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Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Christmas Story-The Frame of Beauty

-Is it an illusion?-a natural question to appear after seeing such a beauty
-Beauty is never an comes from our inner beings where strongest truths dwell.

What my Wizard taught me,was to never be modest in my quest for finding astonishing truths and not being afraid of breaking the line seemingly put before a human eye.
To get me into a wonderful setting,he even turned me into little girl i used to be.

A Girl with a Kitten

As we painted our world,by giving it most beautiful colors,i inevitably felt some sorrow for every creature being left out of enchanting paints.
But this time,it was people who were the subject of my interest;i know it is a complex theme and hardly we know a piece of the truth,so i found nice opportunity in the presence of my Wizard.
We run across a group of people who were uncolored and looked for their path with hope to get into the brightness one day.

-Does it mean that only 'colored ones' are allowed to come into the world as we know presently?

-Oh,once again you surprised me by your ingenuity!There are many creatures to still seek their way through darkness in order to emerge onto the surface.

-I am a bit sorry for them.

-You should not regret ones who left behind!There will be time for them to find their unique path ;even if they failed in endeavors,still there would be a way for them to steal some of happiness and love from us.

-How so?-in fact i portend what explanation might be..

-It happens sometimes that some of them get into our souls,and we become obsessed;as long as they dwell inside of us,it is possible to feel all our feelings,along with sorrow and pains..
....even it is possible to appear in real world.

-You say,to walk and live with us,as a real Human being?

-Yes, that is what i thought.Think of gratitude,it is like BEAUTY...
A beautiful girl held her hand mirror by looking at herself,but being heady,she let an underground female being come into possession of her beauty....

-I am confused and it is not clear to me yet..

-She was unfaithful and too arrogant for everyone and everything around..and the beings who were responsible for the painting,didn't like it and punished her;on the place she occupied,came another being and took her shape...

-Oh, it is astonishing!

-It may be cruel,but think about squirrel and rabbit you painted by picking them out of the rest of creatures to beautify them.Beauty is knowledge...she is recognizable,..

-Isn't She an Illusion?-i interrupted him

-Beauty is never an comes from our inner beings where strongest truths dwell.

-Is there any hope for the girl to recover her life?

-Everything was put into a frame,like pictures you sort out and choose best ones for the frame;and God did the same while creating his world.There are many Goddesses to still reside in the heaven,being so magnificent, that earthly beings could not stand such a beauty..

-It is so nice to know how there are many beauties waiting for happier times to live their own truths.
Did our girl lose her frame?

-It is not lost,but only engrossed by someone else's spirit.
One should always be cautious in which setting put their habits, thoughts and desires..

-What if one day our forests,rivers, flowers,....all the beauty of nature were to die..?

-A man is responsible for the whole ambient we live in.It is the frame which we are put in now,beautiful colors of nature,vivid sounds and richness of fruits..Could you imagine subtler colors for a river or ocean?There are sparkling hues of,ocean-blue..
Or just think of the river to paint her depth with dark green and turquoise.
-I ponder over the heaven and clouds,and all the mystery to happen there..Only few things are able to rival the beauty of Sunrise or Sunset..

It was inevitable for me to ask-What is the most beautiful in your eyes?Or which BEAUTY?

-It is the SOUL!Soul is most beautiful and precious,but once lost,she makes you lose everything!

I thought seriously about his words....seem so true,i had to confess to myself,and there was fear to prevent me from asking for further explanation.
But my Wizard didn't let anything pass unnoticed
-I know your 'secret' believe for yourself that you lost your 'soul';and there are reasonable reasons for your doubts and fear.I am sorry that i can't give you all answers you expect from me...
I only know that for some reason you are very special girl and live a different life.Uniqueness you are granted with and your young look make you one of most beautiful girls ever... like a Goddess.
 ....being a Beauty is great privilege

-Oh, i am honored to be treated like a Goddess!
And for all my girlfriends now,who may feel jealous now,i ask them to have understanding and let me live up to my beliefs,being risen on such a hight throne.
Wizard was obviously curious about me and continued-There might be some creatures dwelling in darkness who know the answers you long for.Being mindless and letting your soul get caught,made you dependent on someone else's will ;i am afraid you can do nothing on your own,but be peaceful and patient.
Unless you live a destiny to be unclear for us,because it belongs to another frame of reality......

A Girl with a Kitten
by Jean Baptiste Perronneau

A Girl with a Kitten  


A special thanks to my girlfriend Michelle Heath who inspired me to write this story dedicated to my friends:Michelle,Sharron,Lisa,Janette,Shanita,Lynn,Mary,Candy,Regina,Maryann,Sandra,Harinder,Sharon,Devinder,Werner........and many others



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