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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I am Daughter of Moon's Lovers

As you meditate on the life,isn't it all about looking for right word,which at the very beginning of the world,according to the Bible,was the first one to greet the dawn of new world.What was so powerful in the "word" of God to make all history to happen,we might never know,and it would stay an eternal mystery.And because of such an obscurity and inability to get the knowledge of true meaning,and once established rule,we return to the back side of the"word',marked as "secret"..... My all musing over eternity in general,and the destiny of a human being in particular,has been hold on looking for right "word".It appears to be not easy task,especially if you try to pass personal experience on to others and really intend to be understood.In that searching,i might miss a right word,and then be blamed for spreading lies;there might be that God was afraid of being misunderstood and avoided to give more explanations.
Looking for truths and finding new discoveries,is by itself very alluring,and some of such enjoyment we have in reading the ancient tales and legends,written long time ago.One of the most famous is certainly Holy Grail,a tale of the source of eternal life.There are many different interpretations of the legend,but for all,it is unique an excitement and mystery about source of the youth.Just imagine what wonder it would be,to drink from the magic well and feel being freed from any worry about healthy condition and growing old.It is really first and last thought,conceived in the cradle of the Universe's birth.Reaching eternal life is the closest to our vision of the Paradise.

Endymion and Selene by Filippo Lauri

 Now,i am forced to go back into the past,just like a traveler through the space and time,and look for possible mistakes,or final understanding of God's punishment to leave us to wander in the darkness with hope to get into the light one day.From that point of view,i seem to be a prisoner,caught in someone else's world,who holds a key of the door to outer world.This thread inevitably leads to Adam and Eva,first sins of ours and God's decision to punish Humanity by dispelling them out of the paradise.


True separation came through empowered and completed consciousness,and it made human being so distinctive from the other creatures.Consciousness is the highest form to arise over all living features and base for creative force;being aware a man becomes creative following the process of thinking and imagination.


An animal is deprived of ability to paint or write, a man is the one who is able to express oneself through different forms of creation visioned through consciousness.


The second great achievement in human development is power to is able to love and hate,laugh and cry,feel compassion or regret,... I see these features like a heritage,inherent in every living being,but what every one might do with them,or the way to use them,depends on each individual person.You are granted,and that is just one parcel of the road you walk,there are many possibilities to change or improve them.You choose,at some point of life,what to follow and where to go;whatever to expect,nothing would happen by itself,it is you to recognize the crystal stairs to walk and make it your reality.

The beauty of life lies in the knowledge of self and staying true to yourself,while resisting to all temptations which might spoil you and make to stay a mere reflection of the crowd.If you wish an extraordinary life,to grow and improve yourself,then there is no other way but being complete dedicated to yourself.
By accepting yourself and giving the permission for all you strive to be fulfilled,you can stand being alone and isolated from the others;with no expectation about someone else to build your happiness.By loving yourself you find joy and happiness in the row of little things around and everything you do.I am content and simple happy while writing or thinking of you.I am happy while cooking or preparing favorite food;i am happy while walking along the streets or wandering through the forests;i am happy while reading and watching a movie;i am even happy while lying on my bed and doing nothing.... My joy and happiness spring from a higher level of consciousness,it is inside of me...i won great battle.and reign over myself!

I am the queen,i rule in my kingdom of desires and longing,i became everything i easy bird in flight,a beautiful flower in wilderness,desert's oasis,heaven and sun,i am settled in the ocean,i enjoy on the boat while being whipped by the storms,i am green and red,i am painter of all the colors my mind conceive,i am cold rock on the Mars,daughter of Moon's lovers,i have wings to fly to remote space,i see the final point of the Universe;i am gift and punishment,i am wind and rain,i paint the sky and pick up the stars in the night;i am witch and dragon;i am music and ring;i act on my stage;i perform every role and character from my books;i am word of the consciousness,,!
I am wizard and miracle,and everyone might be!
Learn these words as true lesson and repeat each day while floating toward own destinations. I am happiness and beauty,i am wonder,i painted my path!

Having built physical condition and presumption for psychic health,you create inner contentment and recognize yourself as a happy being!And your body reacts the same way,it follows your aspirations and achievements,by giving you of them is your look,pure face without any ingredient of spite,just radiant and beautiful.It is endless renewing of the cells which transmit their pleasure through all the pores of your skin and make you look so YOUNG and beautiful! Once the condition is achieved,it keeps living,but your focus must stay unchanged with vivid attention and awareness.All which is absorbed by you,remains your foundation and legacy,no one might take it from you.

Endymion and Selene
Filippo Lauri 1650s


In Greek mythology, Selene (Greek Σελήνη [selɛ̌ːnɛː] 'moon'; Doric Σελάνα; Aeolic Σελάννα) was an archaic lunar deity and the daughter of the Titans Hyperion and Theia.[1] In Roman mythology, the moon goddess is called Luna, Latin for "moon".


Apollonius of Rhodes (4.57ff) refers to Selene, "daughter of Titan", who "madly" loved a mortal, the handsome hunter or shepherd—or, in the version Pausanias knew, a king— of Elis, named Endymion, from Asia Minor. In other Greek references to the myth, he was so handsome that Selene asked Zeus to grant him eternal sleep so that he would stay forever young and thus would never leave her: her asking permission of Zeus reveals itself as an Olympian transformation of an older myth: Cicero (Tusculanae Disputationes) recognized that the moon goddess had acted autonomously. Alternatively, Endymion made the decision to live forever in sleep. Every night, Selene slipped down behind Mount Latmus near Miletus to visit him.



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