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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Moon Saga-Whisper Me,My Dear

“Slowly, gently night unfurls its splendor. Grasp it, sense it, tremulous and tender. Turn your face away from the garish light of day, turn your thoughts away from cold, unfeeling light, and listen to the music of the night... Close your eyes and surrender to your darkest dreams, purge your thoughts of the life you knew before. Close your eyes, let your spirit start to soar, and live, as you never lived before!”

Charles Hart, The Phantom of the Opera


We can't separate our lives from the cosmic influence and envisioning.The ultimate happiness floats amidst pearly and gracious clouds,but truth lies beyond the skyline;nevertheless we are messengers, ephemeral host of fluctuating energy with a gift to evolve.
Lonely and sparkling stars baffle us,making we believe without questioning;dying stars confuse our senses to mistake death for life,and our bodies for gold dust bathing in moonshine,while we keep on living our illusions in a blear perception,and dreaming a splendour of reality.

I don't know myself unless i draw inspiration from the moonlight and the sprinkling of sunlight to shine me with bliss and eagerness.Looking up at the beautiful sky and walking figures to find comfort in soft and cottony shapes,i constantly fill myself with miraculous freshet of happiness.Even on a misty morning, light reaches me from the obscurity,strangely,but in harmony with my aspirations and sensibility.I am aware that reason imposes a line between real hope and fantasy,but again,an experience from childhood,taught me that it was not followed by the diary of sheer and clear perspectives but rather accompanied by shady and dark silhouettes.Therefore i never neglect some rusty and isolated stations,something i have always been attracted to,seemingly hopeless,yet wisely assuming that one's strong will and devotion can be miraculous.

Sparkling and velvet particles give away their noblest and purest features,in a playful jet around the axis. Then,one day, if you are patient and love yourself,you can transform your body into beautiful and refined primordial dust.

The fountain looks at itself in the icy crystal reflection,there are two faces,one is vivid and serene, radiating with joy,and the other,frosty and smooth watcher of diabolic and bemused spirits among us who are possessed by frantic passion and bewildered.The past and present are crucified on the cross, and the only certainty is hopeful and prosperous future.Stay vigilant at midnight when dreams exhilarate to meet you,it is short-lived,but the reach is stupendous.Emptiness doesn't exist,only coldness and warmth,and your misleading attitudes and beliefs.

Artwork: © Kinuko. Y. Craft, All Rights Reserved

-In fact,there is no great mystery,not as such that you might expect in your's all in a variety of different views...!-said my tricky companion.

-I let the will dominates my nature,the way i act and think,moreover,there is a primeval energy within me,making my will grow stronger,to surmount all psychological limitations and restraints as determinant patterns of consciousness,rising beyond routine and recognizable environment,when it becomes misty and filled with its mystical habitants.And i realized,along the way,that being accustomed to unrefined manners and rigid thinking,a great accomplishment,offends people.

-Next time,make them impressionable,..for a sudden success hurts.On many occasions,you can find yourself performing everyday activities in a storm of passion,when there is no time for appreciation,and you feel betrayed.Oh,my dear,give me as much turbulent energy as you can!Many a year of predominant memories in my life leaving me forgettable for the others..and you still believe that i lost the power to distinguish good from bad...?

-I dare say,in the mixture of all psychical and spiritual forces to show off their strength across the space,you are often caught in the frame of mistaken thoughts and inexperienced dreams,where unsated and restless hunters find the gates to reach you.Perhaps,it is the only way the worlds in universe can survive,stealing from us even the last hope that we can change direction of the wheel while drawing the lines of life and death;and between them are our quivering dreams and spanking illusions.We are prisoners of our existence and eternal dreamers of the universe,representing all that the wide expanse gives us in a form of eternal life.Regardless of which side of the globe we live and fall asleep on,good and evil will always follow us.....and the final darkness is not salvation.

-Are you thinking of salvation,stupid girl!..something like that doesn't exist!And you hope to win death?

For a moment i believed it,but twinkling light behind him,made a different perspective...and of course, i stood silent.There is something absorbing within me,an inborn heritage with pictorial inner knowledge and intuition to prevail.
Every so often you think how there is nothing more for your curious mind and aspiring spirit to explore,you find yourself forging a brilliant idea in the morning.

-I bet all the wisdom has a form of delusion that universe delivered,following its own confusion and painful jolts;move an ethereal wave,and you will challenge a row of disrupting thoughts to haunt you,hitting right in your mind..-the center of all forthcoming,more like diabolic infusions;then,you usually think:it is a devil's work!Blame me,hapless,little creature!Blame me whenever you feel an intensity of distress and disillusion!-it was the furious moment to pour out all his angriness.

The likenesses of him never give you a chance to respond,they just leave their impressive messages,and us to search for the essence,that the sender alone is privy to.

Existence,as you know it,is seldom a way into the future;between sleeping past and roaring future,it feeds itself by borrowing from the past,and holding universe's habitants in blackness while a wandering star passes by, to enlighten you for a moment.We can't see inside the Sun,but the hidden energy warms us and ignites our eagerness,a lesson to teach us,that secretly stored desires and dreams are the most powerful and influential in our lives.

-Are your memories inviting and enticing?However,they fade,don't they?Because you are the time consumers,focused on broad expectations following  your days,months and years;..but,in terms of space,it is nothing.So, you will forever cheat yourself,trying to catch the right time to do something.... so foolish!Some of the brightest moments still stay resistant to oblivion...what do they look like now? a farewell to happiness and stunning dreams,don't they?The most beautiful thing about creation is illusion..that is all you have!True happiness is beyond reality....

-I shall never give up on my premonitions and beliefs;besides,there is natural beauty i see around, rooted in the earth or flattering in the air,along with two glowing balls in the sky to constantly play a tricking role,causing us to descend into fascinating illusionary,merging with the shadows of another life,and then,in the dawn,slowly begin to accommodate to rustic scenery around,when only the light seems promising....even to be so,and memories fade,there will be a new day and the sun to rise again.. , ...Thank you for the light!

-I have no choice..i am used to darkness,only now and then i find a lovely soul,it is your grace and beauty to make me feel respected and i asking too much of you?-i heard a heartfelt voice.

His hilarious words touched me and shamefully filled inside with tenderness and sympathy-No,no,my 'poor' friend,you see how strangely things change soon you employ feelings.Suffering is too expensive,and i always have a smile saved for someone in need,because after a little while,i have run out of my vast collection of smiles.

Then something happened that i never thought about,...a few tears dropped from his eyes,which,as i understood later,was the greatest achievement...!Crying is not a habit,it comes like a gift,and tears make him feel like a man.Even a wrinkled handkerchief in my hand was unnecessary,for he collected his tears like souvenirs.
Now,ask yourself ,when was the last time you cried....
Pure expectation without efforts and passion are like contours on the canvas waiting for someone else's hand to colorize them with his own dreamy crimson tint,or blacken,with shadows of a gloomy, patchy sky.

-Lost in selfishness,you might easily neglect another's life,assuming that everything goes by a proven path and order,and at the time of personal pain you learn that suffering and sorrow are not lonely case.All is about energy...
I can be bright or dark,joy or sadness,pretty or ugly.,...but i never come without invitation;take care of the ones you let walk in your life and from whom the goodness comes.

-Did i make a mistake?-i followed him.

-Would you ever think of yourself as being a mistake?-asked my wise companion.What you collect in yourself,holds you free and cheerful,or prisoned and miserable..a little universe;i am only an expression of your repressed desires and thoughts.!You have not been reasonable..

-I never go along with my reason!-my tone went splenetic.

-You called upon me,.....insanity or is your problem,not mine!

-I don't want to argue with you-i said in anger.

Next time,think twice before putting on airs!Leave arrogance behind, humility,kindness, modesty,compassion..,,,,goodness..

Stop,stop..!-i interrupted him to finish his thought.You dare to teach me about goodness?You,the one who only makes evil..

-I am your reflection,faint and shady..nothing but ENERGY to come back your way.If you are in trouble, WHISPER me,my dear....if faced with abstruse and esoteric phenomena,whisper ! Silence is the beginning and end.
For silence descends from inner self and tunes itself with the serenity of universe...for the most important things happen in the air,where colors proudly shed love and understanding,harmony and tranquility.They are subjected to the cosmic laws&principles and are older than creation.
All this defines your body and inner beauty..

-Everyone's aspiration is being beautiful...but,many forget a simple truth,that the finest attributes define how you look on the outside food to be absorbed,keeping your skin fresh and young- i sounded exciting.

-I admire you....first i think how brave you were to accept the challenge,recognized like inner whispering, then followed by faith,till the time you exposed yourself to the mystic and turbulent reality..

-I have always held to my strong feelings about the wholeness of space and an amazing view beyond the horizon,i loved them...
I also know,if you let your dreams spread hearty and unrestrained,they will reach their desirable destinations;whatever beauty you inherited at birth,it can't get you satisfied and admired unless you find yourself in deep contemplation,then nothing cheep and dirty from outside can endanger your accomplishment ..'cherish your beauty inside..

 -How lucky you are!The fact you met me made you stronger and capable of making your dream come true;you remained vigilant for everything,both good and know now,that 'miserable' and 'negligible' conceive magnificence.However your world seems beautiful,you are aware that you belong to the darkness,whence the most exciting changes come.Keep a distance wisely,and expect miracle secretly..

-If you call on the outer miracle,you must first find it in yourself'-my thrilling voice sounded like a  warble.

-You picked up amethystine particles,and applied an unearthly,princely coat to your face,to make you distinguished and polite among others.Happiness or craft,it is an eternal puzzle!

Then,with a beatific smile,he bode me farewell while moving away from me.
On the pathless and raspberry way i walked back to home,the moon abundantly poured its zircon load,and a while later,i began thinking of the uncertainty and easiness of the beauty around.

Far, far away, there is a beautiful Country which no human eye has ever seen in waking hours. Under the Sunset it lies, where the distant horizon bounds the day, and where the clouds, splendid with light and colour, give a promise of the glory and beauty which encompass it. Sometimes it is given to us to see it in dreams.
BRAM STOKER, "Under the Sunset"

Thank You!
"Artwork: © Kinuko. Y. Craft, All Rights Reserved

Kinuko Y. Craft is one of the most widely respected and well known fantasy artists in the United States today. She considers herself a story teller. Her past commissions have included paintings for the book covers of many well known fantasy authors, opera posters, fairy tale books and covers for many national magazines

Charles Hart, The Phantom of the Opera

Copyright ©Moon Saga*part8

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