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Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Mystery of God

One of the most glorious moment ever in the entire Universe,was the birth of an especial creature on Earth to open the door into cognizable worlds and trace the path back to the very source of their origin.By the will of his Majesty, a magnificent moment greeted the dawn of Humanity.
Born in loneliness,while the Lord looked upon own creation,and wished to accompany him with Cherubim,Dominions,Archangels,Angels,and the rest of angelic beings,the man became genuine and loyal follower of the creation and its most beautiful sibling-Nature.

Appolo and Aurora

A man has risen from most beautiful nature's decor:flowers,rivers,mountains,landscapes,heaven,clouds,Sun's rays.....everything gave their primary and most beautiful features in endeavor to overcome his loneliness,and make all the ambient around vivid and in favor of a man.That way,Beauty was inevitably embedded in like one of the most impressive characteristics we share with nature.All the colors mixed their most seducing hues and kept hold of the secret formula, allowing to the viewer nothing but enjoyment and pleasure of being part of dancing beauty.
White,black,red,green,blue..purple..all is on your disposal to lend their robes and shroud yourself for a magnificent appearance.
The most mysterious secret in the focus of human interest,and most wanted to be solved,has always been their origin.And science stayed in silence until these days about solving that mystery.In my mind,as i trying to reach that moment of conceiving the birth of my first ancestor,i transfer my thoughts back into the past.Suddenly,the path becomes a pure reflection of one remote and crystal glowing destination,exposed somewhere in the future and beyond reasonable cognition... some farthest place in Universe..a star,planet.......hidden resort to be unknown till now?
It is like traveling back in time to meet own future in one point,somewhere in infinity of space and time!An astonishing idea and vision,perceptible and alluring,the way to meet your double and first blood cousins.There might be a sparkling particle fell from the space to cross distances and reach Earth.
If we were to go along that imagined line,we could join past and future and get us united in one single point.....without past and future..just one single MOMENT!
Imagine Yourself in such a magnificent glimpse of time,and you could feel all the mystery of existence!All the distinction between now and forever,what was and will be,birth and death,....everything happens to vanish by moving themselves aside and giving a pass to a wonderful feeling of flying into the longest place you could ever reach in imagination.

Such a FREEDOM solves man's most attractive desire ...eternal life and Youth.
We can feel the importance of being NOW and breathing in this moment,without loading ourselves with the burden of unnecessary thoughts.The all which matters and makes life,has been merged in just one snatch!

I think about it like my new birth and the moment i am renewed;I shall think of myself like the revelation of a new star,or powerful might floating the space to give a birth to everything.

I shall think of myself like being a particle of Almighty's gorgeous embodiment.The very source of my birth is the place where my ending hours on earth would have rested...birth and death,there is no difference ...It is continual chain of all the cycles in Universe,and i know that the strength of my being and all the energy floating my body will prolong their lasting into the future.It is pure magic captured in the obscurity of my awareness and nakedness of my organism.And it is only on You to recognize them and reign all the possibilities lying before you.Learn to use gifts of Nature and pulsing cosmos,to revive yourself,and make your organism radiate,feed itself and give own energy back to outer surrounding,to mix consciousness contracted in mind with Universe's unique and transparent nature.

And the all becomes miracle...i shall give my face the shape i wish
It will glow the color i hold in my vision
My look becomes embodiment of my desire'
My own Beauty is manifest CREATION..i make BEAUTY in a way i wish and love it!
Your unique beauty will get the meaning and radiate the way you show yourself to the outer world!The strength of your mind and thoughts modeled by its will,make your look be seen like most alluring ; you only allow beauty to be fed properly.In essence it is ENERGY with all the characteristics and vibrations spring from your being.You hold and master them on your own..

Having said Beauty,i assume it is all about your YOUNG look alike...BEAUTY is foreseen to carry all the purity of your skin,without any line to rough surface in its reflection.

Active role of the brain is driving force,and every imagined projection you make,sources in the brain;there is a passage to find and allow the flow of all energy.I myself name the mind being holy grail of eternal youth.
Once you mastered the craft of letting stream of particles travel from mind throughout the rest of organism,is a way recognized for ever.The energy pulses,similar to strokes of a clock,it pumps vivid impulses and absorbs new incentives in every glimpse of time.
What streams through your body has fueled with is pad from which your desire begins its journey from your brain,gives a command,and being received,becomes jointed with the strength of mind's waves to bring all them back to the body.It is continual circle of feeding your mind to transit projected images into pores of your body;an exercise to practice in every bit of your lifetime.It is the heart of keeping your YOUNG look alive!

The heart never stops pumping blood to keep you alive.Mind's activity is additional source for feeding every ingredient of your being,and its main function is ability to command the cells of your organism;It takes only your will to send orders which will lead you to the keeping Young look in every time of your life.


To get out of the close and recognizable circle of happenings,we shall open the window into magnificent and splendid Nature to coat ourselves with all the brightness coming from heaven's blueness,cloud's artworks brushed on the sky,sparkles of dancing air,greenish glow of drizzled grass,mottle of seducing landscapes,sparkling bats of mountain's waterfalls,foamy purity of air in the stunning hills.....we shall clear blurred scenery around,and let them become part of our sensing and absorbing reality.
We shall let the beauty of some remote times reach us in all abundance,and find us never lost in oblivion of one moment which decided our destiny would stay merged with the beautiful framed picture posted by an inscrutable might.The mystery is lasting ingredient of eternal beauty and youth.

Our CREATOR left us with a living memory of his heritage and the key to decipher its mystery leading to eternal Youth.

Appolo and Aurora
Gerard de Lairesse
Metropolitan Museum of Art
New York


Beauty of God's Word
by Gerard Hallock

I have found this book,under the title"Beauty of God's Word" as the result of my searching for old ones since it is my passion;i am really lucky with books,think of running across most beautiful,and believe it is because of my love of reading.She is special for me even more,for it is associated with my writing on staying young /beautiful/The author found his inspiration in God's words,referring to love and devotion ,as well as all the rest of divine characteristics ,to be main source of being beautiful.They come from inside of our beings and make us so lovely.I have not opened the Bible in order to express my thoughts, but what i wrote came right from my mind and heart and completely corresponds the holy book.Through my stories you will feel the same strength and source to come from my inner being, fed by nature's beauty,and to be the essence of staying young and beautiful.Take from nature and God's creation abundance and "grow lovely" as it says Gerard Hallock.
p.s. i never look for them before i have finished my writing,to avoid any influence,and so i am very nice surprised every time i find similarities in the way i and 'unknown' author think and build our stories.

Becoming Beautiful

"But we all,with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord,are changed into the same image from glory in glory even as by the spirit of the Lord"

"A Christian is sure to grow lovely by just loving,-by just going on in love for Christ.It has been fabled from old times that the graceful swan was changed from a most ugly bird into its present beauty,merely because of its constancy to its mate"

"The soul grows wondrously lovely just by loving,by pouring out its faithful affection"

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