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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Witch and Wizard

There will always be Witches and Wizards
What is the way a man becomes witch&wizard?

I don't know whether it is a general opinion or not,but to my understanding ,a strange person is most acceptable to be regard as a witch.'Being unusual' is the one who deviates from the common rules of behavior,seen more likely as being turned to spiritual life and inner attributes to adore us as special creatures.Also it is one who is inevitably seen as unapproachable and unrecognized from people in vicinity,which leads to some kind of isolation to cause a damage for entire community and the mankind as a whole.
Every time you feel yourself being 'strange' take it like a blessing given by the grace of God and overall creation.A life beyond trivial things and ordinary views,is a is a gift and honor,and more than anything else,a task for you to go for and resolve some puzzles or contribute to the progress of Humanity!

Many a years have gone but an 'image' of a witch still cycle around ... being burned on the stake is probably out of  your possible experience and destiny,and i encourage you to show as much of the attributes of
a witch ,as you can.I call on You to never grow old,to keep your primal illusions and alluring pictures from the fairy tales,settled only in memory now,to live for love and with love,to cherish little things that once you went to bed with;may it be a doll you kept in hands,or some other little loves which had their place in a wooden case locked in the loft among forgotten clothes and the rest of an ancestor's heritage....

As a true "WITCH" i empower you to keep all your dreams unlocked!
I empower you to take all your old DREAMS with You,wherever you go!
I empower You to never stop dreaming new ones!
I empower you to baptize the most loved places as soon as new dream hunts you!

Every time you feel uncertain about your dreams,think of them like being lent from your ancestor walking their own lands,who were unable to solve tasks and live up to the trust given them.....
......because ..
Dreams are heritage to pass on from one generation to another,travel through centuries and renew themselves over and over again...Dream has never been a single possession,it came to you like a pledge and promise that one day someone's dream must come true!
There was a time when someone dreamed a beautiful dream,wanted so hard to accomplish it and failed!Imagine now how it missed to see the light of the day by the present time,and one's wish left behind to its longing of becoming real one waits for You to make a lost dream come true...
Even if you and i miss our dreams,there will be a time for someone to make them come true...that is why there is no reason for sorrow;what an ancestor in our line missed to do,will see the light of the day through someone else's life.We only pass on our common visions and desires and according to a reward or punishment become a winner or a loser,and with first scenery get their best parts!
Whether my dreams i missed to make into reality is a reward or punishment, i am not sure..of every one i realize, i shall think with gratitude to my ancestor and predecessor and for every one to be missed i would think as a sacrifice for a greater goal.

Let your visions carry you on the wings of fantasy,and you might reach a point where archetype of birds and pristine creatures nestled first embryo of your night's vigil and daily agony.In ancient times a Dragon held secret of the light,and by cruelty of first humans, it was lost for ever....
Presently,the only way we can recover it, is to keep the track of our dreams with hope to get to the secret,and once recognized,bring them back to us!

Catcher of Dreams

There are hunters of dreams to simply go into one's dream and is inevitably to run across a pale one,because there are plenty of thoughts,but no excuse to throw out all the fair ones..
Whatever dreamer to have gotten a hold of your 'secret' it is only up to you to go for your night's visitors in a try to recognize them and earn their trust.Think of it as being not enough to get a reward for lifetime,and for your comfort such a travel might be exciting adventure.Catcher of Dreams!
I myself have my own 'keeper',one to hold me in a prison all the is Devil...You must find your own warder...We both need to steal the key of a magic door,get into hidden halls &caves and find the LIGHT !
I think of a wizard to ask for help,but to the present time i have not found any one..

My feelings and instinct tell me that there are many unwanted beings to hunt my dreams and disturb me in reaching my goal...evil and jealous,they hinder me from making brilliance of my life story,and i get rid of the damn to be made on me in some old time!I know it!

One day you would be miracle

If it is not in your power to live someone else's life,i can give you some miraculous words to make your world happier...if everyone does a little more or the same ,we shall bring our dreams come true!

I am aware i can't change the world,but imagine, i used to think i could make people become better!Led by a demon strength i was walking on the streets of my town which were so empty in the time.With swelled stomach and risen head i resembled a WITCH,framed into a description of French writer Jules Michelet.
/La Sorciere/

"If the lady of the castle is a baroness, our woman is a queen; and
more than a queen,--we dare not say what." Her beauty is a dreadful, a
fantastic beauty, killing in its pride and pain. The Demon himself is
in her eyes."

"Meanwhile wherever the woman appears, she becomes the one great object
of love"

"What a contrast! Here is the wife of the desert and of despair, bred
up in hate and vengeance, and lo! all these innocent things agree to
smile upon her!"

Years flew by,and what once was a mare pavement now became vivid and fulfilled street with the swarm of people walking in both directions.What used to be just a dream,as time went by,turned into reality!Oh,what a blissful moment in making things come true!To succeed just with one little thing makes a move forward to a brighter future!What seemed to be so hopeless and with no importance in a moment of the past,one day would become new mirror of your surrounding!
How many of the greatest minds in the world have tortured themselves with their own battles to get over the gates in their minds and bring some changes in favor of the Humanity!
A head plunged into the notes, a pen in the hand,effort to catch every thought to cross their mind,to understand and apply on their proficiency,while having few or no one around  to give support!A walk along the paths,wandering the forests and mountains,escaping into solitude to calm own thinking and forget ones to call on your madness or look at you like a monster!
In any way for the individuals,determined to bring into life wonderful ideas,there was no restrain,just looking ahead into desired goal.

Should be everyone's choice to never stop believing in themselves for:...HE KNEW

one day someone's madness would become the most beautiful canvas!

one day someone's persistent research would become the greatest medicine!

one day,someone's written words would become the most read novel or poem in the world!

one day,someone's life would be the theme to speak about!

one day,someone's imagination would bring new possibilities for the whole humanity!

one day,someone's wounds would become the mark of a Saint's hardship!

one day someone's pain would become the holiest sign in the sky !

one day,someone's life would be celebrated and memorized along with the day of birth and death!

one day,someone's victories would become the curriculum in all the schools and the subject of every pupil's aspirations!

one day,a woman's life would be inspiration for a girl to become famous and beautiful!

one day,it might be your glory and reward for all your sleepless nights, insults and injustice!

one day,it might be YOU!

Live for your dream,happiness,love and victory,even if one day you be called a Witch* Wizard!

Whatever part in the world you belong to,i live off your suffer,fears and hopes,i know that there is no perfect place for living,have no answers to all the questions,but i offer my friendly hand,my written words and my beautiful thoughts as gift for you to make the all be more bearable and looks magical!

St.George and the Dragon
by Paolo Uccello 1456

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