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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

MoonSaga-Mesmerizing Beauty

“Do you think I'm pretty?
I think you're beautiful
You are so beautiful, it hurts sometimes.”
 Richelle Mead, Vampire Academy


She was a bit surprised,and modeling a smile of the glee on her face,put a brilliant in my hand,letting me know how happiness mimicries need to cast a handful of spell to bring it to yourself.

-It will lead you on your way and protect in your dreams..-melodic voice followed her gesture-keep it with yourself all the time and walk in beauty,to remind you how beautiful and cared you are!

-I am so grateful that you touched me with your grace and generosity,making an exception and opening the doors of abundance.Devotion and strong will have no limits,and being fairly attached to them,you will turn your prospects into a beautiful legacy.

-May princely dreams save you,your youth and your strong belief in the beauty of life.For staying young,your greatest gift,is well earned....sometimes the exaltation of revealing is reward by itself.

...stay beautiful and loved!-she spoke the blessings over me...or they were echoes of my vigorous desires..

-Am i a beauty?

-There are two kinds of beauty-she batted her shimmering eyelashes and continued-that one you hold under eyelids to enhance your underground and stale memories,decrepit and aged,a flock of remnants to confront your mighty desires.
The other one is beauty you find in your visions and premonitions,staying constantly vigilant for changes,and accessible for the despised and wasted,while oblivious and mystical bounties pour into your being,replacing habitual perceptions and overpowering your body.Seemingly,there is an untouchable sensitivity,along with sensuality and attraction,while you walk in your dreams.. amply impressive to remember but illusive and remote.There are dreams to spark your passion and you regret their disappearance,while in the others you find ghostly and ambiguous visitors who make them unrestricted and hazardous for an earthly temptation.
Beauty is unforgettable,just like dreams,for they don't discern dawn from dust,and plunge themselves deeply and fearlessly into fantasy of the final revelation.

Artwork: © Mia Araujo All Rights Reserved

The finest beauty emanates from our feelings..she is mesmerizing in making you find the subtlest features within yourself,.kind and pleasurable;i know you have an impression of me as being marmoreal and secluded....another illusion,earthly girl!You are not of my sort...
-Are you happier now?

-Yes, i am ..after hilarious words and blessings,who wouldn't be happier-i thought to myself.

-If you don't believe in miracles,then life itself will force you to change your mind-an intriguing thought came to my mind.Symbolism revels inside me,and i know when a special day favors me.;participating in everything,it influences the way i live and feel,and i confidently follow positive and inspiring tokens,to lead me to the fulfillment of my inner vows.

-You grow beyond your dreams-she said

Illusions are arising hopes,unbiased and unconscious,many of which emerging over and over again... however weird and unreal they are,i trust them.And i learned i should not be afraid of the novelty and undreamed,except my weakness..

-Humans are great accomplishment,yet still unfinished and rough ...they believe in happiness,but calculate and compromise,they strive for eternity but have the sky hidden from the view..or,not everyone's life is predicted for sublimity....-a faint smile flickered on her slender lips.

-I miss my love and want to learn..

-You have come such a long way,just to know something that you so familiar with?-how strange-she added-let's see..what made you confused.. i suppose your dreams surpassed prosaicness of an accustomed look at life,turning it into a winged and personal experience.
Most people are prisoners under the sky...,,,how wrong!You were born with DREAMS and LOVE, bewitching and appealing to pursue them,nevertheless you chose the pain and horror of the hell,yielding to misery and uniformity,along with misunderstanding of everyone's effort to distinguish himself.Once upon a time there was a man who missed his own salvation,because he trusted you so much and paid it with his earthly life....and now,you can only behold the sky,sending your uniform prayers,and begging for new hope and new love... ah, already knew that all along?
I can't give you anything more beyond your perception and aspirations,as you dared to host a load of most beautiful dreams and live through them,presuming that distinction is a sort of curse.If only every single entity knew,how wonderful possibilities could be achieved while looking in the right direction, without prejudices and hesitation,animating nothing but some sleepy affections,letting them find their fairy destination and speak a fantasy language.It is pity how a little time you have to raise your eyes to the sky,staring in amazement at simple and downy shapes on the bluish display,to puzzle and draw into magic.The way you learn that most adorable things touch your heart first,then your reason.

Absorbed by her powerful words,i felt how calmness resonated,being deeply impressed and grateful... for a little she gave me,yet making me stronger,as the knowledge and love erupted from the same source which gave blessings to the beautiful worlds.An omen came to me that all had been packed in a single thought,giving away miraculous and fascinating aspirations to everyone who wanted a different reality and longed for more personal approach to the sights.The same order reigns over the universe, pulsing with eagerness and sorrow and blowing up the finest streams of knowledgeable and particular sparks we meet along the way.Just stay awake to diligent memories,never trade dreams,and when you listen to,then let inner voice and intuition prevail;admit your susceptibility and bravely embrace any chance coming your way.When you recognize astonishing premonitions don't leave them behind.... beyond reality there is an amazing scope of coincidences.

And this manful experience reinforced my prior decision,to disregard real world;to me there are only fantastic dreams to give births to the all.  

Thank you
Mia Araujo

Richelle Mead

Copyright©Moon Saga/Part11 All Rights Reserved StayYoung

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