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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Shining Beauty/PartII


-What the fantasy of darkness gives me?Night's silence to replace butterfly's dancing and thrilling rendezvous in the air,tender breeze to command early Morning's hours,or sweetness of twilight's expectation when purple horizon follows the blueness of the sky.

-It is dream....night is gift for dreaming souls!Darkness is a loving companion to everyone who failed to accomplish previous dreams.Such a person doesn't live full life in earthly reality,it is a walk between sparkles of memory and trembling happiness.
I know you burn with desire to confirm my words.You look most beautiful being shined by Moonlight as your face radiates unearthly.It is unreal beauty,bathed in starry glittering and remote mystery of night sky,showing itself during demon's hours and meetings with all the rest of night's travelers,who are beyond the human realm and understanding.You are gifted my dear with priceless shining beauty ...

Franz Xaver Winterhalter Portrait of Madame Barbe de Rimsky-Korsakov
Portrait of Madame Barbe de Rimsky-Korsakov

Having an amazing instinct,i knew a price for such blessing...i can't feel happiness in this world ....when you acquire all the brilliance and grace,then a place stays empty for some achievements.There must be something i lose anyway.
To think of the other side,as any one of you does....yes, there is always another side..
In one moment you are the King,then in another one,you are slave and pitiful...and the balance is not real,for it holds itself only in your mind.Thence,try to live your Queen's days in every moment of your life,and keep yourself proud and loved,being aware that truest power of beauty lies in you.;hold strong to your belief and make everyone see what you wish!

-A child of night!-that is how my friend called me-... child with unearthly strengths,you don't need to.look for witches,demons and miracles,they find you anyway.

-I was born during the day 12 p.m/Noon/

-It doesn't matter,you forgot you came from another world;born in great passion,you lose some chapters of life...
My mindful friend wanted to satisfied my curiosity.

-Moon gives you moving above the horizon ,its golden light reminds us of more mysteries joined together in the shadows of night,to make fantastic combination and enlighten us from inside!

- BEAUTY is not so simple as we is more about our beliefs;green grass or red rose look so nice,or we got used to their appearance.Persuade everyone that your beauty is just perfect in the way you feel it!

-You see how nature took care about everyone's beauty!There is beauty for each of us,just find right paints...and measure.Ever since a tiny atom got its code,everything depends on true proportion...too much violet or red might be make you lose some of your beauty..

The whole nature and space are our source,a richness of colors and hues but one way to have them properly..FEEL girl,feel...

It is not hazard that we got senses ,,...sight,hearing,smell,taste......The more you feel and tune yourself into the beauty of surrounding,the more beautiful you become!

-What do i need to lend from heaven?

-Space,endlessness of blue to harmonize your is for good MOOD!You can't shine while being cheerless!


-It is deepness...musing over sublimity of unexplored and untouched realms,to dwell beyond the surface, ennobles you and reflects its magnificence,and you look like a Queen!
Princess Charlotte of Belgium
Princess Charlotte of Belgium  

Let your beauty grow....
look for mysteries..

For every ingredient of my beauty i can borrow something from Universe!

-It makes you cheerful and amusing,river's restless spirit and joyful flow reminds you of a smile,lost and forgotten....

Go after the mystery and contemplation...a bit of stunning look doesn't hurt..


Portrait of madame Barbe de
Franz Xaver Winterhalter

Princess Charlotte of Belgium
Franz Xaver Winterhalter

Franz Xaver Winterhalter

twilight colors

12 hour clock

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