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Monday, December 12, 2011

A Christmas Story-Coloring of Mythological Creatures

Being a grown up doesn't make me less eager for listening or reading a beautiful Christmas Story.As soon as Christmas comes closer i think about a story of mine...
perhaps just a remnant of my childish days to make me feel a bit lost and strange in my real age....

I asked my Wizard for help

By holding my hands,he took me to the edge of an abyss.It was a misty Morning when birds send their whispers to senseless souls..

Take a look down-he said,but be prepared for astonishing world
No need to say how curious i was...i gathered my breath and stuck out my head to have a glimpse of mystic hole...

Don't be afraid ...!-dreams come true while flying into unknown...,just step into emptiness..


Laying on the bottom or crawling around each other ,there were endless ridiculous creatures...what other name
to picture such unseen and weird animals?
I know you wonder how i could see good from such a great distance...well,it is unnatural world which sucks your senses by polluted air....a zone of dead souls...

There was a creature with the body of a lion and wings of an eagle,supposed it was a Griffin,and a Balaur -like creature with multi heads;i noticed a tiny bird with soft eyes that i learned to be a primary appearance of Bunny-bird,the soul of the Sun God-Amon Ra; there was an appealing creature with one horn,and Wizard,who knew more than real world,named it Karkadann ;then i saw an early mix of animal and human with the tail of a scorpion,which my companion called Manticore.Three head dogs and horses with wings,great lizard and dinosaur like creatures..snakes with wings,cats covered with spines,were just some of miracles i saw,and many of them were depicted and recognized in our existence.Since it was the very beginning of Creation,not each of them was colored.

By looking at such a creation,God wished one day to change the view and asked for help to make a new dweller...
-How?Wasn't it that God himself created a man..-i knew in advance who my wizard thought about

-It is one of greatest delusion ever..God is great but not everything is in his power....-he answered and my sight into ancient world continued to grow by each word he told me

Oh,it becomes more exciting,i love when old taboos get broken...-i felt a thrilling in my voice and clapped my hands.
-But it put you in a new position next to God who is Almighty...

-Don't make confusion or give undeserved attributes to me..God is a catholic eye,he is LIGHT and WISDOM..
we come after him with our little wonders to light up some missing lines..

I hardly stayed peaceful,burning from impatience to remind him of evil to be present among us.So You say light and wisdom,but what about evil ?There must be another side of reality..

-There have gone many a year since first creatures came into the world as we know it now...and there is another world which we still regard unreal,but it exists as well..  they are unsatisfied,greedy to get a shape which is lost for them ..they crave for some missing beauty,everyone loves to be beautiful,have a nice hair and eyes...

-Oh,i never thought about them in that way!Now i feel sorry for all of them...

-So envy is not so mystical as it seems..Would you like to have an enchanting dog or cat?With green or  caramel eyes...i can make such a little wonder..just look at..

It lasted just a blink of eye,while he rushed out,seized a hideous dog and brought to me...
-See,it is unsightly,has pale eyes,and is without hair...and a long tiny neck...wait for a moment-

It took not more than few seconds for magic he performed...he made it into a beautiful dog,with sweet caramel eyes and gold fur...
again i clapped my hands and jumped ..-It is wonderful you did!Thank you so much!

Now i hope you see things better,and understand such a 'poor' and neglected world more than earlier..if you knew anything at all....more for himself,he whispered.

I pursued with my curiosity...-What happened with the sky and rivers,all the nature around we enjoy ?

Great accomplishments are in God's hands...He gave colors to the sky...By watching these miserable creatures
to yearn for a bit of lightness,his eye was tearing and a teardrop fell down...from that, a RIVER was born..

How wonderful !I was makes me get a feel for river to be sensitive,a new way of looking at things and thinking....amazing!

And God's eyes are blue,that is why river became blue....

But my passion to know more didn't stop....Is it the same story with the sky?

You are very clever and intuitive.....such attributes lead you toward the greatest achievements....he smiled,and continued-There was an account of sorrow about gray expanse spreading before his eyes and wished to paint it, seemed like a matching hue for such a transparent space......
but i know that blue is symbol of WISDOM....and there was one to suggest it to him..
Of course,not everything got colors by his WILL...there were always little plays around to satisfied one's thirst for making wonders...

I opened my eyes as wide as i could,full of happiness and delight...-what spectacular choice for me to make..!
Please, let me color one of them....
-I told you never to beg for anything...You are so serene,for you are given more than many have in earthly life...
For a moment our main point of conversation and my desire were interrupted,while i asked
-What is it about me to be so special?Although in myself i hold a secret already..but as every naughty girl,i pretended i didn't know what he was thinking about..

-You know very well little foxy girl,that you have a sparkling body,it is velvety particles inside of you to give you a strange and unique look..
that is truth..i knew...the only i didn't know was ..why ?

Which creature do you want?
-I want to make one of them be GOOD!Since i love dragons and there are many talks of them being evil,i wished to change their beliefs.....
-Dragons are not evil... .and only what you can do is to beautify them..choose one of them..

-By holding my breath,i reached my hands around his shoulders and we flew.....

A dragon caught my eye by standing all alone in the obscurity ...i felt it longed for something different ..i simply knew..i wished for him be colored in antique red with green eyes and gold flame to go out of his mouth...of course red is color of fire,but i imagined something more...
Still there are many to doubt in his existence,and i needed to make him glowing in red to be so impressive being inside already!

And i made more miracles...i colored a few birds,and learned them to speak..i found a dove like creature to be wild,and keeping in my memory one to have recently landed on my terrace and go into my room,i wanted to make him tame..and painted him in noble purple being deserved by his friendly and close relation with a man.Dove communicates with underground world and is a messenger between dead and live worlds..

An imposing cat seemed perfect to make her into amethyst with dreamy bluish eyes..i didn't like her big ears and made them small...anyway,a cat more feel than see and understand..she is intuitive and very resistant to earthly strokes,she can survive and renew own life many times..

Most i could do for a snake was to free her of a shell,so that she can creep now....and being warned from my wizard to not look into her eyes,i left out coloring them....nobody looks a snake into eyes!
Unfortunately,a dreamy ball resembling our Sun to sneak up from the east,forced us to come back,by leaving this antediluvian world,while i was thinking about whether it really vanished or exists parallel with us.I didn't ask my wizard anything more,as i kept some questions and surprises for the next time we go to new journey.It is the answer on your dilemma:i shall continue my story....

A Little Notice
Just to let everyone know who is in dilemma about the way i colored a few of creatures,i didn't do that with classic paints,it was MAGIC...
And a short request:
If some of you might suggest me names for my mystical creatures,for as you noticed,not the all of them are known at present./you can ask children for help/
Thank you so much!

by Ian Hornak 1991
The National Hellenic Museum
National Hellenic Museum



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