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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Secret of Youth Part II

Continued from previous part...
" -If you listened to me carefully,you should be aware of past souls to walk
in dreams.. ...they don't like daylight and never give themselves up before
the darkness.It is lesson from last time,about beauty.....

-So,it seems everything has own order,regardless of being live or dead!

-It may sound astonishing but it is the very truth.-a man's power lies in his ability to receive and hold everything in own consciousness,and make it a source of the fulfillment of all desires.

MIND is the greatest secret,yet unknown to a man as a whole.All the world you keep in your mind,and everything is possible.
But it needs peace and love too.

As soon as you get yourself in the condition of serene mind everything around you becomes jubilant and dances its true color...

The Rainbows

There is something i miss here..-You said colored,but i didn't see the hues of my joy and is hidden,wisest way....of course.......

-It is light to hide its colors and only in the moments of greatest happiness makes an appearance in outer world..... you see it like a rainbow;your mind does the is the waves and you can't see them,they live on another frequency.

You say light,but .....soon i said that,it reached my reason that it is mind to have own colors,so i can feel ......  ....there is no difference of being night or day.

-It is your aura..radiance around your whole being!Every one of us radiate;it is enough to make a contact with somebody,and regardless of being near or far away,you can feel their radiance.If one make you uncomfortable then it appears that such person has abundant negativity.....look for others to match your level of awareness and stay with them..

-You speak about "power of mind",i practiced on my own...i can direct my thoughts to something or someone;sometimes there might be a negative wave,which is not good,i constantly think of that and how to help myself staying healthy.
-Harmony is about matching energies-isn't?

-All the nature lives in a harmony,and humans make lots of unfortunate events by sending their negative impulses around.
I kept thinking about the flower and the smell i felt,and it was very interesting for me to know more.It caught the attention of my friend very soon.-Flower as a living being is able to receive our it can be an answer on the signals you send.

I remembered a time when i was lost in some kind of obscurity,which misled me into recognizing the clarity between worlds...

-Madness is just a state of confusion...too much thinking and too much negativity..that is why it has been painted with lots of striking colors...

I immediately thought of Vincent Van Gogh and his madness to bring him into making the most attractive colors ever...

-An artist is the gifted man to see more than ordinary is the colors coming from his soul to make him paint own feelings.
Though they are only the is the glory of God to shine over enchanting landscapes,mountains,rivers and all the rest beautiful views around the world.

And i myself while writing seems to be just a least i am trying to use such a grandiose will and make something more than an ordinary life offers me.

To approve the meaning of our journey i asked permission to perform magic and put some color on a strange flower that we walked by.I lent some of a purple hue from a nearby flower already painted,and scattered on its fragile body..What a surprise!It was my lilac,favorite flower!Someone before me took his chance and painted my lilacs!I was thinking about the lilacs in my village i love the most,where i grew up surrounded with the trees and that lovable picture became an everlasting memory.I loved its seducing smell and beautiful purple petals,and began to trust how someone made them purple because of me!Nothing happens by accident,and again everything happens by accident!

Water Lilies Red

Even while going through an unrecognizable and murky world,some prior warmth transmitted itself and brought my lovely memories.What a love can do!
I was very happy and thankful for the chance to paint the flower of my youngest days.
Never miss a chance of making a wonder around!

Now i know you think of most loved and most beautiful flowers.Competition!That was next idea i got!My wise friend stole my thought-In LOVE there should not be competition!Love is not supposed to be a subject of should just love someone without making rivals..Love is such a serene and noble feeling,it doesn't deserve being insulted!
If you make it the field of a game,then there is no genuine love,or you have no respect and knowledge of the truest and most precious gifts on Earth.

Imagine what would happen if the whole nature started a contest!Go into meadow and look around many wonderful flowers to grow!Crimson roses,Blue Daisy,Water Lily which gained its fame from the paintings of Claude Monet,seducing and charming Viola,white-yellow Narcissus,Iris,named after the Goddess Iris-Rainbow,orchids in all imaginable colors..,.......

-They don't fight but simply find and keep a place for themselves...a wild rose growing lonely on limestone or sand dunes,saves its beautiful shape and scent.It learns us even more,about how to stay beautiful and in love,while being alone.It looks into the Sun to feed its body,and during the nights talks to the Moon ...some of Moon's dreams fall on its petals and keep them in love until the next dream.

I learned from the Moonlight to let love come into my dreams.They keep me being loved and blessed till i fall in love again.


Spectral Colors

Newton first used the word spectrum (Latin for "appearance" or "apparition") in print in 1671 in describing his experiments in optics.
Newton divided the spectrum into seven named colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet

The visible spectrum is the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that is visible to (can be detected by) the human eye. Electromagnetic radiation in this range of wavelengths is called visible light or simply light. A typical human eye will respond to wavelengths from about 390 to 750 nm

Disks of Newton


Water Lilies Red
by Claude Monet 1914

"My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece...."
"It took me time to understand my waterlilies. I had planted them for the pleasure of it; I grew them without ever thinking of painting them"....Quote by Claude Monet.

The Rainbows,El Pardo
by Joaquin Sorolla 1907
Joaquin Sorolla

Disks of Newton
by Frantisek  Kupka

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