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Friday, August 12, 2011

Woman and Beauty

Woman and Beauty have probably always been a difficult puzzle for every single man to solve...

God's decision to create Eve following all circumstances had to bring out something"dirty" and "atrocious" seeded in her character.My apologize,but being the second is by itself a presumption for being dissatisfied.I want to be the first and main in everything to sprout from a seed naturally implemented in every being.The similarity is very close to animals in their struggle for female or male domination.In some species females even have priority role and reign over divine landscape and beautiful wildness.
Portrait of a Woman/La Bella/by Palma Vecchio  

Who gave birth to Beauty?

Even if God missed to put beauty in his universal diary,it would find a way to embrace us and all living world.Beauty is a wonderful gift,and we are blessed to enjoy in splendor settings around us..

Speaking about beauty in ourselves,it has a different approach:no every one possesses beauty in physical appearance....but to call someone ugly is inadmissible!There is inner beauty,inside charm,lucidity,intellect,inner radiance and many undiscovered powers to make someone exceptional beautiful.There is no one excepted from such a present....what my eye loves and is attracted by,it might leave other ones complete indifferent.

That is why i regard beauty and understanding of her to be more personal cognition leaning toward the treasure buried inside one's personality.Beauty is nestled in ancient times,far beyond our perception and it took lots of time to reach us and give outer appearance to every one of us,by swinging a fan of magic attributes rooted in our beings.


It is unique code implemented in us to bring out sparkling particles out of our body and enrich them through a process of self improvement;it is not easy task while struggling with yourself to expel all negativity that your organism is poisoned with and bring it to serenity..Only few is able to do that and not many know the way of modeling their existence.

Another powerful weapon in making beauty is love.Being in love with somebody makes loving person more beautiful for you..

" Being in Love gives lover timeless beauty and unearthly strangeness"

How to reign yourself...

Love of yourself is fundamental for overall impression of personal beauty.If you have not personally proceeded the stage from hate to love,you will be caught in roughness to misshape your inner beauty.I knew hate and leaned difference between being in love and hate with own body,it was one hard load prevailed on me,and it took enormous strength and will to overcome my condition.Thinking of that i believe my creator just wanted to make me unique by putting so hard task before me,it had to be that way and he had faith in me i should have ultimately overcome odds and set my aspirations as true embodiment of his perfection.

No perfection without great efforts

"I believe being most beautiful in the world"
It is truth...and it might be yours as well.

Marriage or Love

A wonderful life for a woman,as being understood by prevailing opinions, is a good marriage.What an absurdity!And what a nonsensical and degrading way of thinking about a woman!I feel so sorry for every one of them to get themselves in a position to have built own happiness on the institution named Marriage.In my imagination i should be deep insulted and my personality humiliated if i agreed to marry one man without love.No institution covers my possible vices and weaknesses,either any of them would make me feel valued more than i asses myself.I have never thought of the marriage, and my thinking since earliest days of my life went into direction of meeting true love.By falling in love with someone i see the magic bridge to connect and love myself again.

Woman seen as a Witch
A woman should never be afraid to be what she really is....respect and attention are postulates for a healthy relationship.

There are centuries to have gone but an idea of woman seen as a Witch still gives resistance against all the achievements and the rising awareness of Human civilization.Not to say it might happen one of us to be burnt,but some prejudices follow her majesty Woman.Her inside strength,her abilities,power of attraction and seduction ....the all plays its role....but if you add a woman's imposing contribution to knowledge and her education things get more complicated leading to a man being truly frightened!

And the story never is an array of magic and glorious women to take a deterrent name:Fatal!

A right man knows the definition of FATAL is not the only source where she draws her deadly attraction!There must be some bewitchment within and around her....some of them never get older and it is the closest to one's conception of a Witch.

Being a female i am not supposed to be modest and i embrace all the spectrum of intriguing and seducing characteristics of a Femme fatale!

Definition of a Femme fatale

from Dictionary

a woman who is sexually attractive but cruel and dangerous to men who have a relationship with her
 a woman who attracts men by an aura of charm and mystery

a very attractive woman who causes trouble or unhappiness for the men who become involved with her

Portrait of a Woman
La Bella 1518
by Palma Vecchio

From Past Times

Ballads of Beauty


History's Beauties
Women And the National Portrait Gallery, 1856-1900 (British Art and Visual Culture Since 1750, New Readings) (British Art and Visual Culture Since 1750, New Readings) [Hardcover]
Lara Perry (Author

The 'beauties' - women of note - who were welcomed to the National Portrait Gallery's early collection were those whose lives and portraits were recognized as significant to the 'civil, ecclesiastical and literary history of the nation'. This brief was interpreted to include figures as diverse as the devout Lady Margaret Beaufort, and the entertaining Lady Hamilton. "History's Beauties",
The Truth About Beauty:
Transform Your Looks And Your Life From The Inside Out [Paperback]
Kat James (Author), Oz Garcia (Foreword)

Based on breaking science and her own remarkable metamorphosis, The Truth About Beauty represents the most comprehensively researched, inside-out beauty guide to date. In this book you will discover the real power tools for dramatic, healthy self-transformation without drugs, surgery, harsh regimens, or deprivation.

"Kat James's approach represents not only a path for personal triumph but an approach to beauty and health whose time has come."

 -- Suzanne Grimes, former publisher, Glamour"Kat James is a master of self-transformation. She should know -- she was her first dramatic success story. This book is the advanced course on inside-out beauty."  -- Mary Christ Anderson, senior fitness editor, Self

Aphrodite the Beauty
(Goddess Girls) [Paperback]
Joan Holub (Author), Suzanne Williams (Author)

The Goddess Girls series by Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams puts a modern
spin on classic Greek myths! Follow the ins and outs of divine social life
at Mount Olympus Academy where the most privileged godboys and goddessgirls
in the Greek pantheon hone their mythical skills.

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