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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Shining Beauty

If the genius of invention were to reveal to-morrow the secret of
immortality, of eternal beauty and youth, for which all humanity is aching,
the same inexorable agents which prevent a mass from changing suddenly its
velocity would likewise resist the force of the new knowledge until time
gradually modifies human thought
Nikola Tesla

We usually ponder over the mystery of our origin or how to unveil the secret of eternal youth,but it appeared to me an attractive hunting for the source of beauty.I know it is one of hardest mystery to unveil,and i don't think i can go through it,unless you count a bit of inspiration and possible beautiful reading.
First, there is a dilemma about the meaning of beauty:is it outer appearance to catch someone's attention,or it is more inner glamour to seduce people around?
To me,it is 'strangeness' of my being to puzzle most,followed by earliest feeling i had about myself.So,it is not weird that i look into the space for answers,along with my intuition and imagination to drive me...
Of course my magical friend was with me...

Since i miss warm and sunny days,my first thought went to Sun's glory.I love being shined inside and outside...everyone and everything look more beautiful while being lightened.

-Sun is so beautiful and majestic,and main reason we are not allowed to look into it!-i let some mystery flow around...

-Being human is not easy task,you need to overcome personal vanity and confess that there are more beautiful things around,than you are.Although,making comparison between Sun and human is not serious and adequate...unless you take into consideration a drawing, made by a child's hand to give it a smile and eyes..A man is so gifted creature the move of own hand he is able to change world!

Winterhalter Elisabeth 2
Empress Elisabeth of Austria

Being a little girl now,(i allow myself from time to time to bring myself back into the past)i may boast myself a little-What amazing feeling being more powerful than Sun!

-Calm down dear girl,it is only in your imagination....anyway,greatest gift for you!Sun is the beauty by its creation..there was a time when all furious electrons,protons ,neutrons and many mystic more, we still don't know all about them,could not stand anymore such great expectation about the change to come,and blew themselves to shine most stunning than a thing ever did!

-If you please ....there was one such great flame..the point when Universe was born!

-Oh my dear,you are so inpatient!I said beauty ...never seen by a human eye ..unless you think humans existed before the Creation!That would presume a man so clever,so wise,and able to present the greatest gifts.i doubt is weak and jealous,he works mostly for create something new and different,well it is predicted for exceptional minds ..and there is not so many a genius on Earth.
I know,a curious spirit dreams about changing the order ..

-What do i receive from the Sun to give such meaning to my beauty?

-Warmth and glow!Isn't it what a nice girl desires most!You all(together with my girlfriends) long for more shining to show off yourselves!Shining is inevitable ingredient of BEAUTY!,,,the warmth you get from the Sun make you thankful.

-There is a BOOK in my vision,i see it so clear.. a golden sheen;i can only imagine what its content is,but from another experience i am sure about their pages...

I hoped i could see into it..-May i take a look into the book?

-I would so gladly let you a preview into the book...visit me in my dreams

-That is amazing...whenever i want to understand something beyond my reach i need to look into another's dream..

-That is the way living world learned about how to live....when you are not sure about yourself, just lend the knowledge from someone else.
Dreams never lie,never cheat...that is why i am free to share it with so many of you who read this...i am not ashamed...a genius has often come to an invention,solution for a problem,or main idea for writing a novel in his vision and dreams.

It was not ordinary book like we have now..and it is crucial to know how to open it!
...if you turn wrong page you could have lost yourself forever.Even she tells me that there was many a man who made mistakes and never found their way anymore;it is memory built in us,and the more you try to escape past,the more you wander!No one should run from oneself...the future is not changed by force,it can only be when time allows and a thing matures....everyone and everything have right time to show themselves..

-I made few mistakes in the past...

-You was very inpatient to make some things happen,and strong energy brought all troubles back to you;anyway,there is something that comes regardless of making mistakes or not,and only when it is about a progressive mind.
i was more curious about the book ...
-What if one turns wrong page while being in a rush?

-As i said,one gets lost and wander,and possibly come into another world..and again being 'strange' becomes lost anyway.

I knew it was an answer for me.
-So,i might be wandering all the time,and never to find answer in this world.Is it the only way to find out the truth,having the book and my page to read ?

-It is very clever... you feel it was a page for you,as there is another one written for everyone. .

-Let's play...S...(first letter of my name)
or play it with first one in English alphabet  G Glory,Gathering,Glow,Grid,Genius,Generous....
Amazing!I was very happy with such ingenious idea!Why not,it follows me anyway!You see,my beauty is more about shining and glowing!Silence is something i need most!peace of my mind....
Let's make it with M
M  Mystery,Might,Model,Miracle,Mind...
it is not accidental i took letter M,for it has symbolical meaning in my life.

We returned to Universe's interpretation
Since ancient times people looked into the glimmering stars to connect themselves with mysterious symbols of  the universe.

-It was instinct to guard first men,not the knowledge,but they were not prevented from seeing things...intuition and instinct are inborn in Humans.They instinctively knew that cosmos was what all future generations would strive for to find answers.Destiny is reflection on the silence and answering the mystical calls of the Universe.In fact,we share its ingredients and  features..electrons,protons,hydrogen,helium,oxygen, me,it is one of most blissful moments i have,to bring me to eternity.

-It is demanding to response to the stillness....such a contemplation brings us to higher form of life to write so knowingly and elusively.

-There will be time for someone to find the book and read it again;and perhaps,such a man will be more careful and never let himself lose it ..
Somehow i felt my friend hided something from unpleasant thing to make me fear...that is a moment to stay speechless ..

-Yes, there is a chapter for you-this time it is tales we tell each other,and hope for another cosmic ray to come and bring joy,such as you had once..
Words are written to get interpreted and each one of them needs to be properly understood...all you hold in yourself is but an ingredient of cosmic is your BEAUTY...

Empress Elisabeth of Austria
in Courtly Gala Dress with
Diamond Stars
Franz Xaver Winterhalter
Franz Xaver Winterhalter

lntuition from Instinct

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