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Friday, June 15, 2012

Staying Young Forever

"To act in harmony with the fundamental law of
self is to be oneself, and to be oneself is to be young
because nature is perpetually making the self young."
The fact that the body is being constantly renewed
makes it possible for the subconscious, not only to
perpetuate the elements of youth in the body, but also
to constantly improve everything in the human per-
sonality." Christian D.Larson

Since i was a child,i have always lived in my imagination,and looking back on the time,i see how privileged i am;besides wonderful childhood i had,such a gift influenced my personal growth;in fact i recognized how this pure reality happens to be a trap for our amazing nature,by preventing us from realizing most beautiful dreams.It is like opening the shroud to discover fascinating views,which immediately arises your spirit,and make inner beauty recover your shining and sublime look.My body is a perfect joint of material appearance and divine nature,and such an inhaled spiritual energy approves how life is not pure reflection in the mirror.Our inner beauty and visualization prevail over outer appearance.
These feelings haunted me very early,and i loved such a freedom.Now i am not sure whether it is an unique gift or an open book for everyone,which only takes will and meditation,enriched with a bit of fantasy,to be recognized in every human being.There is many a truth inside us,so simple,so wonderful and majestic,alluring and fascinating,but hard to get a possession of.
Want to find the source of your inner growth,and fulfillment of vital desires?...just look into yourself to recognize all the mystic of remote destinations and unexplained worlds,it is your senses to keep the tracks of all miracles out there....that is your power.
One day your wish will be command;train yourself to perform magic every day. And whenever you face misunderstanding,be aware that God's intentions are not in tune with everyone's attitude;there are ones to have missed out on spiritual connection,and remained blindly attached to earthly life.Not everyone is talented to live with his mental projection constantly directed to heavenly realms;to me,seeing only rough reality without building a perspective to the universe,is living in the darkness of a cave.Every moment of my life i am engaged in plenty of ideas to scatter their seeds across the space.Such a spiritual side of my being is the main source of my personal growth;it is seed planted in our genome and it makes us special species and so powerful...the only ones who are able to change themselves from inside!...characteristic to belong entirely to us! Without such an inner flame,our existence would be a poor image of inspiring expectations to come to life.I don't know of another way,but breathing and thinking together with the whole universe,which enables me to get rid of shallow perceptions and let my mind dwell in the purity and beauty,far from earthly harms.Raise your spirit,learn to be yourself among the stars.I see myself like a time traveler,to borrow something from a hospitable planet,something from a friendly star,places to have never forgotten my goodness and kindness.

La Ghirlandata

There was a time when i planted a tree to keep all fruits of life alive,and bring happiness and joy.And someone i lived with,inspired me to share joy and happiness.The tree is timeless,having power to outlive all cold and stony innovations around,for it cherishes love and lives in beauty.The fruits are supposed to keep their exclusivity and freshness,and not to be spoiled by a man's cruelty,hate or jealousy.A man should never trade love for hate,and never lose juvenile spirit....for as soon as he leaves playful and lively features to feed his memory behind,he accepts the change to come with his age...he is getting old,which is only a prelude... there is a world of obsolete creatures to cry for lost youth,spending days in dark and misty hell.It was the reason that someone began composing the music for the dead souls reminding that without beauty,the only way you stay in touch with the rest of the world is MUSIC.There are a lot of ways to be blind.First thought of creation was about BEAUTY,God himself  has always lived in a beautiful surrounding,and never traded his original idea about a world conceived in beauty.Since beauty is so absorbent,it makes things never grow old.......that is how ETERNITY was born!And all,from a THOUGHT!

As a symbol of longevity,tree makes a deal with everybody,to take as much as necessary;excess makes your body poisoned,the same way as the nature suffers itself .... ardent Sun to scorch leaves and flowers,a torrent to saturate the ground and wash out her looks so sad in comparison with beautiful Sun's rays, blueness of the sky,sounds of dreamy river,pure and splendid perfection,we are all a part of.The way you feed yourself,is the way you show off yourself!And food is organic and spiritual, precisely shaped,and every wrong thought affects your organism. .
Man is unstoppable,just needs to learn how to run with the stars...a perpetual recycling!From the clouds of dust a star is born,dust is seen as place of eternal rest,but from the very dust a man raises himself.Every day is a new chance for him to evoke paradise...if he only understood how it depends on him!Usually he expects all handed to him on a plate...or to delay it till tomorrow,which never comes the way we imagine......
Let me fancy about future i hope for!
What is the first thing you wish for!Isn't it to live forever?
I have no answer unless i ponder over all moments i was blessed to be myself,and reach my dreams.Whether death is final destination,or we might have an everlasting life,occupies our minds to wish for such an alluring nectar.In my imagination,it is like a whirl of fantastic and sparkling possibilities to mix with each other,collide,like an endless chain,in which we dwell as well.What i am sure is that we are given this very moment now,to absorb all the infinity and find a way to improve ourselves by digging deeply inside our being,to listen to whispers of wandering souls,who once ago,being locked out of living worlds,opened all gates for performing the magic.Learn to live with your own desires and make them come true,use your free will and strength of mind to make what you wish.
Another thing i am sure about is that we are not alone.
My friend confirmed my reflection.

-The most certain way to help yourself in your personal growth,is to learn to think and feel together with remote places,and live your future now.Triviality of earthly world will never bring you progress-it is mind's capacity and spiritual practice to raise you.In every moment of your life your spiritual being might bring you to desired accomplishments,while performing magic.

-Staying young is my life achievement...if i were you i would never miss out on chance of being different.It is strong will to tune your desires with condition of your body and give instructions to all cells to keep your body young.I have found a way to feed and make them obey my will.Organism corresponds to your instruction,and being 'disciple 'of mind,easy follows its command........ like waking up spontaneously at the same time ....It is practice,but first of all,it is will,mental projection, opening to cosmic expenses to bring you  joy of looking for less reasonable things.We have always felt the space like a cradle of miracles.It brings disturbances,strange experiences,but it is worth it.We are ready to do anything in order to keep our youthful looks;fortunately i recognized 'my true being' and used power of my mind to join passion and desire into beautiful flow of energy to keep my face fresh and without wrinkles.I could not stand a thought of getting old;the strength of my will and mind live in harmony with cosmic immaterial forces,for spirit is too much discerning and polite for limitations.All your dreams have a source to rejuvenate them,and continual and active feeding will bring you to the fulfillment.Spiritual and mental power keep my cells fluent and customized on my projected desire to save my young look.By doing so,for a long time,it continues to perform such a magic for me...and.i have no need now to think more about it,all works perfectly for me.

Don't let your mind be a prisoner of your organism,it takes freedom of puffy heaven to lightly spread its energy waves,absorbing all beauty of the nature.It renews itself by every picture conceived somewhere in the space.Lend a smile from the heavens,rather than from damaging and harmful people's interactions and your will and instinct will do the rest!

-Organism is programmed to react the way we make it and gets accustomed on our habits.Most of our reactions are spontaneous,and we need to learn more about how our body receives commands from mental projections..

-I could make a wrong choice,for my passion is too strong-i was puzzling myself.

-It just approves how powerful your spiritual side is!Of course,it might be seducing,risk is always present.....-said my wizard,and we left our play for a while....

Therefore, when the subconscious is being directed
to produce the elements of youth, it should also be
directed to produce the elements of beauty and phys-
ical perfection. Impress upon the subconscious the
most perfect idea of physical beauty that the mind
can possibly conceive, and desire with deep feeling,
that the elements of that beauty be produced and ex-
pressed through every atom of the physical form"
Christian D.Larson


"The king is enthralled by your beauty; honor him, for he is your lord."


I put a solid effort to pas on you my truest feelings about staying young,hopefully in an understandable manner.Thank you!...what is sure,i am honest and genuine in illustrating my experience.
May you all reach your dreams!


La Ghirlandata
Dante Gabriel Rossetti

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