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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Coloring the World /Part 5/

By going down into the residence of subterranean worlds,and opening the door of a crystal palace,i became open-eyed to the whole Universe and image of our world,being more thoughtful and joyful about my future.What a blessing for me,having curious and inspiring coming days ahead...!Isn't it always about an idea!Have a great idea and you can make a masterpiece!And have courage to believe in yourself and keep your eye wide open!

What i and my friend Wizard reached during our common exploration,was just a touch of a variable and inscrutable truth.There might have been primary intention for the whole to work this way...starting from an inspiration with no end.
One should be brave!Always be open-minded and have courage!

There was twilight when i and my friend were coming back from old and marvelous background..

Hunting Birds at Night

-There must have been great reason for creating twilight-i thought aloud.

-It would be astonishing for people to enter the darkness from the light,it was necessary to grade colors and it was easier for dead souls to walk between blackness and light.
Twilight is a asylum for all who still don't know which realm they belong to.

I thought about many creatures to have left without light.
-What about bats or night's birds to live hidden from the light?

-They have got caught in old habits,and being accommodated to the surrounding,become lost forever for an ordinary life.
Bat is completely captured by its uniqueness,that even blindness is not an obstacle for him to stay with own habits.It is a common future,everyone's desire being unique,even by losing some of beauty and accommodation.Everyone wishes to be so special and show off himself,while lightly forgets how being special comes from merits.

-By staying out of visible worlds,bats probably kept their brown color-i tried to be ingenious.
-This time you are a bit wrong....having beautiful colored body is everyone's desire and they are not exception.It is the cause of their suffering,even though they found a way to revenge people for being treated so cruelly....there was a plot about them being vampire to suck blood from a man.

-It sounded somehow funny,although i confessed being scared of them too...and i told my friend an event from few years ago,when a great bat landed on the roof of my apartment...i was frightened,because it had very big wings,and from a distance i heard gruesome screams in the still of the night.
-Those yells reveal all the sorrow and pain for being so different..

-Be more careful about 'recycled souls',it is ones to come from the deadness..

The Bat

Another creature to have experienced the consequence of a man's fear is wolf.A long time ago people started spreading stories about a wolf- transformed creature by the name werewolf.
Whenever a man can't handle own fears he creates a tale,or start spreading gossip about everyone that he feels hate and envy.

-A man had great influence on the coloring..and every time he didn't like any of creatures or felt fear,he left them uncolored..
-and learned very early how to be evil..

And then came the surprising follow up ...

-Night and day are not separated by was a profound decision,for the light was jealous on the mystery and nobility of the night,so it started to fancy some grisly stories and put in horrible creatures,to make night less attractive.

-Oh,- i was delighted with such an unpredictable idea of my wizard-it is really amazing!What was about the night?It was enviable too?

-Night hated how everything was approachable on daily also didn't like daily warmth,pleasurable moments on the Sun,and all the marvelous nature with magnificent colors of flowers....who could ever resist their beauty?
Not to forget about Morning,its fleshiness and vivacity to rise a man's spirit.

-I confess,i never thought about them that it needless to mention splendid stars in a velvet night?Of course that day was so angry!

-There is nothing that a day is deprived has all the beauty of sunset and a rainbow.

-We started with the story about the twilight-i reminded my companion-It seems it left without attraction.

-Once again you are wrong...It holds essential characteristics of their beauty....some light from the day,and first signs of a night's mystery.There is another tale how it collects all passing souls,and being the kingdom of all the lost reigns.

-I was already angry and upset that my friend turns everything into a nice and surprising story,and promised myself to pay more attention to creating my own ones in the future.

-You make the all being possible,and again each time different!-i said with a provocative voice.

-Now you made me come to the childhood...You are so childish! Yes,there is something about children and their joy to be true gift for humans..
A child was such an unpredictable joy and happiness,without any grain of jealousy and see with open eyes and singing heart, to love without mask or cheating,..i am not sure what was the main reason.Maybe God wanted to conciliate all the nature and the universe with a soft and innocent child's eye.That is why a child is free to imagine and create in the absence of any retrains...Child really makes WONDERS!


Hunting Birds at Night
by Jean-Francois Millet

The Bat
by Vincent Van Gogh
Van Gogh Museum

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