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Monday, August 8, 2011

You are Coded Map

Leda and the Swan Leonardo da Vinci /notice:the original work was lost/

While you still ponder over your "doomed" and unavoidable flow of the life's rules,i made it on my own to master one of the most desired and greatest "secret" of all times-eternal Youth.And you might think now how i switched my fantasy to speak the language,lost and forgotten in pristine times or caught in narrated fairy-tales,i insure you that nothing has been out of reach during our present existence.

My only dilemma now is,whether to go back to my personal story and experience,or to pursue the riddle which might solve the causes of your inability to win old age.
First to ask you:Did you ever think about keeping your face&skin looking young?

On my personal side,an established truth approves that i was thinking about it much earlier than you might presume,and that i was caught by an idea,whispered in my ear,which i accepted as a sign and forecast to follow,regardless of my young age which could easy be an obstacle to get it properly.I accomplish the all by relying on the fact how we still don't know or see clear the border between 'visible' and 'invisible" worlds,between reality and imagination...from time to time i feel an obsolete touch,like ease breeze around me which i understand like an indication that my life and yours probably,share a more obscure and hidden meaning,in which common languages lose their clarity and draw our attention towards pristine times,where all the spectrum of secrecy rests in its cradle.
If such an early prediction was my doom,and given only to me,i might say,that for some unexplained reason i had been granted to meet and reach my fate.

Being on the track of memory in my early 30s,i remember some little wrinkles on my face.Then,my personal strong desire and strength made them to vanish.Follow the power of body and mind,accompany them with spirit and wish to see your face pure and flat without any trace of aging,and then your jointed forces might lead you to awake each Morning with own picture in a mirror to reflect ever the same looks.And every new day you will bless the dawn and night for keeping you fresh and Young,one endless relief of disturbing deformations to annoy you.
You will bless and love yourself even more,unburdened from seeing your skin deformed.
I love my pure skin,without any lines traced by deep wrinkles to mangle my face,and being aware of how beautiful it is.

Give yourself one present each morning,by thinking of how it is expected of you to be seen as a young person,exclude any thought of possible wrinkles on your face,never think to grow old.Let your inner energy flow through the body and find its final output in inner spirit to promote it.Love your body,your spirit,your mind,absorb them and let continually cycle as well as the strength of your thoughts and concentrations.

The main source for both good and evil dwells inside of you,nothing around could accomplish anything for you;it is waste of time focusing thoughts to someone else and their lives as you poison body and mind with unnecessary damaging and disturbing thinking;don't expect the hate might answer your troubles and play the role of a wizard fulfilling your desires.It is only LOVE to see the right road and sparkling light,to remind you all the time,how it is first incentive and final consequence and answer for everything.

It is much as well about how we look at the things around us;throw a look at an object near you,a vase or a framed picture in your the way you look at them,let yourself first see them as usually you do,just an empty look,simple peering into a thing;then,try to get focused to it with all your attention,start thinking of the object,wonder yourself about the way it was made and how someone's hand gave it a form,by modeling its shape,think of its colors,you might find it resembles to the color of a corn or sunflower;force yourself to love it,whatever mode to have,let it get special meaning for you whilst forming its final appearance .....every "dead" thing might be loved and special for you as long as you afford yourself to look them with all your focus and love.

Giving lots of attention to the object of your choice,makes it become beauty for you,a thing to worship...that is the line where worshiping turns into marvel;the way you conduct your life might be"wonder" as well!and it is!
What life teaches you,it is about a present given to you and being possibly turned into miracle ;from the other point of view,you are able to make with your life whatever you envisage and wish;it is "marvel" a little child,i suppose being a girl,you put on your doll nice dress to look more beautiful,i used to have a naked one,then i tailored for her nice gowns,combed her hair and created another picture of her..the doll has now grew up and has own spiritual powers to bring into life another picture of herself;even more wonders around,just remember the moments when you wanted something so bad,that soon the vision became reality..someone bought to you a desired thing...

You are the lever,you set the all which you long for into motion,you are a starting point to create reality for yourself!
Each little particle in your being aspires for change...they are ALIVE,they BREATHE,they LONG, they LOVE,they THINK of you,they DREAM,they HUNGER,they crave for your ATTENTION,they become POWERFUL....they are CHANGE..                      
The Vitruvian Man (c. 1485) Accademia, Venice Leonardo da Vinci

Your ancient cousins knew very well the border between possible and impossible..from some reason you still can't fly,but if your inner being says that you can keep the condition of body and spirit as it was in your youngest days,then,why you not follow what the nature seeks from you;it is just like a language,an exchange of energy,it asks your trust and hearing from the very source of the origin. Train yourself to keep tracking your coded map of life,decode what is necessary and get your being radiated by unlocked secrets.

The presented book is not directly related to my writing,i only found to be interesting and worth of your attention.
Vivilore-The Pathway to Mental and Physical Perfections
by Mary Ries Melendy

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