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Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Christmas Story-Coloring the World

While you may think of happiness as something known,i shall give you another approach,if you only let me lead you into the whirl of intuition and imagination.
My happiness as being unseen before,found me in an obscurity of ignorance to light my face and send some of opulent knowledge,kept in the cradle of the first world

Just to remind you of the journey with my wizard into deadness of an unknown world which i was able to see thanks to magic of my friend...
How nice is it having friends!-i whispered,more to myself..

What's done,is done!I and wizard made few of sad creatures happier by coloring and giving them a breath of new life...did i do good thing?As soon as i put a beautiful robe on cat,dog and dragon,i made a difference between them and the rest of misty world.

-Wasn't it we conceived a bud of envy by our deeds?-i asked my friend
 So many times we wondered ourselves about the source of evil among us..

-I believe it is wrong thinking-he said-these creatures have already lived in hate and envy,it was not sourced  from anybody or anything around.. ...and it was worse than we feel about each other,it came about by their unsightly appearance.Facing beauty is blessing for the soul,not a doom.

Feeding the Rabbits

-When you say that,everything seems so simple and easy to me...but i still have a sense of guilt

-There was nothing you could do to make them feel better anyway....only with such a kindness,you took some of them out of useless suffering...there are useful and redundant pains and miseries...

-I couldn't help myself but smile...
So,a difference was made,and we walked on with our new friends;it is supposed that when you do something for someone,he becomes your friend,isn't?And i found a comfortable seat on the back of Dragon.

I was so eager to ask Wizard about Sun,but i waited for right moment...there was no line between day and night,the all around us was dimly and i wished for warm Sun's rays...

My friend who sees through my thoughts and perceive more than a mere man can ,waved his hand and called on God to let shining...A beautiful Sun's ball appeared from the east,and greeted us in wonder....
Suddenly some places in our vicinity became scorched,they simply couldn't stand such warmth to touch them at once.

-Now you know the price of Sun's blessing.....for that,there had to expire many,known and unknown,or never seen ever....
Every great attainment takes some sacrifices from reach something big and unique,there must be some things to disappear and some people's beliefs to go.....
Sun is grandest happiness of our earthly world.and gift to give a birth to everything ...While letting a remote star to come into our vicinity,and bringing her with own hands,she became warm and changed her color into GOLD....that is how you see Sun now.

-Of course that i was delighted after hearing such an amazing explanation of my Wizard.
-It appears that we can change the world...and our destinies...i think it just happens...

-Once again you approved how clever and intuitive you are-said Wizard.The all is in God's power and our inspiration;move a little stone and you will discover another one;if you are brave and ingenious ,you will make some good for you and add more beauty in your life.

As soon as Sun scattered its glorious sparkles around,we noticed that many of creatures,uncolored ones,run away to hide somewhere.I was so sorry and impetuously rushed out to catch up a rabbit,that was so scared.. ...i recognized him disguised in a squared and bony creature,without fur ..i lent some of magic from my friend and made him into magnificent white rabbit ...and now you know why he is so flustered and run away from you.While holding him in my arms,i felt a hit into my head made me rise my eye above and see another creature in fear,to jump on the branches of a tree;being a bit nervous and angry for the hurtle i received,waved my hand and wished to see him on the ground...i learned later that it lived only on the tree..
Oh my dear friends, it was my guilt to make him into animal to walk the land too..then i tried to figure out how to paint it,and seemed i was in dilemma,so it happened that many kept their gray colors,but if you look more studiously you will find ones of them in beautiful carbuncle hue.I felt great joy after i realized what i came across...It was squirrel!
That is why red color is,among other reasons,a color of joys and surprises.......if you have courage and instinct to find things,then there is a great chance to make yourself many joyful moments in life...

It is no necessary to mention that trees were naked yet;being deprived of such a wisdom of an animal to look for happiness on their own,they had to get their clothes in order to become so precious for the mankind.God appraised his creation and took a break for himself by laying at the nadir of a tree..he needed a shelter of Sun's warmth and wanted to have a he imagined leaves,that having received first warm rays,turned themselves into GREEN!

I confess that my knowledge about colors was so weak,or perhaps i neglected their importance,and promised myself to look closer what colors i pick into the least to be more careful about things around me,and about the color of my love.........

Feeding the Rabbits
"Alice in Wonderland"
Frederick Morgan

Thank you for visiting my blog and reading my stories.
Have a magical holiday season.Keep the memory of child's visions,that little world when we were truly happy...every little detail is one more sparkle in your life and one more is precious!

                                                          MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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