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Monday, December 5, 2011

Velvet Night

Open your eyes and let your fantasy lead you to magical places being impatient and eager to rediscover some mystery for you,while dreaming in belief they are the only ones to still love and long for you.;your life isn't about false promises or lost hopes and illusions to come with a song of sad vibrations;neither is faded painting of missing lives,and a kettle of crying souls to suffer their pains on Earth that you got caught in;it is about your vision,inner beauty,world you hold while dreams never ending and dreamers never lose their faith...let them walk into your life and make you happy and desired.,for every single wish has own gate and takes your permission to live on....let your life be absorbing for all the beauties that your mind conceives and soul longs for...

After the Misdeed

First key of the gate

As i and my companion were approaching the gate i tried to remember what my spiritual shepherd told me:
"There are three keys to decide about you and your destiny;First we unlock at the moment of our birth;and it is the time when we are still unaware of all the beauty of love,although she has her most magnificent moments we shall ever feel.....The time when she is purest and warmest in own appearance."

I was a little puzzled,rose my eye brow and looked at him astonished:
-What i am eager to know is love i wish to live right now,as all grown up girl....please, paint my dream....

"Never beg for anything,it will only move you away from achieving what is destined for you..
Only restive souls lose patient while listening and waiting for dreams..."

-I was waiting so long for something one receives so easy and early while being so young..-.i said eagerly again

-That is fine what you say,but you forgot of yourself and secret you unrolled ...never thought it might make someone angry?"

Of course that i knew and quelled from his answer,so i didn't mention anything about it..

"There are certain rules to be respected and never broken;i believe you crossed the border between dreams and reality,and let your dreams walk into real life ...only greatest LOVE is allowed to leap over the fence."

Oh,i am so happy i possessed it......and.jumped of happiness while saying it.

-It is truth,but you played foul again...and punishment was cruel..You got divine gift,eternal Youth which is only the adornment of a Goddess..and you know what happens soon one of them makes a God angry....she is scourged ...and that is how you lost your great love you found once...

Is there any hope for me?- i asked,by staying seemingly in peace and not finishing my question..

-I am afraid that you will never recover such a bounty of dreaminess beyond the time.....and there is no trade between dreams..they are too noble and sublime to be changed so easy..
my advice is to keep dreaming...even you feel how there is no hope anymore for you and your love,once you met a great DREAM it is expected of you to dream on...that way you redeem your past sins and renew all respect that a highest dream deserves...

Thank you-i shouted joyful and happy to have received new incentive...

-So i really helped you..i knew that you thought of letting go of all your expectations...and don't forget to listen to me carefully;there are many who miss happiness for they are not awake enough to listen roaring whispers from wishful souls to have lost their love....every one has own Knight of Heart.."

Oh,how beautiful is the sound of your words!-again i could not hide my delight...Knight of Love!Do you know how happy you made every girl now,each one in the world!
And more for myself i continued with my musing...even i don't bring back my great love,there is still hope for me to have a beautiful dream and my own Knight to think of me.....

"In my book of life there is no difference between a child and an adult;they are simple souls and being spiritual without age...
and everyone has the same smile one is jealous and envy, an earthly world you can open the gate and be presented with only one desire.. ..if it were fulfilled,the second one you must forget...since you reigned two great secrets,it became a bit complicated.."

I didn't know love might be a SECRET..-i was very surprised...all about.i knew was a wish ..

"Every great achievement consumes a secret ..and never shines without unlocking a gateway to lead to a treasure of secrets..and You, only You unlocked the two by now..more than is possible for a human being.".

Now i got insulted-If it is truth,why do exist all angels to keep and watch on people?I suppose,in order to help us when we make a mistake...

"Even the angels are not able to do all miracles that Almighty deliberately left behind...."

Sadly,i slightly bowed my head and let my eye wander around,secretly looking for my Knight....and i still have no answer and not sure about my future..though,there is a thing to annoy me and i needed to ask one question more..


Dear spiritual father,somehow i feel that regardless of a tiny hope i have about a love on my way,i believe that whole truth is not in visible world..even obscured, it might appear at once and surprise me as it did first time i got to know my great love..i still remember velvet night when we met each other;,i didn't expect anything but a simple party i was called on....just nothing!But it was most beautiful meeting of love in my life!.......Yes!There must be the moments when it is stillest around and i am free from any burden of expectations,there will be greatest surprise ..i shall live on with such a belief,i am convinced in that....
It is real truth for everyone who reads my is a MAGIC you wait for..every magic is about surprise....just refresh your memory of a moment when your heart beat strongest and whole atmosphere before will see that i speak right..
Let it be SILENCE and don't expect anything..for being GREATEST and in power to take part in one's destiny,God loves to play with you;only in anger he can deprive you of happiness..just be quiet and servile to earn mercy again.
Have you ever seen a rainbow while expecting one in the sky?

There was no answer but a brightest smile i have ever seen while he walked away from me and gave it on leaving....

My Little Notice
I wish for you a Velvet Night

"After the Misdeed"
by Jean Beraud

Blue Night
by Atelier Hofhuizen & Van Dongen


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