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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Looking in my Mirror

Great victory is knowledge that You have a reason to keep living despite things in your life don't look so nice;this is my appeal to everyone to feel lonely,or think that God was not fair to them,having been left without a lovely person in their lives,or living a life on the edge .,...or may be it is love to betray you.....whatever reason to be,there is endless space of beauty and wonders to make magic for you and enrich your thoughts...
Let's fly....
Flowers,birds,ocean,river,mountains,paintings,novels,music...stars in mystic night's depths....
So my friend,Your greatest endeavor is to feel JOY of life regardless of the all which might seem like injustice and calamity...believe me,it is the only way to truly know that You was worth of your birth and trust given to you..

Share your dreams and magic around....

Making my life being worth of living is being inspired.... INSPIRATION is a golden wing to carry you every new morning and get you think in the midnight of a new day with joy and new expectations.Inspiration is not a temporary condition,it is a style of your life,sometimes a forecast recognized in earliest days,a path that you walk on,like a traveler on an invisible line in the sky.Inspiration is found in yourself,it doesn't depend on someone else's will or outer circumstances;she is so strong and powerful that makes many to survive in impossible conditions...i don't ask from you such difficult situations to approve her meaning..just let it be a simple inspiration like a desire to see new flower to bloom on your terrace or color of the sky when you wake up...there will be one day to realize how the sum of all inspirations is a way you live your life by making yourself happy and sharing such magical vibrations to is the essence of happiness and fulfillment of life...
The Penitent Magdalene

I look into my MIRROR

 From ancient times people compare themselves with each other;it is like a mirror that you look in,by wondering yourself:where do i stand among them?A track to walk on and explore own possibilities;as life itself appears to be an addle hank,it is the same puzzle with each picture in a mirror to have  own reflection;it doesn't steal or lend,it is proud and beautiful the way it is....i am not trying to steal anything from You,nor beauty,nor happiness,nor life...i am walking my path and look into my MIRROR....

Beauty is never enough,and is usually first recognized on the outside,shape of body and all the features to adorn a natural appearance..
Beauty is not a stranger,it is the nature itself in all its abundance and glory;as you walk around,you constantly share her most beautiful characteristics;in a glimpse you can meet the sources of your beauty somewhere deep in the ocean,or buried in the mountain's steeps,maybe by a river in its bath among the shells to keep eagerly secret of their tiny pearls;or stare your eyes into the stars scattered on a wide dark shroud covering the sky while spreading brilliant radiance to reach us wherever we are on the globe.......Isn't it a proof of how intelligent God's creation was?It took care for us to enjoy in all the grandeur by throwing a wide veil to wrap the surface,and letting it boasting and luring us to its absorbing hug.
I remember my youngest days when stars got all my attention;best memories come from my village where absence of lights makes much better conditions for views of sky's swing and catching sparkling dots.

BEAUTY was made on purpose

BEAUTY asks for Respect and Gratitude

The same as

God has deliberately removed light of the day to create beauty of the night's sky!Muse over it being aware how your own beauty has been 'doomed' to glow,and because of that goal some other things had to be removed into another place or to vanish.Beauty is sacrifice,it takes a particle of whole Universe ,and there might be another entity to be mangled and sacrificed for You!Hence it takes gratitude and respect,and a pinch of condolence and sympathy of others.
'Be proud but not arrogant while thinking of someone's gift or punishment to be made on purpose'.

Inner beauty,Charm and Intellect

First musing and recognition of what beauty means,came in childhood with first mirrors we hold in hands while investigating the signs on the face to be praised and loved.First and main impressions of my own beauty,i got from outer acknowledgment as i felt myself being beautiful through my interaction with schoolmates and in my surrounding,by noticing first signs that i am attractive and a beauty;so i met true meaning and glory of beauty in my youngest years:
That is inner beauty and charm ,together with intellect to define one's beauty!

Beauty as a Painter's Canvas

Inner Beauty is foundation and inexhaustible well to feed you all life.And it is where God made big difference between nature and a Man!It is only a man's right and privilege to build up on own disposal',it is like open canvas to paint it with plenty colors,make new combinations and rebuild new pictures!It is always new meaning you give own beauty;and the more Your sincere efforts are the greater Your inner Beauty!
As i write these lines ,my look wanders across the clouds floating above my apartment,and i watch one of them in two ways:first like a thing which gets to my notice,without any thinking over it;second,it is when i study it more mindful by trying to decipher which shape or figure is hidden inside of them,when my judgment goes from how there might be a ship,a dog to a bear...amazing!You played that game when you was a child,and i did!
What is crucial here,is our ability to make more with everything to spread before our eyes,more than simple appearances made by God's design; we are able to involve our inner Strength,Will,Imagination,Inspiration to create and change natural order in the world..We can travel along with them to shine around and pass on others our greatest and beautiful impressions!Eternal travelers to shape the world as we please...
Yes,man is really lucky creature!
With his intelligence he can make miracles!

Blueness of the sky or the whir of a river,seducing scent of a flower and the height of a mountain to meet condors and greet ruddy dawn,might be in the possession of all the nature to show off themselves in full bloom of beauty,but it is only a man with ability to turn the vision into desired object,and make it radiate through own fluid of energy and inspiration,by giving birth to higher form of existence and appearance.
You are the only creature capable to give a new life and form to every thing around and on your way;as you stroll along a path,just bow to pick up a stone and make it into a new shape,known only to your eye ;listen to chirp of a bird and you will hear a melody Your heart wishes;look into the cloud and make it become Your boat or beautiful swan to admire,adopt all possible shapes you see and feel....

And if you next time for a moment feel jealous about a good looking girl or guy,think for a moment that all the strength and power lie inside of You,look more carefully over own features and get to the point when You admit to yourself how your personal beauty is so special and unique that you would never trade it with someone else!

That moment you congratulate yourself,for you just reigned all rivers,landscapes,mountains,birds,flowers ,all your alleged concurrents and became a King &Queen over the whole!
It is certain that all Your accomplishment becomes a live legacy for eternity,and one day somewhere ,Your unique particles will touch such an amazing eternity in some place and point of time!
Live with this knowledge as a  moment when You lived through your dreams like climbing Himalayas and flying together with Condors!
Live with the moment as the one You got to the star and sew seeds of own being to flourish along with unknown and mystical reaches!Share Your way and view with stars and new hidden creatures!


The Penitent Magdalene
by Georges de La Tour
 1625-1650, Wrightsman Collection

about the Painter
Georges de La Tour

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