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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Not All Nights Are a Prize

"You were already more beautiful than anything I dared to dream. 
In our years apart, my imaginings did their best to improve on you perfection.
At night, your face was forever behind my eyes.
And now I see that that vision who kept me company in my loneliness
was a hag compared to the beauty now before me.” –Westley


I boarded the Moon's golden trail,accompanied by my mysterious friend,and we flew .It was a misty night, when stars look for a hostel to take refreshment and save luminosity.Should i say how flight was amazing and beautiful!I boasted about my courage and willingness to take a chance and plunge into deepness of dark harmony and sweet hints of danger to lure with ravenous and eager eyes.I took some sparkling dust to awake restless spirits and make an unforgettable venture.Through the velvet of dreams i could feel vigilant souls,to have occupied the unworldliness.

Are you ready to break limit between visible and invisible realms and put your belief and faith to test,or face the horrific scenes and characters coming right from the hell.All the distinct species and insane creatures have found their asylum in the underworld,or somewhere halfway.At the beginning of our voyage,i grabbed the chance to steal a downy robe from the cloud,and make my appearance more pleasant for luring eyes behind the cover.By riding among the stars,we have seen valleys to appear and vanish in front of us,like a dancing curtain to rise and lower over and over again;the point when you realize that we are all captured in dreams.. .sometimes we escape with a secret,previously stolen by someone,to fulfill our desires.I have stolen her dream ..she was left alone,caught in oblivion of time,getting along in years, by having eyes constantly wide opened,in amazement and expectation.
I and my wizard knew each other very well,so he was not surprised by fantastic plot of my story.

-I could stand anything,but being an ordinary being.Wrapped with darkness among wandering stars,i picked up their mystery and brilliance.The glowing of stars shaped child of night.It was the Harvest  Moon,when i gathered plenty of mysterious and colored particles to keep me strange and sparkling.In the moment of birth,i believe,you might dwell in higher sphere,refined and spiritual,predicted for nobility... then you descend,because something stronger draws you toward earthly world.

Virgin Mary

It was blackness and my soul looked for a shine.

-You can't find beauty among the souls to have lost earlier visions and inspirations,for only with greatest endurance and devotions,the curtain between reality and dreams is moved.When you open your brain's waves to the space and tune your spiritual energy with the cosmic vibrations,then you reach a point in your meditation which absorbs all influential waves to stroll restlessly in the space.
All of a sudden, i knew i was looking for a wrong place....the secret i crave for,lies inside free and cheerful expanses,where universe's inhabitants tell their stories.One of most beautiful secrets,most dreamed and longed for,being adopted by myself,is secret of staying young and beautiful forever. Having been true to myself,with great deal of love and passion,i was able to command and master such a power.It is strong will to win earthly heritage,reach heavenly nectar,and occupy noble corpuscles of a velvet night.....for not all nights are a prize.....

One should never be afraid of darkness...most precious things stay buried deep and unrevealed for centuries ... every embodied beauty,being special and different,suffers in ordinary life.
-I feel it in my bones that here lies one of the keys for resolving my mystery...i simply didn't make it and escaped,having received something greatest dwelling among Goddesses.

-You brought too much light with you..- a warning voice came from my is not daily light we see,but one,woven by golden Moonbeams,to turn magic into a brilliant appearance.

-Am i child of night...-i stopped here for a moment..-..for you said there was a night's child.

-I am glad you listened to is sign of appreciation.

-When black cover wraps all around,your inner glow,received like a gift,starts moonlight after Sun has gone down.

-It is fantastic!.....i can show off myself during night's hours with a bewitching unearthly shining ..!

Only,by now, i didn't know the reason for such an unearthly glow and beauty in the night.

I hope i shall meet someone who is my kind...

-You are not the only one to have passed through the time's gates..but not every one of them is able to perform such a magic..on your way through the darkness,you have been chosen one..and that is mystery..ask yourself :Why?

-I have only visions and my instinct..nothing reasonable .and i believe,final truth is purposely treasured somewhere must be least,till the time predicted by someone.

-There was someone to long for another life.. to correct something and bring back previous life,or the earthly beauty was so intense that he needed to move veil and look around..

-It is that our souls come from the height..

-If you went to underworld you would stay entangled forever..after death you still have chance to return to heaven....the choice is yours.

-Is that mysterious woman i see in my vision just a warning to me?i feel that way...

 Vision of St Maria Magdalena di Pazzi

-She warns you about a real human in your surrounding to represent a potential harm to you...all appearances carry a message......they have something which most people dream about...ability to fly!Wrapped with black cover,they are hidden from earthly world...only when you are close to their habitation ,then they make an appearance....and only for you.
...true danger comes from living beings,so a person filled with negativity and hate might arise diabolic stream in you...take care of demons to walk among us..

There are plenty of beings to suffer there..not everyone is happy!

-Should i believe that i am released from a demonic possession,or i am on right way to recover my organism?

-The answer comes from your intuition and other human is able to make a communication and interpretation for you but yourself.

-I have experienced a daily appearance...-i returned to mysterious female imagery...

-They come when you are close to them,as i said...even during daylight.

-Somehow it brings back my faith and religious belief...the only way to be free of any evil is being and staying true to yourself!No idolatry...only the purity of your being and creative strength;just go and turn your life into magic!Pursue your style and talent.Creation,by itself,is an original,and you can perceive it like an offer to take advantage of its wonders, and to enrich and improve yourself.

-Isn't it a steal?

-Stealing is taking something that doesn't belong to you.Creation is gifts and freedom..and finding and using cosmic energy to make something extraordinary and progressive...even a NEW FORM of LIFE!


The Ghent Altarpiece: Virgin Mary
Jan Van Eyck

 Vision of St Maria Magdalena di Pazzi
Pedro de Moya

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