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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Where Angels Whisper

Some stories never get finished and continue to inspire us for ever.One of most alluring tales to be conceived at the very beginning of human existence,is how to prolong life and stay young forever.I can't be sure what an ancient man pondered upon while standing and peering into night's expanse,but our familiar relationship,gives me the right to assume that the attitude we have towards our ancestors might be tricking,and that there was something more unusual about their environment and appearance.
The history approves that there were many exceptional minds to move limits of human knowledge and improve humanity.They gave birth to wonderful art works,such as paintings,or architectural designs seen in Egypt's pyramids;there were a lot of authors who shared their excellent and inspiring pages with us.  Science,art,literature,industry...all the fields of a man's endeavors were the stage for building,creating,projecting,writing,music....
William Shakespeare,Goethe,Michail Bulgakov....just few of the notables to mention,came up with a masterpiece in the distant past without waiting for the future and proper time to fit their spirit and mind's contemplation.One's man creativity has always been great opportunity for expressing highest abilities regardless of the age they lived in and created,while not depending on narrow views of their surrounding. The act of a genius sparkled the swarm of stars to radiant over the centuries.It is like opening new roads for the future generations of inspired minds to walk on.
Such brilliant truths,told and written,stay like an eternal legacy and light for everyone to find themselves confronted with bigotry of average men in regard to own qualities and creations.


The first visions and predictions appearing in the childhood are veiled in their obscure and insensitive meaning; the fate lures and defies our youngest years for it is the time for you to catch a "star" foreboded and hidden in its obscurity;there is a distant path you are expected to walk on belonging to the future.Imagine a blear window which you try to see through,but there is an act of magician requested of you to take and have a clear view.
Now,it is truth that i caught my STAR;i was lucky and clever to surrender myself to first challenge in my life.It is more like a great mystery and power you are aware of,and the only you are expected is to show
patience,discipline,persistence,belief and courage to endure on your way.

 First and main station on one's journey is 'childhood'.My own experience was about vision of coming "something" when i reach my maturity ....around 30s...And i believed in such an exception...i have always thought of myself as being "exceptional" in some way.When the time predicted for me came,it was clear that the all was about keeping my Young look.Simply,i could not stand to get old,and seeing my face lined with wrinkles was unbearable for me!And still in present time i can't even think of my face to grow old!
I remember first wrinkle around my mouth,and how that affected me...i was terrified.The strength and will of my mind were strong enough to erase every track of them!

There must be gates for the fluid of my mind's energy to go through and reach every pore of my skin;also,there must be a 'passage' in my mind to be opened while meditating.It is just my  presumption,for i have no possibility to check it on my own,or by any science or medical method.Mind is like a 'blueprint',inherited by birth,but at the same time,it is your "secret grail' for evolution and the magic of exceptional achievements.The more you free your mind of all unnecessary loads,the more open gates before you to explore and navigate own thoughts through as a real MASTER!
It might be truth that MIND is Holy Grail to be searched for centuries as a source of eternal youth and immortality..It may be that your biggest battle for reaching own goals lies in mastering the mind !

Once you have freed your mind,it is just a base to be cherished and kept from you,while being vigorous and wakened all the time.To me,the vigilance represents the higher level of awareness,and probably has been experienced by greatest minds,thinkers,philosophers and mystics.In the state of complete awareness,your body gets easier and you float in space;your soul craves to reach the spheres where angels fly! That is how you become closer to these divine beings,settled in the center of a radiant and lightened space of happiness and ecstasy.That is the place where Angels whisper to you and have always smiled at you;you are welcomed and your soul has found asylum being lost once and never found by many wandering in search for peace and salvation.That is the place of one's craving and where everything and everyone have brought to light.Your own enlightenment came after being redeemed from all the sins and as personal reward.That is the way how all the Universe celebrates its presence and receives you in its resort.That is a way how you have accomplished Jesus Christ's testimony in own resurrection.You died and rose again;you joined Lord and Jesus Christ in the omniscience by reaching the essence of one's coming into the world and reality as we know it.

Cleaning process has always led to one thing gets easier;all the dirt and negativity diminish,and the more free space you get,the greater and happier your enjoyment and personal enlightens.
Freedom is like a balloon rising you over the all to shackle you;it is gained power allowing you to live a life you wish for yourself;it is embodied fantasy ...with every new victory you become stronger and more confident;that is the way for earning more beauty....


BEAUTY is a process to learn during your whole life!
Perhaps you have never thought about beauty that way but something to be finished on the day of your birth; 'that is second MISTAKE!
Nothing ends ever!
Coming to life,it is just a beginning for EVERYTHING in your life!
Think of your life and body as eternal circle of changes!
As eternal circle of renewing yourself!
As eternal cycle of self- improvement!
If you put your attitude in right direction,you can feed your hopes toward magnificent achievements!
Start thinking about making your look younger,erase wrinkles on your face and make your skin to glow!

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