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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Gifts of Nature

As a human being you belong to the nature with its perpetual circle of renewal,by inevitably sharing its most astonishing features,both beautiful and hazardous ones.There have always been contrasts since the very beginning of the world when it hailed two poles:female and male,named Eva and Adam;there were good and evil;there were God and Devil;there were light and darkness;heaven and land.....
The polarity forced us to learn living with each other's personality and consume outer disturbances as much bearable as we can,by not staying in the line of one's path and hidden aspiration;in some way it is about learning to love and stand each other.With every morning you welcome,there might be a wrapped desire for it to last a bit longer... how wonderful it would be to prolong its lasting!One magic night makes you wish it never stopped.There are established rules that we have got used to;having become every day's expectations of ours,they lost their seducing taste and magic....we know what to expect.

 We know what to expect!
And that way our minds follow trained and known path;there are no surprises,no new know that one day you would get know how your face would become drawn with lines and change its view.You have a picture of yourself being formed beforehand.It is a lasting mistake nested in your mind!

You could say that no one had taught you in childhood how things might be different is truth,but think of God and his creation;he gave birth to everything and everyone,not asking for permission and not being trained by anyone!Pure source of origin and manifestation of the power!There was a moment of motivation and inner glow to/ spread across the mind and/ conceive Universe!

Learn from the Universe;learn from our common Creator and start thinking of changing your future!

For a change,think about ability to model yourself after your own view and perspective;become a desire,pour into your being every alluring thought and let it become a CHANGE!The journey begins in your mind,it is the helm to navigate through the endless landscapes of possibilities to lie ahead of you.!Imagine the volume of the space and every little star seen by you to represent a new destination,a possible road to walk along.Your MIND is as expansive as COSMOS to loom above your head;there is no limit to travel and explore..just DARE to MUSE!

 The Festival of Love

Nature Adorning the Three Graces

Among the first impressions of nature that we are attracted to,is an astonishing Beauty we meet each morning as we open our eyes and look through the window;it is magnificent blue sky with white or some blurred clouds floating in the heaven.A walk along the path gives us great pleasure to enjoy in blossoms of trees and beautiful flowers in parks;taking a little longer stroll and going into forests and mountains are more exciting and challenging experience.All the forest's verdure with trees and birds to sing and healthy air to breathe are real treasure.
As i remember my youngest days,when i walked along the forest's lanes together with my father and the rest of family,i recognize that i was deeply connected with all the beauty around me and absorbed its genuine freshness.There must be my subconscious played main role and took nature's abundance without pressure,by merging into her beauty.I believe that in those days,my body and mind were quite opened to receive all the abundance and supply themselves with purity and strength.In present time it seems we are receiving her blessings  in more an "artificial"way which makes us being deprived of recovering our bodies properly.

All the pores on our bodies are open and ready to receive outer natural ingredients and let them go through and reach every cell in the organism.The way in which body goes through it,is more efficient if it happens while being without any pressure,holding a relaxing condition,having mind freed of worries and disturbing thoughts.Just imagine a child plays careless on a field while breathing fresh air and filling his lungs in a total harmony with the surrounding. By becoming a load of useless thoughts,the mind passes on the rest of organism its negative influence and poison it.The poison is the main reason for inability to feel better and reach happiness you deserve.Your body becomes ill by poisonous streams that you allowed to pour into the body and spread through your veins.The more natural and spontaneous way it flows your body,the healthier and happier condition of your entire being.Take every free moment to relax,free yourself of hard and annoying thinking,go into open air,breathe and enjoy in beauties around you.That is forgotten habit we practiced more in our childhood,and by time left them behind us.There is inevitable reminder of practicing gymnastics and physical training....even if you are not able to practice them in right way as you used to do it,find some time to go out and at least treat yourself with a lovely walk.

 The Control of Nature

There is a truth you must accept as the rule:it is on you and your mind to dismiss all the turbulence to bother you,and open roads toward simple conveniences;every new passing to be freed is one more possibility for you to enrich your organism by allowing mind and body to receive all gifts of Nature.And as you know each hug is healthy and joyful,it gives away warmth and build a shield of protection.
A neglected plant begins to lose its beautiful color,fades and get its petals bowed.The same way,your body and skin might model themselves into decrepit and parched appearances,which makes wrinkles to line your skin and look old.Each line to penetrate your skin disfigure your face.

There is one thing to remember:it is YOU to take care of yourself;there is no magic wind outside of your being-only in YOUR own BEING!

All the magic of recovering and renewing your skin and staying young is within you;there is also a need for better understanding the role of Nature and controlling mutual influences.

 As little drops of rain washing glamorous and splendid sprouts by breathing into them new life,the same way your body gets refreshed and fed by water getting into pores of your organism.There is nothing in nature which your organism could not be touched with while sharing all the abundance with natural surrounding;It is sun to make plants produce food-it is Sun to give you precious vitamins;It is ground compost to grow greens and which after the whole process of production has ended,finds its way in your organism and some animals as well.What i wish to highlight has been purity of elements you put into your body and all the rainbow of air particles you breathe along the way.
You belong to the nature and the whole circle of elements to keep us alive all together;you depend on the boons of your surrounding and natural ambient;fruit and vegetables in their colorful richness make up for every loss in precious vitamins and minerals;once the balance of inner flows in your being get spoiled,first visible signs have been shown on the surface of your skin.In healthy condition,it is rosy hue of the skin to shine,but in unbalanced one,it shows a sallow color of your face.The first signs of weakened organism and immunity are reflected on the skin like in a mirror...

Mind and Spirit as inner Manifestation of Nature

But primary cause of your troubles lies in your inner state of mind and spirit!

I have always regarded,and believe,that main source for keeping with good health and beautiful look,springs from holding your SPIRIT and inner BEING high motivated-it is not material food to be Holy grail of your splendid appearance-it is food that you get from being in excellent psychic condition,from possessing an inner fire to emanate from inside,from staying high motivated and focused;it is from the strength of your MIND to demolish all margin appearances to torture you.

 And if you ever think of getting away from the heritage of Nature,i say you,how it always plays active role and makes the escape impossible;another key factor in your relation to outer conditions are your fellow beings around you,people you spend your time with,close friends,family, are influenced by their presence,and if there is some negativity coming from poisons your mind in the same way as it does an air pollution to all living world.All the scope of negative energies and influences you receive by your surrounding affects you and prevents from being more successful in accomplishing every day's tasks and activities;it poisons your relations,it makes you feel bad....
You need to make choices-whom will you welcome to be your close friend to exchange the stream of energies with.Unfortunately,most people are not a healthy combination -they hold inside of themselves a range of useless and spoiled thoughts and intentions;it is an addition to the heritage which has been passed on them by the moment of their births.Every particle of human body to bear DNA,our genetic record ,in some way defines the destiny of each individual himself.

And i say:Be the Producer of own Being

DNA-your foundation for life is just a beginning;you have endless possibilities to evolve and improve them!each one of them is SECRET grail for improving yourself and embracing more astonishing views.It might be a wizard for you to become a producer of own being in the way as your inner feeling and imagination lead you..

Nature Adorning the Three Graces

about the Painter
source - Wikipedia
Sir Peter Paul Rubens (28 June 1577 – 30 May 1640), was a Flemish Baroque painter, and a proponent of an extravagant Baroque style that emphasised movement, colour, and sensuality. He is well-known for his Counter-Reformation altarpieces, portraits, landscapes, and history paintings of mythological and allegorical subjects.


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