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Friday, August 19, 2011

How to Stay Young

"The art of staying young is a very high art, and
 though it is simple when learned, yet it can not be
 learned so long as the mind has not entered that
 attitude where it is always at its best. To enter this
 attitude, and continue in this attitude, all that is 
 necessary is to live in the conviction that
 the possibilities of human nature have no limitations."
Christian D.Larson

Can you imagine my ephemeral enjoyment as i made an acquittance with the book which might be one of my desired titles:How to Stay Young.The title i  was longing for,kept in my mind for a long time and lived with a thought of making it my "own book"one day.
So,it happened that the book had already been written,which is nothing weird,since over the the centuries,there were many great talents to make invisible into visible in the form of magic words.There is nothing to be stolen,at least i suppose so,maybe something borrowed,for we follow each other in a way of how we think and meet recognizable patterns to pass from one generation to another one.I will not discover "word"which is the core of my life experience and guiding thought in my writing.
I leave it for the end of my story&review,when my experience and Author's narrative become clearer for me and you, and we meet expectations of one brilliant mind.

 "How To Stay Young "is an exceptional book,written in great style,understandable narrative and easy for reading,and such,available to everyone,even if English is not native one for the reader.
There is no review or retailed content of the book here,only several quotations,my personal experience and fantasy put in task to make it a beautiful story to gain your attention and love.

                                              The Grand Odalisque

 by Christian D. Larson
"The world is changing its thought"

"We have made several important discoveries in the chemical life - ^both
physical and metaphysical - of the human system. "

"The thinking world today is convinced that life
is intended by the creator of life to be "a thing of
beauty and a joy forever" ; we therefore conclude that
anything that can add to the joy and the beauty of
life must be possible"./Larson/

The physical achievement has penetrated deeply into the sense of a new man,giving new hope that life itself might get another gown,another attraction to satisfy his intellectual and social desires and needs.With every new stimulation,our "man" wishes new suit for him,new look in the dancing halls,new manners and more fun in the public life.

"The nature of man is metaphysical as well as
physical ; and these two natures are so intertwined that
it is not possible to understand the one without
understanding the other."

"The reason, however, why the majority who have
ideals fail to make them real, is found in the fact that
they do not employ the principles of exact science;
they depend either solely upon physical laws or sole-
ly upon mental laws, not knowing that the nature of
man is both physical and metaphysical, and that no
change or advancement can be made in human life
unless both physical laws and metaphysical laws are
employed cooperatively and simultaneously."
 /Christian D.Larson/

Following the material we come to the spiritual view,or metaphysical;that is the core in understanding of the process:how to stay young.There is no separation between physical and metaphysical,it sounds familiar being accepted in our awareness that spirit and body are inherent,and has its foundation in religion,something which was followed from the beginning of the humanity,and established in many national religion beliefs,in Christianity it is about soul to dwell in the body and leave it after death.Most impressive is Jesus Christ's crucifixion,his resurrection,and coming up on earth in new look after death-it is eternal life ,granted and promised to his followers.


 First implementation in Religion

 I believe in God, the Father almighty, creator of heaven and earth.
 I believe in Jesus Christ, his only Son, our Lord.
 He was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin
 He suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died, and was buried.
 He descended to the dead. On the third day he rose again.
 He ascended into heaven and is seated at the right hand of the Father.
 He will come again to judge the living and the dead.
 I believe in the Holy Spirit,
 the holy catholic Church, the communion of saints,
 the forgiveness of sins,
 the resurrection of the body,
 and life everlasting.

The creed and power of belief is foundation in Christian religion to find greatest admission in resurrection of Jesus Christ;such a power and strength of belief are brightest among all other signs to follow and teach you how powerful your spirit is.Jesus Christ's heritage teaches you about eternal cycle of renewing ,endless possibilities to evolve and grow own power.Life is never ended,and looking from the Universe perspective it is the same law implemented in earthly existence.The same power to descend from the heaven and embody itself into living world on earth.
 It is about the very core of a human being;a man possesses physical body,but his power lies in spirit,in metaphysical form of existence and both are joined and in mutual interaction.
What masters body,has been in return mastered by the body.

"The life and the destiny of his Personality are in
in his own hands"/Larson/
"In the last analysis, subconscious thought is
fundamental cause of everything that exists or transpires
in the personal nature of man; and as man may
subconsciously think whatever he desires to think, the
nature, the life and the destiny of his personality are
in his own hands. That man has the power to perpetuate
his youth is therefore a foregone conclusion"./Larson/

 The Knowledge of Yourself

What the shares of physical and metaphysical exactly look like,it couldn't get final answer;what my experience teaches me is that i really know my body,i know its particles,and in my case i call them "strange" is partly the answer to Christian Daa Larson's opinion about knowledge of yourself/your body.Such strange nature of my cells determines my being,it makes me distinct..and i find myself in real "advantage"...i am unique in comparison with the others.I think,i have not met another one to inherit the kind of the cells,such unique ingredients and enriched like being modeled and touched by angel himself.
In any way,whether you belong to my sort or not,it is necessary to know your body and decipher its unique chemical composition in order to get yourself transferred to higher level of self awareness.
By knowing myself i got on self-confidence and mastered my personality.I am aware that my   characteristics,make me a bit 'different',i learned to love and draw my strength from it.
 Having built the base-knowledge of yourself,you can benefit from it while being on the track of early  predictions as seen in your childhood,or as the author states,you can still achieve anything whatever age you
are.In this particular case,i am not sure that you can recover your young look completely,in case you missed some actions in earlier years.I give you hope that you might accomplish it,since i and  the author agree about a learning process to last for a man's life with no limitations.
I mastered the complete craft of staying young,and in my try to display all my experience,it will be beyond my power to depict all the details and transfer inner treasure i went through,but still the bigger part of the picture will be in your reach.

 When My Story Begins...

The first memory when my story begins,has its record in my childhood,carried on the archaic wings,when unspoken words told me,that my mission waits for me to get into mature was an unclear prediction but i kept it in my mind all the time.
When prevision reached the betoken time,i was in my early 30s.....
That point might be the first in your life to go for...never miss the signs envisioned for you,have respect and patience for the moment of their completion.
There is no road leading toward the heaven without being haunted by creatures to dwell on its margins and lurk from the darkness.They come without invitation,although i doubt they were not been authorized by myself in the time when i made agreement with my destiny.There was demon's force to wrap me and keep in the foggy sphere.Demon played its rule on many an occasion,the past is full with hunting stories,mixed creatures,dark places and unexplained phenomenas;it is literature to feed our fantasy with wonderful experiences and characters  to gain our sympathy and affection;the treasure of beautiful stories found its roots in ancient religion manuscripts to follow the progress of civilizations and modern time.Many a writer put their signatures on the works confronted with invisible powers coming from the darkness.
Goethe in "Faust"
Mikhail Bulgakov in "The Master and Margarita"


While being obsessed,i wandered through the veil of obscurity He sent me a message,it is a sentence i had read in local newspaper:"There are a growing number of nuns to appeal to the pope for
help,because of being obsessed with the devil."
So,i remembered the sentence,even it had gone many years since the event and my mystical visitor...The most distinct memory from the time of my obsession is hate i felt of myself,a great deal of negative energy,not pleasant feeling and it took time to get myself released from all magical circle to cover me,and recover healthy condition to live in love with myself.


Christian taught us about love and its meaning......nothing new,or unknown,but for this purpose and mission in life,it is essential.Love is food for our cells,it is reversal leash between spirit and physical body.
My love regards to everything which my steps put foots on..a walk into obscurity of unknown and unexplored nestled in my mind,first tracks of conceiving and attuning informations after having gone through their purification,pen i hold and thoughts dropping from jealous clouds being lost in sounds of furious storms,the height of ecstasy and screams of forlorn aliens,recognizable lines i write,many of which coming from desolated and dusted roadsides,places haunted for the centuries to long for being revived ;view overlooks hills in reach of my eye,chirp of mystical birds which always lived in archaic landscapes and times;love of my origin without final destination.....

Love traveled many a years,centuries left their seals on uncovered letters,the very demons and angels dwelt in its cradle.I don't believe in the simple fact of birth i came into the world,there had been greater mystery around it.It is of vital importance not to lose the thread leading back to the origin.
I think i made it by making an agreement with my destiny, a forecast from childhood..that way,i had not lost my way and my life,which is all about happiness,joys, style.

I love radiance
as my face glows
it is warmth i feel
stolen from Sun's sojourn;
rays touching my body,
cosmic travelers with its eternal hint
that all we should know
is beyond our views
it whispers that we need
to follow our instincts going to subconscious
and get to the truth of origin and sense of the all.

It is your subconsciousness to tell what to do and follow..
it is what Christians call :be true to yourself......
"Therefore, when the subconscious is being directed
 to produce the elements of youth, it should also be
 directed to produce the elements of beauty and phys-
 ical perfection. Impress upon the subconscious the
 most perfect idea of physical beauty that the mind
 can possibly conceive, and desire with deep feeling,
 that the elements of that beauty be produced and ex-
 pressed through every atom of the physical form"
"To act in harmony with the fundamental law of
 self is to be oneself, and to be oneself is to be young
 because nature is perpetually making the self young."
 The fact that the body is being constantly renewed
 makes it possible for the subconscious, not only to
 perpetuate the elements of youth in the body, but also
 to constantly improve everything in the human per-

To love, you need to have the right attitude:love comes from inside of your
being, love the same way as you are LOVE..
To dare to go for something is to dare to love...


I had courage to follow my path by not leaving it when the first signs of darkness came to me.,,,i accepted being obsessed ..i took my fate in own hands like a carter to hold the ribbon of unrestrained horse faced with the indescribable energy and unpredicted holes on a country road to defy all agonized creatures luring in sleeping landscape....
... the only way to reach perfection,improve yourself and be new-born by holding to own destiny and looking bravely at all challenges along the way..

 That is modification of Your life and fulfillment of Jesus legacy .......resurrection.
In my transformation i have been deprived of sensual life.. it is complete abstention to get inner strength and rise over earthly temptations.


"Whenever you think of yourself, mentally see your-
 self as the picture of health, youth and vigor, and
 introduce into that picture the most perfect idea of
 physical beauty that you can possibly imagine".

Real beauty stands out of its surrounding;your personality is such a beautiful blooming flower to enchant and seduce by magic and charm;being beautiful is being unique in own way.It is the harmony aligning your natural being with strength of your thoughts;your desire becomes incorporated in the mind,it is the power of will to make all things happen,all dreams come true.

In my vocabulary the word to summarize main threat in writing of Christian Daa Larson is will".or "strong will"....
There are two splendid words which earned their appreciation:Will and Love..will assumes physical and metaphysical appearance,body and spirit,sense and fantasy,reality and intuition,love of oneself and nature....

Painting:The Grand Odalisque
            by Jean-Auguste-Domique Ingres 1814

I marked all the quotations of Christian D. Larson
/it reads:Larson/

 Christian D. Larson (1874 - 1954) was a New Thought leader and teacher, as
 well as a prolific author of metaphysical and New Thought books. He is
 credited by Horatio Dresser as being a founder in the New Thought
 movement.[1] Many of Larson's books remain in print today, nearly 100 years
 after they were first published, and his writings influenced notable New
 Thought authors and leaders, including Religious Science founder, Ernest

About Christian D.Larson
 Christian D. Larson was an outstanding and highly influential early New Thought leader and teacher as well as a prolific writer of New Thought books who believed that people have tremendous latent powers, which could be harnessed for success with the proper attitude.
Christian Daa Larson, of Norwegian extraction, was born in Iowa in 1874. He attended Iowa State College and a theological school (Unitarian) in Meadville, Pa. In his early twenties he became interested in the Mental Science teachings of Helen Wilmans, Henry Wood, Charles Brodie Patterson, etc. Little is known about his personal life and what originally led him to take up his intensive study of Mental Science, but its logical teachings clearly suited young Larson's analytical mind and provided a point to him where theology and science could meet and combine to provide a practical and systematic philosophy of life

 /not complete list of works/
  What is Truth?
 The Pathway of Roses
 The Hidden Secret
 Healing Yourself
 How to Stay Well
 Perfect Health
 Mastery of Fate
 Poise and Power
 How To Stay Young
 The Ideal Made Real
 Thinking For Results
 How the Mind Works
 In the Light of The Spirit

 My decision is to make another page on my blog dedicated to Christian D.Larson and share such a treasure of beautiful thoughts with you.



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