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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Moon Saga-Such A Day You Wait For

'She walks in beauty,like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies;
And all that's best of dark and bright
Meet in her aspect and her eyes:'
Lord Byron

Once they showed me the crater filled with purple -glazing lake,to give away love secrets to anyone who reflected himself in the silken and mystic shadows.For the moon was born out of the greatest love,conceived in God's vision of two beautiful habitable planets to orbit each other and feel enamored forever.But the story took different course,and Earth received majestic light to nest life,while Moon rested in stillness and darkness,immersing herself in dreams.If you ever want something so desperately you must look up to the glowing rim,an absorbing power of the undefined and infinite.The moon performed its duty proudly,throwing golden shine across the earthly paths,constantly keeping the attention of curious walkers,who are pretty much aware that nobility and sublimity are equal to craving.

When the midnight marked the top of the Rosebud Hill,the sublime fairy entered the cordierite anteroom where i and one of fairies,impatiently waited for her.

-Why did you come to me-she asked me- I am not accustomed to humans,so,please,let me get a closer look at you.
I myself was amazed at her beauty,which embodied the shape of spherical dreams from a distant star, subtle and sheer,wrapped in the bewildered and violent mystique.

-You came to me,looking for truth,but most stories have already told..there are many rewriters and fake thinkers,the ones to boast with untrue memories and display stolen pictures.Many of dreamers were forced to find comfort in some kind of isolation,when loneliness,after all,comes like natural and predictable choice.
One can attach himself to truth or lies,and then,after opening the eyes,both the liar and the trusted one see the light,which is correct unless we remember that the shine comes from inside.

                      "Artwork: © Kinuko. Y. Craft, All Rights Reserved

-I know i was foolish,and ensnared by vanity,i was frivolous,....

-You thought that things you believed in can't be spoiled or exposed to decay,as they could resist anything.Even though there is an acknowledged thing,something to survive without your attention and care,give it your love anyway.I know that many people desperately try to recover what they used to,love,beliefs,wealth,praying to God you believe in..even so,they don't do that properly....

-Don't judge them too strong,life is hard-i tried to melt her words..

-The way they live is wrong...a moment is like eternity,harmonize your unselfishness with the limitless sky and think how most beautiful things will yet to come.. feed your spirit on the presumptions of self worthiness and attraction to miraculous achievements.
You go to the churches,to light a candle and whisper prayers,doing it like a routine,without hearty and deep contemplation. ...however if you don't suffer from the bottom of your heart and love sincerely,all is in vain.I felt ashamed,remembering the faces seen randomly along the way,but honored with the glints of light and smell of incense to save another memory.
And you hope that a single act of goodness,or a silent prayer will bring about changes you long well as your coming to me and asking for forgiveness?...i am not your God!

-I know,but i experienced some visions,predominant appearances to resist my sense,and believed there must be something more and hidden from me.

-You think,praying solely,you can separate yourself from the other people's lives..?Don't you feel
 that your appeal concerns everyone's must not be selfish!-her voice flitted by..

Are you happy?
-No,i am NOT!
-Because i hate people...
-Do people love you?
-I don't know ,i don't care..
-Who do you think to change your life then?
-What? should i love somebody first?
no voice

-To bring your love back,you must call for one's devotion and favor some other time.
and then,she told me a tale:
There are endless spaces and as many stars in the universe as your unrecorded dreams...each one of them considers itself to be most respectful and beautiful.Just a try to steal the shine from one another,is an unconscious likeness to your dream,as the lover turns into hater,and you get hurt.Jealousy is furious and evil,yet sometimes it brings about some goodness.Elem,the conspiracy reigns,that when the two who stand face to face,while shining smiles and sympathy,the truth is they each fantasize about their greatness and glory,neglecting achievements and looking secretly down upon the other.Then one day,which in the realm of the spherical dreams,comports with the bliss of your greatest memory,all the circulating energies,blowing sparkles to transcend light,are merged into brilliance,possessing beauty and power,and being capable of passing miraculous power on the earth..if you,by chance,found yourself at the certain place in such blissful moment of creation,you would certainly experience the most beautiful day in your life.
Such an ephemeral bliss my dear,is able to fulfill your expectations!And such a day you wait for,,!

And she continued-now,you can only ask for keeping your visions alive,i shall do my magic to revive your belief and remove a curse from you.
Slowly,in the accordance with distant stars to spread shine but stay quiet,she walked to the nicest and shadiest corner of the chambre,and after taking off a cryptic key from her collar,unlocked the translucent wicket in the nook;a few seconds later,i noticed a spherical shrine radiating glittering light to travel faster as she approached me;then,the case blew up with varied,shapely and colorful stones..

-Chose one you like most-she said.

Now,bewitching caprice of my nature directed my reflection.,..choice is tricky,delusive and persistent like a dream,infusing hopes and aspirations into infinite possibilities;then again it is so fascinating,for dreams are in conspiracy with death,and come from the very source of the knowledge,scrabbling obscurity from the core and revealing the secrets buried deep in the blurring and mysterious space.

Nevertheless,i have always put my faith in the grace of spiritual spheres,leaving my fears and doubts under the skyline as i walk the rough earthly paths.Then I flashed a smile at her and fearlessly said---But,somebody else already did it for me.!I believe such a precious gift springs from the most unimaginable glimpse inside the space,along with omnipresent spells and underground secrets,giving birth to dreams and magic.I thought in this imperceptible moment of time,that when one gives you something so precious,you must be thankful whatever you receive...dreams and magic descend an unbeaten path,not revealing their pains and sights to everyone.A poor human being is still lacking in profound understanding.

She was a bit surprised,and modeling a smile of the glee on her face,put a brilliant in my hand,letting me know how happiness mimicries need to cast a handful of spell to bring it upon yourself.

-It will lead you on your way and protect in your dreams..-melodic voice followed her gesture-keep it with yourself all the time and walk in beauty,to remind you how beautiful and cared you are!

She Walks in Beauty
Lord Byron

Thank you:
Kinuko Y. Craft is one of the most widely respected and well known fantasy artists in the United States today.She considers herself a story teller.Her past commissions have included paintings for the book covers of many well known fantasy authors,opera posters,fairy tale books and covers for many national magazines.

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Copyright©Moon Saga/Part10 All Rights Reserved StayYoung

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