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Monday, April 28, 2014

Moon Saga-Flowers In The Sky

"She said that she would dance with me if I brought her red roses,” cried the young Student; “but in all my garden there is no red rose.”
“Be happy,” cried the Nightingale, “be happy; you shall have your red rose. I will build it out of music by moonlight, and stain it with my own heart’s-blood. All that I ask of you in return is that you will be a true lover, for Love is wiser than Philosophy, though he is wise, and mightier than Power, though he is mighty."
The Nightingale and the Rose,
by Oscar Wilde

I give you an ecstatic gift of my soul,for she dwells among angels,and never looks behind.;it's only vicious minds to make fake promises and wrong decisions,already accustomed to obscurity of a distant and horrifying world,captured in the obscurity of lies and revenge,and accompanied by hate,envy and pathetic misery.A genuine gift is never given without a promise of fulfillment,and life is majestic experience if you live in harmony with the beauty of everlasting dreams;they are never lost,and for each one of them, premonitory,yet unfortunately missed or failed,there is another dream catcher.

I feel that i constantly change my perspectives,lasting and persistent like a hope,to open the crystal gates of adventurous but promising dreams to owe everyone who still walks in a child's shoes a wonderful tale.I can't afford to disappoint them,so it appears natural to follow my instinct and tell a different story,using an ancient language i am familiar with,known only to the birds,being faithful and loyal to their homeland.The enthusiasm of my cloud's friend proved that a smile is not an accident,but something to tackle one's expectations.....

-My solitary friend,i know that your mind hosts many spectacular stories,waiting to give comfort and joy to everyone who live in accordance with adamant belief that a fairy tale is someone else's dream..
Your imagination is an inexhaustible source to motivate everyone with sleeping illusions..-after a sigh,he added-It might surprise you,but i must say that all the imagery you borrowed from picturesque tales,is not sufficient to atone for your own ignorance and intolerance,...even to speak truths you will always face suspicions and false interpretations,subjected to fragility of belief and lack of courage;as you hope for more beautiful life,you graciously turn your head to the west when you go to sleep,and vivaciously open your eyes to the east in the morning,Anyway,time doesn't discern past collection of your symbolic and perfective memory from a spontaneous impression you have now,for it flows backward,making you grow older sooner than your dreams,,,,therefore,bring back your youngest dreams to rejuvenate your body and refresh your insatiable spirit every day.
I once knew a fair,comely girl to sprightly tell her tales and spread joy around,,.ah, it's a sad story!

-Nevertheless,i want to know,,,i was persistent,and he revealed a fragment of her life.


-Well,stay attentive ,..:she was growing up in the lilac valleys,surrounded by green wooded slopes and pastures,seemingly quiet and sleepy,yet haunted by restless creatures and engrossed in intriguing sorcery. Apart from an unpleasant,gruesome intuition to grasp her while looking at the nearby forest,she was quite unaware of sylvans to inhabit the woods verging on her family orchard;with little hazardous steps she tripped gaily across her fairy land,adopting it like a princess whose imagination predominates over her dreams. Everything under the sky was a GIFT,,she was only expected to blink her avid,jade green eyes in the sunlight stunned by outer natural arrangement and yield to its sensuality,or to graciously pick up hardy wildflowers in the modest meadows and taste delightful fragrance of mountain air,, enough for her to be happy.That is the way she understood her native land.As the years passed,her splendid impressions faded,attuned to discolored and dispelled maiden zeal and curiosity.Slowly,like a wild animal slinking toward its prey,a shade of doubt crept into the familiarity of things she felt intensely about.She eagerly recollected blissful days,spent sinlessly and freely,..and then she realized!She was grown up now,and understandingly,the world diminished in her eyes and lost pretty much its early charm and beauty.Oh,what sadness!Not only the impression about faces she randomly met,but even the lusty hues of the yearning nature changed unwillingly,adding more grayish days to her joyful life,,and consequently,she made a decision to escape;thankfully she got two pair of bluish wings and left the earth, flying into lighter realms,,you guess,she is the only friend i have here to visit me occasionally and make me think about her destiny every now and then...

-I sympathize with her,oh,i believe that she must have been happier now,,,and not saying anything more,i thought to myself that the same fate rushed to us,however, i knew as well ,that our happiest days were the same ones to have gone and we once felt about them being murky and tedious;as soon as we let silence prevail and glumness settle down,the reviving memory unleashes the savour of the lucid past which urgently harvests most of our lives,making illusion more beautiful than a pale life,,,

Accordingly,no reasonable creature would leave anything to chance!However,many of us pursue another fairy tale,,
At the same time,these new emotions carried us away,hence i returned to the beginning,, .
-It is so delicate subject that i am afraid of being mistaken for an unreasonable being,...all the tales and interpretations of our civilization are splendid reflection of most beautiful,guided dreams,they are our reward and pride, have eternity,we have dreams, ..yes, i know what you can say,but we live our dreams as we live our reality;whether it feels like a rustic and compromising milieu or an inspiring and romantic poetry, dreams are our companions,our greatest solace in loneliness and despair,..and when we are happy,then we give them away;.find me another creature in the universe to share his happiness with someone,still understanding that dreams are only the way to say goodbye forever!

Our uniqueness has a peculiar price,we are mortal and know natural sorrow and pain..

As he waited patiently to end my monologue,his eyes opened wide in pure amazement,and having acknowledged my words,they gave away blue sparkles,..

-When the first kingdom was born,there was nothing but a dazzling,astral snap,to illuminate an insatiable  dream,separate dawn from dusk and make them bewildered by the priority over one's wild and fantastic aspirations;the air resembled a dense and hazy,sterling silver bubble,wrapped in a laced-like,placid veil,and then one day,a random sparklet entered the crystalline space and disarranged the square;in all this confusion and roaring sounds,amidst the amaranth-red flare,there began to thrive a biotic organism,while changing its structural arrangement possessed by the primal gladness and loveliness,.unconsciously and unintentionally,a new world originated-after a short sigh, he looked at me fondly and continued-can you imagine what expectations define your planet and your world ?
-And can you imagine how wonderfully changeable is this world surrounded by mysterious and sensible matter,being the first reaction to thrilling and tender movements,and so tightly attached to spiritual source,ennobled and subtle,,,having been just a preview of the first sentiment to resonate in your heart.
,,,because the most beautiful feelings are timeless and speechless,they roam around and don't ask for permission,furious like a storm and fatal like the falling star,,,

-I can't give you an answer to resolve the entire mystery,.of course,no one expects that from me,and i can only talk about my feelings; i can't change turbulent stream of earthly generosity and misfortune for heavenly easiness and tranquility,hence i live with my belief and hopes,...nothing ends,so are my humble ambitions and perspectives,that miracle happens when i am greatly devoted to refining myself,engrossing all the spiritual splendour to cross themselves with the beauty of material nature.,, happiness landed a long time ago,but it differs,depending on one's outlook and sensibility-my voice sounded immaculate,..lofty and elated.

-You can reach even higher level of spiritual awareness than your original nature gives you,as body and mind are very transparent and sensitive,they tell you secrets if you are willing to listen and follow your predominant attributes,...and everyone is gifted more than he believes.
The secret is in your heart,..Love is like magic....invisible,hard to understand,yet enchanting to grab you with the strength of its transformation.SHE is more powerful than imagination for it absorbs immeasurable passion,amazing intuition,hunting dreams,and reminiscence of suffering and sorrow,.. ..,,.all from both sides of Universe!

-Wait,wait..-i shouted-you said :both sides of Universe"...hmm,i am suspicious...

Love flourished soon after first tears fell on the earth long ago,and since then,she dwells in every single entity,live and illusive,material and spiritual,as personification of one's eternal dream to find home and love again.-he uttered it with a melodic tone.
Amazed at his words,i could hardly focus on his response-There is nothing strange,there is one mirror,but two different interpretations,illusion and reality,reason and sensibility,love and hate,male and still doubt?Why would our universe keep any secret and a testimony unrevealed?Every moment a new explosion shines the sky,and if you are careful watcher and sly you can make all the universe conspire with you.,,
to change your destiny!
It is your fortune and challenge to let shadowy obsession master you,after you have gone through a fantastic accident, a double helix of senseless but flattering coincidences,a dramatic play of fateful decisions,dawn of light and zeal,twilight of fears and horrors,night of venture and spells,,..just dare to find that predominant dream in yourself,and turn your vision into magnificent and rhapsodic scenery!There are plenty of mysteries our there,and everyone has a chance to explore them and improve his mental faculties,as well as the way an organism responds to vital and circulating fluid;body and mind are diligent receptors,accumulating and refining the energetic flame to come from all over the space,...neither your life is confined to earthly perspectives nor your sense of isolation prevents you from growing beyond primerose sins to corrupt your happiness;conquer your fears of the unknown,disregard passing untruths,yet respect ashen letters to depict weird experiences,helping you improve your inner self ,..your swollen body and furious nature are tempted by cursed,demonic and ghostly remains.

-Oh,whatever to happen,i am prepared;having conquered unpredictable fears to spring from my weird nature,i made it clear stage for yet unfinished dreams and promises resting under silver branches of the tree to accompany a holy night,.,i feel my life spins finest colors,captured in a rapturous singularity of random and intelligent changes.

I know everyone awaits a prophetic rendezvous,wondering how to get there..

-It is a process of learning and purification...polishing your hearty and ardent spirit to shine like the brightest stars...we are your waymarks,we teach how life can be a wonderful fairy tale,just remind yourself of forgotten verse and lost slipper...-he said in a feeble,soft voice.

-Hah..i know that one!-i interrupted him-it is about Cinderella!,,.however,i have few additional,spectacular stories to raise my spirit,enough,to keep me vigilant,.

-So,it is truth,like you it or not,i am that generous friend to send all those beautiful,mindful gifts to your little friends on earth!
Think again,why are you still convinced that your love can be saved and a dream rewritten?

,..there are things and situations you stubbornly refuse to believe,but life surprises you many a time,,,; freeing yourself from antique superstitions and restrains advances your personal freedom and the intensity of your expectations,. i repeat this again and again:
-Let your spirit carry you wherever your contemplations land,and hold you firmly to your premonitions whenever you doubt.Spirit originates from beautiful and astonishing spheres,it is nothing but the finest,natural and purest cosmic energy,whose source is still a mystery,,.and i bravely harmonized my raw intuition with inner grow stronger,being my servants and cleaning all outrageous,infernal influence.There is no prejudice in the magnificence of creation,as the whole universe is a perfect,harmonic impression,in which the past and the future become ridiculous,as well as a man's memory.

whereas,the body is superficially attached to rudeness and graceless of the soil,but again there is a cluster of inspiring thoughts,unfolding their wings freely in the infinity,along with your curiosity and passion to achieve more than it is predictable-a subtle voice you see,out there is everything possible!-he shouted cheerfully, with an eyebrow raised.

--I expect a nocturnal shower of sparkling gifts for my friends,who have unreasonably abandoned their hopes in a wrong hour;their noblest sensuality courts heavenly dreamers,therefore they can be tricked so easily,,,

-I am not a Selfish Giant,i always fulfill everyone's desire,unless i have flown far away...,,there are few gardens invented only for dreamers whose inner life and sublime sensibility are not commonly apprehended, and whose dreams surpass everything known to a plain skyline's watcher,..,,,

-I know that one about Selfish Giant,'you are very kind to mention it!

-Please tell your fantastic little friends,to expect me as soon as Sun says farewell to all intimate,green and colorful landscapes,and trees become naked and gray...for now,they can freely live their curiosity and believe in every legendary creature, is so easy for them while turning over their pillows as the way they practice first magic,I pledged to convey their whispering messages and make them feel endlessly inspired for lifetime; unlike adults,they have greater susceptibility to the invisible and believe without restrain,then their curiosity finds mystical wideness and miracles that reasonable man remembers during plush-like,romantic nights.Your sincere and pure self devotion is able to unveil amazing talents,roaring and hilarious reflections clustered in the hidden skies,as soon as you let your thoughts and hopes soar. Hence you believe when everyone else has their visions already lost,and youthful spells forgotten.

-I am sure that this prologue will be persuasive enough for them to raise self awareness of giantlike spirituality within themselves,staying restlessly motivated by coherently bond sights and reflective,cursed dreams to hold them to primal child's impressions and sentiments;they are source of portentous achievements,-my exalting tone spread a purple flowery scent.- in my flawless,early age,i felt a dominant portent that i nurtured in myself like a most devoted icon,mystical and fascinating,to keep us vigilant and eager for the most unexpected.;and now i have my youth prolonged.Then there was an episode in my life when i learned to live with unspoken and obscure incentives to my spirit, bringing a fuzzy atmosphere and imposing a strange sentiment upon me.

-Yes,human persistence is astonishing,. .however,there is an inborn faculty to negate generosity of ethereal property,a divine,spiritual virtue,which makes them susceptible to disbelief in the power of dreams;anyway one can always pick up a scrap of the sky,and make a wish...that is how a child collects his own dreams, a little by little to beat any doubt and live his own fantastic reality to the fullest.Children's love is spontaneous, understanding intuitive,thus it portrays a wish being of spiritual origin and fearless;they act wisely,for love and happiness are alike,they come in an instant,,,

Gustaf Tenggren
Gustaf Adolf Tenggren (November 3, 1896 – April 9, 1970) was a Swedish-American illustrator.

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”
 ― Paulo Coelho The Alchemist


"Death is a great price to pay for a red rose“, cried the Nightingale, "and Life is very dear to all. “ It is pleasant to sit in the green wood, and watch the Sun in his chariot of gold, and the Moon in her chariot of pearl. Sweet is the scent oft he hawthorn, and sweet are the bluebells that hide in the valley, and the heather that blows on the hill. Yet Love is better than Life, and what is the heart of a bird compared to the heart of a man? "
— Oscar Wilde

To be continued
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I republish the third sequel to Moon Saga and i will do the same to the others,while a few of them will look quite different.Thank you for constant interest in my writing and sharing your impressions with everyone who feels a bit happier after reading and leaving this blog.It is all about preparing my manuscript for publishing, both e-book and print book.
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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Moon Saga-Fantastic Travel 2

''When he shall die,
Take him and cut him out in little stars,

And he will make the face of Heaven so fine
That all the world will be in love with night,
And pay no worship to the garish sun.''
 — William Shakespeare (Romeo and Juliet) 


We have always lived our competitions,because we have them written in our genetic codes,being marvelously harmonized with serenity of nature to stir,and fed on our difference and originality.To fully understand ourselves,we need to adjust our views of the outer world to inner flow of spiritual energy longing to merge itself with the finest,ambrosial substance from which the whole universe has sprung and grown its dreams.To think different and be original is deeply seeded in us,and seemingly, the way we compensate for our weakness as we live secluded from the outer space;it appears that everything worth admiration is only a dream left by those who raised their eyes to the sky,..and yet, some of the past unforgettable stories and poems,or a masterpiece of art are remarkable reminiscences.....

--It is very nice observation,my dear lonely girl,,..i look at all your MIRACLES with respect and adoration...there are wonderful achievements to surpass all natural beauties i see around,and i see more than you...-said my heavenly friend.

My naughty nature responded again-but you are not jealous,and you don't feel must be because you are the only one here,and you never learned what having rivalry looks like.

-Your pride is not surprising...having been far away from you for a long time,i expect now to know more about your weird nature.Your loneliness and loveliness are subtle afterglow of your distinct nature;as you gradually begin to know yourself,you grow your mind's capabilities,absorbing spherical,pure and lifting energy,to crown your life with overall areal fluctuation,feeling the flush of seductiveness to spread across the vastness during magnificent,starry nights;the quietness makes your way as you use all your talents and gifts bestowed on you,..

-I know that words preceded everything,both good and bad,however,everyone should be cautious,..if the words were spoken too early or too late,they could be fatal,for it requires the right time to be recognized by someone; sometimes,we wait the whole life to get such a recognition...and again,i forget that earthly life is not valued properly, seen from above,all we have is an eternal craving for the stars,...-then a bliss in my voice followed-
Now i know,as i know myself,that every girl longs for a magical treat..and knowing them,i can't resist taking advantage of a chance to get something unique..for a GIFT is everlasting expectation from the heavens.

-Unless you want to stay with me,what can i offer you?Wouldn't you like to show your greatness while descending into earthly sobriety and hardness?-then,he added:
I have learned this long time ago:besides humans to occupy the earth,this world is haunted by another humanoid species,named Myrtles,..these hooded shadows remain concealed unless a fantastic love disturbs the realms of our universe and lovers feel stunned by mighty emotions,whereas every man knows a difference between light and darkness;he is in a hurry when the first crowing permeates heaven at the break of dawn, but as soon as alarming and diluted dusk falls,he thinks slower and changes the rhythm of his steps.
Then,as the visible world disappears,everyone becomes mystic and believes in unnatural things.Hence,a whir at midnight calls on the caution,for it becomes easy to mistake a shy step for a horrific and ghostly appearance, a knock on the door for a savage visitor,,...only,it is love to grow stronger,for her felicity and virgin appeal,correspond to such a nocturne atmosphere,coated with sublime,cobalt blue expectations,along with natural lanterns to change our attitudes,as we feel that we are not alone.And people still don't know the secret of eternal life,they are mortal and live in hope to reach their dreams.-he said with a quaint sigh of regret.
But death alone is not salvation,it is a solitary dreamer,seeking for familiarity,just like you;out of our sights and being energized steadily inside of you,there is an everlasting youth,complying with your inner nature.As you brought refreshing melancholy into my life,i shall do something very unusual and magnificent,.. that is why i decided to turn drops of sadness into wonderful gems for you...isn't it something an earthly girl expects along with natural gifts to make her a beauty?
And it is not undeserved,for your body is graced with strange and finest refinement,while your mind is able to feel overall sensation,making you self contained,, belong to cosmic realms more than earthly world and people.

Thankfully,i cited-From a story to repeat itself since the primeval times i learned that a gift is heavenly invention sent on the earth to teach people about act of gracefulness and gratefulness;if all that they desire were fulfilled at once,they would forget how to rejoice,to live with loving heart and hope forever,,
i shall pass the knowledge on my friends.Misunderstanding is a common issue between us and our angelic and ethereal ancestors,as they sway to the light when darkness falls upon us,and in-between we have so little to say each other,we forget fast and hardly forgive one another.
I knew it was just a consolation to us while neglecting our beautiful spherical side of nature-to shine from inside and long for the likeness in everyone and everything around;however i embraced the offer,for i didn't want to show how pompous i became all of a sudden.
-I can't leave my relatives on earth so humiliated and in ignorance,, pain after another and they will find themselves;i accept that not everyone is born with the same talents,that suffering is different as well as our ability to feel happy;while you dream of love,someone else's hate plots against you,and so,everything begins anew,and you look for new love,while old pictures rest in mystique of the years to rush past. 

Human intelligence and intellectual giftedness will secure our existence,in any form and regardless of cosmic turbulent and mighty nature;we are both hallowed and hellish composite after all!

A long time ago a spear changed one man's primal visions,and during the three hours of agony,his soreness broke the silence of the air,nevertheless,he stayed faithful to us and accepted his fate,..such a gentleness and affection i felt while being covered with a wondrous dress,puffy and sheer,made of foamy and radiant fabric,tailored in silky,soft,and capricious surrounding;then,i politely added a pinch of starry brilliance, for i trained myself to steadily consume all the luxury of a splendid space.

And an inborn vanity and arrogance followed me on my way,along with bleary dreams,confirming that expectations and visions are not in dissonance with everlasting nature to inspire and call on miracles.

The Poems
Emily Dickinson
—“A word is dead.”
'A word is dead when it is said, some say, I say it just begins to live that day. '
Emily Dickinson

the quotation
Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet

To be continued
A Notice

I republish the second sequel to Moon Saga and i will do the same to the others,while a few of them will look quite different.Thank you for constant interest in my writing and sharing your impressions with everyone who feels a bit happier after reading and leaving this blog.It is all about preparing my manuscript for publishing, both e-book and print book.
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