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Monday, November 14, 2011

Unwrapping my Mystic Packet

There is a sleepy and mystic land to keep memory of dreams,and an old white man to sit in the underworld room.During the time of my fantastic visit ,i tried to get some answers to my origin and knowledge to lie buried there from the primordial time.

Who are you?-i asked,as i let my thought fly.

I am an ordinary man who saves everyone's DREAMS over the centuries-said the old man

If you were an ordinary man,you would not live forever tell me the truth-i was curious..

I can not tell it a random visitor....and it is more a SECRET.

What is the secret?

You must find it by yourself-old man stayed enigmatic with his answer

May i ask someone to tell me more about it?

No,it can not be..
You need to know it by yourself,because every one of them has different parents and dreams; there might be one to originate from Cerberus,another one comes from Phoenix... you will meet Centaur,Griffin, and Cyclopes....Titans,like Rhea and Cronus and many others.And everyone responds to different sounds and pictures;once you were lost in darkness,it takes great skills to see and recognize enemies in right moment,there are plenty to hate you...for you may be have more beautiful dreams...

Whether my fancy or strong desire,yet i pictured that a DRAGON was my keeper of dreams..and more... something like my parent,my first breath..........

Red Dragon

By the grace of his Majesty,our dreams live out our memories and keep walking on ancient tracks of lost worlds.On a gracious trace i saved my loving memory of early childhood when 'everything' has begun.
In the childhood begins our past, present and future...there is an eye to grab from every angle of our unreal dreams.As soon as the light makes its way through early patchworks of the morning's sky,we face majestic horizon to open before our eyes,full with mythological creatures to have lost their lands and dreams,and started hunting our obscurity to throw some light onto our lives and future,till recover our untold truths.
As a good catcher you could capture peerless drops of forecast to guide you through life toward your destiny,on condition you were brave enough to follow them.
I myself,or might be by mercy of someone else's will ,made a gateway for all the convey of two heads dogs,mystical phoenix to reborn anew from ashes,dragons with fire in their gullets and dark visitors from the hell to follow Lucifer after his fall from the heaven,to take me on their hidden paths,putting a great challenge before me,and testing my will and endurance.
There are no great successful stories without great dreams!
Now that dream is not my possession,at least not exclusive one,for i share them with all the row of mystic creatures to accompany me during my journey.By allowing them to come into my life i crossed the line between light and darkness,and hopefully expect my dream come true.I am aware that there must have been some mistake of mine,followed by punishment and obsession,after which i redeemed my sins.
I do not think how my presence is the only realm of my life.....There has always been another world and reality for me;every moment hath its past and future,unseen and smashed civilizations,some projected landscapes waiting for new dreamers.
There was no way to come back soon i left my foot on the sky blue path..i knew that a return always led to disaster and misery.There is still present an image of Lot's wife to turn into a pillar of salt for being heedless.
Worlds vanish and new ones rise.. ....
The same is about life,having lost previously one,you build and live new dream.Every possible attempt to change course of own destiny is a gamble, faced with all possible scenarios and outcomes.Freedom is a devil's work,it gives you so much,but it could take away the all from you in the blink of an eye.
Freedom takes a distant behavior,or at least empowers you to make a choice of few things you like best and the rest to leave for the others.I am sure you hold in memory some tales to rest now on a shelf in your room,with taste of dust like a hero entering into cave with lost treasure,to seize the all,unless there is no a catch...and there is always one.....sometimes it was a secret floor to open and swallow them,or a pike to punch their bowels,maybe a monster to live deep in hidden chamber,or an adder winding its way..
Now it is the legend about Holy Grail to inevitably catch mine and everyone's attention for its most attractive secret of eternal Youth.There were many who tried to steal the secret,and lots of legends emerged over the centuries.My instinct tells me that everyone made win over the Kingdom of secret worlds,you need to stay true to yourself and let all creatures on service in lost lands to visit and reign over you,or to stand hunting of a neglected and jealous being coming right from the darkness.

I am willing to unwrap my magical  packet with hidden knowledge and share it with you...for what the purpose of Beauty is,if it is not seen by someone else's eye?In addition ,my secret is mystic folded,quite opposite to many which are bald and dreadful,and that way alluring and pleasant for making a record in one's memory.In the end,every one of them becomes visible as there is no one with wings powerful enough to run away and bury  themselves for good.
First pictures to dig their pit to the surface of my earliest days and stay trapped there,reach back to my age of four years......i am dressed in a short and plaid coat,and my father holds me in his arms;i believe it was on a special occasion.There is another one to be early memorized,about a big fire set in the center of my village during the carnival celebration to take place during the winter time.I still remember that amazing fire,flames of which,rose high into the shadow.

Being thoughtful since my childhood,when i made my first steps into conscious exploration of life around me,natural way of my development had to be the meditation.Loneliness and an isolated place were not strange and hard for me to stand;sometimes it was sitting on a branch of the tree in my village yard.The first five years of my life i spent in my birthplace,some 32 km from the town where i live now.The most impressed in early meditation was a recall,nestled in my inner being,to whisper me how my 'strange' and mystic forecast was postponed till my mature age .....Expectation is like a hunter of dirty landscapes and misty sky players,in your fancy,while painting a canvas,you hope to paint most beautiful ones.Even the darkest scenery is in your reach to make new wonder.

Whether for reasons to spring from such distinct part of my life or not, i was late in maturing.Then,having reached the predicted time,it came like a storm followed by surges,unforeseen phenomenons,and some odd abeyance;a visitor got out of darkness and put me on temptations.I found myself questioning if i was closer to God,or i fell in disgrace of invisible,dangerous and underground forces.The obsession is not an easy experience,followed by a variety of unpredictable forces and deviations.
There is a different destiny for everyone to wait for the right time and begin unrolling them,by discovering plenty of attributes to make each of us unique.
What appears to be outstanding in the dawn of your initial steps,is the ability to recognize first signs marked in your birth card and to follow them,because your future depends on observing and interpretation of the foretoken.I was lucky to catch my vision and had courage to wait for its unrolling along with all the consequences and transformations on my way.One day as i mastered it and pulled myself out of the swirl,i could look on myself like a new born being.It is really about new birth,as Jesus Christ happened to emerge among living world again after his death.Jesus' personal story and the wreath of all events to belong to the history now,stayed a puzzle for us.....we can believe or being suspicious about many things;but who would believe in my complete confession after i shed a bit of light into my personal experience?There are some TRUTHS to stay unknown and invisible for the rest of the world.

I can't get away from an impression that a 'secret' had to be told,if not of Jesus Christ's then someone else's....there must be one greatest in any event!My human sense,having been tempted by the very beginning with one's mischievousness to look for power and dominance,casted an anchor at the presence with something wonderful,unusual and strange....i cannot stand poor and naked reality......I am eternal traveler to wander between darkness and lightness,looking for a lost path and finding a new one,again and again.The truth once given to us,was taken and left to rest in some inapproachable place;what we have now are our dreams we go after lost royal buildings and high bastions to leap over into the garden of paradise,freed from every hurt and evil....
We need strangeness and miracles,unnamed sources,mystical fountains,lost manuscripts,forgotten words,dried up rivers,perished civilizations,we need to dig deep into earth looking for ancient bones of extinct animals,or to study the archetypal manuscripts to get into knowledge of our origin;we seek lost tracks and watch remote stars and constellations in effort to reach new civilizations.

Simply,our own story would be so miserable and bared without such a stunning flavor of unknown and mystic.

I celebrate unknown forces coming into my life and make some exceptional events and  transformations.I am grateful for mercy to come down on me and present me with beautiful gift.My secret lies in power to win old age and stay young forever;there is a mystery around it,and as i said i love them and regard to be necessary in my life.Every obscure detail from the past keeps some secret and important mystical revelation.It seeks a way to seduce and cheat us with sparkling background and illusion of a rainbow,that seems so easy approachable and in our reach.
Anyway, if you cheat on me,let it be a beautiful delusion.

Red Dragon


A dragon is a legendary creature, typically with serpentine or reptilian traits, that feature in the myths of many cultures. There are two distinct cultural traditions of dragons: the European dragon, derived from European folk traditions and ultimately related to Greek and Middle Eastern mythologies, and the Chinese dragon, with counterparts in Japan, Korea and other East Asian countries.

Book Recommendation

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Ursula Le Guin

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