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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fantastic Land

“So come with me, where dreams are born,
and time is never planned. Just think of happy things,
and your heart will fly on wings, forever, in Never Never Land!” 
 ― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

I am not someone who can say truth about our origin,and such a power stays hidden in the caves of our imagination,to only sometimes dazzle into remote sensing to get a glimpse of eternity.The most desirable thing in all human existence is to live forever.One day i decided to sell my dreams for the sake of truth..and you guess,i did it with a little help of my miraculous friend.
With magic wings he brought me into wondrous land out there,where even our dreams jump over the stars to find souls dwelling beyond our fantastic assumptions and perspectives.Everything was perfect there:beautiful landscape to border on mystical clouds to puzzle with their shapes,singing birds to look for a bit of attention, gorgeous flowers to endanger the beauty of a thirsty rainbow,....and lots more.I had everything in my reach,and whatever i wished for i could get,even i moved here and there without any effort, and i enjoyed. Then there came some days when i started feeling like i miss something,in spite of all the abundance and everything which an earthly being longs for.
At first i felt i missed a book to read,but again,what kind of book would it be if there were not anything exciting,things to arise my curiosity and bring inspiration for writing?It is so bothering watching the same things every day without any change.And i asked my friend to let me spoil something and make it into new form,just to see what my feelings will be about it.

Blue Bird

He threw me some paints,but they were useless,for everything was perfect colored.....what to do?Then a thought crossed my mind:dear girl,i said to myself,pull a plant out of the ground,by force,of course,for what other way a poor human brain could imagine,and leave it without any drop of water.In my enthrallment i was so proud of my ingenuity,and eagerly waited for the first change in my Kingdom!What happened was not surprising,because we are so accustomed to all vandalisms of a man;.it was so simple to destroy something, so soon as plant lost her vivacity and colorfulness,i contentedly began my first creation!Greatest accomplishment i could afford myself since i landed on this 'strange' place.With great joy and pleasure i casted first hues of colors to paint it...and i made her look very beautiful!And i was content and happier....
My curiosity and thirst of changes were not fed,i needed more and more;even i was so naughty,that her sweet smell was not enough anymore,i wished new and different i mixed some ingredients from her previous image,recycling them and producing a new fragrance.I believed it was much better and subtler than ever,and i was so satisfied and more happier...

My dear friend,who was always there when i needed him,felt that i missed a talk,so he kindly flied over all obstacles to separate our worlds,and said:
-I believe,some of mysteries that you were wrapped with during past years,had now disclosed themselves.. wished for perfection,i gave it to you,but you were unsatisfied!

-All is wonderful,like in my fantasy,but i saw there was nothing for me to do...i can't simply just exist without doing anything!

-I knew what impressions and consequences it would bring to you...because you are such a creation to never find peace,and will always strive for changing and recreating all which exists as much as possible ...and.a restless spirit

-I did some harms,and i am so sorry..... i am afraid that more people will go after me...i am not a good example,and wonder why we all torture ourselves so much with final answers and is so simple puzzle,i saw it now..

-I am sure that you portend such an idea is not possible;everyone to follow you,would wish for himself another plant to recreate and satisfy his own ego and curiosity.If one were so powerful,he would destroy the entire land!Yes,that is truth!Keep beating your own ego dear girl....

I couldn't wish for seemed to me that the tree was badly overgrown,i didn't like its 'BOAST" and thought of changing its destiny.My craziness went too far,i was almost jealous of plants....let alone a man..
I believed i could do everything better and more attractive...and i needed a book with rules to punish everyone who breaks them.I became even more selfish than a 'normal' human being,and wished they never had power to reach my 'place' and know what i learned.
Following conspiracy,i prevented everybody from living forever....never to possess such a beauty and inalterable condition of his own body..
Then i heard the voice of my wizard.
It is good having a friend at any time and anywhere......
And a lesson i learned:never sell your dreams for the sake of truth....for life unrolls all by itself

To be continued

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly,
you cease for ever to be able to do it.”
― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

Blue Bird
Konstantin Somov

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