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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Secret of Youth

I assume that LOVE was born with coloring the living world.A simple explanation comes from our strongest emotions we feel while being in love,which become lost as the time flies.Then a place where we have been together,or a thing we shared,has not that seducing and magical meaning anymore.....resembling some colors to have fainted,and turned themselves into pale compositions..
It was love to beget a beautiful color and give the sense to everything.

The way i have prepared myself,was excellent point to start out a new voyage with my friend.
-Never look behind in order to bring back the same emotions about some past times and places,they forgot about themselves and lost previous smell and taste-he said wisely as he did when we talk about serious things.
-What if i can't let some memories go of me?

-Just hope for another color,previous one has certainly lost its glow.The whole Earth breathes through the great agony to renew itself,by giving births to new lives and saying farewell to old ones.
Love and thirst of knowledge will never die,and people endlessly strive for new truths and loves.

It feels great -i thought about my writing to never bore my readers....and was good for my confidence in writing;as soon as i start something new it would become a beautiful story for i brought it into the life together with you.

The Time of The Lilacs

-There is a constant mistake about us,by always longing for everything to be as we please...but things come and happen in the same way as energy of the Universe moves around.-my wise friend said "us" i am very thankful for that.

-Is it an accident to determinate what the colors to put on yourself and how to paint your everyday life?
Can you choose one to be dominant?

-I know you still dream about the love you had once ..what happened?-a voice of tenderness came from Wizard.

-The greatest and happiest event in my life i was not able to keep alive ..There was too much happiness,too much perfection,..i couldn't stand such an abundance..a human weakness...and a lesson we never learned from the nature,to simply show off our talents and beauty without fears and envy;that is why we take pains and sorrow better than happiness.
we spoiled ourselves alone...we did that,we don't need to search for another being to blame.

-When love is lost,it opens vibrating gates for underground creatures to hunt for our souls and walk into our lives.It is easier for them to come to us,for an abundance of feelings,becomes food for such invisible visitors coming from the darkness.

-It appears with the loss of energy-my conclusion followed,and presumed his answer-Does it mean that all our faults influence the Earth?

-Think of that like negative energy,once collected and erupted from dissatisfaction.

-You mean about volcano,of course..

-Volcano is the suffering of the Earth,like an endless circle of births and deaths,and renewing the whole Universe.But the condition of our body and mind is an easy target for every creature to lurk from the gloom.Being healthy and with bright mind,you are strong and radiate the LIGHT,which frightens them.And light is LOVE .....just to remind you...
Enemy searches for your weakness,and whenever you hate yourself it is an open appeal for troubles ...

-How to get my love back?-i returned to my feelings,being aware that such a visitor played its role in my love,a long time ago/and i really hated myself in that time,but i didn't say anything more/ -Can anyone help me,or maybe i should ask silent demons to make it for me?

-You can wait for a hundred years some things to happen,and they will never be....unless you go to meet them.
So clever,so wise...i thought,and as every wisdom to speak its truth,remains in silence.

Suddenly i felt the scent of the flowers.....
and looked into the eyes of my sweet friend.;there was a confirmation of our magical whisperings,for if you didn't know we whispered,in order not to wake up all the little malicious souls..
-Your tenderness and craving brought to life another sort of flowers..being fed with your love it opened itself to the world.

It is amazing!Imagine,i can make new kind of flower by simply wishing for it;love is by itself a strong desire to breathe new life into everything,or dress something into new robes.
It matters for all the process of renewing the world and us together with animals ...all the living world.
I was all about Youth and most desired and magnificent secret of staying young forever!
-bring your best state of mind into life and you have just renewed own organism,cells of your body and mind are refreshed ...and now look at yourself in the mirror ,you will see how you look much younger!
What a precious secret i give away for free!

My wisest friend had an answer ready for me:-What you give,is included in the whole progress you make in self improvement.There must not be any fake thought,any attempt to cheat!Do everything with genuine heart and without restraint!

Of course,love assumes pure heart and honest approach.Jump of happiness now!By means of love you are able to rejuvenate yourself every day...the more love,the youngest you!

-Even more,-said my friend-you can change the world by making new lives and turning existing ones into new form.It is your chance to make some things happen as you please.A lazy and decrepit mind is an issue,not only for an individual, than for all the Universe....yes, laziness is great obstacle for a human being to make more dreams come true.

Martin Johnson Heade-Cattleya Orchid and Three Brazilian Hummingbirds
Orchid and Three Hummingbirds

-As you mention dreams,should i be careful about bringing my real habits and thinking into them?I know that some intensive thoughts i have during the day come into my dreams the same night.

Dreams are very powerful...a dream can make you fall in love with someone-i knew,your first thought was about love..with a smile whispered Wizard.
You should be careful whom to neglect in reality,and let them come into someone else's dream..
Being able to catch everything to happen on the both side of our reality and in each time's dimension,dreams don't recognize whether a soul is from life or death...It is only we to make a difference,and confusion happens in dream..that is how you can speak to and love someone while sleeping.

It seems so gracious,and next time when i have my dreams colored with love,i shall know that a darling missed her lover and forgot how to love
-Dreams are our ally as well;someone you loved might be protective in your dream.

Once again i got a chance to show off myself-But there is a difference between dreams of night and day.
I can't remember i ever had a nice dream during my daily rest.

-If you listened to me carefully,you should be aware of past souls to walk in dreams.. ...they don't like daylight and never give themselves up before the darkness.It is lesson from last time,about beauty.....

The Time of The Lilacs
by Sophie Gengembre Anderson

"Orchid and Three Hummingbirds"
by Martin Johnson Heade /1819-1904/

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