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Friday, December 30, 2011

The Little Beauty in the Splendour of a World

While still being in the obscureness of a world to have begun its forming,i thought it would be an exceptional experience,whatever it to be,for i am a brave girl, to come down into underground world and look closely at the setting of a complete unknown variety.
My own visions were so poor,but that is why i had my Wizard to take me where no one to walk on the earth,ever set foot on.I was very privileged and proud.

- I know that you have special interest and extraordinary curiosity to go there,so i give you a chance,just once in your life to learn more about your destiny.-cautious words from my friend.
That is when i thought about greatest challenges in life given to us on special occasions.Time is an inscrutable and independent runner,and magic of such a moment knocks on the door of  your life as it pleases,you are there to catch it or not,and then,all the epilogue relies on you;it is like receiving an expensive present,a crystal vase you can keep whole life or smash just after few days....At least a lesson i learned,that such a surprise comes without warning,like a foggy shroud to embrace you...that is how an obsession begins.

Allegory of Painting

Descending into the earthly hallways was not easy task even for my wizard,so he needed to ask for help.I know you are impatient to hear which of all creatures gave a hand and took us bellow the surface.It was a rat!Of course,it is nothing weird since rat lives in dark gates and has been accommodated to a subterranean ambient.Being caught in the blackness forever,there must have been something more of mystery,and i couldn't help myself but ask my friend about its transformation.

-A mouse is by nature a very curious animal,and such a feature defined its fate.He took a journey one day and run into the gates where dead soul dwell,and eagerly jerked his nose into hidden knowledge,while trying to unlock a sealed shrine to steal their secrets.He was caught,but some of that occult treasury he thrived to save till present days.

-Was it a reason to stay uncolored?-once again i got a chance to show off.

And an answer from my friend thereby came more like a confirmation-He was punished to stay gray forever.

I didn't forget our 'colored' friends', but they already belonged to other existence and it might put their lives at greater risk.

-If you get into unknown surrounding,just let yourself be led is where having the sense of sight is no necessary

  -The truth is never given to someone in the way he is always another one and different approach.That is where most people mistake.They are so spoiled and expect everything to be the way they want,but it is mainly opposite to the expectations.

 -I was wrong too-i imagined a devil-like creature to meet
...nothing similar..and greatest surprise was yet to come..stay patient....

I listened to my friend, and closed my eyes ..

Wizard opened a ruby door and we entered the great crystal cave with silver-like candelabrums,balls of noble rhodium and citrine to hang from the ceiling,and i knew immediately that all the unsightly creatures were forbidden to get in.
The squares on the walls and their glowing,were pure indication of the material used for the was diamond.Crystal hall and all the flashing were most beautiful setting for an earthly eye to see.There was a big table of platinum,set with tin plates and spoons;a huge armchair in transparent dancing cinnabar,and a quite number of marvelous decorations on the wall,made of alexandrite and translucent natrolite.
The Grotto Grande

-You just entered a world to have been beyond human sight,but i don't fear for you since you already broke some limits between the worlds..
In the wink of an eye i remembered my 'white' meditation...heritage of a previous world

 -Isn't it we have one world?-in fact what i said was meaningless,i already knew more than two ..

 -No one lives just in one world;there are different realms.

 Is there anyone to live here?-i  said loud,although i had already portended an answer.

 -Of course,there are the beings to reside here,but they are not visible for you..since they have wings and astonishing beauty,they might represent a risky venture for a human eye.Humans are still accommodated to old fashioned habits,and their souls are loaded with all the vices to prevent them from meeting such a purity of innocence.The only period in life when we are allowed to peer into all the splendour of happiness,is childhood.And just like our little friend,humans hold some of that fortune for their lifetime....however not many..
 A man also can't stand greater truths but ones he is able to apprehend now.

-Does it mean they are perfect? I knew there was another secret

 -These beings were adored with wonderful talent and power,but their reward destroyed them.One of them felt envy,and since then they lost visible worlds,remaining caught between underground and earthly world...even Heaven is unapproachable for them..

 -Oh, how sad is it!

 And my wizard felt where my thoughts go..

Once there lived a beautiful little girl,all enchanting with 'sparkling body' and smaragdine eyes,so curious and naughty,that even most powerful being was not able to keep an eye on her....she found a way to escape..
So,little girl came onto the surface,saw the light of day and soon forgot previous life..Light erases all the is stronger than darkness...that is why we celebrate lights nowadays..
Light symbolizes healing and prosperity,it fights with the ominous creatures,it is perfection,happiness and beauty... And having come from crystal world it saved its transparency..only golden particles made it look like light gold yellow.

At least i was content knowing that i came from a beautiful wold and beings...i was puffed up..
All the time i lived in fear that it was an ugly horn-creature to influence my life and hold me back from achieving all my dreams.And my friend's thought crossed my mind again....truth is usually quite opposite and surprising,it is only us humans who are so shallow..

 -Our little "Beauty" was not able to live an ordinary life,and that is why she believed being punished some way it is true.
One cannot live both worlds,having two lives must choose where to live,with whom,and where to go,,
It is the same with our loves,you can presently have only one love,to love only one being..all the other options are not a true love..
On our return home,i noticed a little noctilucine creature to fly.
My omniscient friend knew another answer to satisfy my passion of mystery
-Our tiny and flying friend was so enamored of his female,that he went down to search for her,and soon it came out on the daily light again,it never got rid of such a delusion of a murky world......he kept glimmering forever to find its way.In present days we know it by the name firefly and this breed still uses such a glowing body to attract mates.

So it is last mystery we unveil today....

Allegory of Painting
by Francois Boucher 1765
National Gallery of Art,Washington

The Grotto Grande
by Bernando Buontalenti
Boboli Gardens, Florence

                                                    HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful Holiday and a Happy New Year. May peace, love and prosperity follow you always!
Another thought to follow you through New Year:Believe in yourself,believe in miracles,and keep in your mind all the time that it is great work,persistence and love to endure and reward you.

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