid night,four dimly silhouettes walked over the roofs to perform an assigned task,following a secret mission.

The first one spoke:
-Misery and misery...what a shame being tasked to step on these sheer and rustic roofing shingles,.. such a doom..

A gurgling chuckle came from the opposite side-May all the Gods be glorified forever!I am endlessly enjoying this adventure,my dear Lord!

-What a waste of calling me Lord,while i can easy slip and fall on the ground,,,,eh,eh..I would give these long legs for a flat desert land hosting a scorpion to creep out of a sandy hole.

-You are the highest in your sphere of hierarchy..- first voice uttered again..-sweet and harsh at the same time,just like its owner and speaker,ambidextrous-it is my playful duty to be polite....

-Such an amazing amount of stupidities i can't stand-there came a shrill and poignant tone-two artless characters...who would even dare think of holding one's destiny in his own hands.You are just flattering each other..,nothing more;right now i can blow both of you away and send into nothingness...-death said.

The angelical face with sweet voice,directed her glittering eyes toward impolite and sardonic guest from another world,.-I bring love and happiness,and watch over people quietly and secretly,while your ghostly appearance and the way you take everyone into death is a constant threat....and some of them even believe in being privileged and having their fate postponed,....such a cruelty!

-Yes,but have another look at reality..the truth is that a man has evolved very little.-said devilish voice -.there are the same selfish,baffled,haughty,rough patterns of human behaviors;you can present them with a blissful moment of happiness,and again,they will not be able to make it last longer..and when something goes astray they usually mention my name..!!

-isn't it right?You grew from the same stem,with inner glow but turned into a sly and fretful appearance.., now you prescribe them delusive remedies.....-you will never find peace,that is your problem,damned and caught in madness and darkness for eternity,you hunt for a human soul,taking away the last hope of salvation from a man-melodic voice flickered.

-It is not my fault,it is simply a misunderstanding and ignorance of nature..spirit is stronger,and restless souls perform all the goodness and evil..i am not the only one..

-It is true -bloodless creature gesticulated-,but you are the one who can transform himself...,you can bring your memory back and learn to send shine,,,for a change..then,he returned his curiosity to the other figure..
First,tell me whom you call lord?He wasn't able to save his own life..his closest friends betrayed you believe in love and friendship after that?

-I know that many of you have doubts about me and the whole story....;despite the prevailing opinion,i am not obligate to persuade them.....make them believers..i am more like a most beautiful dream they lived once,and now they have a grasping hope to feel it again.Flowers of night,seducing and odorous, imagined only to lure and beautify sleepless nights,blooming in midnight,defying the quietness yet humble and obedient ,finding it most suitable for changing perspectives and hunting for perishing dreams.That is the time when the doors of hell opens and you can easily spot a light figure playing around your trembling shape and wrapping you with sparkling hope.I met a maid to frenetically knit her dreams around,unable to judge and choose right is doom,world of light is misleading you, leaving nothing but heavenly illusions and picturesque imaginary,while from time to time a flash of love hits you...uncanny and malicious creatures are constantly on your way,and the truest things you possess are your emotions and imaginations to save you from evil..,,,and grant you some happiness.-the speech left the lord breathless,however,he continued..
-A real life's experience packed with fortunes and misfortunes is what makes people is treasure of life!!Love is nectar,who doesn't understand it,can't change natural order...and everyone wishes for a wonder!

Love makes confusion and compel you to believe in this real life...the only time when the universe stops,and the lovers' sentiment is beyond dreams and imaginable light to shine everyone's face while light a candle in the church and kiss a holy icon.

-I am here to uphold and help a single soul handle every situation,bringing love into their lives...look at her to sleep without any idea who watches over you can clearly understand why everyone hides their emotions and the light they become naked and subject to envy..-added creaky devilish voice.

-So,will your pitiful soul find a way to help poor girl to still dream about her love and cherish hope?- a  spiteful voice from the lord came.
In reviving your dreams you can choose between light and darkness,...exposing to the light is easier,you can always turn your face to the sun and let it does everything for you;the same does a plant in the field....but,if you are on the track of shadows,then you must fight with demonic vigor to jealously hold the magic;there is something unknown even to satanic dwellers,...your inner strength and will power.

To live your dreams again,that is when your eyes escape spontaneously toward the sky,as you regain your faith and bad voices are calmed down.If you are favored by God then you are inevitably gripped in mystique,and dust enshrouds your shady memories;then,one day,moonlight grants your patience,for dreamers never hurry,shining the path and forcing evil to shamefully retire .

-First,i shall wait for the full moon,and its glow to shine her while sleeping....for generosity is lustrous and deprived from any pollution ..a spherical,golden shrine !And i need your assistance,if you agree..-the visitor of dusk pronounced.

They both gave their permissions and took a break until moon covered the wideness to erupt with its goriness.
We leave her now to sleep,while moon's torch lavishly spreads over the murky settings and covers her head with orange aura.

Our little and thin princess spend her final days of sorrow and unhappiness,fully unaware of what amazing things were going to happen....

A Writer's Notice

This is a farewell for now,i shall return to my first stories to improve them;still,i am not sure of adding a new chapter.
However,i began writing a new book.Thank you for visiting my blog ,for your love and appreciation.
There will be surprises,i believe so.

Mikhail Bulgakov
The Master And Margarita"But what can be done, the one who loves must share the fate of the one he loves."
— Mikhail Bulgakov (The Master and Margarita)

Is that vodka?" Margarita asked weakly.
The cat jumped up in his seat with indignation.
"I beg pardon, my queen," he rasped, "Would I ever allow myself to offer vodka to a lady? This is pure spirit!"
— Mikhail Bulgakov (The Master and Margarita)


Thank you:
Kinuko Y. Craft is one of the most widely respected and well known fantasy artists in the United States today.She considers herself a story teller.Her past commissions have included paintings for the book covers of many well known fantasy authors,opera posters,fairy tale books and covers for many national magazines.

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