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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Eulogy for Nature and Beauty

As i walked this morning,just a short stroll in the vicinity,i held a smile all the time,no special reason,even weather was not pleasant,misty and rainy; now i see that someone or something knew sooner than me.... it was more beauty in coming;clouds have parted and Sun's shining!

Believe in your instinct,hidden knowledge and let one's hand lead you and say things you still don't know.....such thoughts crossed my mind!

This short vignette sounds like a prelude and come about to be an introduction into my journey today;there are always missing things waiting for us to accomplish them,and one day,it will be right time for you to meet something forgotten or neglected,perhaps hidden,and fulfill it..

Life itself is very promising at the beginning,and a recovered picture of early childhood to spread out before our eyes,leads to a magic world,experienced only while living our youngest days.The reality adopted a snapped look of our imagination and intimate sensitivities;it was telling a loose story without leashes and projections forced by someone else in our living circumstances and environment.Our feelings were not doomed to wait for approval or right hour to live them through...we were bewitched with own creativity and fantasy.There was no future nor past,but only present and ephemeral happiness.
Thinking of that time,i am trying to bridge a gap between the lives we used to have and lost over the years,and connect such a careless life with us,in a way we are now.What does one mature need in order to bring oneself back into rightful mood and be able to feel the world as fulfillment and magic being in harmony with its purpose?

One simple question,which opens many roads to go for and look for right answers.
Ask yourself:are you happy with your look?
Are you content with your life?
Are you living your life the way you wish?
Are you spending your time the way you like the most?

Offering to Flora

Nature is our common friend to give great example of how powerful a change is;look around yourself,and you will face with momentary transformation;one tree being naked until yesterday,has suddenly robed itself with lustrous green leaves and odorous blooms.Instead of houses and paths covered by snow,it is now glittering roofs and joyful sparkling trails to walk along them;in just a few hours what was glossy and silvery ice on the surface of a river,appeared now to be a translucent flow....
By getting accustomed to these hilarious scenes,you must feel a call for you to join that jubilant circle of changes!

While the Sun and water benevolently feed their soul-mates and keep the breed's existence in endless round of birth and deaths,it appears that your body and mind are true challenge for jealous nature to help you fulfill your dreams and hopes:it asks from you to give a hug to the all and live in harmony with swarm of yells and whispers traveling through your mind with passion and lust while changing you into something more than a mere being to come into this world.

Just DARE and DEFY everything which might stop you from embodying higher and more absorbing dreams.

Once i was brave enough to make up my mind and took a step on the road,shown in my vision and followed by silent voice,caught only by myself,i did one of the greatest thing in my life.What it brought to me,is wonderful pleasure of enjoying in fruits of one of the biggest mysteries and secret aspirations over the centuries-staying young.I defied all the signs of dangers and fears inside and around me.I made a confession to devote myself to the magic vote,which came in early childhood as a blear message,more like something to have come from the shrouded places,and where my brave instinct brought me without any perceptible supporters.

Now i know that something or someone knew sooner than me,what path i need to walk on,what dream to choose,what mystery to solve,what obstacle to remove,what time a cup of victory to drink.......what nectar God designated to me!

How to Stay Young Forever

Eternal Youth
It may be the greatest endeavor a human being is able to achieve in life!
Being granted with one of the most beautiful presents coming from most
powerful and magnificent well which puzzles the whole human history,is real
blessing!I feel like God's hand touched me and rose to experience the
highest form of existence.

The silentest voices bring the greatest changes!It is about understanding of nature....when it seems to be the stillest,then you need to be most has just been preparing for something big to happen,as all the hoarded negative energy seeks its way to go out,,,and blow out in the front of you view!

 It is most important lesson in your learn and listen to! 
By living that way,you feel the power of being whatever or whoever you want!The might of transformation and evolving into something greater and more perfect is always an option for you if you let your body and spirit breathe in the HARMONY with all the nature.Let yourself be her master and servant!
Let yourself feel her strength and power of transformation and feed your organism with healthy thoughts!Be aware of every moment allowing you to bring many desired changes into your being and make rugged skin become flat and glossy!Recover neglected and lost energy to lie hidden in some isolated places inside of you,by allowing to circulate all the time!

The introduction i gave at the beginning of this story,was not by accident; the child you keep in your memory, plays main role in reminding you of how important it is,to let unaware and silent things come into your mind;it reminds you of the beauty you find in your surrounding with simple things bringing joy,while giving in other people's ordinary and magic achievements.On your road to accomplish some of the most beautiful features a man bears and shares with others,be admonished to believe in Fairy Tales being left somewhere behind you; it was the time when they seemed so vivid and alluring...that child is still here to remind you of all the miracles being present in your life once but somehow vanished during your daily duties in this confusing society we face and find it hard to get away from!

There is a thread of instincts and hunts coming from the Nature and beg you for devotion......may you live life you have dreamed of,and go to meet your is never late for a change,as long as you walk along with nature and listen to her least by the time we get to know some other side of the existence  instinct and sense tell me to be out there....!


Every sense of your being is open to vivify outer sounds,visions and waves to bear particles of energy equally aware and listen to invisible..the more beauty you allow to reign your awareness,the more beautiful person both  on the inside and outside you become!Beauty is like a fountain to drink from and renew yourself to shine in full glory!

If there is a day when you don't feel like being in good condition and susceptible for change,miss it ....let it go..there is another mystical and promising day to come...!

Be open human being you need publicity,stage from where you expose your most distinct features seeking auditory...BEAUTY needs a mirror to look itself and be recognized.The whole ambient in which you put your foots might be a big MIRROR.;the all being reflected by you and received by outer world,gets jointed in your being.What embodied  epistle you send with the state of entire organism,and visual appearance you show,depends on you and the way you exchange energy contained in your thoughts,aspirations and willingness;get yourself in the condition to receive the all coming to you and radiate the inner beauty you have on your disposition.And let one point in your mind be center,and manage all creative flow originating from you.


All the members of that family, especially the feminine half, were pictured  
by him, as it were, wrapped about with a mysterious poetical veil, and he
not only perceived no defects whatever in them, but under the poetical veil
that shrouded them he assumed the existence of the loftiest sentiments and
every possible perfection.
"Anna Karenina" by Leo Tolstoy


It was a very sentimental and rather ill-spelled epistle in which the inflammable Cyrus reproached her in heart-rending words for her coldness, and begged her to answer his letter, saying that if she did he would keep the secret "in violets. 
The Golden Road by Montgomery, Lucy Maud


As Spring, Mother of many-coloured birth, doth rear The young light-hearted world, so Autumn drains The nectar of the world's maturity.
A Lute of Jade by Cranmer-Byng, L. 


Nectar is derived from Latin nectar, the favored drink of the gods, which in turn is the Latinized version of Greek νέκταρ, néktar, presumed to be a compound of the PIE roots *nek-, "death", and -*tar, "overcoming", i.e. has a similar etymology to ambrosia, the immortality-conferring food of the gods. The earliest recorded use of its current meaning, "sweet liquid in flowers," is 1609 C.E.
 from Wikipedia

Offering to Flora
by Juan van der Hamen

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