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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cradol of Dreams

   You are a child of the universe
 no less than the trees and the stars;
 you have a right to be here.
 And whether or not it is clear to you,
 no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.
 ~ Max Ehrmann

Have you ever wished for the impossible while raising your eyes to fantastic and incredible night sky,like setting out on a wonderful voyage around the world,maybe somewhere deeper into the space,landing on Mars or Jupiter,or going beyond our solar,i have!Since my childish days i have dreamed about wide expanse to jealously hide its secrets and mystery from any earthly resident.
I remember gazing at a shining star,wondering how it happens that all these twinkling points make their appearance above my head,and my pondering went further into more serious question about the beginning of all worlds in the space,such as what was first incentive to provoke a revolution in the sky,waking sleeping demons and spirits.Musing on some unexplained and untouched things and appearances,seems to be very attractive, laying the foundation for endless narrated and unsaid stories.Over the centuries,there was great deal of curiosity and personal engagement to look beyond reality.I myself walk on the edge between fantasy and presence as we know about it,employing my own visions and intuition to explore the inscrutability.
The beginning is like groping in dark,you fumble around,hoping to see the light or someone else to do it for you.It is all the history of human beings...roaming through the obscurity and lighting a bigger flame from time to time.
It has been long time since a man set a fire...
What our ancestors looked like,is mostly known by enthusiastic researches,archaeological findings,and theoretical approach practiced by some people who put efforts and engaged their minds to establish the scientific laws.Since that whole creation follows a line of free will,i allow myself to presume there was not any intention to make a human being,it just happened;perhaps there was someone who imagined something most beautiful for himself,but it didn't follow original idea,and got out of control.It might be that greatest creation came up by accident,giving welcome to all the rest of miracles to follow... travelers caught in a glimpse of time..

Dream Voyage

I know that everyone's mind is occupied by the mystery of i made up my mind to take another voyage.

"In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth."

"And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters."

It was the very beginning of the creation,and there was a pure and beautiful wish to materialize itself into something majestic and astonishing!The mind is greatest gift and mystery above all the rest to entice in the obscurity of the past with power to determine the future.Wish is the most powerful energy accumulated through the symbiosis with all the vibrations wandering in the space.I am a WISH!I cam make my inspiration into magical fulfillment!I am wondrous creation,put into space together with an array of endless miracles.A WISH is the beginning of a journey!

-Nice pondering-said my wizard-what is next?

-The second is OBSERVATION.....God has noticed that there is a miss there..LIGHT!
By observing ,you are on an eternal task....

"And God said, Let there be light: and there was light."

What a simple act of creation!Just wish for,swing a magical wand,and turn passion into reality!Is it so simple, just wanting something and getting it?Or it is simply a key for the door of personal miracles,expected or produced in life.I have no power of God to make a beautiful tree of oranges before my eyes right now,but thinking deeper over the meaning of the Bible,and the expression of one's free will, i come to the conclusion, that there must be some simplicity hiding behind the greatest story ever told over the mystery of life.
..whenever i feel the lack of light i shall look for another source to feed my mind and bring inspiration to higher level..

I borrowed some magic from my friend to bring myself into the beginning of the creation,when we feel more than understand...

"And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters."

There was wilderness,nothing but flat and gray....and my soul dropped a tear of hope to grow and fill the emptiness.The beauty of spirit revived the sorrow,and made the helpless land come to life.....for a land is supposed to conceive new species over and over again,and in each one of them, to light up a new hope,again and again.It resembled a tale retailed many times,but enchanting and inspired anew.At the moment i understood that i couldn't follow someone else's story ..there is an unwritten chapter for my personal one.I am an unique creation,a little world in the world, a new and different way of seeing and feeling things.That is all mystery!I can put myself on the king's throne and perform my own magic.
What a relief!I felt myself so restful and careless,that i was able to hug a star near me..
Then,it was easily for me to create a new world!

I have seen too much sadness to crave for vivid colors and smells,and i WISHED for a pleasant weather to warm the ground and make plants grow...i didn't know anything of them,but my wish set the fantasy in motion,to make beautiful plants with seducing scents;by kindness of a passing wind to whisper me,they are named::Goddess's Crown!They needed food ,of course,i knew it,which loaded new task on my shoulders,to create a source for them...WATER!
There might have been some things i wasn't able to see clearly,but my feelings and intuition made up for some lack of knowledge.,,as we do in life very often.Then i noticed that some plants enjoy in sweet waters of a little place,we call it lake,but i gave it a particular name:Stillness of Soul.The other ones grab the happiness by showing off themselves on the wide expanses,by always holding their heads risen toward the space above...we call it meadow,i named it Greeting of Green;for i wished the green to tune with the calmness to spread around.By following the wish of newest friends abiding in green valley,i allowed them some little guests to stop by and take some nectar...insects,small flying visitors,are titled:Meadow's Dancers!
As i walked along a narrow path,i WISHED for some water to refresh myself,and so,it led me create a fast and cheerful flow with a luring ripple,and river as we know it,is commanded to be:Sleepless Whisperer!

Being constantly shadowed by a great piece of glowing cloud,i wished for more light;common name of it is Solar Nebula but i said:May it be Shining Dawn,and wished,one of them,with more sparkling gratitude,be Golden Dawn!Of course it started its fusion process making hydrogen nuclei into helium,and benevolently throwing its warm and shining rays around.As my body took a rest,i was bothered by ardent rays,and as soon as i woke up,i gave a command to another floating nebula marvel to become a shining ball during a dark part of the day when we sleep..and with sweet thrilling i,i wished for unusual and unique..Hunter of Dreams ....immediately,it crossed my mind,that there are male and female units,which sprouted another great idea....making a new species,the likeness to my own on the Earth...for who ever was able to win over the loneliness in the space!

Don't You think there is a miss in the story?What about gratitude?My new-formed world,which got a beautiful shape,raised like Cradol of Dreams,got a book written about me,to glorify and remember my achievement and gifts.In the book there are many stories told by someone else's view,many signs to follow and decrypt,and however it seems impossible,you should never give up on life...

When You open the book one day,first to read will be:
"In the beginning there was WORD and the word was WILL!"

And i saw it was good and continued....

-My dear,all is in God's will,there was command to take a rest on the seventh day..-said my friend.

-It suited him...-my childish spirit spoke by itself.

-You have power to make me joyful ...when you hear something ,think twice or more times,what is second a second desire,or see, man was first imagination,although failed one,and he went into darkness.

-Who&what are we then?

-Some of them,humans,fell down and managed to rise themselves...they are blessed and gifted souls

-It is very interesting, just show me one of my friends to believe in it
-If any of your friends leave you,let them know how it is on brave and inspired people to make progress..
...never be shamed of visions and dreams..

-So,there might be we all have our copies in underground world,or somewhere else....-i demonstrated my ingenuity again.

-I am not surprised by your fantasy and observation......excellent,my dear friend.Many a great discovery came after few accidental throwing and mixes...penicillin discovered by Alexander Fleming or Henry Becquerel's radioactivity,for example.

-I am afraid of being possessed...-i returned to the subject that i am personally attached to.

-Try to keep your inner strength and power of mind's vibrations vital and vivid,don't be weak;as soon as you let a crawling sin embrace you,it is easy for them to come and hunt you.It is like strolling on a path,while you feel something disturbing to follow your steps,...a foggy and wet,cold and dirty,ugly and misty ambient,where
invisible and suffering spirits eagerly watch on you in search of a bit warmth and light...they are not like dangers you face in real life.

-Are they able to hurt me?

-They are different,not like human negativity;show pity for them,never be arrogant,think of them like travelers caught among different realms,to look for some answers ...wandering creatures to seek a bit of human pleasure and happiness.

-So i need to be gracious and show mercy.

-Goodness has never hurt anyone....dark forces win out over our weakness and cowardice..

Perfect Alignment

"And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."
Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

He was black in the face, and they scarcely could trace The least likeness
to what he had been: While so great was his fright that his waistcoat turned
white- A wonderful thing to be seen!
The Hunting of the Snark by  Lewis Carroll

Her complexion is delicate, but neither so fair nor so blooming as Lady
Susan's, and she has quite the Vernon cast of countenance, the oval face and
mild dark eyes, and there is peculiar sweetness in her look when she speaks
either to her uncle or me, for as we behave kindly to her we have of course
engaged her gratitude.
Lady Susan by Jane Austen

Henri Becquerel
Becquerel's discovery of radioactivity is a famous example of serendipity,
of how chance favors the prepared mind

Dream Voyage

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